Wednesday, January 31, 2007

David Parker's Civil Rights Court Date Next Week

Lexington father David Parker's lawsuit against personnel in the Lexington Public Schools is coming up on Feb. 7 in federal court in Boston.

It's nice to hear that Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) will be there to support him too... Though we haven't heard much from MFI on Parker's story since we broke it in April 2005 (and as we continued to document its every twist and turn). They did secure his presence at a few of their fundraisers ... so we hope they've also contributed to his defense fund.

We're trying to recall if MFI testified for our parents' rights bill in the last legislative session. Hmm... This session, MassResistance has filed the only parents' rights bill that will be truly effective, informed as it is by our understanding of the Parker case. If MFI is sincere in its support of Parker, they should fully support our bill -- to prevent future similar scenarios.

From our Dec. 29, 2006 email alert:

David Parker's federal civil rights lawsuit - Oral arguments to take place Feb. 7 in US District Court in Boston! [Dec. 29, 2006]

After months of delay, the oral arguments for David Parker's federal civil rights lawsuit against school and town officials in Lexington is scheduled to take place Wednesday, Feb. 7, at 2 pm in the US District Court in South Boston, before Judge Marc Wolf. (A few days ago it had been announced that it would be Jan. 18, but apparently the defendants asked that it be pushed back even more.)

At this "oral arguments" session, the defendants (the Lexington public officials) will try to persuade the judge not to allow the case to continue. And David Parker's lawyers will be countering that - with arguments that the case MUST be allowed to be heard!

The Parkers, along with Rob and Robin Wirthlin, are suing the Lexington officials (including Superintendent Paul Ash) over the school system's refusal to notify parents of elementary school children when adults present topics homosexuality or transgenderism to the kids. Parents have been told that the schools will not notify them even after these things have taken place! David Parker was arrested and spent the night in jail in April, 2005, over his insistence that they notify him - as required by state law - regarding homosexuality being presented to his son in kindergarten. This lawsuit has gotten national attention, and major pro-homosexual groups such as Human Rights Campaign in Washington, DC, as well as the ACLU have begun giving legal support to the school system against David Parker.

Here's our full report on the David Parker incident and federal lawsuit:

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Maine School Teaching Transgenderism

It's time for this to stop -- the trans madness being pushed on innocent children all over the country. This especially twisted form of child abuse is happening in Maine, too.

An Augusta high school just held a "diversity day" which included a transgender propaganda session. A young woman graduate of the school, now "identifying" as a male, spoke to the young teens (13 and 14 years old) about her experience. Note how the Kennebec Journal plays the willing fool, referring to her as "he" throughout the story, "Cony [high school] opens up" (1-30-07):

Transgendered people alter their appearance to that of the opposite sex.
Nazarkewycz, a 2006 Cony graduate, said even after he knew he identified himself as male, he struggled with his identity. He didn't like going to school much his senior year, in part because he wasn't even sure, himself, how he wanted his classmates to refer to him.
"My senior year, as far as Jen [her original name] and she, I was totally not wanting that at all," he said. "At the same time, I was not really ready to be Jeremiah [the new name she adopted] full-time either."
Nazarkewycz's compelling story about life as a transgendered person was one of several at the day-long annual event meant to instill Cony students with acceptance and tolerance of people who may be different in one or more ways. It also was a chance for students to learn about other cultures, religions and ways of life.

An earlier story, innocuously titled "Students to learn about different cultures" (1-27-07) previewed the day as a reasonable event ... except for that little inclusion of "life as a transgendered person":

Cony students will get a chance to learn about growing up French in Augusta, life with autism, life as a transgendered person, Pakistani dance, and civil rights in the 1960s. If that seems like an awfully diverse range of subjects, well, that's the whole point: Monday is the annual Cony Diversity Day.

The Christian Civic League of Maine covered the event. Rev. Dallas Henry, the League’s President of the Board of Directors, noted:

“The history of Maine’s 'Civil Rights Teams' [who organized Cony’s Diversity Day events] up to this point has clearly been that of promoting homosexuality. This Cony event has prominently broadened the field, however, to include teaching ‘transgendering.’ I am heartsick to hear of this promotion of sexual confusion.”

CCLMaine's Executive Director, Mike Heath, said of his high school alma mater:

“We live in bizarre times. Not too long ago every Mainer knew that sex change operations and witchcraft were as wrong as adultery and murder. It is impossible to understand what is happening because it is an inversion of reality. This is what makes it possible for deviant behavior and dark ideologies to be aggressively promoted as normal without effective resistance. It is irresponsible for adults to promote these ideas by presenting them without moral comment to impressionable young people who are maturing through puberty. Our Maine public school classrooms are looking more and more like the bar scene from Star Wars every day.”

CCL Maine reports that the Diversity Day also included a panel on different religions, and though invited, a Wicca representative did not show up:

The religious forum representatives were from various belief systems. Represented at the forum were Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, and a number of groups who identify themselves as Christian including Mormons, Methodists, Spiritualists, Seventh-day Adventists, and the Apostolic faith. Absent from the panel were Baptists and Catholics, the two largest Christian denominations in Maine. The Christian Civic League of Maine, which has Baptist, Nazarene, Pentecostal, Advent Christian, Assembly of God, and several other denominations represented in its membership, was not asked to participate in the forum.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Child Abuse in Germany -- and Massachusetts

Everyone's talking about the young German boy undergoing "sex-change" procedures. Today, it's in Germany; tomorrow, it will be in Massachusetts. In fact, it's already underway.

This blog and the MassResistance organization have been exposing "trans" propaganda already inundating our public schools for several years now. Organizations including Planned Parenthood, PFLAG, GLSEN and the transgender activists are gearing up, pushing young people, their parents, and school personnel into this brave new world. Kathleen Henry, director of the Mass. Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, has stated they will make a big effort to "protect" bisexual and transgender youth.

Proof of where this movement is going: PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People) joined with assorted GLBTIQ activists just this past October in their regional conference in Worcester, called "Transcending Boundaries" (for "bisexual/pansexual, trans/genderqueer, and intersex people and our allies"). Sponsors included MassEquality's education fund, Planned Parenthood, New England Leather Alliance (whips & chains; they gave a workshop, "SM 101"), GlaxoSmithKline (sex-change drugs?). One workshop was called "PFLAG and Transgender – Sharing a Future."

Bad enough there are doctors willing to perform such mutilations on their young (or adult) patients -- fiendish medical experiments reminiscent of the Nazis. What's more surprising is this young German boy's abuse at the hands of his own parents, who've bought into the hideous concepts of "transgenderism" and "gender identity"! Here in Massachusetts, PFLAG and Planned Parenthood jumped on that bandwagon quite a while ago. These groups have, after all, transcended all boundaries. Killing babies? No problem. Homosexual marriage? A civil right. So how can they say no to sadomasochism, polyamory, or sex changes for children?

Right now, PFLAG and Planned Parenthood are busy holding seminars across Massachusetts (like those below), encouraging parents to accept and help their "trans" children, and schools to support "trans" students. And how scary is this: PFLAG has the largest representation of any group on the new Mass. Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. Here are five workshops given at PFLAG's Transcending Boundaries conference last October:

Raising A Transgender Child/Compassionate Parenting
Using a combination of personal stories and exploring raising children through the lens of gender development, this workshop will provide a safe space in which to explore the myriad of emotions, beliefs, and ideas parents and other caregivers go through as children express their gender identification(s). A combination of presentation and discussion, the presenters will use their own experiences plus invite participants to share their journeys in the ongoing efforts to accept and nurture our children....

Supporting Gender Variant Youth in Today’s Schools
Is this child a boy or a girl or does it matter? Youth in today’s schools are increasingly fluid in their expression of gender, sometimes confusing adults and challenging those around them to think again about boy vs. girl. The workshop is designed to uncover the overlapping aspects of sexuality and clarify terminology related to gender expression and identity. Participants will also be provided with resources for transgender youth, transgender civil rights issues, recent school assessments, and available curriculum supplements for classroom use....

Coming out as a child or adolescent as transgendered or transsexual and the parents’ process of acceptance
This will be a panel presentation including parents and their transgendered children and teenagers. ... an experienced gender specialist will moderate this panel. The discussion will explore issues of coming out as a young transgendered individual to parents and their parents’ emotional process that led to eventual full acceptance. Crossgender expression at home, at school and in the community will be discussed. Non-medical and medical treatment of children and adolescents who are transgendered/transsexual will be discussed as well as other topics.

Lifelines for Trans Youth: Helping Transgender and Transsexual Youth Make Successful Transitions to Adulthood
This presentation examines the institutional resources and policies needed for transgender/transsexual youth to make successful transitions to adulthood. The formal talk segment combines clinical literature review with personal stories from trans youth and input from adult providers. This presentation offers cohesive strategies and guidelines to increase the cultural competency of educators, parents, physicians, therapists, administrators, policy makers, and other providers who may encounter trans youth. The interactive component of this workshop includes facilitated exercises to enable adult providers from diverse professions to serve as "lifelines" for transgender/transsexual youth....

Taking a Stand: Creating Safe Schools for All Students
This introductory workshop, designed for all school personnel, uses video clips and hands-on activities to examine the obvious and subtle ways that bias plays out in schools, and offers resources for creating schools that are safe for all students, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sadomasochism Celebrated at Sheraton Danvers Hotel

This weekend just witnessed a celebration of sadomasochism and assorted perversions at the New England Leather Alliance's "Fetish Fair Fleamarket". The host hotel was the Sheraton Ferncroft Resort in Danvers. How could the hotel management allow this event? And where are the town fathers who let this occur? Mansfield refused to let this event dirty their town. Salem News jauntily reported:

Having met resistance elsewhere, the New England Leather Alliance is bringing its "Fetish Fair Fleamarket" to the North Shore.The fair, featuring more than 100 exhibitors selling erotic merchandise, everything from "corsets and boots to dungeon furniture and restraints," is scheduled for three days - Jan. 26 through 28 - at the Sheraton Ferncroft. Organizers made a last-minute move here from Mansfield because of a dispute over a permit requirement.

A lucky geographical break - the Sheraton Ferncroft is in both Danvers and Middleton - could spare the New England Leather Alliance from similar headaches on the North Shore. Vendors will be setting up shop in the hotel's grand ballroom, which is in Middleton. And unlike Danvers, Middleton hasn't designated a section of town for adult businesses to operate. Building Commissioner Bob Camacho said yesterday he would take a closer look, but he didn't recall anything in Middleton's zoning regulations that would prevent the flea market. Danvers, on the other hand, has an adult zone bylaw restricting this type of activity to an area off Route 1 near the Peabody line....

In its 28th year, the event has previously been held at the Park Plaza and the Sheraton in Boston, as well as the Ramada in Andover - and would probably still be held there if the Andover hotel hadn't closed.... Flea market patrons have booked nearly all of the Sheraton Ferncroft's 350 rooms, and organizers have reserved all of the hotel's function rooms and meeting space. "We're going to accommodate them as we do all the groups that come into the hotel," said Edward Carey, director of sales and marketing for the Sheraton Ferncroft.

Consider the hotel taxes, the overflow of people staying at other area hotels and the business generated at local restaurants and shops, and [NELA] estimates the weekend-long event will pump at least $1 million into the local economy....

Numerous classes and demonstrations that address whips, role playing, bondage and other subjects will be offered on Saturday and Sunday.

The reporter doesn't tell you about the classes on fisting; canes and caning; flogging; BDSM and the law; etc. (See their listing.) And here's a description from NELA's webpage on an upcoming "lecture":

LAYERED PAIN: EXTREME TORTURE -- This presentation will explore and discuss various types of layered pain. This type of edge play requires using extreme safety precautions and seasoned bottoms. Often this type of play involves body fluids such as lymph and blood. It goes beyond the uni-sensation scene and explodes the possibilities....

We first encountered the New England Leather Alliance (NELA) as a participant at Boston Pride, then we ran into them as participants at the PFLAG/Transgender conference in Worcester recently. (Remember that PFLAG is the group with the largest representation on the new state "Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth.") Part of the proceeds of last weekend's event were being donated to "National Coalition for Sexual Freedom" ("swingers" and perverts unite!).

Feedback opportunities:

Mr. Charlie Clist, General Manager; and Mr. Edward Carey, director of sales Sheraton Danvers, 50 Ferncroft Road, Danvers, MA 01923

The Town of Danvers can be reached at:
Board of Selectmen (for names/contact info for individual selectmen)
Town Manager: Wayne P. Marquis, 978-777-0001 Ext. 3069

The Town of Middleton can be reached at:
Board of Selectmen, Joseph Pascucci, Chairperson, 978-774-3589

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Does Romney Still Praise the New Media?

An interesting juxtaposition, in light of Romney's little altercation with MassResistance:

In December 2006, Mitt Romney told Kathryn Lopez of National Review that he gets nearly all of his news online now. Romney said:

"No longer can just a few newspapers or television stations control what information we have access to. The monopoly on news has been broken wide open. I trust the people and the power of ideas to triumph in the free and competitive information market that the new media provides."

On January 22, the Boston Globe published a story about an activist who successfully leveraged the new media to "rain on Romney's parade" [that would be Brian Camenker, head of MassResistance]:

The burst of attention has catapulted Camenker, a political agitator who has long protested gay rights in Massachusetts, into unlikely prominence in the nascent Republican presidential race. It has also underscored the startling power of the Internet to upset established political campaigns.

Some conservatives say Camenker's report, spiked with references to gay sex, has seriously damaged Romney's effort to woo conservative voters. Others dismiss the report as a joke. But Romney is not laughing.

Camenker said he called a few prominent conservatives ... to alert them to the report. But he has mostly e-mailed it to bloggers and activists, and let it spread on its own.... Camenker said, "All we're doing is spreading the truth."

"My goal is that the next president of the United States be a conservative," he said. Romney doesn't pass the test, he said. In a reference to the liberal gay state senator from Cambridge, Camenker said: "How's [Romney] going to stand up to the president of Iran if Jarrett Barrios scares him?"

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sen. Dianne Wilkerson just can't get it together

She's getting lots of help from the GLBT lobby, but she still can't get organized! The infamous State Senator Dianne Wilkerson, who had so much trouble getting re-elected -- because she couldn't get her signatures filed in time -- then had to run a sticker campaign in the primary -- but was rescued by MassEquality -- couldn't file her bills on time.

The Boston Globe reported that 26 of her 27 bills were late-filed, and an aide blamed a "glitch" in the system. "Other lawmakers didn't encounter similar glitches, according to House and Senate officials, who said that none of the state's 199 other legislators missed the deadline." Will the Judiciary Committee treat her bills as they usually do late-filed bills? Put them on a dusty shelf where they almost always die? Or will she get special consideration, again?

We can't understand how this happened, though, since she was reported to have hired one Jesse Sullivan as her legislative aide. Jesse used to be office manager and field organizer for MassEquality --should be a very efficient staffer. So what happened?! Sounded like there were big plans for the new session, but they've all fallen flat with the bills not getting in on time:

"Wilkerson’s top priorities for the upcoming legislative session include the environment and alternative energy, improving education funding and policy, CORI reform, rectifying Gov. Mitt Romney’s recent budget cuts, which slashed funds for some of the state’s most vulnerable citizens and an affirmative resolution on the marriage equality issue," reports Bay Windows. Wilkerson said, "first and foremost Jesse’s here because I needed a legislative director who would know how to get this job done. That he is gay, to me, is an added plus.”

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

College Pro-Life Marchers Question Romney's Claims

Pro-life college students handed out about 10,000 flyers at the March for Life in Washington, D.C. last weekend, exposing Romney as a flip-flopping political opportunist from Massachusetts. They even included a photo of that other infamous Massachusetts flip-flopper, John Kerry.

Here's a PDF of the actual flyer that was being handed out.

And PAC's press release on the Romney campaign's weak response.

In late 2005, Mitt Romney flip-flopped within the space of two days, finally saying that Catholic hospitals had to distribute "emergency contraception" abortion pills. That action alone disproves his claims of being "pro-life" . . . Period.

Addendum 1-24-07: The Boston Herald thought it newsworthy this morning:
"Conservative PAC rips Mitt as abortion flip-flopper"

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Compromisers Wherever We Turn

Kris Mineau, spokesman for VoteOnMarriage (VOM) and president of Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI), has announced his desire to "dialogue" with the homofascist leaders -- the same people who advocated violence to the constitution and blocking a vote "by any means necessary" on VOM's own citizens' petition! Mineau thinks he has an "excellent relationship" with the leadership of the extremist GLBT groups. From the MFI press release:

[Jan. 9, 2007] Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) today announced an initiative that seeks to build mutual respect and dialogue between those who support and those who oppose same sex marriage in Massachusetts. Advocates for same sex marriage routinely have called supporters of the marriage amendment hateful and bigoted, while amendment supporters say they are simply following the constitutional process to have their voice heard on what they view as an important social issue.

"The tone and rhetoric around this public policy issue has escalated to a frenzied level, too often with shouting that does nothing promote [sic] understanding. Denouncing individuals as bigots does not bring people with honest differences together. We would like to work with our opponents to raise the quality of the dialogue," said Kris Mineau. [meaning: Please don't call us names! It hurts our feelings!]

"I have come to know my political opponent Marc Solomon, executive director of MassEquality as a gentleman who has strong personal convictions," Mineau added. "I believe that if asked he would come to the table in good faith to advance meaningful dialogue that his supporters also would embrace-today begins the process of asking." [emphasis added]

Are we seeing political naivete here, or just plain simple-mindedness? Mineau is clearly in denial about the behavior and tactics of Marc Solomon and Arline Isaacson, the GLBT extremist group leaders, who cheered on their troopers in the most disruptive behaviors imaginable short of violence, protesting VOM's rally at the State House (Nov. 19).

The president of the MassEquality Board of Directors (Solomon's boss) said MassEquality "will redouble its efforts to protect marriage equality and defeat this discriminatory amendment in the legislature.... We are not going away. We are going to get bigger and stronger and do whatever is necessary to make sure that our families, our rights and our communities are safe.”

Mineau began his dialogue by giving an interview to the GLBT newspaper, Bay Windows ("Calling for a cease fire", 1-17-07), which immediately turned on him, snidely dismissing his proposal. From Bay Windows:

Following the Jan. 2 vote by the legislature to advance the constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage into the new legislative session, activists on both sides of the marriage debate put out public calls for dialogue to encourage an end to offensive rhetoric and a de-escalation of the war of words. Yet in an interview with Kris Mineau, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) and spokesperson for, he made it clear that opponents of same-sex marriage would make no effort to rein in some of the most egregious offenders, members of the clergy speaking out in favor of the amendment....

Mineau said believes the most hateful language in the marriage debate has come not from the lead advocates on either side but from rank-and-file supporters at events from either side.

“I cannot attribute anything to MassEquality or the Religious Coalition [for the Freedom to Marry], and again the leadership of those organizations, I think we have an excellent relationship,” said Mineau.... When asked for examples when he felt same-sex marriage supporters crossed the line he pointed to the counter-protestors at the series of rallies held across the state last month urging lawmakers to vote on their amendment....

Mineau said he envisions the dialogue consisting of a series of public forums where the leaders of the different organizations on both sides come together to talk about how to have a more civil debate. He said is still planning out its proposal for the dialogue and has not yet formally reached out to same-sex marriage activists.

“We’re right at the gestation point of this initiative. We want to do this, and that’s the point that we’re at. We have some ideas where hopefully we can have some constructive forums to discuss, not necessarily to debate, to discuss, not necessarily the pros and cons of same-sex marriage but the pros and cons of how the debate should be conducted on both sides,” said Mineau.

For their part, the Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry (RCFM) has put out its own call for dialogue, aimed not at but at the most powerful member of the clergy working to advance the amendment, Catholic Archbishop Sean O’Malley.

Meanwhile the assault on parents' rights and children in the public schools has begun in the legislature. Planned Parenthood and the homosexual lobby held a press conference before a packed hearing room in the State House on Jan. 8, and announced their three-pronged attack on in Massachusetts coming in this legislative session:

  • mandatory K-12 health education, including pro-abortion, pro-promiscuity, pro-homosexual indoctrination (MassResistance helped mobilize the opposition to this last session, along with MCFL);
  • ending federal funding to abstinence-only sex education; and
  • overturning "outmoded anti-abortion statutes" in Massachusetts.
Mass. Citizens for Life (MCFL) was apparently unreachable for comment, according to the State House News Service. Its new president, Mr. Joe Reilly, was however reachable by the Boston Globe and Kathryn Lopez of National Review Online regarding his support for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign (around that same time). Has MCFL has been Romneyized, focusing on "bigger things" -- like their new friend Romney's Presidential campaign -- instead of what's going on in their own back yard? We find no mention of this on MCFL's web site.

Legislation mandating K-12 health education, cutting off federal funding for abstinence-only education and repealing outmoded anti-abortion statutes drew dozens of legislators to a strategy session and bill-signing hosted by the Massachusetts Coalition for Choice on Monday morning. A packed hearing room listened as coalition members, who hail from Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice and other public health groups, rallied legislators to support their agenda and discussed a game plan for dealing with opposition. The young 2007-2008 legislative session is just getting underway.

The health education bill, sponsored by Sen. Edward Augustus (D-Worcester) and Rep. Alice Wolf (D-Cambridge), would add health education to the “core curriculum” at primary and secondary schools. The bill reintroduces legislation that died in committee at the end of the last session, but “the prospects for this bill are very good,” according to Angus McQuilken, vice president for public affairs for Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts. McQuilken, who heads the Massachusetts Coalition for Choice, cited the founding of the Coalition Advocating Responsible Education for Youth, a broad-based coalition lobbying for the education law, as a sign that momentum has turned in favor of the bill....

[And the supposedly conservative pro-family abstinence educators seem to be caving:]
Healthy Futures, a faith-based health education advocate, believes that the state should shed a common misconception that federal funding for abstinence education would limit the sexual education students receive. Rebecca Ray, the group’s director, said that while federal funding must be used for abstinence education, the state can still supplement that education with its own curriculum. Responding to the notion that schools that couldn’t afford their own health curriculum would only teach abstinence, Ray said that “presumably” the new mandatory health education law “would come with some funding.” Ray said her group could get behind both of the laws pertaining to health education as long as neither one was limited what children were taught – including the idea that “abstinence is a realistic option.”

Massachusetts Citizens for Life could not be reached for comment.

Attendees at the bill-signing event said they were excited to have a pro-choice governor, Deval Patrick, in the Corner Office, placing every branch of state government firmly in the pro-choice column. Melissa Kogut, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, said that Patrick, in conjunction with a heavily pro-choice Legislature, would offer “new opportunities to promote access to reproductive health services” and to advance more comprehensive health education.
[emphasis added]

Saturday, January 20, 2007

National Leaders Called Romney on His Violation of Constitution

The news is continuing to get out. Life Site News just posted this article on the letter from 44 prominent national conservatives to Romney on December 20, 2006.

Romney Violated Massachusetts Constitution by Ordering ‘Same-Sex Marriage’; 44 U.S. pro-family leaders signed letter asking him to recant illegal orders

HARRISBURG, PA, January 19, 2007 ( – A letter addressed to Massachusetts’ ex-governor Mitt Romney has just been made public in which 44 conservative, pro-family leaders from across the nation requested that before stepping down from office, Romney would adhere to the Massachusetts Constitution and repeal his order directing public officials to perform ‘same-sex marriages’. The letter was hand delivered to members of Romney’s staff on December 20th, 2006 at his office. Romney took no action to adhere to the letter’s requests before he left office at the beginning of the New Year.

The letter cited numerous, historical cases and the Massachusetts’ Constitution to assert that Romney’s actions in implementing ‘gay marriage’ were beyond the bounds of his authority as governor. The authors further asserted that his actions were unconstitutional as were the actions of the four initial judges who formulated the official opinion on the matter in the ‘Goodridge’ case, the case that originally brought the matter to national attention.

Commenting on the ‘Goodridge’ opinion, Judge Robert Bork said that it was “untethered to either the Massachusetts or United States Constitution.”

As quoted in the letter, the MA Constitution denies the judicial branch of its government any authority over the state’s marriage policies. So it was that three of the seven judges that heard the Goodrich case strongly dissented that the court did not have authority to formulate laws.The letter also outlined how the MA Constitution forbids judges from establishing or altering law. According to the Constitution, such a task is to be left to the legislature. The judges’ opinion in the Goodrich case admitted that they were not altering the standing marriage statute in MA. Instead, Governor Romney took it upon himself, despite legal counsel to do otherwise, to order officials across the state that they would have to perform ‘gay marriages’, even though, according to Massachusetts law, to do so is a crime. Officials who refused were advised to resign their position.

Throughout the whole ordeal, Romney maintained that he was personally against ‘homosexual marriage’ but that he must “execute the law.” The conservatives’ letter clearly illustrates how Romney was not “executing the law” but merely facilitating the agenda of activist judges – beyond even the judges’ own expectations.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Romney Scares Libertarians

From John Haskins:

So even libertarians are in on the open secret: Mitt Romney is the Father of sodomy-based "marriage".

Rich Aucoin has posted an excellent article -- a very revealing one, in the bizarre context of sycophantic "social conservatives" covering up for the politician who single-handedly imposed "homosexual marriage." In Massachusetts many libertarians disdain social conservatives as lepers. But apparently some are willing to say publicly what is now uncomfortably obvious: Mitt Romney trashed the Massachusetts constitution and the form of government he swore to uphold.

Aucoin is a Libertarian, in a state where many libertarians are homosexuals or pro-homosexuality. He was the Libertarian candidate for Lt. Governor in 2002 against Romney/Healey (see his bio "About Rich").

His article shatters the Romney staff's amateurish attempt on their campaign website to convince everyone that Brian Camenker and anyone else who reads state constitutions must be hateful, religious right "extremists."

How then, to dismiss prominent Massachusetts libertarian Rich Aucoin? Also as an intolerant "Religious Right" bogeyman? Could such a "hater" have gotten the nomination of the socially hyper-liberal Massachusetts Libertarian Party?

Apparently, the state constitution and decades of previous court rulings have the same clear meaning when a libertarian reads them as when I do.

Bottom line: all you have to do to pass this civics exam is ... well, read the homework assignment. This exam is a very important one, but it has only one question on it. The correct answer: "He is the governor who illegally imposed sodomy-based 'marriage' while blaming four winking judges for making him do it." The question: "Who is Mitt Romney?"

Romney's boast, "I will be a more effective advocate for gay rights than my opponent," made while debating Ted Kennedy was a promise he kept ten years later -- in 2004 when he sidestepped the American form of government and issued illegal homosexual "marriage" licenses.

Propaganda has a way of fading away as "news" gives way to facts. Here's a historical fact that will endure long after all the slick lawyers and spinmeisters have gone home: No American ever, Republican or Democrat, has done more to kick the homosexual revolution into overdrive than Mitt Romney. Ted Kennedy can eat his heart out.

--John Haskins
Parents' Rights Coalition

Excerpts from the article by Rich Aucoin:

"Mitt Romney swings both ways on same-sex marriage: How the Massachusetts GOP, not the Democrats, changed the definition of marriage...and what America can do about it"

In November of 2003, the mostly
Republican-appointed Massachusetts Supreme Court "ordered" an overwhelmingly Democratic state legislature to legalize same-sex marriage, and to do so no later than May 17, 2004. In response, the Democrat legislature - which, by law, answers to the people, not the courts - ignored the court's demand. It simply refused to act.

As the GOP court's "deadline" loomed, it appeared that a constitutional crisis would be inevitable. But then, five weeks before the court's May 17th diktat, Republican Governor Mitt Romney saved the day, unilaterally issuing the following alteration to the state’s marriage license application: "Bride" and "Groom" were to be replaced by "Party A" and "Party B."

Thanks to Mitt, homosexual couples in Massachusetts immediately began planning their weddings, while equality advocates from across America rejoiced!

King Romney then issued an ultimatum to the commonwealth's justices of the peace, telling them to either begin marrying same-sex couples or else resign. Then, to mollify outraged "traditional marriage" advocates, Romney began citing an antiquated 1913 law (designed to forbid interracial couples from marrying in Massachusetts if their home states wouldn't recognize their unions) as a way of denying marriage licenses to out-of-state homosexuals.

This political back flip, predictably, turned homosexuals' joy into anger, sparking accusations of discrimination against the Romney administration - which, conveniently for Mitt, obscured the fact that he was the one who had implemented same-sex marriage across Massachusetts in the first place.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Romney Failed to Respond to Pro-Family Groups

From WorldNetDaily:

Nearly four dozen pro-family leaders and activists have made public their direct challenge to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who has assembled a committee to explore a run at the presidency in 2008, to document his opposition to homosexual marriages. And they say he ignored them.

According to the organization, the leaders hand-delivered a letter to the former governor on Dec. 22 [correction: delivered on Dec. 20], before he left office, documenting why they believe he voluntarily instituted directives that created homosexual "marriages" in that state, even though he did not have to. They asked him to act in response, and they say he didn't even acknowledge the letter.

Among those challenging Romney were Paul Weyrich, of the Free Congress Foundation; Sandy Rios, of Culture Campaign; Robert Knight, who drafted the federal Defense of Marriage Act; Linda Harvey, of Mission America; Rev. Ted Pike, of the National Prayer Network; Randy Thomasson, of Campaign for Children and Families; Peter LaBarbera, of Americans for Truth; David E. Smith, of the Illinois Family Institute; Joe Glover, of the Family Policy Network; Paul Cameron, of the Family Research Institute; John Haskins' of the Parents' Rights Coalition, and others.

The group's letter cited state constitutional provisions and court rulings, showing that while the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ordered the creation of homosexual marriages, it did not have the authority to order the governor to institute them or the legislature to create them. The letter had called on Romney to reverse his "erroneous directives which began homosexual 'marriages' through an executive order" but signers noted that Romney declined to act.


Monday, January 15, 2007

Romney's Big Blunder

Seen on, referring to Romney's personal attack on Brian Camenker of MassResistance:

As a source close to one of Romney's potential rivals told me, "This is the dumbest stunt by a tier one presidential candidate since George Romney claimed he had been brainwashed by the generals and diplomats."

So early in his campaign ... such a big blunder! Is this man qualified to save America from the jihadists? Attacking the messenger -- because you can't dispute the message?

First Romney posts his attack press release. Then -- after libertarian talk show host Scotto (680 WRKO in Boston) invites Camenker on his show this morning and is aghast at the ineptitude of Romney's personal attack on him -- the press release disappears. But by the end of the day today, it's back up, though the index of press releases on Romney's site doesn't list it!

More from Matt Lewis on TownHall:

If Camenker is so irrelevant, then why is Romney trying to take him down? Why not let someone else take down Camenker (heck, the AP is already doing the dirty work by calling him a gadfly)? Get a surrogate, for crying out loud, Gov. Romney ...

And we're still waiting to hear what "extreme ideology" Camenker is "pushing". Is it the belief that marriage is between one man and one woman? That civil unions and domestic partnership benefits are a bad idea? That homosexual couples shouldn't adopt children? That parents have rights over what is taught to their children about sex and sexual morality? If these ideas are considered "extreme" by Romney, how does he think he'll win Republican primaries?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dukakis Rode In a Tank, Romney Shops for Rifles?

Romney checks out the rifles in Orlando. (Does he know the difference between a sporting rifle and an "assault weapon"?)
[Getty Images/Boston Globe]

Romney has joined the NRA! The latest flip-flop. Next thing we know, he'll be duck hunting with Dick Cheney. Or buying a hunting license with John Kerry.

The Boston Globe reports today that "Romney retreats on gun control; Ex-governor woos Republican votes":

ORLANDO , Fla. -- Former governor Mitt Romney, who once described himself as a supporter of strong gun laws, is distancing himself from that rhetoric now as he attempts to court the gun owners who make up a significant force in Republican primary politics.

In his 1994 US Senate run, Romney backed two gun-control measures strongly opposed by the National Rifle Association and other gun-rights groups: the Brady Bill, which imposed a five-day waiting period on gun sales, and a ban on certain assault weapons.

"That's not going to make me the hero of the NRA," Romney told the Boston Herald in 1994.
At another campaign stop that year, he told reporters: "I don't line up with the NRA."

And as the GOP gubernatorial candidate in 2002, Romney lauded the state's strong laws during a debate against Democrat Shannon O'Brien. "We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts; I support them," he said. "I won't chip away at them; I believe they protect us and provide for our safety."

Romney Campaign's Personal Attacks Have Begun

From Peter LaBarbera -- who's been covering the radical GLBT movement before most Americans even knew it existed -- comes a call for Mitt Romney to apologize for attacking "pro-family hero Brian Camenker", president of MassResistance.

Romney is desperately trying to discredit Camenker’s publication of the “Mitt Romney Deception,” detailing the Republican politician’s past liberal record.

News Release
Americans For Truth
January 12, 2007

NAPERVILLE, IL—Americans For Truth President Peter LaBarbera expressed dismay at former Republican Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s public attack against Brian Camenker, the head of
Mass Resistance and “an American hero in the fight against the radical homosexual agenda.”

In a web posting by Romney’s presidential exploratory committee, ominously entitled, “Meet the Real Brian Camenker,” Romney uses liberal media stories to portray Camenker as an extremist troublemaker. Camenker is widely respected among pro-family advocates nationwide for his untiring efforts to expose pro-homosexual indoctrination of public school students.

Romney is desperately trying to discredit Camenker’s publication of the “Mitt Romney Deception,” detailing the Republican politician’s past liberal record. Forty-four conservative leaders including LaBarbera have signed on to a letter challenging Romney’s claim that as governor he did all he could to defend against “gay marriage” in Massachusetts....

“Brian Camenker is a bona fide American pro-family hero,” LaBarbera said. “Brian, who is Jewish, has refused to sell out his religious beliefs like so many around him in Boston. Now comes along a politician — who once boasted that he was better than Ted Kennedy on ‘gay’ issues — to trash him as an extremist gadfly. This is establishment Republican attack-politics at its very worst....

“It’s not Camenker who is extreme but Romney’s (former) ‘gay’ Log Cabin Republican friends, who wouldn’t even endorse President Bush for re-election in 2004,” LaBarbera said.

He urged Romney to retract the anti-Camenker web posting and apologize to the pro-family advocate, noting that Camenker has done nothing wrong in “reminding the American public that Romney has flip-flopped from being a very committed pro-abortion and pro-homosexual-activist politician.”

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Democrats Across U.S. Sell Out to Homosexual Lobby

We've known this for some time. We noted National Review's report on the disaster in Colorado in the 2006 election. We've been warning of the money already pouring into Massachusetts from such sources as the Human Rights Campaign (HRC, under the leadership of a Massachusetts boy, Joe Solmonese) and the Gill Foundation (led by another Massachusetts boy, Patrick Guerriero). HRC's website describes itself as "America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality." [Emphasis added; no definition for "civil rights" or "GLBT equality" is given.]

Today's Boston Globe covers this story in some detail. Of course, from the Globe's viewpoint, it's a wonderful development -- it's a "special interest" they approve of, one they believe should be exempt from any critical chatter. From "Gay rights group hailed for election role; Democrats say work key to party gains" (1-13-07):

WASHINGTON -- The Human Rights Campaign, one of the nation's leading gay political organizations, played a quiet but pivotal role electing Democrats at the federal and local level in November, a startling turnaround for a group whose demands for gay marriage helped defeat Democratic candidates in 2004, according to party leaders and lawmakers.

Playing down its support for gay marriage, the HRC mobilized its 650,000 members to staff phone banks, raise money, and participate in get-out-the-vote campaigns to elect candidates sympathetic to gay issues, even if they didn't support gay marriage. The group was the single biggest donor to Democratic state Senate races in New Hampshire, helping the party take control of both chambers of the Legislature for the first time since 1874.

The group also helped congressional candidates from Arizona to Florida and Ohio, and party activists believe the organization can play an even larger role in the 2008 elections....

"What makes you politically powerful is money and membership. We have both, and we have the power to deliver both. We need to do it in a way that makes people stand up and take notice," said Joe Solmonese, HRC president....

Eighty-four staff members were sent to help 30 targeted races in 18 states. More than 90 percent of the 232 candidates the HRC endorsed -- mostly Democrats, but some pro-gay rights Republicans -- won their elections in November.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Mass. Citizens for Life's Flip-Flop on Romney

Mass. Citizens for Life (MCFL) used to be disappointed in Gov. Romney's failure to support their pro-family efforts. The Globe reported in March 2005,

"Marie Sturgis, legislative director of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, said she hasn't detected any change in Romney's stance. The group considers Romney to be an abortion-rights supporter, as do national antiabortion groups such as the Family Research Council."

Then last week were surprised by this flip-flop by MCFL in its assessment of Romney. Regarding a letter signed by a few "conservative" leaders in Massachusetts supporting Romney, the new president of MCFL is quoted:

One activist who agreed to sign the letter was Joseph Reilly, president of the group Massachusetts Citizens for Life, a group that opposes abortion. "It just told the truth," Reilly said of the letter, describing Romney as "a man of honesty."

"I would describe the letter as a testimony of the help that Governor Romney has given to profamily values during his tenure," added Tom Shields, chairman of the Coalition for Marriage and Family [the group behind the VoteOnMarriage amendment].

Shields is a close personal friend of Romney's.

Then we read this on yesterday's Pro-Life Romney Watch blog (1-11-07):

I spoke with Marie Sturgis [former president] at Mass Citizens for Life earlier this afternoon. She confirmed for me that Romney wrote a check to [MCFL] just before Christmas in the amount of $15,000.

I told her that I saw her quote at National Review Online ... and that that quote was contrary to what she has been saying about Romney all along – and that her statements on the record about his proabort record were consistent with the truth. Because her name does now not appear on the Romney endorsement, I asked her whether the Romney camp had asked her to refrain from signing it. She would neither confirm nor deny - and said she would "rather not open that can of worms".

She also told me that she has been fielding phone calls from irate Catholics who are very upset that Joe Reilly (wife is Evelyn Reilly who works with Kris Mineau [head of Mass. Family Institute and spokeman for VoteOnMarriage] ) has signed onto the letter. She said "This might not be an issue if Sam Brownback were not running – but everyone is upset because Sam has the stronger prolife/profamily record."

Of course. If prolifers do not back the man with the stronger prolife record – what message does that send to future politicians?

This all has nothing to do with whether or not Romney's conversion is genuine or it is not genuine. It's immaterial. Three months ago, Romney appointed an anti family judge on his court to rule against us. This is not a man we can trust at this juncture. For fifteen thousand dollars, Joe Reilly was willing to contradict their previous statements on the record.

That's pretty discouraging to people who are relying on the integrity that this is about advancing the best prolife environment for our country.

Conservatives Will Not Be Fooled Again

Why was "The Mitt Romney Deception" report written? This piece by Jonathan Chait (Los Angeles Times) gets a lot of things right. Basically, we social conservatives are tired of being had by RINOs.

from "The Religious Right’s Not-So-True Believers" (12-17-06):

Looking over the field of potential Republican presidential candidates, one odd thing jumps out at me: Many of them have expressed deep hostility to the religious right’s point of view in the past, and several are now insisting that they didn’t mean a word of it. One way to look at this is to conclude that they all said or did things they didn’t mean, or that they have come around to the social conservative position. Oddly enough, this is the interpretation many social conservatives seem inclined to accept.

Or there’s the other, more logical interpretation: The Republican Party’s governing class is deeply hostile to social conservatism, and its leaders manage to fool the base over and over again. ... Romney, who had characterized the religious right as “extremists,” said he essentially had the same position on gay rights as Sen. Ted Kennedy...

Social liberalism is unacceptable to GOP primary voters, right? So maybe Romney is faking it now, and all that stuff he said about gay rights and the influence of his moderate father was genuine, no? This would be bad enough for social conservatives if Romney were the moderate in the race. But, in fact, he’s the current favorite among social conservatives.

Indeed, social conservatives don’t even want to hear about Romney’s scandalously tolerant past. Brian Camenker, a right-wing activist who has been sounding the alarm bells about Romney, has gotten a frosty reception from his fellow religious conservatives. “Why are you attacking Romney?”’ they keep asking him, according to my colleague Ryan Lizza [of the New Republic]. “He’s better than (Rudolph W.) Giuliani and (John) McCain." ...

But that was written almost a month ago. Fellow social conservatives are now beginning to get the message. Romney is not their savior.

Swatting a "Gadfly" Warrants a Press Release from the Mighty Mitt

THANKS TO CAROL McKINLEY for this posting:

Mitt, the Compassionate Conservative who supports prolife profamily parents

Mitt's 2008 Presidential Exploratory Committee has posted a malicious attempt to make Brian Canemaker, who has been working to protect children from aggressive sexual predators for over fifteen years in Massachusetts, someone who is to be ridiculed and attacked.

What a typical expose on why people defending children from sexual abuse and exploitation were not, and are not taken seriously - and why people who will not compromise truth get hoisted to the gallows by people bought and sold by money and power.

Alas, the Dauphins, Reilly, Sheilds, Glendon, Mineau - reach the pinnacle of power to burn the warriors. So long as a candidate and lay people do not have a long standing record of impeccable prolife work, they'll endorse your credibility. If you do, you're toast.

So this is the religious conversion of Mitt Romney?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Conservative Leaders Across America Challenge Romney

Here is the press release sent out by MassResistance/Parents' Rights Coalition earlier today:

Confidential letter from 44 conservative leaders across America challenged Romney on claim he ‘defended’ marriage and the constitution

WALTHAM, MA, Jan. 11, 2007 -- The Parents’ Rights Coalition and MassResistance will release a letter this Friday which was sent to former Governor W. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts in December just before he left office. The letter was signed by a diverse group of 44 pro-family and conservative leaders, including both national and influential state-level activists. It reveals a broader and more profound rejection of Romney’s pro-family claims than social conservatives have previously expressed, and directly challenges his assertion that he truly opposed homosexual “marriage.” The conservative leaders called on Romney to reverse his erroneous directives which began homosexual “marriages” through an executive order prior to his leaving office on Jan. 3. But Romney declined to act, though he had both authority and obligation to reverse the damage done to the institution of marriage and the rule of law.

Citing the state constitution and court rulings, the letter shows that Romney actually exceeded his legal authority -- and even the expectations of the Massachusetts court -- by ordering public officials to treat homosexual marriage as if it were law, though the marriage statute has never been changed in Massachusetts. Romney was not “executing the law,” but the opinion of four judges, and he therefore violated his oath to uphold the state Constitution – which explicitly denies judges any authority over marriage policy.

Of his own volition, Romney issued constitutionally fraudulent “homosexual marriage” licenses. With no authorizing legislation, he ordered marriage licenses to be changed from "husband" and "wife," to "Party A" and "Party B." Stunningly, he later admitted that without enabling legislation he couldn’t change the gender on birth certificates. Then Romney ordered officials to perform homosexual marriages (or resign if they were unwilling), violating the marriage statute (a crime under c. 207 §48), and the oath of office. Under the Massachusetts Constitution, only the Legislature may change the statutes.

Prominent signers include Paul Weyrich, Free Congress Foundation; Robert H. Knight, veteran Washington political activist and a draftsman of the federal Defense of Marriage Act; Linda Harvey, Mission America; Rev. Ted Pike, National Prayer Network; Randy Thomasson, Campaign for Children and Families; Peter LaBarbera, Americans for Truth; Dr. Chuck Baldwin, radio host and columnist; Paul Likoudis, The Wanderer; Phil Lawler, Catholic World News; David E. Smith, Illinois Family Institute; Michael Heath, Christian Civic League of Maine; Gary Glenn, American Family Association of Michigan; Joe Glover, Family Policy Network; and Bill Cotter, Operation Rescue Boston.

Behind the letter is exhaustive legal and constitutional research by attorney “Robert Paine” (, who has arguably done more research into the legal issues behind the unconstitutional imposition of homosexual marriage in Massachusetts than any other legal scholar in the country.

“Mitt Romney is not the ‘Defender of Marriage and the Constitution' he is posing as,” said John Haskins of the Parents’ Rights Coalition, signer and coordinator of the effort. “There is no question that awareness of Romney’s abuse of power, in not even waiting for the legislature to change the law, is growing among conservative leaders and in the pro-family grass roots nationally.”

Haskins said, “The letter is part of an ongoing, multi-point plan to remove the shroud of deception and disinformation in Romney’s claims about his actions and beliefs on social issues. All that remains is for responsible people to investigate his history and the legal and constitutional facts contained in the letter.”

The full text of the letter and complete list of signers will be made available on Friday, Jan. 12 on
Names and titles of individuals and organizations are for identification purposes only.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Video That Romney Dreads - 1994

Looks good, doesn't he? But looks and money aren't enough. Except for Kathryn Lopez, Jay Sekulow, Hugh Hewitt and a few others. Judge for yourself:

Excerpts from Romney vs. Kennedy debate, October 1994.
Posted on YouTube.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Horror at the Mass. State House

[AP photo]
AP - Mon Jan 8, 7:37 PM ET -- Thai Nguyen, left front, 18, of Cambridge, Mass. and Aidan Rodriguez, right, front, 19, of Quincy, Mass., both of BAGLY (Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Youth), applaud after swearing in members of the Massachusetts Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth at the Grand Staircase in the Statehouse. Monday, Jan. 8, 2007, in Boston.

Yesterday at the State House, the new members of the dangerous independent "Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth" were sworn in. What have they sworn to do? Promote alternative, health-threatening, perverted sexuality to young people in our public schools. All of the members are selected "in consultation with gay and lesbian organizations." The Commission did plenty of damage before as the "Governor's Commission". Now, it's totally unaccountable. Here are the groups now represented by law on the Commission, as encoded in the statutes of Massachusetts:

GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) -- The inventers and promoters of the "Day of Silence" and the gay clubs in our high schools, they distributed the Little Black Book to children at their 2005 Boston conference and taught kids about "fisting" at their 2000 conference. They instruct teachers and administrators how to sneak GLBT materials into the public schools, K-12.

PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgenders) -- Gives what they call "safe schools" training and assemblies for students in public schools all over the state; and is allied with Mass. Transgender Political Coalition. They're big on pushing transgenderism/transsexuality in the schools. At their recent conference, they had workshops on How to Talk About BDSM/Leather/Fetish – For Allies, Families, and Professionals; Supporting Gender Variant Youth in Today’s Schools; Mixed-Orientation and TransGendered Marriage Journeys; PFLAG and Transgender – Sharing a Future; Getting the Sex You Want; GenderQueer Femme Identity and Misogyny within the Queer Women’s Community; Redefining Masculinity: How and Why Transmen are Changing the Definitions of Manhood; plus many other VERY interesting topics.

MassEquality -- Advocates for sodomy marriage, "love" making a family, and violating the Constitution to block the citizens' marriage referendum.

Mass. Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus -- Their chief lobbyist, Bill Conley (now on leave), was arrested last summer for sexual solicitation of college boys. It's a radical political advocacy group, now officially appointed to a Commission with great influence in our public schools. Their current chief lobbyist, Arline Isaacson, was architect of the recent outrageous maneuverings and constitutional violations by our Legislature over the marriage amendment.

Fenway Community Health (serving the GLBT community) -- Their representative handed out Little Black Book to children at GLSEN conference. They run ads in "gay" newspapers, soliciting "tops and bottoms" (men engaging in anal intercourse) for drug trials.

BAGLY (Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbiay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth) is represented as well, apparently through one of the free appointments. We notice its director in the photo -- a "male-to-female transwoman". BAGLY holds seminars for youth on the joys of transgenderism and transsexuality, and runs the GLBT prom at Boston City Hall each May. Its office manager runs "QueerToday" (both its radical street activism and its blog), the group behind the riot outside of the Tremont Temple Church in October 2005.

Miscellaneous members: high school student, college student, educational institution representative, parent of "gay or lesbian" person, teachers' union appointees, pediatric association appointees, social workers, suicide prevention, mental health and public health representatives, school administrator appointees. All chosen by the most radical "gays and lesbian organizations."

Mass. Pro-Lifers Support Brownback, Not Romney

If you want to decide whether Romney can be trusted on life issues, look at who pro-life activists in Massachusetts are supporting: Sen. Sam Brownback. Brownback just sent out a press release:

U.S. Senator Sam Brownback received endorsements today from key social conservative leaders in Massachusetts. The following individuals announced their strong support of Brownback for President and pledged their help in educating social conservatives around the country that Senator Brownback is the true choice for those who care about the right to life and the sanctity of marriage: In announcing their endorsement, Mr. Rod Murphy issued the following statement on behalf of the group: "As residents of Massachusetts and leaders in the ongoing struggle to preserve the institution of marriage and uphold the sanctity of life, we have seen the efforts of the liberal left here in Massachusetts to impose their agenda through judicial mandate. They have been able to impose their liberal agenda on the people because of the failure of our elected officials to stand up and fight. In order to preserve traditional values and actually win back ground in the ongoing fight for our culture, we need a leader who can articulate and fight for our values with compassion, optimism, and consistency. We know consistent leadership when we see it. For this reason, Senator Brownback is the clear choice."

See the Brody Files on CBN, "EXCLUSIVE: Romney vs. Brownback: Who's 'Right?' "(1-8-07):

Let me be clear. There is a race between Republican candidates for President right now as to who is going to be to the 'right" of John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. Mitt Romney wants to be that guy. Sam Brownback wants to be that guy. Only one of them will.

Today, Senator Brownback pulled an interesting move. He announced that he's received support from some key social conservative leaders. But these aren't just any social conservative leaders. These folks live in Massachusetts, the state where Romney was Governor.

Read the list below:
· Professor Dwight Duncan of Cambridge, South New England School of Law
· Anne Fox of Needham, Past Chairman, Massachusetts Citizens for Life
· Linda Kinsey of North Adams, Past Chairman, Berkshire Citizens for Life
· Carol McKinley of Pembroke, Founder, Faithful Voice
· Christine Milbury of Sharon, Director, Pregnancy Services
· Roderick Murphy of Southbridge, Treasurer, Life-Guard PAC
· R.T. Neary of Medfield, Past President, Massachusetts Citizens for Life

Monday, January 08, 2007

RINOs & Their $ for Romney

Romney bragged on Howie Carr's show (and Howie asked only softballs) that he raked in $6.5 million. Money talks. Values and principles don't matter. Look who's with him: RINOs Bill Weld and Kerry Healey. And Howie: Are you or aren't you a conservative???

From the Globe story on Mitt's big kickoff fundraiser in Boston (1-8-07):
Mitt Romney easily surpassed his goal for a day-long presidential fund-raiser early this afternoon as an aide announced at a star-studded phone-a-thon that the group had collected more than $1 million. Earlier in the day, his campaign didn't directly answer a reporter's question about whether it had deliberately set a low target so the day would come off as an overwhelming success. Romney is hoping the one-day push will demonstrate his fund-raising prowess, and, thus, his viability as a 2008 Republican presidential candidate.

At the lead table is former Massachusetts Governor William F. Weld, who alternates between making phone calls and checking his BlackBerry. Seated to his right is Missouri Governor Matt Blunt, a key political supporter of Romney's campaign.... Also at the table is former Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey and her husband, Sean....

All the callers have tapped into an Internet-based database built by Romney's campaign that they're calling ComMitt, which allows fund-raisers to log donations and access [carefully edited] information about Romney's positions on various issues. "This is the most advanced technology ever employed in a fund-raising effort," Romney said in his opening remarks.

National Review Has Lost Its Nose

National Review used to be conservative. We grew up with Buckley's voice in the wilderness. They used to be able to smell out the phonies. Not any more, apparently. As our friend John Haskins said, it's "really sad, what has become of National Review. It's sort of degenerated into an overblown student government debating club with little relevance to the real world and an obsession with pleasing their 'faculty advisors'." Look at their upcoming conference on "conservatism", headlining Mitt Romney as a "conservative"!

How come MassResistance didn't get invited to speak at this conference? We think we'd have a lot to say in a "frank debate and discussion of the state of the movement." Do they really think Mitt Romney can discuss the "social issues" from a conservative perspective?

Does Romney think there's any moral or public health problem with homosexuality? Does he still think same-sex couples have every legitimate interest in adopting that heterosexual married couples do? Does he still think Catholic hospitals should be forced to give out the "morning-after pill"? Does he still think "gay and lesbian youth" need special encouragement in our public schools? Does he still believe that the words in constitutions have little or no meaning?

[We noticed the conference is going to be at the D.C. Marriott Hotel, which reminded us of the story of that hotel chain's founder, Willard Marriott: He is Mitt Willard Romney's namesake. Mitt's father, George Romney, was best friends with Willard Marriott. The Marriotts are big in the Utah Mormon community. One Mr. "Michael Marriott" is a big homosexual activist in Salt Lake City, and got the homosexual community a big role in the Olympics -- managed by Mitt. We're still trying to determine if Michael is a Marriott family friend of Mitt's.]

Claiming the Future
Speakers include:Jeb Bush, Tony Snow, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, John Boehner, John Bolton, Rich Lowry, John O’Sullivan, Kate O’Beirne, Mark Steyn, Laura Ingraham, Kathryn Lopez ...
Topics include:
Debates on the war in Iraq, the role of the Religious Right, immigration, and energy policy; panels on foreign policy, social issues, domestic policy, small government, and quotas, blacks, and the GOP.
Join fellow conservatives, leading writers, and top policy makers in a frank debate and discussion of the state of the movement.
January 26 - 28, 2007
JW Marriott Hotel, Washington, D.C.