Tuesday, November 28, 2023

"Girl Inside" Professor/Poet at Harvard English Dept plans course on Taylor Swift

I smelled a rat in the story The Harvard Crimson & Breitbart about a tenured English professor who plans a course on Taylor Swift's profound poetry. Sure enough, Prof Stephanie Burt is active in LGBTQA+ causes and "transitioned" to female in 2017. Harvard Gazette quoted Burt then: 

"I always knew I was a girl inside, but didn’t realize it was both possible and wise to do a social and medical transition. And it’s great... I get an obvious chance to serve as a visible role model. That service does political and social work."

Breitbart had this: "Taylor Swift is someone who establishes complicated and changing relationships to the idea of Americanness and to the idea of white  and of middle America.” Awkwardly stated, but profound!

It's so sad to read about the once great university's slide into vacuousness and depravity.


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