Saturday, May 05, 2007

"Gay" Propaganda Story Given Out at Brookline H.S.

Take a look at what Brookline High School is giving kids to read: "Am I Blue?"
This short story was a handout at Brookline High's "Day of Silence" (April 25, 2007). It's a slick little fantasy promoting acceptance of homosexuality. A swishy "fairy godfather" shows up to help a young 16-year-old victim of "gay bashing". Through his magic, all the "gay" guys in America turn blue towards the end the story, so the young protagonist can see how much company he'll have if he "comes out". But there are shades of blue.
This is very puzzling. If a guy is light blue, or medium blue, what does that mean? How can a fellow be only "partly gay"? Isn't it an either/or proposition? Or are the light blue guys "bisexual", or still deciding whether or not they're "gay"? Are they only choosing homosexual behaviors part of the time? This gimmick is supposed to help the "confused" 16-year-old boy figure out -- decide -- if he is or isn't "gay".
But -- Is one born "gay", or does one decide to be "gay"? Of course, it's never defined what it means to be "gay". (We notice once again that the GLBT movement avoids definitions.) We suggest this explanation: Every human is born sexual, and is drawn to sexual activity. But -- barring rape -- the sexual activity one engages in is a choice. One can choose heterosexual sex or homosexual sex.
Being "gay" means you decide to engage in sodomy and other homosexual behaviors. Homosexuality or being "gay" is a decision, not an innate characteristic. People are born sexual, but not homosexual. The fairy godfather even says to the boy, when he suddenly starts behaving more "masculine" and not "swishy":
"I walk and talk the way I do because I'm not going to let anyone else define me. I can turn it off whenever I want, you know."
In this "gay" propaganda story, curiously, it appears homosexuality is a choice. The boy is left deciding whether he is, or is not, "gay". He is called "confused". But his confusion is only over how he will choose to behave sexually. And all those blue guys he's shown are meant to encourage him to choose "gayness".