Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Youth Pride Walk of Shame - and Danger

Parents in these communities -- do you know where your children were on Saturday, May 12? The following high school banners were visible at the Youth Pride parade in downtown Boston. We noticed very few compared to past years. We assume this is an effort on the part of the adults behind the scene to tone things down a bit, and not alarm the folks back home who think their child is at the library studying. So, if you live in these towns (and we may have missed a few), be aware they definitely had a "gay" club represented at the parade:
Mt. Greylock
Boston Latin
Phillips Academy
Bay Path
Springfield (? - somewhat illegible)
Newton South

We had to search on the net for the identity of another group prominent in the parade, in the lead just behind the Duck Tours rainbow vehicle: CAYAC (with a hastily thrown together banner) is the "college and young adult caucus" which "advises" the Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. Why were "young adults" at a youth parade? As we all know, college students these days include many people well over 21 or 22. We surmise that not only was the banner hastily assembled, but so was the group identity.

Just two weeks before the Youth Pride event, CAYAC hosted a social evening starring none other than Foxy Cleopatra, who's been at past Youth Pride days. From EdgeBoston:
GLBT Events
Saturday Apr 28, 2007 1:00pm Socialpolooza

Wentworth Institute of Technology
Interested in learning how you can do more for your college campus? Then join the College and Young Adult Caucus (CAYAC) an independent non-governmental group that advises the Higher Education Committee of the Massachusetts Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth for it’s [sic] first ever Socialpolooza. CAYAC is hosting this light social event to allow people to get to know our group and what we are about. This group has been active for about a year and is looking for individuals to help us create a group tailored for GLBTQ college students. For your entertainment pleasure Foxy Cleopatra will be our master of ceremonies and dance performer. Foxy is famous for her [sic] amazing performances at the BAGLY dances and has appeared in the Advocate. Food and refreshments will be served. This will be a great way to meet other passionate GLBTQ young adults!