Saturday, February 04, 2006

Anti-Christian Graffiti in Boston Suburbs

You just don't see much, if any, graffiti in the Boston suburbs or ex-urbs. In fact, for the west-of-128 suburban dwellers, the accelerating shock of traveling into Boston is almost more than we can bear.

(We're thinking of what you see on the buildings along the pike, Rt. 2, or even the condition of Storrow Drive and its exit ramps. Amazing how fast our civic pride and order have deteriorated. Mumbles Menino really needs to learn the lesson of Rudy Giuliani: FIX THOSE BROKEN WINDOWS, and COVER THAT GRAFFITI!)

Well, to our great surprise and horror, traveling along Great Road (Rts. 2A/119) in Acton, we saw ... GRAFFITI! Of all places, it was on the office building occupied by Vision New England, a consortium of Evangelical churches in New England, best known for their annual "Congress" at the Hynes Convention Center in February. Interesting choice for this rare suburban posting. The graffiti says:


Now what might the "graffiti artist" be thinking of? Apparently, the hideous urban graffitied blight we see along the pike is a sign of "open minds." Hmm ... Does graffiti equate with "open minds" ... key words for "progressive" causes such as "gay marriage"?

Or ... does graffiti indicate lack of concern for civil society and lawlessness?

Here's MassResistance's contribution to the (online) graffiti wars:

Graffiti = VANDALISM