Saturday, May 26, 2007

GLSEN Boston's MySpace Update

UPDATE 5-26-07
[See our earlier report.]

GLSEN (the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) portrays itself as a leader in the struggle for "civil rights" for GLBT youth, especially in our schools. They demonstrated their commitment by handing out the Little Black Book to young teenagers at their annual conference in 2005.

The second "friend" still posted on GLSEN Boston's MySpace is now calling itself "Reverend C**kvomit". This anti-religion name alone is such an outrage that schools across Massachusetts should immediately ban GLSEN from their premises, instead of giving them free and privileged access through the GSAs ("gay" clubs in the high schools), the Day of Silence, "diversity training" sessions for staff, etc.

While the "friend" space has cleaned itself up a little (removing hardcore pornographic images), there are still soft-porn images, Satanic symbols, and horrific culture-of-death photos.

We've pointed out before that in its essence, the GLBT scene is a part of the larger CULTURE OF DEATH. The fact that GLSEN will not block this "friend" from its MySpace, which appeals directly to children and teenagers, confirms this.