Friday, October 28, 2005

Leftist America-Haters, All

Should be quite a scene tomorrow on the Boston Common. The queers will try to silence the message that they can be helped, joining forces with anti-warrior Cindy Sheehan. Since these people can't hold a logical conversation, they plan to drown out their opposition with chanting outside the "Love Won Out" conference at the Tremont Temple. From the QueerToday blog:

When and Stonewall Warriors protest the Focus on the Family's "Love Won Out" conference in Boston on Oct. 29 we will be doing so in concert with the massive regional Anti-War March happening at the same time on Boston Common. For us, Focus on the Family and the Bush war machine march in lockstep every day against the LGBT community and all oppressed people of the world.

7:30 AM 88 Tremont Street Protest anti-lgbtq... Love Won Out Conference. Sign Ideas: "It's OK 2 be Gay!" "American Psychological Association: ex-gay ministries don't work." "Protect Queer Youth From Focus On The Family!" "Happy Healthy Queer & Proud" "Proud Queer & (paste your religion here)!" "Separate Church & State!"
11 AM Boston Common Anti-war rally featuring Cindy Sheehan emceed by founder Mark Snyder.
Afternoon Huge anti-war march stops at 88 Tremont Street to create a massive protest against James Dobson/Focus On The Family and their anti-gay radical right-wing agenda! leads the crowd in chants.

Will the Log Cabin Republicans join in, we wonder?