Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mass. Pro-Lifers Support Brownback, Not Romney

If you want to decide whether Romney can be trusted on life issues, look at who pro-life activists in Massachusetts are supporting: Sen. Sam Brownback. Brownback just sent out a press release:

U.S. Senator Sam Brownback received endorsements today from key social conservative leaders in Massachusetts. The following individuals announced their strong support of Brownback for President and pledged their help in educating social conservatives around the country that Senator Brownback is the true choice for those who care about the right to life and the sanctity of marriage: In announcing their endorsement, Mr. Rod Murphy issued the following statement on behalf of the group: "As residents of Massachusetts and leaders in the ongoing struggle to preserve the institution of marriage and uphold the sanctity of life, we have seen the efforts of the liberal left here in Massachusetts to impose their agenda through judicial mandate. They have been able to impose their liberal agenda on the people because of the failure of our elected officials to stand up and fight. In order to preserve traditional values and actually win back ground in the ongoing fight for our culture, we need a leader who can articulate and fight for our values with compassion, optimism, and consistency. We know consistent leadership when we see it. For this reason, Senator Brownback is the clear choice."

See the Brody Files on CBN, "EXCLUSIVE: Romney vs. Brownback: Who's 'Right?' "(1-8-07):

Let me be clear. There is a race between Republican candidates for President right now as to who is going to be to the 'right" of John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. Mitt Romney wants to be that guy. Sam Brownback wants to be that guy. Only one of them will.

Today, Senator Brownback pulled an interesting move. He announced that he's received support from some key social conservative leaders. But these aren't just any social conservative leaders. These folks live in Massachusetts, the state where Romney was Governor.

Read the list below:
· Professor Dwight Duncan of Cambridge, South New England School of Law
· Anne Fox of Needham, Past Chairman, Massachusetts Citizens for Life
· Linda Kinsey of North Adams, Past Chairman, Berkshire Citizens for Life
· Carol McKinley of Pembroke, Founder, Faithful Voice
· Christine Milbury of Sharon, Director, Pregnancy Services
· Roderick Murphy of Southbridge, Treasurer, Life-Guard PAC
· R.T. Neary of Medfield, Past President, Massachusetts Citizens for Life