Sunday, July 01, 2007

VoteOnMarriage Continues to Consort with Enemy

Last week, we were surprised to see that one of VoteOnMarriage's spokespersons agreed to be interviewed by the extremist homosexual newspaper, Bay Windows. [" spokeswoman says another ballot campaign unlikely," 6-22-07.] One Ms. Barstow said another marriage amendment campaign is unlikely. (Though we've heard VOM is still seriously considering one.)

Speaking with Bay Windows is in line with VOM's thinking --that it's possible to dialogue with these people, that MassEquality's Marc Solomon is an honorable man, and all that. But wait -- we're confused: Didn't we just read immediately after VOM's defeat that Kris Mineau, main spokesman for VOM, was accusing legislators of taking bribes? And where did those bribes come from? The very close-knit radical homosexual community, led by MassEquality and rallied by Bay Windows? Yet Barstow complimented MassEquality on doing a great job defeating her amendment! And bared her supporters' emotions to Bay Windows. Unbelievable. spokeswoman Lisa Barstow chalked up the reversal of fortune to being outmatched both financially and politically by the pro-equality team. She emphasized the changed political landscape, which saw newly elected leaders Gov. Deval Patrick and Senate President Therese Murray align with House Speaker Sal DiMasi to defeat the amendment. “And I think that frankly, MassEquality did a great job,” said Barstow. “I think we did a great job.”

The difference, she said, is that in addition to having the bully pulpit on three fronts, MassEquality had the financial resources to better organize to defeat the amendment. “Within the resources we had to work with … we feel like we did everything we could do,” said Barstow, noting that volunteers “poured out their hearts” working long days on the campaign. “It’s a campaign so people really take it to heart. So obviously the loss has been crushing.” Barstow was quick to note that, “Folks haven’t given up overall. But what the next phase will look like is still under consideration.”

Barstow did say that going forward, the organization will be examining ethical questions about the impact the political support of the state’s three most powerful leaders had on defeating the amendment. Said Barstow, “What swayed those nine [legislators]? … Was it pure persuasion of the speaker or was it the dangling jobs? Was it facing life in the basement of the State House or a potential chairmanship? The Democrat Party effort poured into this — statewide and national — was just unbelievable,” she said.

And the gullibility of some on the pro-family side is just unbelievable.