Friday, January 12, 2007

Swatting a "Gadfly" Warrants a Press Release from the Mighty Mitt

THANKS TO CAROL McKINLEY for this posting:

Mitt, the Compassionate Conservative who supports prolife profamily parents

Mitt's 2008 Presidential Exploratory Committee has posted a malicious attempt to make Brian Canemaker, who has been working to protect children from aggressive sexual predators for over fifteen years in Massachusetts, someone who is to be ridiculed and attacked.

What a typical expose on why people defending children from sexual abuse and exploitation were not, and are not taken seriously - and why people who will not compromise truth get hoisted to the gallows by people bought and sold by money and power.

Alas, the Dauphins, Reilly, Sheilds, Glendon, Mineau - reach the pinnacle of power to burn the warriors. So long as a candidate and lay people do not have a long standing record of impeccable prolife work, they'll endorse your credibility. If you do, you're toast.

So this is the religious conversion of Mitt Romney?