Saturday, June 09, 2007

Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick Celebrating Porn, Risky Sex & Depravity at Boston Pride

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, formerly of the Bill Clinton administration, plans to march in the Boston Pride parade today. Given that he's a Clinton alum, he surely understands the depravity he will be immersed in.

What exactly will Gov. Patrick be celebrating at Pride? Will he have a nightcap at the Ramrod bar afterwards, or will he adjourn to a New England Leather Alliance seminar on S&M or fisting? (Both are official Pride Parade participants.)

By marching in this parade, Gov. Patrick is supporting and promoting all of the following perversions, which we believe are not only incredibly harmful to our society, but are immorally shameful. Governor Patrick should acknowledge his error -- and apologize to Massachusetts and the nation -- for his disgraceful error.

(c) 2006 MassResistance
Gov. Deval Patrick must believe we should "Be nice to sex workers" (note the sign behind the marcher). Does that mean he favors decriminalizing prostitution?

[2004 photo by "Truth Serum"]

Will Gov. Patrick say hello to Tranny Daddy and "family"? "Daddy" to these three children is a woman with breasts removed, dressed as a man -- and PROUD of it. Her shirt reads on back: "Daddy is a Tranny." Children's shirts say "Kid of Queers". Gov. Patrick embraces "diverse families", and must favor not only "homosexual marriage" but "transsexual marriage".

(c) 2006 MassResistance
Breasted "Dyke" at Boston Pride 2006. Gov. Patrick must celebrate public nudity.

(c) 2006 MassResistance
A de-breasted woman, or "tranny boi", who "expresses" her new-found "gender identity" in public, proudly displayed her double mastectomy scars at last year's "Boston Dyke March". We wonder what Gov. Patrick would think if one of his daughters decided to do this to herself? Maybe he'd say he's "personally opposed, but must protect the right of others" to so mutilate themselves and parade the sickening sight on the streets of Massachusetts.

(c) 2006 MassResistance
Independent Pagans of New England march at Boston Pride. Does Gov. Patrick believe pagan cults and practices are good for Massachusetts? They include torture, polyamorous sexuality, sexual slavery, bodily mutilation, animal (and possibly human) sacrifice.

(c) 2007 MassResistance

This young man in a dress at the BAGLY Prom (at Boston City Hall, on Youth Pride Day on May 12) appeared to be controlled by the woman behind him. He shows up as an apparent sex slave on a pagan web site, and is involved in some sort of cult activity in the Boston area. (Maybe Gov. Patrick feels more comfortable than we do immersing himself in such web sites to research this further, but we felt the need to get off it quickly, the evil vibes were so strong.) Boston Pride and Youth Pride welcome the participation of pagan groups.

(c) 2006 MassResistance
A man wearing a kilt displayed a sign reading "Poly Boston", which has frequent "pizza parties" in Greater Boston. Will Gov. Patrick soon come out for the legalization of polygamy? Or maybe he'll just reform the laws to keep "swinger" orgies off limits to law enforcment?

Here's a leather friend of Gov. Patrick from the "gay" bar Ramrod's web site. Ramrod is a proud participant in the parade. Has the Governor ever been into a "gay" bar?

Gov. Patrick celebrates "gay" pornography and its corporate sponsors. Will he get a free copy of Hard to fall asleep on? Excerpt from the book promoted at aspecial Pride book signing at Borders a few days ago, chronicling the erotic adventures of a "gay" male prostitute:
"If Moe was single-minded in his desires, however, he still needed to find ways to keep this standard routine fresh. Lately, he’d been trying to find creative ways to interact with his repeat customers. He’d get a few of them over at the same time—without telling them, of course, so they’d be surprised at the scene. He’d organize parties where he’d s**k off four or five or six men in a row. He’d blindfold himself or handcuff his partner or take a guy onto his roof to breathe new excitement into a regular visitor’s latest session. He’d change the porno tape, try a straight movie for a change of pace...."
Got a problem with this porn? (And this is a tame passage!) Take it up with Governor Patrick. He's promoting it, celebrating it, on the streets of Boston today.

(c) 2006 MassResistance participated in Boston Pride 2006. There, men into anonymous hook-ups (see porn excerpt above) can find anything they're looking for. Does Patrick celebrate this risky sex? Does he think it's forward-looking to use the Internet to facilitate "gay" culture? But we thought he was concerned about the spread of AIDS?

(c) 2006 MassResistance
Gov. Patrick must get a kick out of the "drag queens" and "drag kings" that abound at Boston Pride. Just having a few innocent laughs, after all. Or is it? ...

(c) 2006 MassResistance
Speeches with filthy language. Remember -- drag queen Hedda Lettuce's performance at last year's Boston Pride was so bad that even the Pride management had him tone it down. Excerpt: [to the tune of the Dixie Chicks' "Wide Open Spaces"] "Done crystal meth since he was a child. He could f**k and f**k for days, that boy was wild. But his butt hole was large and wide. You could stick both hands in and clap [claps twice] clap inside, I'm tired of- everybody-wide open spaces." (And it got worse ... and it was broadcast all over the Boston Common on loudspeakers.)

GLSEN, which distributed this vile pornographic guide to "gay sex" in Boston to children at their 2005 conference (produced by AIDS Action Committee), is marching along with PFLAG -- both corrupters of our children in the schools.

New England Leather Alliance (bondage/sadomasochism) is at Pride. They lead seminars on torture and vaginal fisting, and run the "Fetish Fair Flea Market" which takes over a Boston area hotel annually for a weekend "conference" on dangerous perversions. They also participate in PFLAG's annual conference in the fall, along with the Trans and Poly crowd. Their resource page links to other like-minded groups, for example the New England Dungeon Society, which includes "pony play" (we think this is actually bestiality) in their "pansexual" pastimes. Does the Governor know what "pansexual" means?

The Bisexual Resource Center is at Boston Pride. Does our Governor know what "bisexual" means? What does he make of this from their MySpace:

And finally: What does Gov. Patrick think of the convicted sex offender who recently resigned as Pride Board member? Will that man -- Bill Berggren -- be marching in the Pride parade today?