Sunday, January 08, 2012

How "Gay Marriage" Came to Massachusetts: Gov.Romney's Failure in a Constitutional Crisis (E-Book edition)

JUST PUBLISHED (January 2012) at Amazon:
E-book edition for just $4.95.
 How “Gay Marriage” Came to Massachusetts: Governor Mitt Romney’s Failure in a Constitutional Crisis

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This E-book edition is excerpted from my book, Mitt Romney’s Deception. Only a few minor changes have been made from the 2011 print edition.

Along with Chapters V-VIII, a brief commentary (from November 2011) is included. The focus of these chapters is the constitutional crisis of “gay marriage” in Massachusetts and Governor Romney’s lack of leadership. His failure to uphold the Massachusetts Constitution resulted in the issuance of null-and-void marriage licenses to same-sex couples (without legislative authorization), still assumed to be “legal” by most commentators.

Romney's claim that he did all he could to protect traditional marriage is simply not true.
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