Thursday, May 31, 2007

"Gay" Historical Revisionism

We just heard a story about a recent keyboard performance seminar at one of America's premier conservatories. In a class focusing on pianoforte performance techniques, and specifically on the music of Franz Schubert, one of the students asked the professor if he was familiar with the information suggesting Schubert was gay. The professor responded pointedly: "Would that change the way you play the trills?" In other words, shut up already!

And we say SHUT UP, ALREADY to Mr. Tom Lang (founder of, intimidator who published the signers' names for the VoteOnMarriage petition) who introduced similar questions at the State House on Tuesday, when he testified against our Parents' Rights Opt-In bill (S321). Enough of such "gay" historical revisionism being crammed down the throats of schoolchildren! When people study Michelangelo, what's important is the beauty and meaning of the Bible scenes he painted in the Sistine Chapel and the way he chiseled the Pieta. We don't need (or want) to know that the homosexual movement makes the "historical" claim that he shared their perversions. If the artist's rumored "sexual orientation" were brought up in a junior or high school classroom, then kids would immediately STOP thinking about his art and START thinking about anal intercourse.

While many fine people turned out on Tuesday to support our side, few came to oppose. But Mr. Lang was there with his petite, blond-bombshell "husband" . . . because he wants to be sure the kids DO keep thinking about sodomy in their art history class. (Also testifying for GLBT brainwashing in the schools was the co-chair of the Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, who took the occasion to add the terms "Bisexual and Transgender" to the name of his commission when he delivered his testimony.)

Mr. Lang whined that if our Parents' Rights bill is passed, schoolchildren wouldn't be able to discuss how Michelangelo's "gayness" informed his artistic genius (and therefore these poor children would lose all self-esteem and commit suicide). And that any discussion of the genius (ha!) of Gertrude Stein's "A rose is a rose is a rose" must make reference to her lesbianism. His testimony simply underscored our suspicion that he and his activist buddies are totally focused on sex and sexuality. Nothing else in life stands on its own. A case of arrested development?

Here's the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows' account of Mr. Lang's testimony, and Brian Camenker's objection: "Nazis? AIDS? Camenker must be talking about the gays again" (5-31-07):

Discussion of the Holocaust was prompted by the testimony of KnowThyNeighbor founder Tom Lang, who argued that the “opt-in” bill backed by MassResistance would essentially require that schools wallpaper over the history of LGBT people and their lives unless parents gave their approval to include them. He said teachers would have to discuss figures such as Gertrude Stein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and British World War II code-breaker Alan Turing while steering clear of their homosexuality and the impact that had on their works and their lives. He said the silencing of discussion about LGBT people would extend into topics where sexuality figures centrally, such as the Holocaust.

“A trip to the Holocaust memorial would be fine unless a teacher includes homosexuals among the list of the six million Jews, Gypsies, dissenters and social outcasts murdered by the Nazis in their death camps,” said Lang. He added that while the bill would limit discussions on sexuality for all students, the ones who would be hurt the most by the bill would be LGBT students. “But the true intent of S.321 is to take away the identity of LGBT children and to prevent them from reaching their full potential and achieving their greatest self-worth,” said Lang.

Camenker responded to Lang with his own testimony, arguing not only in favor of the restrictions on discussions of homosexuality and other “alternative sexual behaviors” but also disputing the persecution of gay men by the Nazis.“Being Jewish myself with many relatives from Eastern Europe, I was able to study the Holocaust and not have to deal with homosexuality. ” said Camenker. “One of the things that the gay movement is trying to do that drives parents crazy is to push that subject into the public school system.”