Friday, May 25, 2007

The End of Free Speech in Britain

We recently received the email below from an oppressed citizen, discriminated against on the basis of his traditional values. Now whether or not you think the language is a bit raw, we believe people should be allowed to so express themselves! And we're printing the comment as a little exercise in free speech. If you lived in Britain or Canada, where NO speech disapproving of homosexuality is allowed, you'd be frustrated too.

I wish a group such as yours could exist here in the UK, where any dissent is prosecuted as a "hate crime" with NO DEFENCE PERMITTED, and where, since April it has been illegal NOT to indoctrinate children - even toddlers - with disgusting homosexual propaganda.
Putting your (censored) in someone's (censored) is NOT sex. It's masturbation. It's no different to putting it in a farmyard manure heap. It does retard emotional development though, and that's what those in power really want, a population of immature pansies incapable of resisting attempts to control our every thought, word and deed.
For the sake of America you MUST keep up the fight, and you MUST win. I wish you every success.

- Barney

And that reminded us of a much more refined (but related) recent posting at Defend the Family:
"Requiem for the Magna Carta"
Scott Lively, J.D., ThD.

On June 15, 1215, an intrepid group of English lords stood on the field of Runnymede and faced down the leviathan of arbitrary governmental power, represented at that moment by the heavy-handed King John. They called the list of concessions which they extracted from him that day the Magna Carta Libertatum, and this "Great Charter of Freedoms" has served as a mighty foundational pillar of constitutional law and human rights law for nearly 800 years.

From the Magna Carta have come such legal essentials to democracy as the right of habeas corpus (clauses 36, 38-40) and the right to due process of law (clause 29). But the clause to which the barons gave preeminence, placing it first in the list, was the one which provided that "the English Church shall be free, and shall have its rights undiminished, and its liberties unimpaired."

On March 21, 2007, another group of English lords, those seated in the upper house of the English Parliament, dealt the death blow to that great clause, which has protected not only the integrity of the English Church, but the notion that the church can stand as a moral authority independent of a nation's ever-changing social policies and political currents. Ironically, this long-standing freedom was cancelled by the approval of the Sexual Orientation Regulations of the Equality Act, a document which has all the appearance of a human rights instrument. In its implementation, however, this set of rules will have the effect of (among other things) prohibiting private Christian schools throughout the United Kingdom from teaching students the Biblical position that homosexual sexual behavior is morally wrong, and that it violates the evident heterosexual design of the human body.... Read more...