Friday, May 11, 2007

"Pro-Life" Multi-millionaire Romney Pays $15,000 for Chicken Dinner!

So sorry we weren't able to attend the Mass. Citizens for Life dinner last night in Agawam. We wanted to see the chicken dinner that cost Romney $15,000. Check out the American Spectator post on the event: "Buy 'Em If You Can."

After today's AP article on Romney's multi-millions, we were just wondering why this "pro-lifer" never gave anything to the pro-life cause prior to his December 2006 donation (a measly $15K -- pocket change for a multimillionaire) to Mass. Citizens for Life. He could at least have bought a ticket to one of their earlier dinners -- probably about $40? But now, because he never attended ANY pro-life event before, he had to pay $15,000 for admission last night!

Prof. Larry Sabato of University of Virginia said it succinctly (commenting on Romney's appearance at Pat Robertson's Regent University). "Romney would have to address the issue of his faith eventually. 'Mormonism is hurting him,' he said, adding that Romney's switch on abortion was a political move. 'An adult in his 40s and 50s having this overnight conversion -- nobody buys that.' "

What plum posts are being offered in a possible future Romney administration? $15K doesn't seem to be a high enough price for the cover he's getting from the purportedly "pro-life" organizations in Massachusetts. But then, Judas sold Jesus out for only 30 pieces of silver.

Speaking of Mormonism, WorldNetDaily reported today on the beginning of the Evangelical challenge to Romney's refusal to address his religion.