Monday, January 15, 2007

Romney's Big Blunder

Seen on, referring to Romney's personal attack on Brian Camenker of MassResistance:

As a source close to one of Romney's potential rivals told me, "This is the dumbest stunt by a tier one presidential candidate since George Romney claimed he had been brainwashed by the generals and diplomats."

So early in his campaign ... such a big blunder! Is this man qualified to save America from the jihadists? Attacking the messenger -- because you can't dispute the message?

First Romney posts his attack press release. Then -- after libertarian talk show host Scotto (680 WRKO in Boston) invites Camenker on his show this morning and is aghast at the ineptitude of Romney's personal attack on him -- the press release disappears. But by the end of the day today, it's back up, though the index of press releases on Romney's site doesn't list it!

More from Matt Lewis on TownHall:

If Camenker is so irrelevant, then why is Romney trying to take him down? Why not let someone else take down Camenker (heck, the AP is already doing the dirty work by calling him a gadfly)? Get a surrogate, for crying out loud, Gov. Romney ...

And we're still waiting to hear what "extreme ideology" Camenker is "pushing". Is it the belief that marriage is between one man and one woman? That civil unions and domestic partnership benefits are a bad idea? That homosexual couples shouldn't adopt children? That parents have rights over what is taught to their children about sex and sexual morality? If these ideas are considered "extreme" by Romney, how does he think he'll win Republican primaries?