Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scott Brown Must Prove Himself True to Constitutional Principles

Obviously we’re happy that Scott Brown has been elected. We had to stop Coakley and slow down Obama's killer agenda. We’re hoping for the best from Brown. 
But we are bothered by his alliance with RINOs Mitt Romney and John McCain. His campaign was run by Romneyites. Eric Fehrnstrom and Peter Flaherty were at Brown’s side every minute during his visit to D.C. on Thursday. Will they all pull him to the left? We want to hear more talk about the Constitution and less about "what's good for his state."

Scott Brown with new mentor, John McCain [Washington Post photo].
J.J. Jackson asks questions that have been bothering us too. In Canada Free Press:
In the wake of Mr. Brown’s victory I see a lot of Conservatives acting little better than giddy and foolish Democrats did upon the accession of Barack Obama to the left right hand of Nancy Pelosi Almighty.  Many of my fellow patriots on the right and correct side of the isle have a lot of good things to say about Scott Brown and his successful election bid for one of Massachusetts’ Senate seats.  But at times they are downright deifying this man as the savior of our Republic. 
Questions, questions everywhere - and all have yet to be answered.
Will Mr. Brown, now Senator Brown, have the courage to do the things that a true conservative would once he takes his place in the Senate?  Will he embrace the Constitution and vote against all laws that, while they might be good for his State, violate that document’s limited mandates of power?  Will he have the cojones to vote against any and every bill that comes before the Senate which contains one iota of unconstitutionality snuck into it by wicked people seeking power over our liberty?  Will he have the fortitude to stand before his colleagues in the well of the Senate and chastise those who propose powers to our government which are strictly forbidden and do so regardless of party?  Will he turn his nose up at spending more than the government takes in and reject burdening our children with obscene debts to lubricate the votes of special interests and a minority of Americans?  Will he exhibit the courage needed to start paring back and proposing cuts or outright elimination of unconstitutional programs already on the books?  Will he reject the fallacy of bipartisanship when such a tactic requires compromises to limited government?
Or will Mr. Brown be what really passes for a “conservative” in Washington and the Republican Party?  Will he simply oppose the most egregious of new usurpations of liberty and only when the American people speak up loudly enough for him to take notice while he helps to pass ones of a lesser nature that he thinks we will not find out about or later object to?  Will he cast his vote in favor of yearly budgets that cannot be paid for like so many of his colleagues do? …

When these questions are answered I will pass judgment on Scott Brown as a Senator, as a Republican and as a conservative.  When he shows me that he is worthy of praise, only then shall I give it to him. …