Sunday, October 30, 2005

QueerToday Shows True Nature of Movement tells the truth about who they are, and who their allies are. There is a split in the homosexual movement: This younger set doesn't want to play along with the pretense that "queers" are in any way mainstream, while the older homosexual activists is worried about being too open about their perversion. (From their Oct. 30 posting:)

Most people in our community are glad we are asking the gay establishment to broaden their agendas to create a truly queer social justice movement....

There are others in our community who do not understand why we are not single-issue focused. They send us emails complaining that we show up at pro-choice rallies, anti-war marches, etc. I hope that after they saw the awesome protest we created with the October 29th Coalition they will see the importance and effectiveness of true coalition building.

Still there are others in the gay community who sent us emails and complaints about being too radical, too outraged, too in-your-face. They are mostly adults who are worried we will seem too bizarre or angry in the news, thus ruining the "mainstream" image they wish the gay community would show the world.

Let me be very clear to the gay community of Boston: QueerToday will continue to express our outrage against all forms of injustice. We do not care if the news captures us in drag protesting on the streets in the spirit of Stonewall. We do not care if we threaten your obsession with presenting the gay community as "mainstream." We know that being queer is innately NOT mainstream, and it never will be....

Queers Fight Back!