Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Bigot" Defined

We've noticed an awful lot of name calling directed towards MassResistance lately. Never any serious dispute of the facts or references we cite, or photographic evidence we present. All that's left to the Left is name calling! So we thought we'd do a little dictionary check on one of their favorites, bigot:

"BIGOT" -- A person who is religiously attached to a particular computer, language, operating system, editor, or other tool (see religious issues). Usually found with a specifier; thus, "Cray bigot", "ITS bigot", "APL bigot", "VMS bigot", "Berkeley bigot". Real bigots can be distinguished from mere partisans or zealots by the fact that they refuse to learn alternatives even when the march of time and/or technology is threatening to obsolete the favoured tool. It is truly said "You can tell a bigot, but you can't tell him much." Compare weenie. [Compare spod, computer geek, terminal junkie. The Jargon File]
-- The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing, © 1993-2007 Denis Howe

And after reading this, and knowing Brian of MassResistance, we though maybe there might be something to it. Brian is quite set in his high-tech habits.