Thursday, October 27, 2005

Fr. Bob Carr on Latest Anti-Catholic Story from Boston Globe

Today's Globe had another Catholic-bashing story, "Two sidelined after protesting altar call on ban on gay marriage." Fr. Bob Carr's has a good analysis of this hideous style of "reporting" in his blog. The reporter who was not present at the "event" gives total credence to an angry source, prints his version of things, and whips up sentiment against the Archdiocese.

The Globe is still fuming about the canning of Fr. Cuenin in Newton, who marched in gay pride parades, and took part in "GLBT" days at Newton North High School.

From Fr. Carr's intro:

[U]nderstand that these reporters are really not believers and if they are, their editors are not. So they truly have no understanding of Our Faith. Remember it is a tenet of Christianity that those who do not believe cannot even understand the bible....

...the Globe has the reputation as being All Gay-All Day. They have alienated those whom they've ostracized until only those who agree with them are reading them. This is what makes the so convenient because, I without reading the newspaper, look for the Anti-Catholic story of the day. I check that out and then go have breakfast and read the Wall Street Journal. Further, Pravda, which used similar techniques, I assume, could be read in the townsquare, as it was posted, One did not have to buy Pravda to read it. So it was not victim to consumer pressures. The media today in the US is different and can be subject to consumer pressures. Hence, the reason why the Globe is losing money. It will eventually have a similar circulation to Bay Windows, as it seeks the same audience.