Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hate Mail or Criminal Harassment? Part I

Many of the homosexual activists are hurt, broken, and angry people. Those of us who've been at the State House for recent big events have seen this up close, and we certainly sense their pain.

But their level of discourse reveals the unbalanced, obsessive quality of their lives. We truly wish these people well. And there are many ex-gay ministries made up of people who've been there and done that, who can help them.

Sadly, our good will is not reciprocated. Recently, the Boston Herald reported on a public, well-orchestrated effort to intimidate the leaders of the VoteOnMarriage petition campaign. And the people at Article 8 Alliance are under a constant barrage of hate emails. Some of these communications have arguably crossed the line into criminal harassment.

Below are examples from one
Gaston28@aol.com to the Article 8 office. Note his personal harassment of an individual, and his obsessive, frightening focus on personal details. (A psychologist has told us, on the basis of these emails, that this is not a well person, and very concerning.)

Three such incidents from the same person directed to one target equals criminal harassment, according to Massachusetts Attorney General's office....That is, unless it's a homosexual activist harassing pro-family people. Then the Mass. A-G backs off.

The homo activists seem to have special rights and protections, and are seemingly above the law. "Hate crimes" only apply in one direction. (Attorney General Reilly is running for Governor, after all, and needs this powerful lobby's support. There are also powerful queer activists in high places in the A-G's office.)

Article 8 documented this harassment, but then the the rules of the game had changed. After earlier explaining the law on criminal harassment, once the Attorney-General's office identified the perpetrator, they decided to call these abusive and possibly threatening emails simply "free speech"! (By the way, "Gaston" claims to have a high position in a government office. Hmm...)

Meanwhile, Congress is busy passing "hate crimes" laws targeting our side, but letting the homo activists say anything and do anything they want. Soon, our side will be arrested for "hate speech". But they imply threats to your family and children without consequence.

Here are just six emails (there were more) received by our friend at Article 8 from Gaston28@aol.com:

#1 "You know you people are really disgusting. Intimidating gay kids, wow, you must feel great. Why is X hiding behind Article 8? We know where she lives and we are planning a picket line outside her house. I wonder if her neighbors know what kind of bigot she is? We are going to use the same tactics that the abortion protesters use on the doctors. You made this issue personal when it has nothing at all to do with you or X. But it affects us, you are trying to take away our rights. Well it isn't going to work. Our marriages are legal whether you like it or not and more of us are getting married. Deal with the reality. Bigots like you are becoming extinct. You are all nut jobs."

#2 "So you finally show your true colors. You are for censorship. You are modern day Nazis. You do not want anyone to call attention to the discrimination that people like you ane Article 8 are trying to impose on society. I clearly hope you do not have children because I shutter [sic] to think of the damage you are causing to them emotionally and mentally. You are an evil nasty woman. I saw a picture of you and wondered if you were a closeted lesbian which would explain your venomous attacks on out gays and lesbians."

#3 "You people are so pathetic. You try and make it seem like people really care about you. What about the harm you are doing to children and adults alike. While I don't agree with what you do, I do agree that you have the right to say whatever it is you like, as long as I am standing there refuted [sic] your responses since you tend to tell lies. X is no such person... she puts forth venon [sic] at people she knows nothing about. I can almost bet her son is gay. I saw the pictures at [names his college, obviously researched] and he doesn't look to [sic] masculine to me is that what she is afraid of? I hope she still loves her son when he does come out. I really think she should be taking more care of her husband and daughter than trying to split apart my family. When you really look at it, you are about hate and censorship."

#4 "Yep, you really showed how much of a bigot you really are and it's captured on video. You will be aligned with the prejudice that went on during the 70's when southie didn't want the blacks in their schools. You should be proud.... Unfortunately, your two children will bear the emotional scar that you have burdened them with. Oh the harm you are causing them, they should be taken away from you for preaching such hate to young minds. You are no different from the KKK and Nazi's [sic]. You are in good company."

#5 "There's really nothing more to say. You talk about AIDS like it was invented for gay people. Are you stupid? It was found in Africa. AIDS has decimated the population of Africa and you treat is [sic] with a trite and stupid remark. You are seriously mentally ill. Your two children should be taken away from you before they end up in jail."

#6 "you poor stupid woman. Didn't you learn anything in high school civics class? I am assuming that you graduated from high school (Big assumption on my part I know).... You don't need to put quotes around same sex marriages because the are MARRIAGES whether you like it or not...Now if one of your children wanted to get married to a person of the same sex they could.... I would only put quotes around marriage when I use it to describe things like [you] and Article 8 are in a "marriage" with the Klux [sic] Klux Klan since they have the same concerns. X, please stop spreading the hate, your two children will be grateful in the long run since they will be burdened with a mother who is a bigot and obsessed with gay people. It won't be pretty.