Monday, January 01, 2007

MassResistance Blog Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

And the LGBTQIP radical community -- and their allies in the pro-abortion/hate-America crowd, the corrupt Legislature and Court, and the mainstream media -- are not pleased.

They've tried to intimidate us into silence. They broke into our home, warned us to "leave", sent threatening (and apparently criminally harassing) emails, badgered us on our phones, deluged our mailbox with junk, taunted us at public events. They started several hate blogs targeting us. They ID'd us as a favorite adversary in their filthy LGBT newspapers.

Now, lest the our readers think this is an exaggeration, look at what else this community has done in the past two years. They've employed unconstitutional and dishonest maneuvers to block a citizens' petition to define marriage. They used fascist tactics to drown out their opposition's attempts to peaceably assemble, including setting up false assault charges. They enlisted sympathizers in radical city administrations and police departments to extort "protection money". They rioted outside churches, set up coffins in street demonstrations without permits. They poured millions into state legislator elections, stomping on any candidate who dared express support for traditional values. They formed a national coalition of well-funded, legally savvy extremist groups to go on an all-out attack against David Parker and parents' rights. They added transsexual indoctrination to their elementary school bag of tricks.

We will continue to expose the lies, deception, and corruption of these activists and their fellow travelers. But no, we will not open up this blog to comments. Just as you can't compromise with evil, you can't dialogue with evil. If anyone has a legitimate comment to make, they can figure out how to do that through our web site.