Monday, September 27, 2010

Jeff Perry: Pro-Life, Pro-Term Limits, Pro-Gun, Anti-RomneyCare

Good to see this promotion of Jeff Perry in Human Events. Unlike Scott Brown, Perry is PRO-LIFE and was one of only two State Reps to vote against Romney’s socialized health care reform in Massachusetts. Plus, he favors term limits!

Perry vs. Keating

Issues, issues, and more issues. That’s all State Rep. Jeff Perry really wants to discuss. Whether it is his support for the right to keep and bear arms, his pro-life stance or his desire to repeal the Democrats’ healthcare measure enacted by Congress earlier this year, the Republican nominee for Congress has an opinion and detailed facts to back it up. And Perry believes, with all his heart, that the terms “conservative” and “Republican” should be basically the same.

So what makes him so special among scores of Republicans running for the House of Representatives this year? That’s an easy question to answer: Jeff Perry is from Massachusetts.
In a state where liberal Republicans such as Sen. (1966-78) Ed Brooke and former Gov. (1990-96) William Weld are the norm and conservative GOPers rare, attorney and former policeman Perry is proof that times are changing. It has been said that Republican Sen. Scott Brown, whose capture of Ted Kennedy’s seat made international headlines in January, has taken positions that Brooke, Weld et al. would never have thought of adopting. 

If Brown is the first step in a sea change in Bay State politics, then Perry is the next step. Backed by Brown’s on line and field strategists State Rep. Perry handily won the Republican nomination for Congress in the 10th District (Cape Cod) over
… the Democratic nominee is Norfolk County District Attorney William Keating. As Perry observed, “He is the opposite of me on issues from gun control to healthcare, and, most important of all, he will vote to make Nancy Pelosi speaker again. I won’t.”

There is one other significant difference between the contenders in the 10th District. As a state legislator and now as a candidate for Congress, Perry has been a champion of term limits. In his words, “I said I would serve no more than four or five terms as a legislator and kept my promise. I will do the same in Congress. That’s what members did for many years—went back to their homes and worked in the private sector. That’s how it should be.”
Jeff Perry for Congress, P.O. Box 1435, Sandwich, Mass. 02563.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Half of Infected "Gay" & "Bi" Men unaware they have AIDS

So, let's see... Is it "anti-gay" to be concerned that so many men are terribly sick and don't know it? That the promotion of homosexual behaviors as "just another option" is the reason behind this? This is very sad... Yet our schools and culture continue to tell young men and women that anal intercourse is a legitimate and safe means of sexual expression. And as with abortion, this is hitting our black population the hardest. 

Many gay, bisexual men don’t know they have HIV
By Mike Stobbe
Associated Press / September 24, 2010
ATLANTA — One in five sexually active gay and bisexual men has the AIDS virus, and nearly half of those don’t know they are infected, a federal study of 21 US cities says.
Specialists said the findings are similar to earlier research, but the study released yesterday is the largest to look at gay and bisexual US men at high risk for HIV. More than 8,000 men were tested and interviewed, and 44 percent of those who had the virus didn’t know they had it.
Overall, less than half of 1 percent of Americans have the AIDS virus, according to a calculation by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a research and policy organization in Washington, D.C.
But gay and bisexual men continue to be infected at much higher rates, said Jennifer Kates, Kaiser’s director of global health and HIV policy.
That’s why a new national AIDS strategy, unveiled by the White House in July, is emphasizing more of a government focus on men who have sex with men and others at the highest risk of being infected, Kates said.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends HIV testing at least once a year for all men who have sex with men and are sexually active, but research indicates more than half don’t get tested.
An earlier study in just five cities in 2004-05 found similar results.
The new study, conducted in 2008, included 16 additional cities. Researchers offered free testing to the men, interviewed them, and paid around $25 for their participation.
Black men who were sexually active with other men were more likely to have HIV, with 28 percent reportedly infected, compared with 18 percent of their Hispanic counterparts and 16 percent of white homosexuals.
Black homosexuals were also least likely to know they were infected — about 60 percent didn’t know they had HIV — compared with 46 percent of Hispanics and 26 percent of whites.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lesbian Sex-Obsessed Smith College

"Smith is a vortex of queer drama."

So, this is what the Smith College girls are up to when they're not busy rioting at Republican Club events, shutting down speeches by the great Ryan Sorba. (See MassResistance, 4-29-08: "Lesbian activists at Smith College riot, shut down Ryan Sorba speech on 'The Born Gay Hoax' as police watch." Exclusive videos here.) He had a message they didn't want to hear, i.e. that their sexual behaviors were choices, not their inborn fates that just had to come out.) We do wonder why the article doesn't mention the "transmen" on campus. 
From the Smith College newspaper:

Sex and the Smithie: A new place, a new you


The Sex and the Smithie column will be written by a different student each week. The article will be printed anonymously if the author wishes. Please e-mail if you are interested in writing a sex column.

The excitement of coming to college can be titillating in more ways than one - if you know what I mean. Are you thinking about sex yet? Classes, clubs, sports and friendships might be great, but for many finding someone with which to share it all ranks high on their list of priorities for college life. Students arriving at Smith for their first year have a high schooler's perception of what college sex is like, and those perceptions can often stray from reality. But never fear, first-years: we're here to help. 

So what do first years think college sex will be like? Hollywood tells us that our fellow co-eds have it, all the time. Forget homework, forget sleep, just chug down that third Pabst Blue Ribbon and get down to business. 

But things at Smith are a little bit different. Things like that hot lesbian threesome going on in the end shower. For one, we don't have guys, driving the heterosexual population to desperation and the queers directly to heaven. But just how different are we?

For starters, there's no Greek life, which means no hypersexualized sorority sisters and testosterone-fueled frat rows. Head down Route Nine for that. Sure we have parties, and guys attend, just in much smaller numbers than at other colleges. But hey, you first-years picked Smith for other reasons. Like an education. 

High school students often think of college both as a place of rampant hookups and as one where they can possibly meet someone who they'll spend the rest of their lives with. Here, Smith might fit the stereotype. Some students will find their significant others here or in the area - and in the meantime, hookups are happening. Everywhere. Straight girls might need to plan ahead, but it's still common. 

Another great difference between Smith and the college stereotype is concern about STDs and pregnancy. Smithies will talk at length about vaginas and UTIs, but you rarely hear the words gonorrhea or abortion outside of a pro-choice context. Maybe we've heard one too many body-conscious lectures, but Smithies seem to be pretty good about avoiding the bad stuff that comes from sex.

Lastly, most Smithies are desensitized to sex: we're not shocked when we talk about it. High school students are uncomfortable when they hear frank discussions about sex, but at Smith openness is the norm. On the flip side, many students do choose to keep things private, and this is respected as well. However, overhearing the girl down the hall from you telling her partner what she plans to do with the extra can of whip cream is more likely. 

Before we leave you, we'd like to offer a short list of tips for all you first-years to help you survive your sexual Smith experience. 

1. Condoms are provided for free in most of the bathrooms around campus. You know what to do with them - and yes, this could mean tube-shaped balloons. 

2. Noise control. Smithies, these houses are old and poorly insulated. Play some music, get some pillows to bite, do what you have to do. 

3. Smith is a vortex of queer drama. Do what you can to fight the madness. 

4. Slow down. Four years is a long time. 

5. Talk to your roommate - beforehand! - and have a signal that you both know to convey that the door needn't be opened. Socks on doorhandles, stars on whiteboards…you get the idea. 

6. House booty is bad booty, almost 69.69 percent of the time. 

7. If you wouldn't do it sober, don't do it. 

8. Toys. Not the kind from Toys-R-Us.

9. Go to an Emily Nagoski lecture, the Wellness Education Director. You'll learn a lot. 

10. Be open to new experiences. Except #6.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Romney Bombs at Values Voters Summit

Here's a good report on Romney's poor performance at the Values Voters Summit in D.C. last weekend. Despite his failure to move the audience and his poor showing in their straw poll (coming in 3rd after Mike Pence and Mike Huckabee), we predict he will forge ahead and dump millions into the the race. It will be interesting to watch whether National Review, Tony Perkins (Family Research Council), and other establishment "conservatives" support him this time around.
In addition to his weakness on conservative social issues, Fischer highlights the horrible RomneyCare health plan he foisted on this state, with its $50 abortions. (And please, conservatives, remember that the supposedly conservative Heritage Foundation had a hand in devising Romney's mandated coverage health plan!)
Much more on Romney to come. Stay tuned.

Mitt Romney is toast
by Bryan Fischer @ Renew America (Sept. 21, 2010)

I just returned from the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., and the main takeaway is this: Mitt Romney is toast.

Tony Perkins and FRC Action were entirely right to invite Romney to speak. (AFA Action was a co-sponsor of the event.) Romney is eager to court the pro-family community, and deserved the opportunity to persuade values-driven voters of his bona fides. In this task he failed.

While one conservative leader after another — Mike Huckabee, Michelle Bachmann, Mike Pence, and Jim DeMint to name a few — rang the chimes on the importance of keeping social issues at the heart of the conservative agenda, Mr. Romney managed only one passing reference to the sanctity of life and sanctity of marriage.

On top of that, Romney's speech came across as plastic, forced, and stilted. He was the only speaker of the weekend to use a teleprompter, and at times tried to be more of a stand-up comic than a political leader. He seemed to be working to get a Las Vegas lounge act instead of a seat in the Oval Office. While other conservative speakers spoke from the heart, he spoke from a script.

But it is his glaring weaknesses on social issues that will doom his chances for electoral success in 2012. He was given the feature slot at the Values Voter Summit, the last spot on the Friday morning slate, and his speech fell flatter than the proverbial pancake. Response was polite but tepid.  ... more...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Boston Globe and Emerson College Pushing Propaganda Play “Laramie Project”

Back in 2007, we assembled background info on the horrid propaganda play, “The Laramie Project.” Performed at high schools and colleges around the country, it uses raw emotion and lies to draw youth into the sexual-radical “rights” cause. The recruitment efforts never let up.  

So we’re not surprised to see “Laramie” being pushed again by Arts Emerson and the Boston Globe this week. They’re even exploiting the Governor’s daughter as a “panelist”. Emerson faculty are working with the sexual-radical groups GLAD, GLAAD, PFLAG, GLSEN, Matthew Shepard Foundation, Human Rights Campaign, and Boston’s “Theater Offensive” (“ambitious programming [on] the cutting edge of queer culture and politics”) to promote their ideology and sense of victimhood, and encourage everyone to “take action against hate”:

The moderator will be former ABC news anchor and current Leader-in-Residence in Emerson College’s Journalism Department Carole Simpson. "It is my pleasure to moderate a panel exploring the plight of the LBGT communities," said Simpson.  "Their problems of discrimination, physical abuse and exclusion have been overlooked too long.  The issues need to come 'out of the closet' into the light of public understanding. I hope I can facilitate that.  I lost a close relative to AIDS.  Through him I learned firsthand the difficulties he had by being 'different.'"
From the Boston Globe:

ArtsEmerson’s “The Laramie Residency’’ includes panel discussions and Tectonic Theater Project’s “The Laramie Project’’ and “The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later.’’ Tonight’s discussion, “The Struggle for GLBT Rights and Protections,’’ focuses on the Shepard/Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act, civil rights, and the impact on awareness because of “The Laramie Project.’’ Panelists include activist Katherine Patrick (Governor Deval Patrick’s daughter).

See our background study on “The Laramie Project” here.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sen. Scott Brown Donated to Social Extremist RINO Candidate

Sen. Scott Brown gave $100 to social extremist RINO candidate for State Rep., Dan Winslow.

Winslow received the endorsement of the Massachusetts GLBT lobbying group, and that’s about as extreme as one can get. Winslow is even moving to embrace “transgender rights” demands.

Brown and Winslow have been friends since college and law school, and Winslow played a major role in his Senate campaign. But this is not about friendship. It’s about principles.

We’d hoped that Brown would be conservative across the board. He was a fairly reliable pro-family vote while in the Mass. legislature (though not pro-life).

Winslow looks like a qualified candidate unless you know the back story. It was Winslow who, as Gov. Mitt Romney’s Chief Legal Counsel, advised that marriage licenses be changed in May 2004 to allow same-sex couples to “marry”. He (and his boss Romney) changed the licenses without legislative authorization to read “Party A” and “Party B” instead of “bride” and “groom”. Winslow conducted the training sessions for town clerks and Justices of the Peace, threatening any who objected on religious or principled grounds that they would be fired or fined. Winslow and Romney unconstitutionally made law. The Supreme Judicial Court had not even told the Executive branch to do anything. (And the Legislature never has changed the statute to allow same-sex marriages.)

We hope that Sen. Brown does not agree with Winslow that DOMA should be overturned, that homosexual “rights” should be extended in all realms (including the military), and that there is a case to be made for “transgender rights”.

If Sen. Brown does agree with Winslow, why doesn’t he just go ahead and give an interview to the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows? They’ve been after him for months. Why hold back? 

Michael Grohall and TTBaum, the artists behind "The Wedlock Project."
"Party A" and "Party B"
[photo: Neil Contractor, Bay Windows]

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Romney's Pro-"Gay Rights" Legal Counsel Endorsed by Radical GLBT Lobby

The GLBT lobby – including its transgender members – have just unanimously endorsed former Gov. Mitt Romney’s Chief Legal Counsel for State Representative. That would be Daniel Winslow, Esq.

We always knew that Romney’s legal staff was really working for “gay rights” while pretending to just enforce the “law” (the unconstitutional Goodridge marriage Court ruling). It was Winslow who himself made law (with the Governor’s assent), changing the marriage licenses in May 2004 – without the required Legislative authorization – to read “Party A & Party B” instead of “Bride & Groom”. Unbelievable.


For those new to MassResistance, we’ve pointed out since 2004 that same-sex marriage is still not legal in Massachusetts. The marriage statute still reads “man/woman”, and the GLBT lobby can’t get their bill allowing marriage “regardless of gender” to a vote (as confirmed by Winslow). The Court told the Legislature (not Winslow and Romney) to make that change, but they never have!

Winslow’s website makes no mention of social issues. (He’s right in line with the state Republican establishment on that!) He does show off his old bike in a sappy nod to the Scott Brown truck.

That’s all we need: another RINO in the State House! Our old friend, Tom Lang (another RINO) at had a long conversation with Winslow at the Mass. Gay & Lesbian (& Tranny) Political Caucus meeting recently:

The Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus (MGLPC), the Leading LGBT Lobby Organization and Key Architect for the Strategy Securing Marriage Equality, Has Endorsed Republican Daniel Winslow (9th Norfolk) And Former Mitt Romney's Chief Legal Counsel Over Democrat Challenger Stanley Nacewicz For the Massachusetts House of Representatives

Led by Co-Chair Arline Isaacson, the MGLPC voted unanimously in last week's annual meeting to endorse the Republican, Daniel Winslow over his Democratic challenger, Stan Nacewicz for the Massachusetts House Seat representing the 9th Norfolk District in Fall 2010. This District seat was formerly held by Richard Ross (R) [who marched in Boston Pride this year] who vacated it when he succesfully ran for Scott Brown's (R) Massachusetts Senate Seat after Brown's historic victory took him to Washington, DC.

Arline Isaacson touted Republican Dan Winslow for his support of The Goodridge Decision, his zero tolerance of hate crimes and told the Caucus gathering, "Winslow is what we need," in terms of a Republican that understands LGBT issues.  Isaacson also gave a bit of insight into Winslow's history as the Romney attorney that changed our state's marriage license wording from "Bride and Groom" to "Party A and Party B"

But what was interesting was that Isaacson provided the Caucus with Winslow's answers to her standard nine topic questionnaire on civil rights issues that all candidates are given.  Dan Winslow answered "Yes" to all subjects ranging from Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights to HIV Funding to Opposition of DOMA to Choice except one...the Transgender Civil Rights and Hate Crimes Bill. …

So what does KnowThyNeighbor [Tom Lang] think about this?  I interviewed Dan Winslow extensively after the Caucus endorsement meeting.  On the subject of Marriage Equality post Goodridge, Winslow says that Massachusetts needs legal updates.  Winslow told me that during the Romney days many within the administration insisted that MA marriage licenses continue to read "Bride and Groom" as, according to Winslow, some wanted same gender couples to "have to decide which would be the bride and which would be the groom" or in other words force same-sex couples to humiliate themselves.  Winslow was the one who pushed the "Party A/Party B" nomenclature as one of respect and dignity for same sex couples and a general equality for all parties entering into marriage.  Winslow wanted to make me understand that he has 3 important legal changes to state laws post Goodridge that to him are of the utmost urgency.  One, changes to current birth certificates which would recognize same sex couples.  Two, the inclusion of "civil unions" and "domestic partnerships" as impediments to MA marriages (currently, two people of the same gender could be married to one another in MA while being part of a dom partnership in Washington State to another person).  And Three, that MA courts must retain the jurisdiction of divorce when it comes to our same-sex marriages. … [emphasis in original]

(Read the complete post here.)

Winslow is even moving towards supporting the Transgender Rights bill. Now that’s what we call extreme. (We thought the Republican Party didn’t want to associate with “extremists”.)  

Why do these guys have an R next to their name? They’re really fifth columnists, working to undermine traditional values from within the Republican Party.

What more is needed than this to prove that Mitt Romney was actively working for “gay rights” while Governor? He surely understood his Chief Counsel’s bias, and most likely, shared it. Lots more on that soon.

Meanwhile, Romney has the gall to continue to present himself to the gullible conservatives attending Family Research Council’s “Values Voters” conference in D.C. this weekend. “Protect Marriage” and “Champion Life”!!! Yeah, right.


P.S. Dan Winslow commented on Tom Lang's post on 9/17:

Dan Winslow said...
Many thanks Tom. Just to clarify, the "bride/groom" discussion refers to others outside the administration who were lobbying me against changing the form. I was not referring to conversations within the administration. This endorsement means a lot to me personally and I am proud to have the support of Democrats as well as Independents and Republicans on these issues as well. We need to work together to move forward.