Saturday, October 20, 2007

Romney Again Manipulates Straw Poll

10/21/07 UPDATE on Values Voter/Family Research Council

Here are the real numbers from the FRC Briefing/Values Voter straw poll, for those in attendance:
Huckabee 488
Romney 99
Thompson 77
Giuliani 60



Mitt Romney is proving that money can't buy him love, only some fraudulent straw polls. He continues to slump in the more honest outside polls.

For the third time now (the first occasion being the CPAC conference in D.C. last March; the second with his fleet of buses in Iowa), it appears Romney sleazed a victory in a straw poll -- this time at this weekend's Values Voter Summit, a gathering of Christian social conservatives. ("Opponents say Romney is stacking straw poll," Boston Globe, 10-20-07)

The Politico just reported that Romney won today's poll over Huckabee by a handful of votes, but goes on to say:

Here’s something important to remember about the poll: The results reflect not just the 2,000-plus attendees at the three-day conference, but also anyone who went online and contributed as little as $1 to join FRC Action, the legislative action arm of the Family Research Council. . . .

Doesn't this tell us all we need to know about Slick Mitt? A Romney campaign official (Mark DeMoss) told his Romney supporter list to do the $1 thing.

Interesting that the homosexual extremist Log Cabin Republicans were at the Values Voter Summit, handing out proof that Romney once openly supported their demands and was pro-abortion. But we can't figure out why the Log Cabinites are so upset with him. After all, Romney was the reason "homosexual marriage" began in Massachusetts. If he hadn't illegally changed the licenses and ordered state officials to implement the "marriages", nothing would have happened. What is this Log Cabin charade all about?

We're also seeing lots of stories on evangelical Christians distrusting him, despite the various big-name conservative leaders endorsing him . . . but then they're widely suspected of selling out for present money and possible future power for their groups. How sad to read today's news of Dr. John Willke's blind allegiance to this dishonest candidate:

Romney’s campaign distributed a news release announcing he had been endorsed by Dr. John Willke, founder and former president of the National Right to Life Committee. Willke said on the release: “I know he will be the strong pro-life president we need in the White House.” [The Politico]

One of our favorite columnists, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, just wrote on Romney's crazy new alliance with Bob Jones III, and his duplicity on the homosexual marriage issue. We're happy to see Baldwin citing the research from our Romney Report, by Atty. Robert Paine and John Haskins.)