Saturday, September 18, 2010

Romney's Pro-"Gay Rights" Legal Counsel Endorsed by Radical GLBT Lobby

The GLBT lobby – including its transgender members – have just unanimously endorsed former Gov. Mitt Romney’s Chief Legal Counsel for State Representative. That would be Daniel Winslow, Esq.

We always knew that Romney’s legal staff was really working for “gay rights” while pretending to just enforce the “law” (the unconstitutional Goodridge marriage Court ruling). It was Winslow who himself made law (with the Governor’s assent), changing the marriage licenses in May 2004 – without the required Legislative authorization – to read “Party A & Party B” instead of “Bride & Groom”. Unbelievable.


For those new to MassResistance, we’ve pointed out since 2004 that same-sex marriage is still not legal in Massachusetts. The marriage statute still reads “man/woman”, and the GLBT lobby can’t get their bill allowing marriage “regardless of gender” to a vote (as confirmed by Winslow). The Court told the Legislature (not Winslow and Romney) to make that change, but they never have!

Winslow’s website makes no mention of social issues. (He’s right in line with the state Republican establishment on that!) He does show off his old bike in a sappy nod to the Scott Brown truck.

That’s all we need: another RINO in the State House! Our old friend, Tom Lang (another RINO) at had a long conversation with Winslow at the Mass. Gay & Lesbian (& Tranny) Political Caucus meeting recently:

The Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus (MGLPC), the Leading LGBT Lobby Organization and Key Architect for the Strategy Securing Marriage Equality, Has Endorsed Republican Daniel Winslow (9th Norfolk) And Former Mitt Romney's Chief Legal Counsel Over Democrat Challenger Stanley Nacewicz For the Massachusetts House of Representatives

Led by Co-Chair Arline Isaacson, the MGLPC voted unanimously in last week's annual meeting to endorse the Republican, Daniel Winslow over his Democratic challenger, Stan Nacewicz for the Massachusetts House Seat representing the 9th Norfolk District in Fall 2010. This District seat was formerly held by Richard Ross (R) [who marched in Boston Pride this year] who vacated it when he succesfully ran for Scott Brown's (R) Massachusetts Senate Seat after Brown's historic victory took him to Washington, DC.

Arline Isaacson touted Republican Dan Winslow for his support of The Goodridge Decision, his zero tolerance of hate crimes and told the Caucus gathering, "Winslow is what we need," in terms of a Republican that understands LGBT issues.  Isaacson also gave a bit of insight into Winslow's history as the Romney attorney that changed our state's marriage license wording from "Bride and Groom" to "Party A and Party B"

But what was interesting was that Isaacson provided the Caucus with Winslow's answers to her standard nine topic questionnaire on civil rights issues that all candidates are given.  Dan Winslow answered "Yes" to all subjects ranging from Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights to HIV Funding to Opposition of DOMA to Choice except one...the Transgender Civil Rights and Hate Crimes Bill. …

So what does KnowThyNeighbor [Tom Lang] think about this?  I interviewed Dan Winslow extensively after the Caucus endorsement meeting.  On the subject of Marriage Equality post Goodridge, Winslow says that Massachusetts needs legal updates.  Winslow told me that during the Romney days many within the administration insisted that MA marriage licenses continue to read "Bride and Groom" as, according to Winslow, some wanted same gender couples to "have to decide which would be the bride and which would be the groom" or in other words force same-sex couples to humiliate themselves.  Winslow was the one who pushed the "Party A/Party B" nomenclature as one of respect and dignity for same sex couples and a general equality for all parties entering into marriage.  Winslow wanted to make me understand that he has 3 important legal changes to state laws post Goodridge that to him are of the utmost urgency.  One, changes to current birth certificates which would recognize same sex couples.  Two, the inclusion of "civil unions" and "domestic partnerships" as impediments to MA marriages (currently, two people of the same gender could be married to one another in MA while being part of a dom partnership in Washington State to another person).  And Three, that MA courts must retain the jurisdiction of divorce when it comes to our same-sex marriages. … [emphasis in original]

(Read the complete post here.)

Winslow is even moving towards supporting the Transgender Rights bill. Now that’s what we call extreme. (We thought the Republican Party didn’t want to associate with “extremists”.)  

Why do these guys have an R next to their name? They’re really fifth columnists, working to undermine traditional values from within the Republican Party.

What more is needed than this to prove that Mitt Romney was actively working for “gay rights” while Governor? He surely understood his Chief Counsel’s bias, and most likely, shared it. Lots more on that soon.

Meanwhile, Romney has the gall to continue to present himself to the gullible conservatives attending Family Research Council’s “Values Voters” conference in D.C. this weekend. “Protect Marriage” and “Champion Life”!!! Yeah, right.


P.S. Dan Winslow commented on Tom Lang's post on 9/17:

Dan Winslow said...
Many thanks Tom. Just to clarify, the "bride/groom" discussion refers to others outside the administration who were lobbying me against changing the form. I was not referring to conversations within the administration. This endorsement means a lot to me personally and I am proud to have the support of Democrats as well as Independents and Republicans on these issues as well. We need to work together to move forward.