Thursday, May 31, 2007

"Gay" Historical Revisionism

We just heard a story about a recent keyboard performance seminar at one of America's premier conservatories. In a class focusing on pianoforte performance techniques, and specifically on the music of Franz Schubert, one of the students asked the professor if he was familiar with the information suggesting Schubert was gay. The professor responded pointedly: "Would that change the way you play the trills?" In other words, shut up already!

And we say SHUT UP, ALREADY to Mr. Tom Lang (founder of, intimidator who published the signers' names for the VoteOnMarriage petition) who introduced similar questions at the State House on Tuesday, when he testified against our Parents' Rights Opt-In bill (S321). Enough of such "gay" historical revisionism being crammed down the throats of schoolchildren! When people study Michelangelo, what's important is the beauty and meaning of the Bible scenes he painted in the Sistine Chapel and the way he chiseled the Pieta. We don't need (or want) to know that the homosexual movement makes the "historical" claim that he shared their perversions. If the artist's rumored "sexual orientation" were brought up in a junior or high school classroom, then kids would immediately STOP thinking about his art and START thinking about anal intercourse.

While many fine people turned out on Tuesday to support our side, few came to oppose. But Mr. Lang was there with his petite, blond-bombshell "husband" . . . because he wants to be sure the kids DO keep thinking about sodomy in their art history class. (Also testifying for GLBT brainwashing in the schools was the co-chair of the Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, who took the occasion to add the terms "Bisexual and Transgender" to the name of his commission when he delivered his testimony.)

Mr. Lang whined that if our Parents' Rights bill is passed, schoolchildren wouldn't be able to discuss how Michelangelo's "gayness" informed his artistic genius (and therefore these poor children would lose all self-esteem and commit suicide). And that any discussion of the genius (ha!) of Gertrude Stein's "A rose is a rose is a rose" must make reference to her lesbianism. His testimony simply underscored our suspicion that he and his activist buddies are totally focused on sex and sexuality. Nothing else in life stands on its own. A case of arrested development?

Here's the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows' account of Mr. Lang's testimony, and Brian Camenker's objection: "Nazis? AIDS? Camenker must be talking about the gays again" (5-31-07):

Discussion of the Holocaust was prompted by the testimony of KnowThyNeighbor founder Tom Lang, who argued that the “opt-in” bill backed by MassResistance would essentially require that schools wallpaper over the history of LGBT people and their lives unless parents gave their approval to include them. He said teachers would have to discuss figures such as Gertrude Stein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and British World War II code-breaker Alan Turing while steering clear of their homosexuality and the impact that had on their works and their lives. He said the silencing of discussion about LGBT people would extend into topics where sexuality figures centrally, such as the Holocaust.

“A trip to the Holocaust memorial would be fine unless a teacher includes homosexuals among the list of the six million Jews, Gypsies, dissenters and social outcasts murdered by the Nazis in their death camps,” said Lang. He added that while the bill would limit discussions on sexuality for all students, the ones who would be hurt the most by the bill would be LGBT students. “But the true intent of S.321 is to take away the identity of LGBT children and to prevent them from reaching their full potential and achieving their greatest self-worth,” said Lang.

Camenker responded to Lang with his own testimony, arguing not only in favor of the restrictions on discussions of homosexuality and other “alternative sexual behaviors” but also disputing the persecution of gay men by the Nazis.“Being Jewish myself with many relatives from Eastern Europe, I was able to study the Holocaust and not have to deal with homosexuality. ” said Camenker. “One of the things that the gay movement is trying to do that drives parents crazy is to push that subject into the public school system.”

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Who Is Hugh Hewitt?

Mr. Hugh Hewitt. Big in Salem Radio Network. Editor of (owned by Salem). HUGE Romney booster, wrote fawning biography, A Mormon in the White House?: 10 Things Every American Should Know about Mitt Romney (2007). Romney posts frequently on Hewitt's (Salem Network's) TownHall. Hewitt is clearly more "center" than "right".

From Wikipedia:
Hewitt became Executive Editor of in 2006, when Salem Communications purchased it and re-engineered it from a web magazine into a conservative new-media and activism forum. ...Hewitt's nationally syndicated radio show, The Hugh Hewitt Show, is broadcast from Los Angeles and can be heard from 6pm-9pm eastern time; 3pm-6pm pacific. The show can be heard on 112 stations on weekdays and is syndicated by the Salem Radio Network. ... A self-described "Center-Right" opinion machine and "the best in intelligent political talk," The Hugh Hewitt Show covers a wide variety of subject matter. ...

But Mr. Hewitt does not want to honestly cover Mitt Romney's record in Massachusetts.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mandatory HPV Vaccine for Schoolgirls? State House Forum Wednesday

From State House News:

On Wednesday, May 30, 2007
11:30.....The Caucus of Women Legislators hosts a legislative forum to discuss the pros and cons of requiring pre-teen girls to be immunized to guard against cervical cancer. A panel is scheduled to include Health and Human Services Secretary JudyAnn Bigby, Boston University Medical Center Dr. Katherine Hsu, Health Care Financing Committee co-chair Sen. Richard Moore (D-Uxbridge), and Merck senior director of medical affairs Dr. Gregg Sylvester. The panel will also discuss funding proposals for a vaccine.....Room 350 [at the State House]

See our previous posting
Will Mass. Require HPV Vaccine -- Now Linked to Deaths? (5-25-07)

And see the Washington Times, "HPV vaccine concerns give legislatures pause" (4-25-07). Other states including California, New Mexico, and Maryland have had the sense to step back from this foolishness:

The initial rush to require the inoculation of preteen girls with the new HPV vaccine Gardasil fueled by Merck & Co.'s lobbying is meeting resistance as state lawmakers nationwide begin to question its safety, long-term effectiveness and cost.
... "It is far too early for this vaccine to be mandatory. We don't know about its long-term effectiveness or safety," said Lawrence Gostin, director of the Center for Law and the Public's Health at Johns Hopkins and Georgetown Universities. "A response to the rush to mandate could backfire on us with public dissatisfaction and serve as a deterrent to all vaccinations." ...
Merck's lobbying efforts are widely credited with the speed at which a legislative initiative was begun in nearly 40 states. Working with Women in Government, an advocacy group for female state legislators, Merck prodded state lawmakers to prepare legislation while Food and Drug Administration approval was still pending. Many of the bills across the country have been introduced by members of Women in Government.
Merck called off its Gardasil lobbying effort in February after public criticism over the company's motives began to swell. Merck had the backing of a number of prominent public-health organizations, including the American Cancer Society and the American Academy of Pediatrics, which have recommended that girls receive the vaccine. The groups stopped short of pressing for the mandate that Merck wants. Some say they are not ready to endorse a mandate so soon after the vaccine gained FDA approval.

Response to Our Memorial Day Message

We received this thoughtful response to Brian Camenker's Memorial Day message (posted on our web site,

Well spoken. I don't know how I was placed on your mailing list but I am grateful to whomever is responsible. I believe the sin of sodomy and lesbianism is the height of rebellion against God's established order. This battle is not about homosexual and lesbian rights. That is only the fruit. The root of the problem is the same as it was in Genesis 3 when Satan challenged God's sovereign right as Creator to establish the rules of life for his creatures. Keep the faith, and fight the good fight, in Jesus' Name.
In His service,
Mr. X

Monday, May 28, 2007

GLSEN & Youth Pride Connecting Teens Directly to World of Promiscuous GLBT Sex

Or, Why They Don't Want Us to Take Photos at Youth Pride "Performer" at Youth Pride, May 12, 2007
Another "Performer" at Youth Pride on May 12: "Becca D'Bus"

Was this 35-year-old man, "Princess Diana" the "performer" at YOUTH PRIDE (see top photo) and BAGLY Prom?

GLSEN Boston was given an award (along with Governor Deval Patrick) at Youth Pride on May 12, sponsored by the Massachusetts Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. What do these groups promote?At Youth Pride, we saw a huge man in a black dress mingling with young teens. We were told by an organizer that he was an official "performer" that day (both for the Youth Pride rally and parade, and the BAGLY queer prom at Boston City Hall later that night). On what we think is his MySpace, a friend posts "Rock out with your c**k out."

Another apparently official "performer" at Youth Pride was the huge trans club entertainer calling himself "Becca D'Bus". See his YouTube video here: [“I’m not your f**king baby”]

The GLSEN Boston MySpace (linked prominently on GLSEN's web site) highlights a "drag queen" named "Miss Gay South Shore, Della Prescott"), who says he was also present at Youth Pride. He is doing several fundraisers for GLSEN Boston at disreputable venues: the apparently GLBT Randolph Country Club (no wonder Randolph is advertising in Bay Windows for school administrators), and the new "gay" bar in Taunton, Bobby's Place. (A further link -- how many can we stand??? -- these photos of Bobby's Place were taken by convicted sex offender Bill Berggren of InNewsWeekly and the Boston Pride committee!)

From Della Prescott's "friends" on his MySpace, we found another drag performer, male, 35, from New Bedford, who calls himself "Princess Diana". If we're not mistaken, this is the big fat drag queen "performer" hired by Youth Pride as an "outreach" to teens from across Massachusetts. (Who exactly paid for his services?)

GLSEN Boston also links to Mr. Gay South Shore (which posts pornographic photos), where you read: "Don't f*** with me, fellas. This isn't my first time at the rodeo!" Male - 27 years old - FALL RIVER." This links in turn to such "safe spaces" as "Rock Hard Rocky" (which goes back to Bobby's Place and Della Prescott). GLSEN Boston also links kids directly to one David Goulart, editor of, a foul Internet directory of the worst sex clubs and even "circuit parties" (orgy destinations) -- and business partner of Boston's homosexual newspaper, Bay Windows.


Now what if a group of heterosexual adults connected with the public schools, for example an athletic booster club, were to hold a fundraiser at some strip club in Boston? Or a porn theater? Would that pass public muster? What other group with privileged access in our schools could brazenly lead kids to sex hook-up clubs? What other "sexual orientation" could lead school children to pornographic photos of its desired sex objects? Why does the homosexual lobby get a pass on communicating its X-rated connections directly to children -- including personal, face-to-face introductions at Youth Pride?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Talk of Bestiality in Elementary School

Last year we reported on the bill filed in the Massachusetts legislature which would have decriminalized bestiality (sex with animals). While Howie Carr (WRKO, Boston Herald) may still treat this issue as a big joke, it's no joke. Parts of the GLBT community are quite serious about it. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia warned that Lawrence v. Texas opened the door to legalizing bestiality, among other perversions.

Beyond reading the occasional story of remote farms catering to these tastes, or absurd (supposedly satirical) theater about a man and his goat, we've recently heard tell of a local elementary school where one of the little boys is repeatedly telling his classmates how he French kisses his dog, and how good it feels. Now where is this child getting these ideas? Will the teacher be able to put a lid on it, or is this just another "sexual orientation" that cannot be discriminated against?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Maine Adds "Domestic Partner" Benefits to Law

Maine has come up with a weird definition of "domestic partner" to ensure that homosexual couples can share employment benefits. Questions about the definition: How will gay couples (and others) prove that one of them is the "sole partner of the employee and expects to remain so"? Siblings are excluded from being considered domestic partners, but apparently not other relatives. What about just plain roommates -- two could be "domestic partners", but not three? From the Christian Civic League of Maine:

Homosexual Welfare Bill Awaits Governor's Signature
by Mike Hein, Christian Civic League of Maine
May 25, 2007

After four months of intense lobbying, the Maine Legislature voted overwhelmingly in favor of a bill on May 23 and 24 that will extend significant employment benefits to homosexuals. The bill, LD 375 "An Act To Amend the Family Medical Leave Laws," was sponsored by Senator Dennis Damon of Hancock County , and co-sponsored by nine other homosexual-friendly legislators.

The bill has been this session's legislative priority for the Maine homosexual lobby, led by homosexual lobbying groups EqualityMaine, the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD), the Maine Women's Lobby, and the Maine Civil Liberties Union. All four groups submitted written public testimony at the bill's February 28 public hearing before the Labor Committee.

The bill will add a formal definition of "domestic partner" to the Maine state statutes. "Domestic partner" is clearly defined in the bill as a partner of an employee who "...has been legally domiciled with the employee for at least 12 months, is not legally married to or legally separated from another individual, is the sole partner of the employee and expects to remain so, is not a sibling of the employee, and is jointly responsible with the employee for each other's common welfare as evidenced by joint living arrangements, joint financial arrangements or joint ownership of real or personal property."

If homosexual couples meet the 'domestic partner' definition requirements, they will be granted up to ten weeks of leave from their employment under Maine 's current Family Medical Leave laws.

GLSEN Boston's MySpace Update

UPDATE 5-26-07
[See our earlier report.]

GLSEN (the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) portrays itself as a leader in the struggle for "civil rights" for GLBT youth, especially in our schools. They demonstrated their commitment by handing out the Little Black Book to young teenagers at their annual conference in 2005.

The second "friend" still posted on GLSEN Boston's MySpace is now calling itself "Reverend C**kvomit". This anti-religion name alone is such an outrage that schools across Massachusetts should immediately ban GLSEN from their premises, instead of giving them free and privileged access through the GSAs ("gay" clubs in the high schools), the Day of Silence, "diversity training" sessions for staff, etc.

While the "friend" space has cleaned itself up a little (removing hardcore pornographic images), there are still soft-porn images, Satanic symbols, and horrific culture-of-death photos.

We've pointed out before that in its essence, the GLBT scene is a part of the larger CULTURE OF DEATH. The fact that GLSEN will not block this "friend" from its MySpace, which appeals directly to children and teenagers, confirms this.

Another Romney Flip-Flop: Campaign Finance

The Washington Post has catalogued another Mitt Romney flip-flop -- on campaign finance laws. When will gullible "Republicans" wash their hands of this untrustworthy candidate? In 1994, he said there was too much money influencing campaigns, and that PACs should be abolished. But remember that through 2006, Romney was using his own "Commonwealth PAC" to buy endorsements from Republican party leaders and elected officials around the country.

Here's a video from his 1994 Senate campaign vs. Ted Kennedy, calling for strict campaign finance regulation.

From today's Washington Post:

Campaign Finance Flip:
The Mitt Romney who ran in Massachusetts had it right.
Saturday, May 26, 2007

"MY FEAR," former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney said at the Republican debate this month, "is that McCain-Kennedy would do to immigration what McCain-Feingold has done to campaign finance and money in politics, and that's bad." Mr. Romney has turned campaign finance reform into one of his stump villains -- which represents a dramatic and wrongheaded turnabout from his days running for office in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Romney called for spending limits on candidates and a 10 percent tax on campaign contributions for state elections to finance publicly funded campaigns. Massachusetts Romney wanted to abolish political action committees because they wield too much power, and he
bemoaned the influence of money in politics.

Presidential candidate Romney vows that, if elected, "a top priority will be to push for the repeal of this deeply flawed measure," referring to the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law.... Read more...

Friday, May 25, 2007

The End of Free Speech in Britain

We recently received the email below from an oppressed citizen, discriminated against on the basis of his traditional values. Now whether or not you think the language is a bit raw, we believe people should be allowed to so express themselves! And we're printing the comment as a little exercise in free speech. If you lived in Britain or Canada, where NO speech disapproving of homosexuality is allowed, you'd be frustrated too.

I wish a group such as yours could exist here in the UK, where any dissent is prosecuted as a "hate crime" with NO DEFENCE PERMITTED, and where, since April it has been illegal NOT to indoctrinate children - even toddlers - with disgusting homosexual propaganda.
Putting your (censored) in someone's (censored) is NOT sex. It's masturbation. It's no different to putting it in a farmyard manure heap. It does retard emotional development though, and that's what those in power really want, a population of immature pansies incapable of resisting attempts to control our every thought, word and deed.
For the sake of America you MUST keep up the fight, and you MUST win. I wish you every success.

- Barney

And that reminded us of a much more refined (but related) recent posting at Defend the Family:
"Requiem for the Magna Carta"
Scott Lively, J.D., ThD.

On June 15, 1215, an intrepid group of English lords stood on the field of Runnymede and faced down the leviathan of arbitrary governmental power, represented at that moment by the heavy-handed King John. They called the list of concessions which they extracted from him that day the Magna Carta Libertatum, and this "Great Charter of Freedoms" has served as a mighty foundational pillar of constitutional law and human rights law for nearly 800 years.

From the Magna Carta have come such legal essentials to democracy as the right of habeas corpus (clauses 36, 38-40) and the right to due process of law (clause 29). But the clause to which the barons gave preeminence, placing it first in the list, was the one which provided that "the English Church shall be free, and shall have its rights undiminished, and its liberties unimpaired."

On March 21, 2007, another group of English lords, those seated in the upper house of the English Parliament, dealt the death blow to that great clause, which has protected not only the integrity of the English Church, but the notion that the church can stand as a moral authority independent of a nation's ever-changing social policies and political currents. Ironically, this long-standing freedom was cancelled by the approval of the Sexual Orientation Regulations of the Equality Act, a document which has all the appearance of a human rights instrument. In its implementation, however, this set of rules will have the effect of (among other things) prohibiting private Christian schools throughout the United Kingdom from teaching students the Biblical position that homosexual sexual behavior is morally wrong, and that it violates the evident heterosexual design of the human body.... Read more...

Boston Pride's Sex Offender Says His Crimes Just His "Personal Life"

So, things have actually worked out for the best on the Boston Pride Sex Offender scandal. If we had reported Boston Pride committeeman Bill Berggren's criminal history before Weekly Dig got it out, we may never had heard the responses from Pride officials and some in the "gay" community -- that his criminal record was no big deal. After all, the Pride people wouldn't give us interviews! So now we have the Weekly Dig and Bay Windows quotes we wouldn't have had otherwise.

Read Mr. Berggren's resignation letter (below) carefully. Note his attempt to cast his CRIMINAL record as just part of his "personal life". No, Mr. Berggren, what you do in your bedroom -- with teenagers, with pornography involving young people -- is NOT just a private affair. It is exploitation of underage children, and therefore communally recognized as harmful to society. It is therefore PUBLIC business. That's what being convicted of a crime means: a violation of society's standards. Maybe you didn't have a public audience while the activity was going on, but that doesn't mean that activity was just "personal".

Unless one escapes to some little island pederast paradise, one must accept the fact that society recognizes the criminality of certain sex offenses. And once one is convicted of sexual offenses, he has no "privacy" concerning that conviction. Does Mr. Berggren's state of denial tell us he's still not accepting society's standards? Remember that this man also holds a high position at the "gay" newspaper, In NewsWeekly, so is still in a very high-impact public position. The Dig reported: "Berggren, who is officially classified as a Level 2 offender (“moderate” risk of re-offending), doesn’t feel his record is an issue.

Bill Berggren resigns from Pride Committee
by Lissa Harris

Weekly Dig 5/24/2007

Boston Pride fundraising committee chair Bill Berggren
resigned voluntarily from his position, in response to an article we ran yesterday that highlighted his criminal history and current status as a registered sex offender. From the Weekly Dig:

Here’s what Berggren had to say:
“I’m a little disappointed. I’ve never hidden anything about my life … I have a lot of support in the community. My phone has been ringing all day long with people telling me not to resign. But I feel at this time it’s the best thing for the community,” he told Bay Windows.

And here’s his resignation letter:
“To: The Board of Directors, Boston Pride Committee

May 23, 2007
Dear Members of the Board:

It is with a heavy heart that I am submitting my resignation as fundraising chair of Boston Pride. The resignation is effective immediately.
My resignation comes in the wake of a malicious attempt to bring my personal life into the public sphere. This has precipitated a hasty judgment from some members of the community, and I anticipate the enemies of Pride will seize this opportunity to attack the organization. In order to protect Boston Pride from unnecessary attacks two weeks before Pride Week, I am quickly stepping aside.
This is not an easy decision, but I feel that the message and spirit of Pride is more important than any one individual. I hope members of the community and the media will accept this matter as closed and continue to enjoy Pride as we all intended it. I also hope and ask for my privacy to be respected during this time.
Sincerely, Bill Berggren”

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Boston Pride Board Member Outed as Sex Offender

We were informed of this a few months ago, and unfortunately The Weekly Dig beat us to the punch reporting it: The head of fundraising for Boston Pride, Bill Berggren is a convicted sex offender. He's also associate publisher of In NewsWeekly, a Boston "gay" publication. Yesterday, Boston Pride accepted Berggren's resignation from their organizing committee. But they also had no problem with his criminal record!

See the Weekly Dig, "Pride and Prejudice -- Sense and Sensibility? Not So Much" (5-23-07).

Berggren also has a long rap sheet. In 1998, he was convicted on child pornography possession charges, after a search of his Wakefield business by US Customs officials and local police. A story about the conviction in the Wakefield Daily Item reports that in 1991, Berggren also pled guilty to indecent assault against a 19-year-old. In 1985, he was found guilty of showing pornography to six teenagers. He was also found guilty on 10 counts of providing alcohol to a minor. Clearly, this stuff would be volatile information in the hands of someone like Brian Camenker... [ironically, we did have the info, just hadn't gotten it out yet -- but it's out now!] ...

Berggren, who is officially classified as a Level 2 offender (“moderate” risk of re-offending), doesn’t feel his record is an issue. “Everything I am doing is 18-plus events,” he says, tersely. “They know who I am, they know what I’ve done, and they appreciate my work. I have nothing to hide.”

Berggren’s history is clearly no secret in the volunteer circles in which he runs. “He’s not really secretive about it. A lot of people know,” says Keri Aulita, vice president of the Boston Pride board. “Their competitive paper could have broken it a long time ago.”

“It is a concern, but it is a concern everybody is aware of and everybody has addressed,” says Joblin Younger, who serves on the board of directors of the Friends of the Commission on GLBT Youth and is a former member of the Boston Pride Committee. “And it’s very seriously taken into consideration what situations Bill is allowed to be in.”

Boston Pride has contracted with the Human Rights Campaign to run criminal offender record information (CORI) and sex-offender record information (SORI) checks of all volunteers working in family areas. Sex offenders aren’t allowed. But it’s not a perfect system.

In part, the Boston Pride board’s policymaking comes in response to a 2005 incident in San Diego, when a conservative activist [James Hartline, ex-homosexual, now Christian activist, living with AIDS] ran the names of all the Pride volunteers through the sex-offender registry database and came up with a couple of matches. The resulting brouhaha brought a firestorm of unwelcome attention down on the event, and eventually, the Pride Committee acted to bar all people convicted of crimes against youth from volunteering.

Interviews with former and current Pride volunteers made it clear that the organization doesn’t consider Berggren’s sex-offender status an issue. The consensus is that he’s up-front about his history, he’s served his time and he doesn’t need reminding to stay away from the under-18 crowd.

That said: If Boston Pride thinks his position doesn’t reflect badly on Pride, on Boston and on the gay community at large, they’re in serious denial.

Bay Windows also ran this piece: "Bill Berggren resigns from Pride Committee" (4-25-07).

The Dig, quoting a 1998 report published in The Wakefield Daily Item, highlighted Berggren’s past run-ins with the law, including a 1998 conviction for possession of child pornography, a 1991 guilty plea to indecent assault on a 19-year-old and a 1985 conviction for possession of pornographic material with the intent to distribute it to minors. ...

Berggren told Bay Windows that he was “disappointed” by the fallout from the Dig article, but he chose to resign for the good of Boston Pride. He said the Pride Committee knew about his offenses, and he never made any effort to hide them.“I’m a little disappointed. I’ve never hidden anything about my life … I have a lot of support in the community. My phone has been ringing all day long with people telling me not to resign. But I feel at this time it’s the best thing for the community,” said Berggren, who in addition to his fundraising work also served as coordinator for the Boston Pride Idol competition. Berggren is associate publisher of In Newsweekly.

Will Mass. Require HPV Vaccine -- Now Linked to Deaths?

WorldNetDaily is reporting today on a link between Merck's HPV vaccine and three deaths. They cite a study from Judicial Watch. MassResistance has reported on the risks of this drug before, including an interview on our radio show with Dr. John Diggs in March.

Massachusetts fell prey to the intense lobbying efforts by the drug company, Merck, and Senator Richard Moore has filed a bill in the Massachusetts legislature to REQUIRE this vaccine be administered to ALL 6th-grade girls in the state! Call your senator and rep and insist they oppose Bill S102.

"Merck's vaccine tied to 3 deaths; Company lobbied states for shots to be required" (5-24-07)

At least three deaths and more than 1,600 adverse reactions including spontaneous abortion and paralysis have been connected to Merck & Co.'s new vaccine for the human papillomavirus, a treatment the company has lobbied state lawmakers to make mandatory for young girls across the nation.
The report comes from
Judicial Watch, the Washington-based public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption.

"The FDA adverse event reports on the HPV vaccine read like a catalog of horrors," said Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch president. "Any state or local government now beset by Merck's lobbying campaigns [this includes Massachusetts; see Bill S102] to mandate this HPV vaccine for young girls ought to take a look at these adverse health reports. It looks as if an unproven vaccine with dangerous side effects is being pushed as a miracle drug."

One report, No. 275438-1, describes the reaction as coronary artery thrombosis, sudden cardiac death. "Given Gardasil vaccine dose #1 3/12/07. Collapsed and died on 3/26/07… Echocardiogram revealed very enlarged right ventricle, small left ventricle as well as large blood clots within both the right atrium & right ventricle."
A second report noted that the woman was vaccinated and "died of a blood clot 8 hours after getting the Gardasil vaccine." ...

WND earlier reported how the company's campaign to promote its $400-per person vaccine was sweeping the nation. ... Judicial Watch said documents it obtained from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration under the provisions of the Freedom of Information provided information on 1,637 reports of adverse reactions.

See also Washington Times, "HPV vaccine concerns give legislatures pause" (4-25-07).

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Watertown Declares Itself "Place for Hate" -- of Traditional Values

Reading about State Senator Jarrett Barrios' selection to head the Mass. Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation made us think about some of the bad programs it supports. Like the campaign to get towns to join the "No Place for Hate" network. Coincidentally, we were just referred to a hateful editorial in Watertown Tab, celebrating that town's admission to this "Limit Free Speech" club called "No Place for Hate". Hate is not defined, of course, by this campaign. As we wrote two years ago:

Their message, in other words: If you don't agree that homosexuality if fine, normal, and beautiful, and that same-sex "marriage" is a blessing from God, YOU ARE A HATER! ... How convenient that they don't bother to define "hate speech and hate crimes." If a parent objects to the rainbow flag at the middle school, is that "hate speech"? If a citizen questions the "Day of Silence" at the high school, is that a "voice of division" which must be stomped out?

The "No Place for Hate" campaign is an imitation of the extra-governmental organizations ("Civil Rights Tribunals") that pushed the envelope for ultra-leftist and homosexual causes in Canada. These are community-based "Brown Shirt" clubs, and only haters of traditional Judeo-Christian values need apply. Ironically, a nominally Jewish group -- the Anti-Defamation League -- is behind "No Place for Hate"! But then, the liberal Jews threw out their Bible-based beliefs and values a long time ago. They're wandering in the desert again, ignoring the word of God.

While this will take up a lot of space, we believe the exchange below regarding Watertown's naming as a "No Place for Hate" community is worth preserving (and the local papers remove their links quickly). First, we reprint the hateful, irrational editorial by the Watertown Tab; then, a good response by Mark Charalambous, spokesman for the Fatherhood Coalition of Massachusetts.

Watertown Tab Editorial
Editorial: The left finally wins one in the culture war (5-10-07)
Bellevue Road curmudgeon Ralph Filicchia, to no one’s surprise, is “offended” that Watertown has declared itself “No Place for Hate.”
The Town Council voted unanimously in 2005 to adopt the “No Place for Hate” resolution, which says in part that “all acts of subtle or overt racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and ethnic bigotry substantially undermine our communities, schools and the promise of equal justice…”
Not exactly incendiary stuff. But Filicchia strode to the mic at Town Council on Tuesday to demand that the “No Place for Hate” sign be torn down and the resolution rescinded.
“The proclamation is discriminatory and a violation and infringement upon my civil rights as an American citizen,” Filicchia said. “I want the right to speak out without being guilty of a hate crime.”
There’s one way in which Filicchia makes an interesting argument. Labeling homophobia “hate” short-circuits debate over whether gay folks should be tolerated. After all, who could possibly be in favor of “hate?”
This paper has no sympathy for Filicchia and his right-wing fellow travelers, however few they may be. The right is simply reaping the whirlwind of years of its own highly successful debate-framing.
Let’s start with the term “pro-life.” How can anyone be against life? It’s a cunning coinage, though, that has done much to help the anti-abortion cause.
Or how about those on the right who proclaim or imply a monopoly on “patriotism?” Leftists are finally realizing they can reclaim the word in the name of virtues like peace.
Of course there’s also “family values,” which begs the questions “What kind of family?” and “Whose values?”
So the left’s successful conversion of the term “hate” to include opposition to homosexuality and diversity is a nice coup. It’s a joy to see the sour looks on the faces of right-wingers as they get a taste of their own medicine.

Mark Charalambous (Fatherhood Coalition Spokesman)
It comes as no surprise that the Tab editors consider the anti-abortion movement's use of "pro-life" as "cunning coinage" ("Editorial: The leftfinally wins one in the culture war," May 10). After two generations worth of politically correct indoctrination in our educational system, logical reasoning has become a rare commodity.
The word "choice" describes a countless number of events experienced daily in every single person's life, starting at the very beginning of the day with, perhaps, "Should I get up now or snooze for a few minutes?" Perhaps followed soon after with "Do I have time for a third cup of coffee?" Choices are made every moment of our lives. In fact, one could argue that consciousness itself is nothing more than a series of choices, constituting our very sense of existence.
The use of this neutral and innocuous word to describe the "right" of a woman to kill her unborn child/fetus remains the single greatest example of the cultural left's corruption of language. "Affirmative action" as a euphemism for racial discrimination runs a close second. Somewhere George Orwell is smiling.
In comparison, it requires no stretch of the imagination or strained logic to recognize that "pro-life" is in fact a completely reasonable choice ofwords to describe the anti-abortion position. The issue at stake is life --human life, I might add -- and those opposed to abortion wish to prevent its taking.
So let's see now. I find rap music repellent, and I consider this "art form"and lifestyle representative of a degenerate culture. Under Watertown's "No Place for Hate" resolution, that would easily qualify as "hate speech." Similarly, I believe that homosexuality -- which is overwhelmingly learned, adaptive behavior -- is abnormal. (Once again, for the logic-challenged Tab staff and readers: "normal" is not just a word with some fuzzy, malleable definition; it means "that which functions according to its design.")
It is to me a no-brainer that any healthy society would draw clear distinctions both in custom and law between biological nuclear (heterosexual) families and homosexual "families" that require artificial means to produce or obtain their children. That, undoubtedly, also qualifies as "hate speech," and might cost me my job or even worse if the 'No Place for Hate' crowd continue to have their way.
I'm not sure if Mr. Filicchia is representative of a substantial proportion of the Watertown population who, except for him, have been mugged and muzzled by the PC thought police. I fear that he is the lone boy in the crowd of sycophants crying out that the emperor has no clothes. Perhaps his example of "speaking truth to power," to borrow a phrase from the cultural left's history, will motivate others to follow suit.
-- Mark Charalambous, Leominster

Sodomy Advocate to Lead Blue Cross of Mass.

This is too much: State Senator Jarrett Barrios set to become head of Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Massachusetts? A man who celebrates sodomy as a basis for "marriage"?! Add this atrocity to the naming of John Auerbach, ditto, as head of our Department of Public Health. These are guys who (pretend to) think the way to stop AIDS is to hand out condoms and lube as men enter the Fens for anonymous sexual encounters. Men "married" to men. Massachusetts truly is a perverted place. Watch for grants to such groups as Fenway Community Health Center to increase.

Boston Globe: "Barrios to quit state Senate; Will become head of health foundation" (5-23-07).

The Globe reports that Barrios is "father" to two boys. His "spouse" (note: the Globe avoids saying "husband" knowing that's just too much for most of their readers) is Doug Hattaway, Democrat political consultant. Isn't Barrios the same guy who recently stuck his tongue out at a political opponent at the State House -- not in jest, but with deep ill will?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More on BAGLY Prom & Foxy Cleopatra

Just came across the account of last year's BAGLY prom on Youth Pride day, May 13, 2006. From the homosexual publication, The Advocate:

A Prom for All (6-20-06)
by William Henderson

"This is really the greatest thing ever said Hervey Tennessee, 23, of the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth prom, which celebrated its 26th year on May 13. Wearing three-inch vinyl platform boots and a formal tuxedo with top hat and tails, Tennessee--tonight known as "Ace, the Prince of Wales" but usually known by his drag alter ego "Foxy Cleopatra"--gracefully moved through the crowd as friends reached out to touch him. "I'm used to it," he said. "Come here long enough, and everyone knows you." Then he was gone, caught up in the arms of a friend from a local high school.

The event, billed as "the original and largest LGBT youth prom," was held at Boston City Hall, where about 1,200 youth came together on the dance floor. Jian Torres-Jones, 18, danced alone, a glow-in-the-dark rubber ring attached to the studded dog collar around her neck. Girlfriends Emily Osmun, 18, and Carolyn Connolly, 19, cuddled nearby, celebrating their 1 1/2-year anniversary. Between them stood a boy in white satin, Tye Ouellette-Tolles, the self-proclaimed belly-dancing beauty from Sunderland, Mass.

Inside a restroom at the prom Joyce McCarthy helped her son, Daniel, into an emerald-green dress. A padded bra and high heels completed his look. McCarthy took pictures, heaving a video camera to her shoulder at one point. "This is my son, and I love him," she said. As she started to cry, Daniel turned and looked at her. "I know. I promised I wouldn't cry," she said. "I tell him, "You be proud of who you are.' I don't know what's wrong with some parents who don't understand. Live life the way you want to live it."

(c)2006 Liberation Publications, Inc.

Youth Pride Walk of Shame - and Danger

Parents in these communities -- do you know where your children were on Saturday, May 12? The following high school banners were visible at the Youth Pride parade in downtown Boston. We noticed very few compared to past years. We assume this is an effort on the part of the adults behind the scene to tone things down a bit, and not alarm the folks back home who think their child is at the library studying. So, if you live in these towns (and we may have missed a few), be aware they definitely had a "gay" club represented at the parade:
Mt. Greylock
Boston Latin
Phillips Academy
Bay Path
Springfield (? - somewhat illegible)
Newton South

We had to search on the net for the identity of another group prominent in the parade, in the lead just behind the Duck Tours rainbow vehicle: CAYAC (with a hastily thrown together banner) is the "college and young adult caucus" which "advises" the Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. Why were "young adults" at a youth parade? As we all know, college students these days include many people well over 21 or 22. We surmise that not only was the banner hastily assembled, but so was the group identity.

Just two weeks before the Youth Pride event, CAYAC hosted a social evening starring none other than Foxy Cleopatra, who's been at past Youth Pride days. From EdgeBoston:
GLBT Events
Saturday Apr 28, 2007 1:00pm Socialpolooza

Wentworth Institute of Technology
Interested in learning how you can do more for your college campus? Then join the College and Young Adult Caucus (CAYAC) an independent non-governmental group that advises the Higher Education Committee of the Massachusetts Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth for it’s [sic] first ever Socialpolooza. CAYAC is hosting this light social event to allow people to get to know our group and what we are about. This group has been active for about a year and is looking for individuals to help us create a group tailored for GLBTQ college students. For your entertainment pleasure Foxy Cleopatra will be our master of ceremonies and dance performer. Foxy is famous for her [sic] amazing performances at the BAGLY dances and has appeared in the Advocate. Food and refreshments will be served. This will be a great way to meet other passionate GLBTQ young adults!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Youth Pride vs. Parents

Do these young girls' parents know they're parading with this dangerous looking man? (We were told by an organizer of the event he was there as a "performer".) Well, Gov. Deval Patrick evidently thought it was fine -- whether their parents knew or not -- since he decided to honor the event, if not with his presence, with a PROCLAMATION calling on all of us to celebrate all "gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth." Are we also supposed to celebrate the participation by "transgender adults" like the man in the black dress?

Bay Windows & EdgeBoston report:
Kathleen Henry, interim president of the Friends of the Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth, the nonprofit that funds and organizes Youth Pride, read an official proclamation from Gov. Patrick in honor of Youth Pride. While previous governors, including Romney himself, have issued similar proclamations, Henry said Patrick is the first to include a specific mention of bisexual and transgender youth in his proclamation, rather than referring simply to gay and lesbian youth. Reading from Patrick’s proclamation, Henry announced to the crowd, "Whereas today’s Youth Pride Day celebrates the lives and diversity of GLBT youth and their friends, now therefore I, Deval L. Patrick, governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, do hereby proclaim May 12, 2007 to be Massachusetts Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth Pride Day," prompting cheers from the crowd... The parade was a sea of rainbow flags, and the youth filled the air with familiar cheers like, "One, two, three, four, open up your closet door! Five, six, seven, eight, don’t assume your kids are straight!".

We were told by one of the organizers at Youth Pride that it would be wrong to publish photographs of teens at the event, because that might "out" some of the kids to their parents. In May 2004, the Boston Globe reported on this chant at Youth Pride:

By midday yesterday, Copley Square was filled with balloons, confetti, and teenagers chanting: "I'm here. I'm queer. And my parents think I'm studying!" ...

Friday, May 18, 2007

GLSEN Boston MySpace Pushing Pornography on Kids

[5-21-07 Note: Over the weekend, the "friend" site linked below removed some of the worst pornographic and other disturbing images. We did save the original page, however, should we ever need to bring it to the attention of the public. The name and site is still vile, and GLSEN should be ashamed.]

Look at GLSEN Boston's MySpace (their web presence appealing to teens). The second "friend" is nothing more than disturbing images, some horribly pornographic. We can't even print its title (C***vomit).

But wait ... We thought the GLBT activists were concerned with making "safe places" for "GLBT youth"!? We even asked the organizer of the BAGLY prom at Youth Pride how this pornography could possibly be linked to their ally's MySpace -- if their groups were all about promoting safety. And posted notice of its presence on that site two weeks ago. It's still there. Those in charge of GLSEN's MySpace would block it if they wanted to.

Since GLSEN is the organization that . . .

- put on the Fistgate seminar (teaching young teens about that very intimate practice of "fisting") in 2000;
- handed out the Little Black Book at its conference at Brookline High School in 2005;
- sponsors the Day of Silence;
- helps the GSAs (gay clubs in the high schools);
- promotes the concept of "Safe Schools"

. . . have they linked this pornography intentionally?

GLSEN Boston's MySpace also links to their friends at Boston Dyke March. It was at the Dyke March that the infamous photo of the young women with their breasts cut off, bearing their scars, was taken (by Bay Windows). We assume this means GLSEN Boston is recommending young teen girls consider all such possibilities Dyke March lists: "Who I'd like to meet: lesbians - dykes - bi-women - boychicks - tomboys - grrrls - lesbian moms - femmes - butches - transwomen - androgs - queer women - gay girls - womanists - sororitygirls with pearls who are sleeping together - dykes on bikes - lesbian crones - african american lesbians - rural dykes - poly girls - amazons - hippy chicks - lipstick lesbians - asian dykes - deaf dykes - dykes in wheelchairs - wise old lesbians - leather dykes - babydykes - YOU!!!"

Check out GLSEN Boston's MySpace "friends" for other groups luring teens in.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Commission on Gay & Lesbian Youth Meeting Monday Open to Public

Looking for a change of pace, an interesting night out? This Monday, May 21, 6:30 pm at the State House:

"The full membership of the Massachusetts Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth will meet on Monday, May 21st, 2007, in the Gardner Auditorium at the MA State House, Boston, at 6:30 PM. This meeting is open to the public. Please use the entrance on Beacon Street behind the horse and rider statue, at the corner of Park & Beacon Streets."

Not only is the Commission unconstitutional (as an independent fourth branch of government!), but it's unilaterally adding the terms "bisexual and transgender" to its name. Even the wacky legislation creating it last year did not include these terms.

If you come to the meeting, you'll see members who use these terms to describe themselves. Here's the official list of the members:

Chelsea L. Amato, Jamaica Plain, MA
Jason Asciola, Salem, MA
Douglas Brooks, Jamaica Plain, MA
Eleni A. Carr, Newton, MA
Luigi Ferrer, Cambridge, MA
Jessica Flaherty, Belmont, MA
Ralph B. Freidin, MD, Boston, MA
Matthew R. Goldsmith, Boston, MA
Stanley N. Griffith, Lexington, MA
Peter Hahn, Somerville, MA
Shea Spencer Hardy, Hingham, MA
Dr. Donna Harlan, Haydenville, MA
James Whit Hendon, Jamaica Plain, MA
Marisa Howard-Karp, Roslindale, MA
Hutson Inniss, Chicopee, MA
Victoria Kouyoumjian, Marlborough, MA
Paige Kruza, Medford, MA
Kaila Kuban, Florence, MA
Michael Langlois, Somerville, MA
Arthur Lipkin, Cambridge, MA

Richard Marshall, MD, Boston, MA
Marty Martinez Somerville, MA
Dr. Chris Mattocks, Uxbridge, MA
James Maynard, Salem, MA
Dr. Middleton K. McGoodwin, Kingston, MA
Gregory A. Miller Medford, MA
Alexander R. Morash, Yarmouthport, MA
Michael Ralph Noon, Amesbury, MA
Elizabeth (Lisa) Perry-Wood, Lexington, MA
Ellyn Ruthstrom, Brockton, MA
Ms. Gunner Scott, Jamaica Plain, MA
Jean Chapin Smith, Cambridge, MA
Jason A. Smith -- Chair, Jamaica Plain, MA
Mr. Grace Sterling Stowell -- Vice Chair, Cambridge, MA
Jonathan B. Starr, MD, Beverly, MA
Al Toney, III, Jefferson, MA
Judith Vreeland, Cambridge, MA
Mark Nelson Weber, MD Boston, MA
David Wilson, Jamaica Plain, MA
Jacob Smith Yang -- Vice-Chair, Boston, MA

Third Anniversary of Nothing Real -- Just the Fiction of "Legal" Homosexual Marriage

(Source: Boston Globe, 5-17-07)

The Boston Globe is just bursting with excitement that MassEquality may be only four votes away from blocking the marriage amendment. Thanks to $millions flowing in from somewhere (the Gill Foundation?) enabling them to hire 13 new operatives. And thanks to a totally corrupt legislative leadership and Governor, buying votes with patronage jobs.

Note the Globe's usual erroneous statement that "the nation's first legal same-sex weddings took place in Massachusetts" in May 2004. No, not legal. There was only a Court opinion, followed by Romney's unconstitutional reprinting of the marriage licenses and orders to Justices of the Peace and Town Clerks.

Also, note the tiny numbers of homosexual couples "marrying" last year (1472) and since January (only 87). That's really not what homosexuality is about -- monogamous commitment. So after the first flurry, we see this huge drop-off.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

American Family Association Reports: Top 10 Corporate TV Sponsors of Homosexual Agenda

Check out the Amerian Family Association's report on the top 10 sponsors of pro-homosexual programs on prime-time network TV. This corporate sell-out has two major causes:
- Activists and allies in top positions within the corporations;
- Fear of lawsuits by corporate management, due to "sexual orientation" non-discrimination laws.

The network shows monitored:
Ugly Betty, ER, Desperate Housewives, Simpsons, The Office, Brothers & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy, The Class.

The corporations advertising the most:
Ford, Toyota , AT&T, Procter & Gamble, Revlon, Glaxo Smith Kline, Unilever, Daimler Chrysler, Verizon, Quaker Oats.

Between February 11 through May 5, American Family Association monitored the top eight prime-time network programs featuring lead or supporting homosexual characters. These programs were specifically identified by the activist-homosexual group GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) as GLAAD Media Award winners, or as showcasing leading or supporting homosexual characters.

In each program monitored, homosexuality was promoted in a positive manner as a normal and accepted lifestyle. Some scenes included homosexuals kisses and bedrooms scenes. In instances where opposition to homosexuality was portrayed, the opposing character was publicly ridiculed or condemned by the other characters on the program.

Ford Motor Company was the top sponsor of programs promoting homosexuality on the prime-time network programs monitored.

Homosexuality and Mental Illness: 2001 Dutch Study

After observing the behaviors of some of the adult GLBT activists for a few years now, and especially after this past weekend's Youth Pride, we were motivated to do a search on the link between homosexuality and mental illness. Defend the Family has just posted a summary of a 2001 Dutch study on the link between homosexuality and mental illness. Before looking at the surprising figures, note this:

As summarized by the researchers, “[t]he findings support the assumption that people with same-sex behavior are at greater risk for psychiatric disorders.” Lest the reader assume that the mental health problems identified here result from general societal disapproval and/or stigmatization of homosexual behavior, it must be noted the country from whose population the participants were drawn, the Netherlands, is generally considered the most tolerant and homosexual-affirming in the world.

Here are a few of the findings:

Compared to heterosexual men, males who engage in homosexual behavior are:
• 727 percent more likely to have suffered bipolar disorders at some point in their lives, and 502 percent more likely in the last twelve months.
718 percent more likely to have suffered obsessive-compulsive disorder in the last twelve months, and 620 percent more likely at some point in their lives. ...
• 311 percent more likely to have suffered mood disorders at some point in their lives, and 293 percent more likely in the last twelve months. ...

Compared to heterosexual women, females who engage in homosexual behavior are:
• 405 percent more likely to have suffered a substance use disorder.
• 241 percent more likely to have suffered mood disorders during their lifetimes.
• 209 percent more likely to have suffered two or more mental disorders during their lifetimes.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Their Own Words and Actions Hurt Them

The GLBT activists are absolutely enraged when the truth of their intentions and actions come to light -- especially when the information we report comes from their own words, their own media, and their own organizations. Unlike them, we don't make things up or go after people on a personal basis. We stick to the issues and just show it like it is, using their own reports and photos, as well as our own photos and eyewitness accounts. (We think it's the photos that they REALLY hate... More new photos coming soon!)

But they've had a free ride for so long, they don't know what to do when others actually tell the truth about their events. The rage of the organizers and goons at their Youth Pride event last Saturday was palpable, when they realized quite a few MassResistance reporters were present. In fact, they're still seething over what we reported last year.

One year ago, at "Youth Pride" time, we alerted then Governor Mitt Romney and the public that way-out groups were accessing their children, leading them deep into the "transgender/transsexual" and "free sex" world. And prior to this year's event, we exposed the cross-dressing emcee who was to introduce Gov. Deval Patrick (who decided not to collect his Youth Pride award in person).

The articles we put out last year apparently had a huge impact. Ask yourself: Would a pro-life rally have any problem with reporters being present? Would a Boy Scout Jamboree? Would a walk for cancer research? So ... what are these GLBT activists trying to hide?

We thought we'd post some of our pieces again from the MassResistance blog one year ago:
"PUMP's Outreach at Youth Pride" (7-1-06) . Note that this organization's web site still lists Youth Pride as an event where they do "outreach". Also: Fenway Community Health Supports Scenes from Hell (6-23-06). This links to Bay Windows on "Becca D'Bus", director of a so-called "guerrilla theater" in "gay" cruising grounds (6-20-06). This "guerrilla performer" was present at the Youth Pride event on Saturday, spreading some sort of message.

These are the groups the Massachusetts Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth is putting our children in touch with! And they don't want you to know. So they will try to kill the messenger.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mitt Romney Is No Ronald Reagan

Thanks to Janet Folger for her recent column on Mr. Ambition, Mitt Romney: "Will the real Ronald Reagan please stand up?" It's beyond us how otherwise reasonable commentators, like Peggy Noonan, Chris Wallace, and the staff at National Review are so shallow that Romney's looks and voice weigh more heavily than his unprincipled record.

... And of course, there's Former Gov. Mitt Romney, whom the media clamored over, including Peggy Noonan, who called him "statuesque" with a"presidential voice." Lenin was "statuesque" too. Thankfully, that Communist statue came tumbling down. And forget the voice; take a look at the words.

No, forget the words; take a look at his actions. Interesting that Romney,the most anti-Catholic candidate of all, got a question regarding Catholics and their freedom of conscience to withhold communion. Romney said Catholics should be able to "do whatever they want." Really? Then why did Romney: Force Catholic hospitals in Massachusetts to hand out the abortion drug "Plan B" or close their doors?

Ignore the Catholic Action League who lobbied for a conscience clause so Catholic civil service workers wouldn't be forced to perform same-sex "marriage" ceremonies? Romney's position: Perform homosexual "marriages" or you're fired.

Tell Boston's largest adoption agency, Catholic Charities, they had to place vulnerable orphan children in the homes of homosexual activists or go out of business? Rather than bow to the Romney-enforced homosexual agenda, Boston Catholic Charities closed their doors. Even Michael Dukakis said Romney was wrong to force Catholics to violate their beliefs.

Force Catholics (and other pro-life people) to fund abortions in his (post-conversion) health-care plan that he's so "very proud" of?

And what about Terri Schiavo, who Romney agreed should be starved to death? She was a Catholic, too. As Ronald Reagan said, "Facts are stubborn things." Sit down, Mr. Romney. I don't care whom you've paid to say nice things about you; you're disqualified.

Friday, May 11, 2007

"Pro-Life" Multi-millionaire Romney Pays $15,000 for Chicken Dinner!

So sorry we weren't able to attend the Mass. Citizens for Life dinner last night in Agawam. We wanted to see the chicken dinner that cost Romney $15,000. Check out the American Spectator post on the event: "Buy 'Em If You Can."

After today's AP article on Romney's multi-millions, we were just wondering why this "pro-lifer" never gave anything to the pro-life cause prior to his December 2006 donation (a measly $15K -- pocket change for a multimillionaire) to Mass. Citizens for Life. He could at least have bought a ticket to one of their earlier dinners -- probably about $40? But now, because he never attended ANY pro-life event before, he had to pay $15,000 for admission last night!

Prof. Larry Sabato of University of Virginia said it succinctly (commenting on Romney's appearance at Pat Robertson's Regent University). "Romney would have to address the issue of his faith eventually. 'Mormonism is hurting him,' he said, adding that Romney's switch on abortion was a political move. 'An adult in his 40s and 50s having this overnight conversion -- nobody buys that.' "

What plum posts are being offered in a possible future Romney administration? $15K doesn't seem to be a high enough price for the cover he's getting from the purportedly "pro-life" organizations in Massachusetts. But then, Judas sold Jesus out for only 30 pieces of silver.

Speaking of Mormonism, WorldNetDaily reported today on the beginning of the Evangelical challenge to Romney's refusal to address his religion.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Governor Patrick: Renounce Award from Youth Pride!

The man on the right, drag queen "Raquel Blake", will soon be presenting an award to Governor Deval Patrick at Youth Pride for his service to the GLBT community.
[photo: Raquel's MySpace]
Is Governor Deval Patrick attending Youth Pride to receive his announced award or not? His staff has said both things. We read in Bay Windows this morning that he is not planning to attend. (The person presenting the Youth Pride awards shows his stuff in the photo above.)

Whether Gov. Patrick will be present at the event or not, he should renounce the award! Look at the photos of the people involved in the Youth Pride day, and the BAGLY queer/trans prom that evening at Boston City Hall. This is a disgrace to all of Massachusetts. How can our Governor encourage young people to become involved in such dangerous and perverted activities and groups? He is truly contributing to the endangerment of the youth of Massachusetts by his support of Youth Pride!

Phone the Governor's office: 617-725-4005
Contact the Governor via email here.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Gov. Patrick & Drag Queen at "Youth Pride" This Weekend?

"Drag queen" Raquel Blake with his buddies at Speedo swimsuit contest
[InNewsWeekly photo]

We sent Governor Deval Patrick a letter yesterday. According to Youth Pride's postings, he is receiving an award from a "drag queen" at their opening ceremony on Saturday. (Also receiving an award is GLSEN, the prime mover of GLBT propaganda in our schools.) We asked Gov. Patrick not to be a part of this hideous event:

Dear Governor Patrick:
You really must reconsider your participation in the "Youth Pride" event this Saturday. That event does nothing more than encourage disturbed children to enter a life full of health risks, both physical and mental. Adult web sites [Boston Pride, Edge Boston, Mass. Transgender Politcal Coalition] are advertising the event to their readers, facilitating meetings between many sexually predatory adults and vulnerable children. The state should prevent rather than encourage such possibilities.
Are you aware of the background of the person presenting your award? Do you really think young children should be encouraged by his web site to enter that world of homosexual and trans hedonism? Do you realize the open mic event in the afternoon is hosted by a "transsexual" woman who has had her breasts removed and grown a beard? Are these good role models for the children of Massachusetts?
Please reconsider your participation in this event. I would appreciate a response. [No response received.]

Is the Governor aware of the company he'll keep this Saturday at "Youth Pride"?

* "Drag Queen" Raquel Blake is the emcee presenting Gov. Patrick's award. He's a regular at swimsuit contests in Ogunquit. (Check out the video.)

* GLSEN (perpetrators of Fistgate, distributors of the Little Black Book, backer of the gay clubs in the high schools and Day of Silence, and more recently declared "friends" with a Satanic ally on its MySpace. (Caution: click on GLSEN's "friend" C**kvomit link only after you've said your prayers and read the Bible. This is what they're leading kids to!)

* Gunner Scott, "transman" GenderCrash originator, Transgender Political Coalition co-chair, and big wheel at the Mass. Commission on Gay & Lesbian Youth, who's hosting an open mic for the kids later that afternoon. This event is so risque that they have scheduled it for private property (BAGLY headquarters on Bowdoin St. near the State House) and they've posted the following warning: "This event is open to youth and their adult allies only. No video/photo/audio taping or harassment allowed. Anyone not respecting the rules of the space will be asked to leave."

* BAGLY queer/trans prom attendees (at Boston City Hall that evening).

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Slippery Slope Confirmed by Time Magazine

The slippery slope of legalized depravity is real and now being confirmed, even by Time Magazine. The effect of the Supreme Court's Lawrence v. Texas 2003 ruling is far-reaching, just as Senator Santorum and Justice Scalia warned at the time. Jeff Jacoby wrote about it in last Sunday's Globe. Now WorldNetDaily has posted an article.

So look again at our posting yesterday: the list of some of the sick behaviors which will soon be protected by laws barring discrimination on the basis of "sexual orientation" and "gender identity and expression." Take the warning seriously. This is what's coming our way, unless Massachusetts Bill H1722 is stopped, and the phrase "sexual orientation" is removed from our statutes.

The liberal elite and mainstream media laugh at you and call you names to attempt to silence your warnings. Then, after their filthy plan is in place, a few stories may trickle out from the mainstream media confirming our warnings were right after all. But by then it may be too late to reverse course. Mission accomplished by the forces of depravity.

Time Magazine, "Should Incest Be Legal?" (4-5-07):
When the Supreme Court struck down Texas's law against sodomy in the summer of 2003, in the landmark gay rights case of Lawrence v. Texas, critics warned that its sweeping support of a powerful doctrine of privacy could lead to challenges of state laws that forbade such things as gay marriage and bigamy. "State laws against bigamy, same-sex marriage, adult incest, prostitution, masturbation, adultery, fornication, bestiality, and obscenity are ... called into question by today's decision," wrote Justice Antonin Scalia, in a withering dissent he read aloud page by page from the bench. It turns out the critics were right. Plaintiffs have made the decision the centerpiece of attempts to defeat state bans on the sale of sex toys in Alabama, polygamy in Utah and adoptions by gay couples in Florida. So far the challenges have been unsuccessful. But plaintiffs are still trying, even using Lawrence to challenge laws against incest....

Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe, "Lawful incest may be on its way" (4-2-07):
...Your reaction to the prospect of lawful incest may be "Ugh, gross." But personal repugnance is no replacement for moral standards. For more than 3,000 years, a code of conduct stretching back to Sinai has kept incest unconditionally beyond the pale. If sexual morality is jettisoned as a legitimate basis for legislation, personal opinion and cultural fashion are all that will remain. "Should Incest Be Legal?" Time asks. Over time, expect more and more people to answer yes.

WorldNetDaily: "Court ruling does support incest, polygamy; Time admits critics of 'gay' rights decision were right" (4-8-07):
Writing for the majority, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy said the Texas law "demeans" the lives of homosexuals. "The state cannot demean their existence or control their destiny by making their private sexual conduct a crime," Kennedy wrote.
At the time of the 2003 decision, Time, in its "A Yea for Gays," said, "Lawrence v. Texas turns an issue that states have historically decided for themselves into a basic constitutional tenet."
"The decision was not, strictly speaking, a 'liberal' one," the magazine said then, noting, "Thus the activists' notion that gay marriage is an inevitable outcome of the ruling may be little more than wishful thinking."
The magazine also at that time questioned whether there even was a "culture war" that would involve moral issues. "It is clear … that the court has taken sides in the culture war,' Justice Antonin Scalia wrote last week in his abrasive dissent from the Supreme Court's decision to decriminalize homosexuality. Excuse me, but what culture War?" the magazine wrote.
"Most Americans aren't extremists, and they are not at war. The lovely paradox of 21st century America is that we seem to be increasingly united by the celebration of our differences. That is what the Supreme Court acknowledged in its decisions on homosexuality and affirmative action last week," the magazine wrote then.