Sunday, October 21, 2007

Leftists Regrouping in Statewide Network of "Civil Rights Commissions"

It's a monster that can't be killed. The leftist-fascist busybodies in some Massachusetts towns may have dropped their "No Place for Hate" (NPFH) connections. But they're now scheming to regroup in a statewide network of "civil rights commissions"! After all, there's still a lot of "hate and bias" they need to battle.

This is how our Constitutional rights to free speech and religion will be stomped out --through UNELECTED commissions. The Massachusetts Municipal Association (behind the NPFH program, along with the Anti-Defamation League) will run a network of local "civil rights commissions", which in turn will file complaints against "out-of-line" townspeople with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. They'll tie up offending citizens with hassles, fines, court costs, loss of business, etc. And our out-of-control courts will be there to back up the unelected commissions. Unjust court rulings will be facilitated by the fact that many of the concepts at issue are undefined in the law: e.g., hate, intolerance, diversity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. Any dissent from the "politically correct" Leftist line will be silenced. This is already happening in Canada and Britain. As soon as all their ducks are in order, it will start happening in Massachusetts.

Some background: NPFH committees were recently disbanded in Watertown, Newton, Arlington, Belmont, and Lexington after it was shown that NPFH's national sponsor, the Anti-Defamation League, wouldn't acknowledge the Armenian genocide. Leftists can't be caught denying a holocaust, after all. But NPFH committees still exist in over 50 Mass. towns. (See list.)

Now, the Boston Globe Northwest reports that Lexington has ended its NPFH, only to be designing a replacement "civil rights commission" and working on a statewide network! ("After split, town mulls own antibias effort," 10-21-07) Of course, the key question of why ANY town needs ANY kind of anti-bias committee goes unanswered. Just look at the FBI "hate crimes" statistics for all these comfortable suburbs, and you'll see there are no real crimes reported of this nature, just a few incidents of name-calling and hurt feelings, mostly on the basis of race or ethnicity. From the Globe:

Now, Lexington selectmen are appointing an organizing committee to recommend how to carry on the work of No Place for Hate without the offending political ties and suggesting ways to carry its message of tolerance statewide. The recommendations are expected within six weeks or so, said Jeanne Krieger, board chairwoman....

Meanwhile, Lexington's Krieger said she believes that a statewide coalition of local human rights commissions could be the vehicle for No Place for Hate's message. [Lexington resident] Beugekian applauded the idea of having new local and statewide organizations as watchdogs against bias instead of No Place for Hate. "I think that's the best solution," she said. "They've done a lot of good work, and we've heard about them in school, too. We all appreciate their work."

Listen to the MassResistance radio show from Sept. 29 on how the NPFH was first booted in Watertown . . . and for a warning about why "civil rights commissions" are a threat to our free society.

Remember how the NPFH program polluted our communities with insinuations of "hate" and "bias" where there were none. Diversity assemblies in schools, pro-"gay marriage" seminars, etc. qualified as events, required for the NPFH certification:

As part of its human rights mission, the ADL established the No Place for Hate program in 1999 to promote diversity and allow communities to take a stand against bias. To earn the designation, cities and towns had to show the ADL that they had taken certain steps, including hosting at least three antibias events. Communities would then receive recertification each year, provided they held at least two more annual events. [Globe]

"Hate", "bias", and "diversity" will remain undefined -- whether in the NPFH program, or a new statewide network of "civil rights commissions" about to pop up in its place. So these self-appointed Leftist guardians of society will be the ones to determine who is a hater.