Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Romney Polls 4% Among Republicans

Gov. Mitt Romney handing over symbols of government to
Gov.-Elect Deval Patrick.
They must only be SYMBOLS, because the book of STATUTES he's handing over does NOT include a statute legalizing "homosexual marriage" in Massachusetts -- yet everyone pretends it's "legal"!

So Romney has formally opened his "exploratory" committee for his presidential campaign. As of about 9 pm on 1/3, the "unscientific" Channel 5 poll on his chances of becoming President had 40% saying poor, and 33% saying extremely poor (out of 366 votes). Where does he think he's going with only 4% in a national poll (down from 5% a month earlier), according to Gallup?

Gallup Poll. Dec. 11-14, 2006. N=425 Republicans and Republican leaners nationwide. MoE ± 6.
12/11-14/06; 11/9-12/06
John McCain 28% ; 26%
Rudy Giuliani 28% ; 28%

Condoleezza Rice 12% ; 13%
Newt Gingrich 8% ; 7%
Mitt Romney 4% ; 5%
[+ others all at 2%, 1% or less]

Also, Human Events reported last month in
"A Primer on the 2008 GOP Candidates":

... Mitt Romney is an interesting character. Although he is the outgoing governor of the very liberal state of Massachusetts and was named as one of the Top 10 RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) less than a year ago in HUMAN EVENTS, he's not as liberal as he might appear at first glance.... [A]ccording to recent polls, even if you set aside the debate about how conservative he is or isn't, the "Mormon issue" is starting to look like an insurmountable obstacle to his candidacy. According to Rasmussen Polling, 43% of Americans and 53% of Evangelicals say that they, "wouldn't consider voting for a Mormon candidate." For good or ill, that probably means that Romney is unelectable.