Monday, October 31, 2005

Prof. Rob Gagnon Lists Dangers of "Hate Crimes" Bill

We've just added a new link (in our recommended sites column) to a rich website by Professor Rob Gagnon, which offers a Christian perspective on homosexual issues. As just one example of his thorough approach, here is his list of what he predicts will follow if our federal government passes "hate crimes" legislation. A VERY SCARY AND BELIEVABLE LIST. This is from Prof. Gagnon's "Open Letter Regarding the Current Hate Crimes Amendment" (Oct. 20, 2005):

Here is a sample of twenty-five things that are likely to happen if "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" are made specially protected civil rights classifications in the legal code:

1. Large fines and eventually jail time for anyone who publicly speaks out against homosexual activity or transgenderism, even as a minister, if the state determines that one's message arouses people to hate homosexual or transgendered persons. This includes messages that cite Scripture or refer to studies that show higher incidences of promiscuity and disease among homosexually active men.

2. Suspension without pay from one's place of employment and even outright termination if one declares in any way one's opposition to homosexual practice or transgenderism, even if, as a white-collar employee, one makes such a declaration in a "letter to an editor" outside the domain of the workplace; moreover, one will have to pay the court costs of his persecutors.

3. Termination from one's job if one does not support "coming out" celebrations or "gay pride" observances in the workplace, or if one does not attend mandatory "sensitivity" or "diversity" training sessions that espouse acceptance of homosexuality.

4. Large fines if one owns a business and does not allow GLBT ("gay," lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered) activists to make use of the business's services to advance the GLBT agenda (e.g., if a privately owned print shop refuses to print materials for homosexual advocacy); moreover, having to pay the court costs of the government agency that prosecutes the case.

5. Corporations having to institute affirmative-hire programs for GLBTs as a necessary precaution against potential federal or civil lawsuits for "sexual orientation" discrimination.

6. Forced indoctrination of children as young as kindergarten in the public school systems into the acceptability of homosexual and transgendered behavior and the labeling of their parents' contrary religious views as "bigotry" and "hatred," through required readings, "GLBT studies," and mandatory attendance at special diversity convocations or diversity workshops; also, mandatory "sensitivity training" for all teachers on the value of sexual orientation diversity.

7. Even parochial schools being required to accept "gay prom dates" and "gay clubs."

8. Home-schooled children not being allowed to receive certification if their parents do not teach a curriculum that incorporates appreciation for "sexual diversity."

9. Loss of federal funds, including hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal funds for student loans, for any Christian college or seminary that does not hire homosexually active teachers, or that forbids students to engage in homosexual practice, or that allows a teacher at its institution to speak against homosexual practice.

10. Ultimately, the threat of loss of accreditation for Christian colleges that do not condone homosexual behavior and transgenderism.

11. Students and employees required to get counseling for the alleged mental health condition of "homophobia" or risk expulsion.

12. Imposition of national gay marriage by the courts, through appeal to this newly formed federal civil liberties category of "sexual orientation."

13. Being forbidden by a judge in a separation or divorce settlement from ever speaking against homosexual practice to one's child if one's ex-partner or spouse is openly homosexual.

14.Having one's child (whether a foster child, adopted child, or, eventually, one's biological child) removed from one's house if the parent opposes the child's declaration of homosexual identity and activity.

15. Private civic organizations, as well as Christian camps and retreat centers, being fined or shut down if they do not allow their facilities to be used by persons or groups for homosexual activities (e.g., to host a "wedding" by a homosexual couple or for a meeting of a "gay choir").

16. Fines for any person responsible for a newspaper ad critical of homosexual practice or transgenderism, even if the advertisement merely quotes Scripture; also, fines for the newspaper that prints it.

17. Fines for any persons with rooms for rent in their home (e.g. a bed & breakfast) if they refuse to rent to a homosexual couple intent on having homosexual sex on the premises.

18. Mayors taken to court for refusing to declare Gay Pride Days in their cities and being forced to declare such celebrations.

19. Loss of charitable status for churches that seek to influence their members to oppose pro-homosex legislation or that refuse to marry homosexual persons.

20. Fines and/or loss of license for any broadcasting corporation that criticizes, or allows its broadcasting facilities to be used for criticism of, homosexual practice over the airwaves.

21. Adoption and foster agencies forbidden to give any priority to heterosexual married couples over homosexual couples on the grounds that such priority would be discriminatory.

22. Refusing the Boy Scouts and Salvation Army the use of public facilities because of their opposition to homosexual practice and transgenderism; moreover, censuring professionals who support such organizations in their private lives (e.g., prohibiting judges from involvement in any organization that "discriminates" on the basis of "sexual orientation").

23. Banning from university campuses Christian organizations that disapprove of homosexual practice (e.g., Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Campus Crusade).

24. Making it illegal for members of mental health professions to counsel persons against a homosexual life.

25. Eventually special civil rights protection for other "sexual minorities" who can claim oppression for their "orientation": 'polysexuals' (those who are in multiple partner unions), participants in adult consensual incest, and perhaps even 'pedosexuals' (persons sexually oriented toward young adolescents or children).

Sunday, October 30, 2005

"QueerToday" Protesters Get Special Privileges

MassResistance attended the Love Won Out conference in Boston yesterday, and witnessed first hand the special privileges extended to the "QueerToday" protesters. They were trying to silence the message of the conference (run by Focus on the Family and ex-gay ministries) that there is a way out of their unhappy state.

After what we saw, we say: It's time for a buffer-zone law for queer activist demonstrators!

Imagine an anti-abortion group wanting to demonstrate in front of an abortion clinic. They have baby-sized coffins as props. They're chanting, "Stop murdering babies!" They have placards showing baby bodies ripped apart, saying "Abortion is murder." They circle around in the middle of street, seriously disrupting traffic, chanting loudly to intimidate people going in or out.

At one point a truck parks for an extended time in front of the clinic, with loudspeakers blaring "Shut it down! Shut it down!" To top it all off, they do this WITHOUT A PERMIT to hold a demonstration. What do you think the police would do?

The QueerToday demonstrators did all this and more (throw in some profanity hurled at conference participants) yesterday in front of the Tremont Temple ex-gay conference. They charged James Dobson (head of Focus on the Family) and the Love Won Out program with causing "gay teen deaths", and set up coffins for props in the street. Loud chanting disrupted the conference. A truck parked in front of the church blasted "SHUT IT DOWN!" for at least 10 or 15 minutes, but the many police lining the street did nothing to move it along, or tell them to turn the loudspeakers off. (Did they have the special permit needed for that sound system?) No -- The police did nothing to disperse the demonstrators who were there without a permit (according to the Boston Globe).

Well, as we all know, abortion protesters are subject to a targeted "abortion clinic buffer zone" law limiting their free speech in Massachusetts. Maybe it's time to extend such a law to queer harassment specialists. No ... Better yet, how about repealing the abortion clinic buffer zone altogether, along with special rights for homosexuals?

From yesterday's Boston Globe ("Rally and protests both hit city today"):

The city will close Tremont, Park, Beacon, Bowdoin, Cambridge, and Court streets near the Common beginning at noon, transportation officials said. Police plan an increased presence to monitor the scheduled noon anti-war rally.

Officials will also be monitoring a conference at Tremont Temple Baptist Church called ''Love Won Out," which focuses on the theory that homosexuals can convert to heterosexual lives through a relationship with God.

The conference has incited many in the gay community, who have picketed at the church and are expected to gather in protest today.

''We are aware of the events that will be in the area and will be monitoring the area to ensure public safety and maintain order," said Sergeant Thomas Sexton, a police department spokesman. ''We can't get into it too much because we don't know what will happen."

Tracey Ganiatsos, a spokeswoman for the Transportation Department, said conference protesters had not requested a permit to march from the city.

''When we hear stories about the possibility of a protest, but no one requests a permit, usually the police will keep an eye on the area and make sure things remain in order," she said.

QueerToday Shows True Nature of Movement tells the truth about who they are, and who their allies are. There is a split in the homosexual movement: This younger set doesn't want to play along with the pretense that "queers" are in any way mainstream, while the older homosexual activists is worried about being too open about their perversion. (From their Oct. 30 posting:)

Most people in our community are glad we are asking the gay establishment to broaden their agendas to create a truly queer social justice movement....

There are others in our community who do not understand why we are not single-issue focused. They send us emails complaining that we show up at pro-choice rallies, anti-war marches, etc. I hope that after they saw the awesome protest we created with the October 29th Coalition they will see the importance and effectiveness of true coalition building.

Still there are others in the gay community who sent us emails and complaints about being too radical, too outraged, too in-your-face. They are mostly adults who are worried we will seem too bizarre or angry in the news, thus ruining the "mainstream" image they wish the gay community would show the world.

Let me be very clear to the gay community of Boston: QueerToday will continue to express our outrage against all forms of injustice. We do not care if the news captures us in drag protesting on the streets in the spirit of Stonewall. We do not care if we threaten your obsession with presenting the gay community as "mainstream." We know that being queer is innately NOT mainstream, and it never will be....

Queers Fight Back!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Leftist America-Haters, All

Should be quite a scene tomorrow on the Boston Common. The queers will try to silence the message that they can be helped, joining forces with anti-warrior Cindy Sheehan. Since these people can't hold a logical conversation, they plan to drown out their opposition with chanting outside the "Love Won Out" conference at the Tremont Temple. From the QueerToday blog:

When and Stonewall Warriors protest the Focus on the Family's "Love Won Out" conference in Boston on Oct. 29 we will be doing so in concert with the massive regional Anti-War March happening at the same time on Boston Common. For us, Focus on the Family and the Bush war machine march in lockstep every day against the LGBT community and all oppressed people of the world.

7:30 AM 88 Tremont Street Protest anti-lgbtq... Love Won Out Conference. Sign Ideas: "It's OK 2 be Gay!" "American Psychological Association: ex-gay ministries don't work." "Protect Queer Youth From Focus On The Family!" "Happy Healthy Queer & Proud" "Proud Queer & (paste your religion here)!" "Separate Church & State!"
11 AM Boston Common Anti-war rally featuring Cindy Sheehan emceed by founder Mark Snyder.
Afternoon Huge anti-war march stops at 88 Tremont Street to create a massive protest against James Dobson/Focus On The Family and their anti-gay radical right-wing agenda! leads the crowd in chants.

Will the Log Cabin Republicans join in, we wonder?

Boston Globe: Afraid to Say "Wife & Wife"?

The Boston Globe Northwest Weekly article on the David Parker case ("School dispute persists after plea deal struck") strangely calls lesbian activist Meg Soens' "wife" her "partner". We find this most curious. We know that Meg is very proud of her marriage to Olivia.

Why would the Globe not say "Soens and her wife"? Could it be that the Globe has figured out that using "wife and wife" does not sit well with its readers, and makes all to obvious the insanity of "homosexual marriage"?

Homosexual Parenting: Playing with Fire

From our friend John:

"Okay, I dare you. Read this entire article and then try to defend the 'diversity and tolerance game' on homosexual adoption. There is a stunning collection of research information here that debunks virtually every Orwellian lie of the Left on homosexuality."

The article referenced is "Gender Complementarity and Child-rearing: Where Tradition and Science Agree," by A. Dean Byrd, Ph.D. MBA, MPH. It's available on NARTH's web site (National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality). Excerpt:

"A most alarming report recently appeared in a popular magazine about a group of gay men identified as bug chasers, or those who consciously seek the AIDS virus (Freeman. 2003). Freeman reported an interview with Dr. Robert Cabaj, the Director of Behavioral Health Services for San Francisco County, who suggested that bug chasers are alarmingly common. Cahaj estimates that at least one-fourth of newly infected gay men may have sought out the fatal disease. The article centered around Carlos who estimated that he has already had several hundred sex partners and that he eagerly awaits for the day when he tests HIV positive and will turn toward infecting another person. The process is referred to as "gift-giving." Carlos noted that "as sick as it sounds, killing another man slowly ... is exciting." (p. 48)

Do we really want to gamble on placing children with such "parents"?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Fr. Bob Carr on Latest Anti-Catholic Story from Boston Globe

Today's Globe had another Catholic-bashing story, "Two sidelined after protesting altar call on ban on gay marriage." Fr. Bob Carr's has a good analysis of this hideous style of "reporting" in his blog. The reporter who was not present at the "event" gives total credence to an angry source, prints his version of things, and whips up sentiment against the Archdiocese.

The Globe is still fuming about the canning of Fr. Cuenin in Newton, who marched in gay pride parades, and took part in "GLBT" days at Newton North High School.

From Fr. Carr's intro:

[U]nderstand that these reporters are really not believers and if they are, their editors are not. So they truly have no understanding of Our Faith. Remember it is a tenet of Christianity that those who do not believe cannot even understand the bible....

...the Globe has the reputation as being All Gay-All Day. They have alienated those whom they've ostracized until only those who agree with them are reading them. This is what makes the so convenient because, I without reading the newspaper, look for the Anti-Catholic story of the day. I check that out and then go have breakfast and read the Wall Street Journal. Further, Pravda, which used similar techniques, I assume, could be read in the townsquare, as it was posted, One did not have to buy Pravda to read it. So it was not victim to consumer pressures. The media today in the US is different and can be subject to consumer pressures. Hence, the reason why the Globe is losing money. It will eventually have a similar circulation to Bay Windows, as it seeks the same audience.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Boston College Law Professor Tells Congress: Homosexual "Marriage" in Mass. Threatening Free Speech

NARTH (National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality) is reporting on Professor Scott Fitzgibbon's recent testimony in Washington on the threats to free speech resulting from the homosexual "marriage" ruling in Massachusetts.

From the NARTH report, "Gay Marriage In Massachusetts Chills Free Speech And Academic Freedom":

October 24, 2005 - Boston College Law Professor Scott FitzGibbon appeared before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Property Rights (October 20, 2005) to discuss the need for passage of a constitutional Federal Marriage Amendment in wake of Massachusetts' Supreme Judicial Court legalizing gay marriage in 2003.

Professor FitzGibbon told members of the committee that the immediate impact of the Court's Goodridge v. Department of Public Health decision was to chill freedom of speech and academic freedom on high school campuses throughout the state.

In addition, according to FitzGibbon, Payzant's memo turns teachers and students into whistleblowers against any person on campus who says negative things about same-sex attractions or creates any sort of bias against a person because his sexual orientation.

Professor FitzGibbon also points out that the promotion of homosexuality on campuses also results in explicit sexual teachings to children. He quotes a National Public Radio with a lesbian school teacher in Massachusetts who admits that she's using the legalization of gay marriage to teach her children about the use of sex toys by lesbians.

He notes that the Lexington Superintendent of Schools has notified parents that the school has no obligation to notify them if the school is teaching anything about homosexual conduct.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pro-Sodomy Lobby: No Respect for Truth

A pro-sodomy blog in Massachusetts, established as a counter to yours truly, gives as its email contact:

What does this tell you about where the anonymous author is coming from? While he professes to be happily "married" to his "husband" Patrick, and to lead a homebody existence, his AOL profile seems to conflict with this. It reads:

Name: Chip, 34
Location: Boston, South End
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Very Single, looking for fun
Hobbies & Interests: safety boy here, no attitude
Favorite Gadgets: 6' 195, br/br 46 c 34w, goatee
Occupation: it pays the bills

We're surprised he didn't give another measurement or two.

No Respect for the Truth

WorldNetDaily's two recent stories tell it all: The leftist activists, whether pro-abortion or pro-sodomy, have no respect for the truth. Two landmark Supreme Court decisions, the recent sodomy case from Texas (Lawrence v. Texas) and the abortion-on-demand ruling (Roe v. Wade), were apparently based on cases manufactured by leftist activists. This tells you a lot about these people and their movements.

See WND's stories (October 24, 2005):

"How staged sex crime fooled Supreme Court: Landmark sodomy case faked from start, shrouded in murder mystery, says judge."


"Staged sex crime just tip of iceberg: Trumped-up cases behind other huge decisions, including Roe v. Wade"

From WorldNetDaily:

What appears now to be a trumped-up sodomy case manufactured by homosexual activists, which led to the controversial U.S. Supreme Court decision that in turn has opened the door to same-sex marriage, is not unusual at all – in fact, fraud is a typical modus operandi for transforming America, says the author of a sensational new book.

"The Lawrence case, which if not overturned will almost certainly lead to legalized homosexual marriage, as well as legalized polygamy and adult incest, was based on a fraudulent 'test case,'" said David Kupelian, WND managing editor and author of "The Marketing of Evil." "However, it was the same with Roe v. Wade. Norma McCorvey, the real-life 'Jane Roe,' was recruited by abortion activist attorneys as a 'test' case and claimed she was raped. It wasn't until after Roe v. Wade was decided in her favor – and abortion made legal throughout America – that she confessed she had lied about being raped."

Monday, October 24, 2005

How We Are Being Silenced In Our Communities

One of our supporters recently brought our attention to a great local activist web site put together by concerned residents in Reading, Massachusetts. It should serve as a model for citizens around the state.

One of the more fascinating pages on the site concerns the "Delphi Technique". Anyone with experience dealing with town or school committees knows how this works, but may not have seen this name or analysis. The Reading site references Lynn M. Stuter's web site, which "includes what is perhaps that finest comprehensive explanation of the Delphi Technique on the 'net'." Excerpts from Informed Residents of Reading intro page:

The Delphi Technique is a calculated method some administrators (such as school superintendents), committees (such as a school committee or school building committee), group facilitators and special interest groups (some ballot question groups and less-than-honorable architectural firms) use to achieve "consensus." Through the use of the Delphi Technique and the promotion of an "us" vs "them" mentality among the citizens of a community, dissenting voices are identifed, marginalized and discredited and the (often hidden) agendas of various groups and controlling individuals promoted....

Are You Being Delphied? - The goal of the Delphi technique is to lead a targeted group of people to a predetermined outcome, while giving the illusion of taking public input and under the pretext of being accountable to the public....

How to deal with difficult parents describes how some administrataros are trained to deal with questioning, opposing and dissenting individuals. (Have you ever been told you're the first person to complain?) ...

If you can't prove the speaker's points are wrong or invalid, attack him personally. Also, accuse him of doing exactly what you are doing....

You've got to confuse the issue, make it hard for the opposing speakers to get their points across. Remember that everyone has their own equally valid opinions and suggestions (that can be disregarded).

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Know Your Neighbor: Homosexual Activists in Mass.

We thought you'd find this list useful. It's signers of the "Religious Freedom to Marry Coalition" declaration. First, there's a list of so-called "religious" leaders who signed. This includes "ministers", "priests", and "rabbis". (Updated in August 2005.) Denominations include American Baptist, Episcopal, Jewish, Congregational Church, Metropolitan Community Church, Pagan (almost as many as Episcopalian!), Swedenborgian Church, Unitarian Universalist, United Church of Christ, United Methodist.

Here's an excerpt from the declaration:


The most fundamental human right, after the necessities of food, clothing and shelter, is the right to affection and the supportive love of other human beings. We become most fully human when we love another person. We can grow in our capacity to be human -- to be loving -- in a family unit. This right to love and to form a family is so fundamental that our Constitution takes it for granted in its dedication to "secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity"; our Declaration of Independence likewise affirms the essential right of human beings to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Throughout history, tyrants have known that by denying the right of oppressed peoples to form and nurture families, they can kill the spirit of those peoples....

As religious people, clergy, and leaders, we are mandated to stand for justice in our common civic life. We oppose appeals to sacred texts and religious traditions for the purpose of denying legal equity to same-gender couples. As concerned citizens, we affirm the liberty of adults of the same gender to love and marry. We insist that no one, especially the state, may either coerce people into marriage, or bar two consenting adults of the same gender from forming the family unit that lets them be more fully loving, thus more fully human....

Possibly more interesting is the list of your neighbors who signed in support of homosexual "marriage". This was called "the Roman Catholic Marriage Equality petition". Such heretical nonsense ...

We'll call it a "gay terrorist watch list". You can search this list by town, and find out if that person down the street (who seems to be everywhere -- soccer games, town meetings, school fundraisers, "anti-bias committees", school committee meetings, PTA boards) has a hidden agenda.

Needless to say, there are many "super-activists" who do not appear on this list. But you will see some leading lights, like Larry Kessler of the AIDS Action Committee of Mass. (publishers of the lie-filled, pornographic Little Black Book).

Friday, October 21, 2005

Boston Groups Celebrate Depravity

Boston: the Athens of America. The possibilities for low "culture" are endless. We recently picked up a copy of Improper Bostonian, a weekly entertainment magazine. There's a sizable "Gay & Lesbian" section in the listings pages. This is what "diversity" has opened the door to. Cringe at any of these, and you're labelled "homophobe".

The sad note in this list is sounded near the end, where after all the FUN FUN FUN, you come to the "POZ" (HIV positive) listings: support groups for "newly diagnosed" (HIV positive), and various other groupings of POZ males.

Here are just a few of the groups:

BAGLY: Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth. [MassResistance has written before about this sick venue. Headed by a male-to-female transsexual, and endorsed by the Governor's Commission on Gay & Lesbian Youth.]

Bi Rap: Discussion group open to all bisexual, bi-friendly and questioning women.

Boston GLASS Community Center: "Provides social activities for questioning young people ages 13-25."
[Note from MassResistance: It's places like this where our young teen males encounter older HIV-positive males, so that by the time they're in their mid-20s, they will be ready for the POZ 20's group, below.]

Boston Lesbian Avengers: "Bi- and transsexual-friendly, direct-action political group focuesses on issues affecting lesbians."

Bisexual Resource Center: Coming out as a bisexual.

Compass: "For people assigned female at birth who feel that it is not an accurate or complete description of their gender. Part of the Female-to-Male Center."

Gender Crash: "Intersection of Boston's Queer, Transgender, and Gender Queer Communities"

Newly Diagnosed Group: "Supports gay and bisexual men who have been diagnosed with HIV during the last two years."

POZ Social. Raffles, food, and drinks for people affected by HIV/AIDS.
POZ 20s. For HIV-positive gay and bisexual men in their 20s.
POZ 30s Plus.

Tiffany Club of New England: Transgendered community.

Level of Discourse

The queer activists have two basic styles of discourse: newspeak, or abuse.

In the first style, they take common words but pervert their meanings. For example, in their usage "education" means coercive indoctrination; "pro-marriage" means pro-homosexual "marriage"; "civil rights" means state-sanctioned sodomite unions.

Their other primary style is the filthy, swear-laden, taunting, name-calling, abusive tirade. People on our side get innumerable nasty phone calls and emails. Below is an example of an email sent to a man of principle in the Massachusetts state legislature, who opposes homosexual "marriage" and filed the Bill of Address to remove the four "homosexual marriage judges". Gives a good idea the level of discourse in this state.

Dear Douchbag:

I realize with such an impressive resume as your (Sarcasm noted) one has the tendency to think they have a brain. Unfortunately, in your case, YOU DON"T

Get a f--king clue pea-brain. WHO GIVES A F--KING SH-- IF GAYS MARRY??? YOU STUPID IGNORANT A--HOLE!!!



P.S. Nice, picture, you look like my grandmother's ass.
Tell me, moron did you learn a lot in Air Conditioning school?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Coming Out Day" at Lexington High School

National "Coming Out Day" was last Tuesday, October 11. We knew we could count on Lexington High School to lead their students into a dangerous, sad, and unhealthy lifestyle on this special day... And we're sure that the scene at Lexington High was replicated all over the state.

A friend in Lexington informed us that students had a table in the Lexington High School cafeteria that day, urging students to "come out" and "declare their sexual identity" by signing something (we're not sure exactly what). Promotional literature was handed out. Some teachers were wearing rainbows on their name tags that day, urging students to follow the Pied Piper they've let into their school.

Would Lexington High School let students set up a table in the cafeteria for a pro-life cause? An abstinence program? A Bible study? We don't think so. But they can set up a table about sexual perversion, and tell fellow students that it's cool, awesome, bangin' !

Check out how a Newton, Mass. MIDDLE school newspaper informed its students a few years ago that the day was a national holiday.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hate Mail, Hate Speech: Part III -- Media Intimidation Tactics

[See "Hate Mail or Criminal Harassment?" Part I and Part II below.)

Next in our little saga of hate speech, apparently teamed up with Boston media figures to try to intimidate Article 8 and MassResistance. This is the next level: hate speech by "respected" Boston media personalities.

The mainstream media in Massachusetts includes a filthy rag called the Boston Phoenix. We had a little fun a few months ago cataloguing the sins of their media writer, Dan Kennedy, as he aided and abetted the queer activists, such as the hate mailer Gaston.

Gaston didn't stop with his harassment at the Article 8 office. He sent comments to Dan Kennedy's media column, and apparently fed Dan's frenzy against Article 8 and MassResistance. (See Dan Kennedy's Hateful Rant, 4-20-05.)

(Dan is now Professor of Journalism at Northeastern University, where they hire only the best. He's also a commentator on WGBH-TV's "Greater Boston with Emily Rooney", and he has a brand new blog where you can reach him at

Dan was simply outraged back in April that anyone would object to the homosexual paper Bay Windows being handed out for free in neighborhood supermarkets. Don't we all want our young children to be able to pick up cover stories on the Pope's penis, or art reviews on lesbian anal sex, or advertisements concerning anal lubricants? Only homophobes would object! Here's what Dan said about Article 8 and MassResistance, when they did object:

"HOMOPHOBIA ON (AND OFF) THE RACKS. Brian Camenker and his merry band of hatemongers at the Article 8 Alliance are at it again. For weeks, they've been pushing for a ban on the gay-and-lesbian newspaper Bay Windows at local supermarkets.... The Article 8 folks, bless their twisted little hearts, have also included a link to this Washington Blade article about what you can do to get Bay Windows back on the racks. Thanks, Brian. And here's a gutless anonymous homophobe [that's me!] with a blog who's getting involved in the action. Good grief. I need a shower."

Gaston piled on in Dan's media column comments, for instance his April 20 entry:

["Ms. Massresistance"] is a coward. She's the worse [sic] the internet has to offer. She types insane diatribes and hate speech and takes no responsibility. Then she screams about freedom of speech while she keeps herself anomymous [sic]. All those Article 8 people are pretty scarey [sic]. I went down to Fenueil [sic] Hall last year when they brought in Family Values person Alan Keyes (yes, the family values man who cut off his daughter when he found out he [sic] was gay.) The [sic] lot of the people attending looked like the villians [sic] from Deliverance, i.e., his father is his brother is his grandfather, etc. They still don't get it that same sex couples can marry in this state. I recommend they go back to south [sic] where bigotry is not only tolerated but codified in law." (Submitted two days in a row, with different names.)

Dan let run other hate-filled comments, like this one from "Anonymous":
MassResistance: "She wants to spew hate and venom but not take responsibility for the damage her actions cause. She is truly an evil woman not unlike the Nazis. Why is she so obsessed with gay people?" or "this woman needs psychiatric help. So does Camenker..."

Then Dan co-hosted on WRKO 680AM's morning drive-time show (April 22), with Scott Allen Miller. Out of the blue, a whole half hour of the show was devoted to nasty name-calling directed at MassResistance! (How odd they should focus on this little tiny blog.) Dan claimed to be "almost 100% certain" of the identity of the "gutless anonymous homophobe" behind MassResistance, but since he wasn't absolutely certain, he would not reveal a name. (Such high journalistic standards... that must be how he got to be a professor.) Dan's never talked to us. How would he have any idea who we are? Well, we suspect Gaston gave him his idea.

Scott Allen Miller, host on the WRKO show (who is pro "gay marriage"), agreed with Dan and Gaston, and made his own snide remarks about our stone-age attitudes. (See MassResistance Under Attack by Boston Phoenix; Attacker to Co-Host AM680 radio morning show Friday! 4-21-05; Dan Kennedy & WRKO AM680 Slam MassResistance 4-22-05. Also, Dan Kennedy, Scorekeeping, Stop & Shop, etc. 4-29-05.)

(Coming soon: Part IV in our Hate Speech/Hate Crimes series.)

New stuff coming!!

We've been down for a few days, but look for more by the end of today (Tuesday)!!

Thanks for your loyal readership!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Shaw's, Stop & Shop Supermarkets Against Family Values?

We now read in the Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) email alert (10-14-05) that some Shaw's and Stop & Shop supermarkets (as well as Home Depot stores) are refusing to allow signature gatherers outside their stores for the VoteOnMarriage petition.

MassResistance readers will remember that these supermarket chains are also involved in distributing the vile homosexual rag Bay Windows free at their front doors. There, children can find out all they need to know about how to get involved in this destructive lifestyle. And they can read stories on the "Pope's penis" or lesbian anal sex , see ads for research into anal lubricants, etc.

So what sort of values do Shaw's and Stop & Shop supermarkets stand for? Certainly not traditional family values. They are embracing the culture of death, the dark side. Contact their management!

From the MFI email alert:
"It has come to our attention that several Shaws, Stop & Shop, and Home Depot stores have not allowed canvassers of the marriage petition to collect signatures outside of their stores. While they are private businesses and reserve the right determine the nature of activities allowed on their property, we believe they have unfairly targeted our group and in doing so have sent the message that it is OK to curtail speech when it is pro-family in nature. (The Massachusetts Secretary of State has issued guidance on this issue that explains that stores must allow canvassers to collect signatures on their property. You can download this two-page document by clicking here.).... [T]hey have not allowed circulators of the marriage petition to collect signatures outside the store, but have let circulators of other petition drives do so."

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Don Feder: Polite Approach Is a Loser

Don Feder's recent column, "THE HATE CRIMES AMENDMENT AND LOSING THE MARRIAGE WAR" (from, Oct. 10), speaks to an issue we live with daily: hate speech (directed at us, that is).

But "hate crimes" laws are being passed to protect the homosexual radicals, not us, and eventually to prosecute anyone who dares to speak out against their perverted assault on our country and families.

Especially pertinent to our situation in Massachusetts is Feder's conclusion. If you've been following state politics on this issue, you'll understand that one reason we've been losing is that some conservative pro-family groups have consciously adopted a "nice guy" approach to this issue: "Don't talk about homosexuality, or what they do. Just talk about families." Sadly, these people just don't understand the enemy they're fighting. They didn't seem to realize that the enemy could throw that word "family" right back at them. That they could talk about their "rights" too.

What the problem really comes down to is that homosexuality is morally wrong, and it's an unnatural perversion (and a very unhealthy one at that). If we can't talk about this openly in the press or with our elected officials and the voters, we'll lose the battle.

From Feder's column:

The coalition of national pro-family groups that’s pushing the Federal Marriage Amendment [and the new Massachusetts amendment, we might add] has determined that success hinges on scrupulously avoiding any public discussion of homosexuality. They seek to stop a thing without naming it – always a difficult proposition.

The coalition decided that a direct challenge to the homosexual ethos (that same-sex couples are equal in dignity and worth to a father and mother working to ensure society’s future) would allow them to be cast as bigots.

Hence, their argument boils down to “do it for the kids” (truly, a courageous stand). Traditional marriage must be preserved because it’s the best way to raise children, they plead. While indisputably true, by defaulting on the more fundamental point – why two men who are sodomizing each other are not the moral equivalent of a man and a woman joined in a monogamous relationship, sanctified by faith and tradition – they have allowed the social acceptance of homosexuality to advance unhindered. To win a battle, they are ceding ultimate victory.

Thus, while our side wins state marriage referendums, theirs continues to tighten its iron grip on the culture....

[W]e must somehow muster the courage to brave charges of bigotry. Ultimately, we must admit that a man who’s into schtuping other men is not a worthy object of veneration.

Hate Mail or Criminal Harassment? Part II

So were there any legal consequences for for his barrage of personalized hate mail and threats? Article 8 email alert tells what the Massachusetts Attorney General's office did about it (... nothing!). This was after the A-G attorney explained that just three personalized harassing communications would trigger "criminal harassment" charges. From Article 8 Alliance email alert, 10-12-05:

Hate crimes protection? It's a one-way street in Massachusetts. Attorney General brushes aside threats by homosexual activist.

Recently there's been a lot of talk about "hate crimes" legislation. We can tell you from experience what that's all about -- and it's NOT about protecting you.

Several months back, a homosexual activist happened to get the office email address of a female volunteer working at the Article 8 office. He also went to the trouble to find out where she lived, her family, etc. What followed was a long series of horrible, personally threatening emails. This person, who identified himself as a homosexual activist who also works for the government, threatened to go to her house, threatened her children, and said he would do to her what some people had done to abortion doctors (implying that he would shoot her).

All we had about this person was his email address: We couldn't find anything else.

See the emails posted on the MassResistance blog.

We went to the police, who said to go to the Massachusetts Attorney General. Denise Barton, a staff attorney who runs their "computer crimes" division at the Attorney General's office, at first acknowledged that this is clearly a criminal act. But when she realized who WE were, and that the perpetrator was a gay activist, Barton became very difficult and condescending.

This is how your Attorney General, Tom Reilly, operates when the criminal is a gay activist. It shouldn't surprise you, since one of Reilly's top staff members, Assistant Attorney General Robert Quinan, is very active in the Mass. Lesbian and Gay Bar Association, co-wrote a paper on "gay students' rights", and was recently featured in the newspaper for marrying. . .another man!

With tremendous difficulty, we finally got Barton to subpoena AOL and get the name and address of this person. (AOL protects harassers, unless you get a subpoena. They're actually proud of that.) We thought we were on the way to justice. But Barton would still not cooperate with the victim at all. No charges were filed, and she would not divulge the man's identity so our volunteer could get a civil restraining order. Barton said the man was simply "exercising his free speech rights." Instead, Barton told us she had a state trooper "visit" him and "warn" him. But that "warning" certainly didn't stop this guy's venom; in fact it got worse.

And our volunteer was -- and is -- still living in fear, while this person continues to taunt her via the Internet. Luckily, our volunteer is not letting this stop her work, which she considers too valuable to be stopped by intimidation.

By the way, if you ever need help, the Massachusetts Attorney General's office is at 617-727-2200. On the other hand, don't bother.

This is the same Tom Reilly who wants to be your next Governor. If that happens, the horror show will really start.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Definition of Marriage Should Not Be Voted On

It just hit us again today, when we got the email alert from the Massachusetts Family Institute. (They are behind the new effort to get a marriage amendment on the ballot.) All along their cry has been, "Let the People Vote!" Their email states:

"A radical societal change such as expanding the definition of marriage is not something to be taken lightly and most definitely not something that should be decided by four unelected judges. The people of Massachusetts deserve the right to vote on marriage."

But we must confess, we never joined that chant, "Let the People Vote." Because the definition of "marriage" is NOT something that should ever be voted on.

It's not just that we distrust the people in Massachusetts, who've been more subject than the rest of the nation to an incredible barrage of powerful propaganda for the past decade or so. (We're not PC on anything else, why should we be on this?)

But we will not be bullied by the MassEquality queer activists into this corner. Calling for a vote means you've capitulated to some extent. Certain societal norms, religious truths, age-old traditions, and definitional standards should be beyond debate, and not put up to a vote.

What will we vote on next? The definition of "parent"? (Actually, we're in conflict over that one too: That's what David Parker v. Lexington Schools is all about.)

The answer is not to call for a vote to define "marriage", but to fight the tyranny of the judges who helped the queer activists push us into this corner.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hate Mail or Criminal Harassment? Part I

Many of the homosexual activists are hurt, broken, and angry people. Those of us who've been at the State House for recent big events have seen this up close, and we certainly sense their pain.

But their level of discourse reveals the unbalanced, obsessive quality of their lives. We truly wish these people well. And there are many ex-gay ministries made up of people who've been there and done that, who can help them.

Sadly, our good will is not reciprocated. Recently, the Boston Herald reported on a public, well-orchestrated effort to intimidate the leaders of the VoteOnMarriage petition campaign. And the people at Article 8 Alliance are under a constant barrage of hate emails. Some of these communications have arguably crossed the line into criminal harassment.

Below are examples from one to the Article 8 office. Note his personal harassment of an individual, and his obsessive, frightening focus on personal details. (A psychologist has told us, on the basis of these emails, that this is not a well person, and very concerning.)

Three such incidents from the same person directed to one target equals criminal harassment, according to Massachusetts Attorney General's office....That is, unless it's a homosexual activist harassing pro-family people. Then the Mass. A-G backs off.

The homo activists seem to have special rights and protections, and are seemingly above the law. "Hate crimes" only apply in one direction. (Attorney General Reilly is running for Governor, after all, and needs this powerful lobby's support. There are also powerful queer activists in high places in the A-G's office.)

Article 8 documented this harassment, but then the the rules of the game had changed. After earlier explaining the law on criminal harassment, once the Attorney-General's office identified the perpetrator, they decided to call these abusive and possibly threatening emails simply "free speech"! (By the way, "Gaston" claims to have a high position in a government office. Hmm...)

Meanwhile, Congress is busy passing "hate crimes" laws targeting our side, but letting the homo activists say anything and do anything they want. Soon, our side will be arrested for "hate speech". But they imply threats to your family and children without consequence.

Here are just six emails (there were more) received by our friend at Article 8 from

#1 "You know you people are really disgusting. Intimidating gay kids, wow, you must feel great. Why is X hiding behind Article 8? We know where she lives and we are planning a picket line outside her house. I wonder if her neighbors know what kind of bigot she is? We are going to use the same tactics that the abortion protesters use on the doctors. You made this issue personal when it has nothing at all to do with you or X. But it affects us, you are trying to take away our rights. Well it isn't going to work. Our marriages are legal whether you like it or not and more of us are getting married. Deal with the reality. Bigots like you are becoming extinct. You are all nut jobs."

#2 "So you finally show your true colors. You are for censorship. You are modern day Nazis. You do not want anyone to call attention to the discrimination that people like you ane Article 8 are trying to impose on society. I clearly hope you do not have children because I shutter [sic] to think of the damage you are causing to them emotionally and mentally. You are an evil nasty woman. I saw a picture of you and wondered if you were a closeted lesbian which would explain your venomous attacks on out gays and lesbians."

#3 "You people are so pathetic. You try and make it seem like people really care about you. What about the harm you are doing to children and adults alike. While I don't agree with what you do, I do agree that you have the right to say whatever it is you like, as long as I am standing there refuted [sic] your responses since you tend to tell lies. X is no such person... she puts forth venon [sic] at people she knows nothing about. I can almost bet her son is gay. I saw the pictures at [names his college, obviously researched] and he doesn't look to [sic] masculine to me is that what she is afraid of? I hope she still loves her son when he does come out. I really think she should be taking more care of her husband and daughter than trying to split apart my family. When you really look at it, you are about hate and censorship."

#4 "Yep, you really showed how much of a bigot you really are and it's captured on video. You will be aligned with the prejudice that went on during the 70's when southie didn't want the blacks in their schools. You should be proud.... Unfortunately, your two children will bear the emotional scar that you have burdened them with. Oh the harm you are causing them, they should be taken away from you for preaching such hate to young minds. You are no different from the KKK and Nazi's [sic]. You are in good company."

#5 "There's really nothing more to say. You talk about AIDS like it was invented for gay people. Are you stupid? It was found in Africa. AIDS has decimated the population of Africa and you treat is [sic] with a trite and stupid remark. You are seriously mentally ill. Your two children should be taken away from you before they end up in jail."

#6 "you poor stupid woman. Didn't you learn anything in high school civics class? I am assuming that you graduated from high school (Big assumption on my part I know).... You don't need to put quotes around same sex marriages because the are MARRIAGES whether you like it or not...Now if one of your children wanted to get married to a person of the same sex they could.... I would only put quotes around marriage when I use it to describe things like [you] and Article 8 are in a "marriage" with the Klux [sic] Klux Klan since they have the same concerns. X, please stop spreading the hate, your two children will be grateful in the long run since they will be burdened with a mother who is a bigot and obsessed with gay people. It won't be pretty.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Amateur Hour: Immigrant Law Student Behind Flawed "VoteOnMarriage" Research

In Massachusetts we are on the very front lines of the culture war. So you'd expect the powerful, well-funded groups behind the new marriage initiative would have hired top-notch constitutional legal researchers and consultants to design their legal and political strategy. But no, it turns out an immigrant law student and political novice played a large role in the VoteOnMarriage plan.

Many pro-marriage conservatives in Massachusetts wondered where the odd ideas behind the VoteOnMarriage plan came from, especially its "grandfathering" of existing homosexual "marriages". Why didn't they propose a "clean" definition of marriage which would of also ban "civil unions"? (Such wording had already been devised: See House Bill #H653.) Especially bizarre and flawed are VoteOnMarriage's claims that:

-- the already existing homosexual "marriages" had been "legally granted";
-- that these "marriages" should be considered a "substantive right" that could not be taken away;
-- that such an act (declaring the existing "marriages" null and void) would be an ex post facto action contrary to Article I of the U.S. Constitution.

Now we learn from the Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) -- which along with the Mass. Catholic Conference is behind the marriage initiative -- that an immigrant law student intern (funded by the Alliance Defense Fund) is behind the flawed research and strategic recommendations. From MFI's September/October 2005 newsletter:

"Sergei's [Semyrog, an immigrant from the Ukraine] delved into Article I of the U.S. Constitution to determine whether existing homosexual marriages could be rendered null and void by a state constitutional amendment implementing a traditional definition of marriage. He concluded that 'if we were to try to repeal the prior marriages, we would be defeated quite easily.' He added, however, that an amendment to the U.S. Constitution defining marriage would rise above a constitutional challenge."

MFI also believes that the "reciprocal benefits" legislation (akin to "civil unions") which they plan to file would defuse homosexual demands for government goodies ... though the homosexual activists have already publicly ridiculed this strategy. Well, the intern also was involved in this part of their plan. The MFI newsletter continues:

"Sergei's main assignment this past summer was to draft reciprocal beneficiary legislation. This bill, referred to as the Massachusetts Reciprocal Beneficiary Contracts Act, will enable two unmarried individuals to enter a contractual relationship in which they are able to share certain benefits. He patterned the bill in part after legislation that Hawaii passed in 1997 ... 'We don't want this relationship equal to marriage,' explains Sergei, noting that he painstakingly tried to distinguish between this relationship and marriage. Writing legislation is a particularly tedious task that requires one to identify and review every existing law that will be affected."

Does this strike you as authoritative legal and political thinking? (Yes, we know we've broken our promise not to comment further on this fiasco. But this revelation was just too much.)

Homosexual Activist behind Time Magazine Gay Teens Story

Are we surprised? Traditional Values Coalition reveals that the recent Time Magazine cover story on "gay teens" was written by a homosexual activist:

John Cloud, a writer for Time magazine has just written a lengthy cover story for the October 10 edition that cleverly promotes the homosexual agenda. Though not mentioned in the article, Cloud is a long-time homosexual journalist and activist who has been given several awards by homosexual organizations for his “gay” affirmative reporting.

In September, 2005, Cloud was given a second place award for “The Governor’s Secret Life” by the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association. And, in 2004, he was given an award by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) for his article, “The New Face Of Gay Power.” And, in a Columbia Journalism Review weblog (April 21, 2005), Cloud admits to having a “boy friend.”

In 2000, Cloud wrote an article on the Boy Scouts, comparing them to the KKK and asking whether or not the Boy Scouts had the right to freedom of association. The Media Research Center reported on Cloud’s homosexual activism disguised as journalism in its April, 25, 2000 issue....

As we've said in the past, Traditional Values Coalition has a great website. Here are some more of their suggestions:

Read and distribute TVC’s report, “Homosexuals Recruit Public School Children” and access TVC’s GLSEN-Watch web site. Write a letter to Time magazine and use the statistics and information in these reports to tell the truth about homosexual recruitment on campuses. Ask why Cloud’s history of homosexual advocacy was not mentioned in the article.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

"Coming Out" at Ten or Twelve?

More mainstream media propagandizing for the homosexual movement: last week's cover article on Time magazine, The Battle Over Gay Teens. What is really striking about this article is its total, unquestioning acceptance of the idea that teens, and even pre-teens, can in fact already "be gay." We're even told by an academic expert that many boys are "coming out" at 10, many girls at 12. Nowhere is it clearly defined in the article (or in the gays' own literature) what exactly "being gay" means or entails at such an early age.

Robert Knight (of CWA) discusses the Time article ("Time Magazine, School Event Expose Massive Cultural Campaign to Promote Homosexuality to Kids", Oct. 7), as well as the yearlong radical homosexual assault on our children in the schools. He lists "National Ally Week" in September, "No Name Calling Week" in January, "Day of Silence" in April, the new "Safe Zone" campaign, along with other events organized by individual school Gay-Straight Alliances or GSAs (with the support of school administrations). All these events are pushed by GLSEN.

And don't forget, Tuesday, October 11 is "National Coming Out Day." (Is it just a coincidence that Time ran its cover story just before this event?)

Knight shares some resources from GLSEN promoting the latest trendy perversion, "transgenderism" and "transsexuality":

GLSEN encourages teachers to organize and participate in GSA events. The group provides a web link that supplies educators with pro-LGBT resources. These include “gender liberation” coloring books; “gay” cartoon posters; and several posters challenging traditional views of gender. Teachers can download signs with inverted, rainbow-colored triangles proclaiming “Safe Zone” to put on their classroom door. They can also print off discussion kits on how to organize gender education sessions and start conversations about homosexuality with the children.

One poster, titled, “Things you can do to eradicate gender or multiply it exponentially,” features cross-dressing, and has these suggestions:

• “Think twice before you ask people if their child is a boy or a girl.
• Spend a day in drag.
• Refer to everyone by the incorrect pronoun.
• Challenge binary gender paradigms over Thanksgiving dinner.
• Hang out with children and teach them how to cross dress Barbie and G.I. Joe.
• Refuse to check off your sex when filling out forms.”

Friday, October 07, 2005

Expect More Nonsense from Mass. Court

Yesterday, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court heard arguments from the queer activist bar challenging the 1913 state law which prevents out-of-staters from marrying in Massachusetts, if that marriage would not be recognized as legal in their home state. For example, a man couldn't marry a girl considered under age in their home state, even if she were of age in Massachusetts. (SJC hears challenge to marriage law, Boston Globe, Oct. 7, 2005)

The "Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders" (GLAD) say this 1913 law is only being applied now to prevent out-of-state homosexual couples from marrying. But "Attorney General Tom Reilly, who says he personally supports same-sex marriage, but must defend the law," says "that Massachusetts is applying it both to gay and straight couples" and that "Massachusetts would infringe on the laws and practices of other states if it ignored their marriage statutes."

Once again, the Boston Globe lies: "The SJC's landmark 2003 decision legalizing same-sex marriage ..." No, it did not "legalize" anything. That is constitutionally impossible. Massachusetts' constitution leaves all matters of marriage in the hands of the legislature and governor. Note that our own Attorney General refers to the sanctity of "laws" and "marriage statutes" in other states. We ask: Where is the Massachusetts marriage law or statute saying sodomy can be the basis for "marriage"?

The Globe writes, "If the SJC struck down the 1913 law, out-of-state same-sex couples who married in Massachusetts might return to their home states and demand marriage rights there." Might? What a joke. That's their whole plan. It's been in the works for many years. How stupid do they think we are?

Obviously, the queer activists around the country want to use the supposedly "legal" homosexual "marriages" performed in Massachusetts as a wedge to challenge every state's laws. Their "equal protection under the law" is being violated, if they can be considered "married" in Massachusetts but in no other state in the country. That is, every other state in the country is WRONG. (Never would it occur to these people that maybe something is wrong with them.)

Empress Margaret has already used the gimmick of issuing a destructive, society-shattering ruling on an historical anniversary (Nov. 18, 2003 was the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education). Maybe she'll pick that date to announce that Massachusetts must allow homosexual "marriages" for couples -- or trios or quartets -- from all over the country. Then they can go back to their home states and create legal chaos.

The Globe predicts a ruling in about four months.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Mission America Nails It

Our friends at Mission America understand very well where this society is going if we don't say "halt" to the "pansexual" insanity. Here's their comment on a story from the Des Moines Register, about a female toddler who was assaulted in a library. Apparently, the molester had earlier had sex with a man, and then robbed him.

Sex offender accused of robbery (October 6, 2005). "A homeless Des Moines sex offender accused of molesting a toddler in a library restroom robbed a man of $400 last month after the two had sex at a motel, police reports allege."

Mission America writes: "What does this tell us about how we identify sex offenders as homosexual or heterosexual? This guy is all over the map. It's the danger of 'pansexuality.' When unleashed, there are no more neat categories of 'gay' or 'straight.' It's only anarchy and ultimately, violence."

Parents: Say No to Student Surveys

Article 8 Alliance is reporting on a recent Education Committee hearing on a bill which would give parents the right to say "No" to their child’s participation in intrusive, suggestive surveys in our schools. Check out the whole report here: "Parents across the state are fighting for the School Survey Consent Bill (S316)."

The testimony brought out many serious problems with these surveys, including: leading questions; emotional exploration of children's' minds, with unknown effects, or no follow-up if children are upset; questions asked in a moral vacuum; unreliable answers; statistically flawed results which can be put to almost any use.

"Earlier this year, Mark Fisher, a father from Shrewsbury, made national news when his 12-year-old daughter's sixth-grade class was asked in a classroom survey: "Have you ever given or received oral sex?" Mr. Fisher also demanded to see the other questions, and the school refused to comply until great pressure was brought on them by the publicity."

Would you want your child answering these questions from the "Youth Risk Behavior Survey (2005)" ?

10. Which of the following best describes you?
a. Heterosexual (straight)
b. Gay or lesbian
c. Bisexual
d. Not sure

...The next 6 questions ask about deliberately hurting yourself, sad feelings, and attempted suicide. Sometimes people feel so depressed about the future that they may consider attempting suicide, that is, taking some action to end their own life.

29. During the past 12 months, how many times did you hurt or injure yourself on purpose without wanting to die? (For example, by cutting, burning, or bruising yourself on purpose.) [Possible answers: from 0 - 20 times]
30. During the past 12 months, did you ever feel so sad or hopeless almost every day for two weeks or more in a row that you stopped doing some usual activities?
31. During the past 12 months, did you ever seriously consider attempting suicide?
32. During the past 12 months, did you make a plan about how you would attempt suicide?
33. During the past 12 months, how many times did you actually attempt suicide? [Possible answers: 0-6 times]
34. If you attempted suicide during the past 12 months, did any attempt result in an injury, poisoning, or overdose that had to be treated by a doctor or nurse?

...69. Have you ever had sexual intercourse?
70. How old were you when you had sexual intercourse for the first time?
71. During your life, with how many people have you had sexual intercourse?
72. During the past 3 months, with how many people did you have sexual intercourse?
73. During your life, the person(s) with whom you have had sexual contact is (are)…
a. I have not had sexual contact with anyone
b. Female(s)
c. Male(s)
d. Female(s) and male(s)
74. Did you drink alcohol or use drugs before you had sexual intercourse the last time?
75. The last time you had sexual intercourse, did you or your partner use a condom?
76. The last time you had sexual intercourse, what one method did you or your partner use to prevent pregnancy? (Select only one response.)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Promoting Unhealth at Fenway Community Health

We've written quite a bit about the filth in Bay Windows. This homosexual "newspaper" is available free for you and your children at your neighborhood Stop & Shop, or Shaw's/Star Markets! Some of the worst items tend to appear in the Arts section, or in advertisements.

Some time ago, we reported on the Fenway Community Health Center 's "Tops and Bottoms Wanted" ad for HIV vaccine research. That was bad enough. Now we see this ad (half-page on p. 2 in the Arts section, September 29, 2005):

One more GREAT
reason to have SEX
as if you needed another ...
Fenway Community Health is conducting a
study to help researchers who are developing a rectal
microbicide -- an experimental gel for HIV preven-
tion that works like a lube. But we're not
there yet. To find out what YOU like best in
a lube, we need YOUR input. The lube
used in this phase of the study DOES
NOT offer HIV protection, but this study is
the first step toward new gels that will.
For this study we're seeking men who:
- are 18 years or older
- are currently sexually active
- are HIV-negative
- have been a bottom in the past year
For more information call 617-927-6450
Fenway Community Health
Of course this reminds us of the poster boy of the queer activist movement here in Massachusetts, State Rep. Carl Sciortino of Somerville. He used to be director of research projects at Fenway Community Health, so is probably quite familiar with this type of research. And before that, he was head of the queer activists at Tufts University, where among other things he ran seminars on anal lubricants and proper use of sex toys.
Let's keep our eye on state funding for Fenway Community Health Center.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Yes, The Sky IS Falling in Massachusetts

There's a nice little article circulating by Alan Sears, "The sky doesn't fall in a day" from Sears points out that the queer activists have set up a "straw man":

In the arena of political discourse, a “straw man” is often a weak or extreme argument one side in a debate falsely attributes to their opponents. It’s an age-old tactic that presents a nice-sounding argument that is, in reality, easily refuted or “knocked down.” That is the tactic now being used to defend the court-ordered legalization of same-sex “marriage” in Massachusetts last year.

With over 6,000 same-sex couples “wedding” in the Bay State since May 2004, proponents of this change are crying, “See, the sky didn’t fall. The world hasn’t come to an end. And everything is just lovely!”

However, virtually no one in support of authentic marriage ever said that marriage would be destroyed or the country would fall into anarchy the moment same-sex “marriage” in one corner of our nation became a temporary reality.

It's not that we disagree with the basic point of Sears' argument. Major societal disruptions can take decades or longer to manifest. Look at welfare or no-fault divorce. They didn't seem like such big deals in the year or two after they began.

But Sears misses what's happening on the ground here, and really bad things ARE happening. Maybe he should come visit our public places and observe all the same-sex couples brazenly making out, see "gay" men doing it wrapped inside an American flag on our billboards, or pick up filthy homosexual "newspapers" on the freebie shelves in our neighborhood supermarkets and in front of our post offices (where children can get them). All this has greatly accelerated in the last year and a half.

Churches are being picketed by other "ministers" if they dare to say homosexuality is immoral. A website has sprung up to intimidate anyone who signs the new marriage amendment petition. Rowdy, juvenile parties are being held in the State House by queer activists. Trans workshops were held and the vile, pornographic Little Black Book was distributed at a GLSEN conference attended by young teenagers at Brookline High School.

Maybe Sears should talk to Lexington father David Parker about his arrest for daring to object to homosexual "marriages" being presented to his kindergartner as they way things are. "It's legal now; you have to let us tell your children about it, since you won't." School superintendents are violating parental notification law more flagrantly than ever, while pretending to enforce it. Police departments and school board members openly take the sides against Mr. Parker and what he stands for.

We've written about all this over the past year on this blog. Yes, things HAVE changed for the worse.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Homosexual Indoctrination an Old Story in Lexington

A friend reminded us of a story by Ed Oliver from five years ago (back when MassNews actually had some good reporting). He covered a meeting of 250 very angry parents at the Bridge School) on October 4, 2000). Swirling about town at the time was the busing and forced march of junior-high students to an "artsy" photo display of "diverse families" ("Love Makes a Family") at the Unitarian church by the Battle Green. And just the previous spring, the Fistgate scandal had awakened parents to the dangers in our schools.

MassResistance was there with friends, leading a demonstration in front of the church on another occastion later that October, when Lexington's guest of honor, Rep. Barney Frank, showed up for their "Respecting Differences" forum (co-sponsored by the Lexington public schools). Needless to say, Frank responded most rudely to our cheerful greeting and outspoken signs:

"Don't Violate Our Parental Rights!"
"Diversity??? or... Thought Control?"
"Mom and Dad Know Best"
"Tolerance, Not Acceptance"
[Rep. Jay] "Kaufman protects Judge Lopez ... Not Our Kids!"

As you read about the Bridge School meeting, "Lexington Parents crowd curriculum meeting", note the typical stonewalling technique used by the school officials: Collect cards with questions from the concerned parents, but only answer the softballs. Excerpts:

Inquiring parents became further alarmed after their children brought home bulletins announcing that the Lexington Schools are co-sponsoring a pro-homosexual seminar called "Respecting Differences," which will be held October 14th and 15th. After that, Superintendent Pat Ruane announced at a September 12th School Committee meeting that the schools would "expand the notion of what diversity is all about" by training teachers to handle questions and issues about gay families.

One parent asked what a teacher would do if a child declared to his classmates that only a mother and father can be a family. What if he said his parents told him it was so. Would the child be told he is wrong, thereby undermining parental teaching? "That is not a thing we could ignore," the parent was told. "The teacher would tell the child there are all types of families.'"

Ruane told the standing room only crowd that the schools are looking at the reality of an increasingly diverse society through the "formal and informal curriculum." She explained that the books, materials and teachers on hand last night were to help them understand the formal curriculum. "There is no mandated curriculum around issues that are sensitive," she said. However, the informal curriculum is "teaching to the moment." She told the crowd that there is a need for teachers to "be on the same page" regarding homosexual issues and they would have to be trained to be a "partner to the community." Ruane commented, "This is new territory."

Helen Cohen, former pastor at the First Parish Unitarian church who now chairs the Lexington School Committee [thought we couldn't "mix church and state"?] played a big role in the indoctrination plans back in 2000 (as she still does):

[Lexington resident Lorraine Fournier] told Ruane that homosexual education went against what she was taught. Fournier wrote that the Superintendent told her, “There is a separation of church and state.”
Massachusetts News showed Fournier’s letter to Ruane and asked if it was true she told Fournier that there is a separation of church and state. Ruane said she did and strongly voiced her opinion again that there is a separation of church and state.

Massachusetts News asked Ruane, “Why then are the Lexington Schools co-sponsoring the ‘Respecting Differences’ activities along with the lead sponsor, Lexington’s Unitarian Church?” Rather than address the obvious double standard, Ruane could only respond with, “That’s how Lexington does things, as a community.”

A further illustration of church-state coordination, besides the professional credits teachers can accrue for participating in the Unitarian-sponsored activity, occurred when the Unitarian pastor, Helen Cohen, wrote an essay which was published right beside Superintendent Ruane’s opinion piece in the Lexington Minuteman on September 28.

Both articles touted the “Respecting Differences” weekend. Pastor Cohen wrote in her article that she thinks homosexuality is natural, has a biological basis and that Jesus was “inclusive.” The Lexington schools are paying to help promote the Unitarian humanist view, while Fournier and other parents say that their religious views are not even tolerated.