Sunday, May 06, 2007

Italy's Red Sodomy Brigade Issues Death Threats on Bishop

How long until we see this here? Anyone who has the common sense, faith, and courage to speak out against the rampant perversions taking hold in this country is already subject to public ridicule, intimidation, criminal harassment, and even house break-ins. Next come the death threats? It's hard to believe this is happening to a leader of the Catholic Church in Italy. WorldNetDaily reports:

Bodyguards, not altar boys, flank pro-marriage cleric: Archbishop receives death threats, bullet in mail from 'Red Brigade' for opposing same-sex unions

Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco no longer celebrates Mass in the cathedral of Genoa, Italy, with assistance from altar boys or deacons – not since the death threats began after he spoke out against government plans to legalize same-sex unions. Bagnasco, recently appointed head of Italy's Conference of Bishops, stirred controversy last month when the group issued a statement directed at Catholic lawmakers, reminding them of their moral obligation to oppose the move toward mainstreaming homosexuality.

In the statement, Bagnasco made a "slippery-slope" case for what could go wrong in Italian society if the Church's moral position was not upheld. "Why say ‘No’ to forms of legally recognized cohabitation which create alternatives to the family? Why say ‘No’ to incest? Why say ‘No’ to the pedophile party in Holland?” he asked.