Monday, July 30, 2007

"No-Free-Speech Zones" -- the Left's New Silencing Technique

We've observed a trend used by law enforcement officials over the past few years: a new speech-control device at public events called the "Free-Speech Zone." This of course means there's also a "No-Free-Speech Zone" -- that would be exactly where one wants to be when trying to get the word out at a public event! Needless to say, the "zone" is selectively enforced.

Just last weekend, Lowell implemented a "No-Free-Speech Zone" -- at least for one conservative candidate. Kevin Thompson, Constitution Party candidate for Congress in the 5th District (Marty Meehan's old seat), ran into an unexpected problem as he was trying to gather signatures at Lowell's Folk Festival. He was told he had to move away from City Hall Plaza into a "Free-Speech Zone". Check out Thompson's amazing report:

Well, we had a most interesting time at the Lowell Folk Festival this past weekend. I was there on Saturday collecting signatures for ballot access, when I was approached by the park police. This official approached as I was talking with a couple from Lowell who were willing to sign. The official stood there for a moment and waited till they were about to pick up the pen and she then informed me that I would have to leave the particular area. I was in City Hall Plaza (in front of, not in, the stage area). She asked me to move into the “Free Speech Zone.” Yes, apparently in this woman’s mind, free speech can only take place in designated zones. I could not believe what I was hearing! So, I took out my camera and shot some footage. You will want to see this for yourself.

We first encountered a "free speech zone" at the Democrat National Convention in Boston in 2004. (Even the ACLU objected then.) It was hideously located under a still-standing segment of the expressway -- a small area caged in by 12-foot chain-link fence. We gave a great speech about our eroding Constitutional freedoms that a few young Leftists seemed to appreciate. (Sadly, it wasn't recorded for posterity.) Also posted some really great signs about John Kerry and Margaret Marshall and homosexual "marriage".

Our second experience with a "free-speech zone" was later that week in the birthplace of American liberty, Lexington. Some town fools had an idea of breaking tradition to honor the Democrat Convention, and put on a special re-enactment of the battle. (This was a sacrilege for anyone into the specialness of the Patriots' Day re-enactment! And it was fitting that hardly anyone showed up for that July show.) A great crowd of our Article 8 activists showed up with banners advocating the removal of our tyrannical "gay marriage" judges. The police corralled us into a little pen off on the other side of the street -- the "free speech zone" -- and wouldn't even allow any standing or walking in the closed-off street (where nothing else was scheduled to happen).

Expect to see more of this ... depending on which side you're on.