Sunday, November 23, 2008

Homofascist Intimidation HQ "Villa" Celebrated in Boston Globe

Hey, Prez-Elect Obama! Time to spread around some wealth! Take a look at this palace. And to think only two guys, Tom Lang and Alex Westerhoff, live here. It doesn't seem quite fair.

And what a couple they are. Thanks to the Boston Globe Magazine, we get a peak at their "villa" -- the chicest location for radical leftist fundraisers. (Just imagine what else goes on in these rooms.*)
One thing is for sure: The palace has been a base for harassing opponents of "homosexual marriage". One of its owners, Tom Lang, is the infamous cyber-bully behind the "KnowThyNeighbor" web site, which published the names of anyone who signed the pro-marriage referendum petition in Massachusetts a few years back.
Here's nice guy Lang in December 2006, shouting down a pro-marriage rally (which held a permit for the space) in Worcester. MassResistance posted a video of his vile disruption, where he screams at the participants that they're "bigots". He’s the chubby guy in glasses.

It is our opinion that Tom Lang of Manchester-by-the-Sea should be prosecuted for violating the constitutional rights of citizens of Massachusetts who simply signed a petition to get a ballot question on marriage. Lang's goal was to intimidate anyone who questions homosexual marriage or homosexuality (then or in the future). Such intimidation is illegal in Massachusetts. Just look at what's happening to signers in California after the passage of Prop 8, banning homosexual "marriage". Lang provided the model for this tactic.

Mass. General Laws, Ch. 12, Sec. 11H:
Whenever any person or persons, whether or not acting under color of law, interfere by threats, intimidation or coercion, or attempt to interfere by threats, intimidation or coercion, with the exercise or enjoyment by any other person or persons of rights secured by the constitution or laws of the United States, or of rights secured by the constitution or laws of the commonwealth, the attorney general may bring a civil action for injunctive or other appropriate equitable relief in order to protect the peaceable exercise or enjoyment of the right or rights secured.... [emphasis added]

Lang and Westerhoff were often seen at demonstrations and State House events. Here they are at a recent State House event -- in their usual position -- celebrating the corrupt action of the Legislature which had just denied the people their right to vote on sodomy "marriage":
The Boston press has gushed over the Lang-Westerhoff palace before. In 2007, we posted Boston Herald columnist Margery Eagan's 2004 excrescence over their lavish "wedding" and home. Eagan was apparently a guest. See our June 2007 post on the "Finneran-Lang-Eagan Axis of Evil":

[MassResistance blog:] Lang's "wedding" was one of the first after the phony, illegal "gay marriages" began. He married his lovely bride -- oops, "husband" -- Alex, in a rose-bedecked church in Manchester-By-The-Sea. Eagan was apparently a guest of the two grooms. And Finneran [former Speaker of the House] issued a proclamation celebrating this sanctification of sodomy. The "husbands" seem to be very wealthy and well-connected, the event complete with bejeweled guests, opera singers, and a mansion to go home to. (Has Eagan returned for a party recently?)

Within two years of his glorious "wedding", Lang went on to publish the names of all who signed the VoteOnMarriage referendum petition on his KnowThyNeighbor site, and become a leading spewer of heterophobic hate speech. Watch him and his friends in
this video (he's the chubby guy with glasses), revealing his intention to shut down any speech opposing his. And now how amazing is it that both Eagan and Finneran host talk radio shows? (This used to be the only outlet for conservatives in this state; now station managements are giving it over to the leftists.) From Eagan's column,"Same-Sex Marriage: Ordinary ceremony turns unique" (Boston Herald, 5-18-04):

[Eagan wrote:] ... Five minutes after Alexander Westerhoff and Thomas Lang, in tails and tux, walked down a white-carpeted aisle here last night, their wedding became not about same-sex or any sex, but about two people promising their lives to each other.
In many respects this wedding is "like any wedding," said officiating minister the Rev. Peter J. Gomes of Harvard University . "Preservice jitters . . . anxiety . . . confusion," he said. "And so we celebrate the ordinariness of the occasion."
But Gomes also said there's "something quite unique and special" happening in this small chapel.You expected Gomes then to speak of history: Yesterday, for the first time, homosexual couples could wed in Massachusetts . Before yesterday this union would have been illegal. Instead, Gomes referred to the two men before him as "unique" in their love. Men who put "16 years' worth of thought and care and consideration" into getting married.
And so it was in many ways a traditional marriage. Each pew a garland of baby roses. Best man Alex Filias handing over the rings. Traditional vows: "I give you this ring as a symbol of my promise," said Westerhoff. "All that I am is yours, as long as we both shall live," said Lang.
Here's what was different: As the couples joined hands, Gomes pronounced them, not man and wife, but "partners for life" and "truly married in the sight of God and man." Lang and Westerhoff kissed twice - very quickly - then they received a proclamation of congratulations from the Massachusetts House of Representatives, signed by Speaker Thomas Finneran, who has long opposed gay marriage. It read: "What the SJC has granted, let no vote put asunder."
... last night in Manchester-by-the-Sea, about 100 guests - men in black ties and women in bejeweled gowns - celebrated their marriage with them. Singers from the Boston Lyric Opera sang arias by Puccini and Lehar. Lang and Westerhoff marched out of the church to a gospel rendition of "Oh, Happy Day," sung by the red-robed Majestic Ensemble. Westerhoff was occasionally in tears as the wedding party adjourned to the massive home the couple just built together.
Missing from the party, however, was Alex's mother, who disowned him, the couple said, after their Vermont civil union....

In 2006, a gala fundraiser for then candidate Gov. Deval Patrick (friend to Barack Obama) was held at the Lang-Westerhoff palace. InNews Weekly (a homosexual newspaper) reported:

Rev. Gomes endorses Patrick for Mass. Gov. -- Endorsement came at Manchester-by-the-Sea fund raiser jointly hosted by Alexander Westerhoff and Tom Lang (of Know Thy Neighbor) and the Freedom to Marry PAC

The Reverend Professor Peter J. Gomes, [openly homosexual] (D.D., Honorary Fellow of the College, Plummer Professor of Christian Morals at Harvard University, and Pusey Minister in the Memorial Church, Harvard), provided a rare public endorsement on behalf of Deval Patrick at a Manchester-by-the-Sea fundraiser jointly hosted by Alexander Westerhoff and Tom Lang of Manchester and the Freedom to Marry PAC....

Alex Westerhoff and Tom Lang, whose Manchester-by-the-Sea "Villa in Construction" hosted the Deval Patrick for Governor fundraiser, have been close friends with the Reverend Gomes since Westerhoff immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1988. Westerhoff says that the attendees were in excess of 150 people in total and drew from a wide range of bi-partisan support from the Northshore and Boston who came out to hear and meet Deval Patrick. "I am honored that Reverend Gomes chose our joint event with Freedom to Marry in which to endorse Deval Patrick for Governor. Peter's words express, as only Peter can, the feelings of so many in Massachusetts as to the current administration and politicians in general, and how we need a leader like Patrick in the corner office," said Westerhoff. Reverend Gomes officiated at Westerhoff and Lang's marriage ceremony on May 17, 2004.

(InNews Weekly, 8-5-06)
*Hmm... Now it seems Mr. Lang had decided to protect HIS privacy a little more (a right he denies others), and has had the Globe remove the link to more photos of his palace.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gays don't need eHarmony: They have

How phony for the homosexual community to demand inclusion in eHarmony, the online dating service formerly dedicated to promoting committed relationships between one man and one woman. Homosexuals have plenty of dating resources already, such as ManHunt, MassEquality, GLSEN, PFLAG, Human Rights Campaign, bathhouses, and all the new protest events happening everywhere! Go bash an old lady carrying a cross, and you'll be sure to catch the eye of a kindred spirit.

Back in 2006, we paid close attention to the Boston Pride parade, after we exposed the Macy's window with transgender mannequins promoting that event. (Watch out, eHarmony: Transgenders will demand their section next! After all, 13 or so states already have "gender identity" protected in their laws, and the radicals are working on that here in Mass.)

Our report became a big story in itself, so much so that the float of a "gay" dating service -- -- was a take-off on the tranny mannequin theme.
Curious but innocent as we were, we then looked up the company behind that float: That was an eye-opener, and we believe it catches the essence of what gays are really looking for in an online "dating service".

Does eHarmony really know what it's getting into? What does "man seeking man" really mean? Check out the photos on ManHunt for the answer. Here are some phrases we picked up from the web site tour:

If he's out there, he's on here. Get on, get off.
What are you looking for? college boys - Latin papis - black guys - bi-curious - hairy daddies - young and hung - thugs - boys next door - total tops - hungry bottoms ...
Search options: ...
What he's into: toys - exhibition - s**king - f***ing - leather - pig play - LTR - feet/socks - FF - WS - toys ...
When he wants it...
How he likes it...
Where it happens..

Will eHarmony have to include these specifics for their "gay" clients? And if they don't, will they be charged with discrimination again?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Anti-Prop 8 Demo in Northampton Pushes "Transgender Rights"

Northampton, Massachusetts -- site of the nation's first major "Transgender Rights" march last June (documented by MassResistance, with video and photos) -- saw its own anti-Prop 8 demonstration on Saturday. But in Northampton, the cause includes "transgender rights" too -- not just "homosexual marriage".

What caught our eye on YouTube was this video of a "male-to-female" transsexual speaker, Lorelei Erisis.

You must watch this to see where our society is going. Men wanting to be women, changing their bodies and names (though rarely their faces or voices):

"Ladies and gentlemen of all genders and persuasions, thank you for coming out..."

And if you don't want to go along with this insanity, you're a "hater" -- according to our President-elect too, not just the radicals assembling in Northampton.

Here is a photo of Lorelei speaking:
Remember that President-elect Obama has promised equal rights for the whole GLBT community -- "T" meaning transgenders or transsexuals. ("Gender identity" is the code language used for trannies.) Clearly, there is no bottom to this pit of confusion, sadness, and perversion into which these people have fallen. Yet our leftist political leaders will encourage even more troubled people to fall in. (See MassResistance, 3-8-08)

(The GLBT blog Reiter's Block has more photos of the Northampton radicals empowered by Obama's promises.)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Credible Court Challenge: Alan Keyes Demands Proof of Obama Citizenship

Yes We Can HOPE!

WorldNetDaily broke the story yesterday:

Here is the actual filing in California Superior Court:

As a presidential candidate on the ballot in California, Keyes apparently has legal standing. (That was the grounds for courts dismissing other lawsuits: It seems regular voters don't have the right to know that their candidates meet all eligibility requirements!)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Satanic Trannies" Coming Soon to Massachusetts?

A new "direct action" lesbian/trans/assorted perv group has appeared on the scene, most recently invading a church in Lansing, Michigan. The group "Bash Back" calls themselves "Satanic Trannies" and they are clearly proud of the places reserved for them in hell. (Note the "666" under "Dykes of the Damned" above. Sign below reads "Satanic Trannies".) Their banner in Wikipedia says, "These faggots kill fascists." The group is gearing up all over the country, no doubt soon joining the fray in Massachusetts.

Photos: NBC25.
What does "Bash Back" hope to accomplish through their "radical queer convergences"? From their MySpace:
["Bash Back" is] an anti-assimilation, sex-positive, radical group of queers, transfolk, and feminists dedicated to eradicating heteronormativity, subverting binary gender norms, capitalism, and attacking intersecting oppressions including but not limited to white supremacy, patriarchy, classism, ableism, sizeism, and poverty inside and outside of the movement....
We are fierce as fuck radical queers, transfolk, and feminists who are not concerned with gaining access to oppressive, state-run institutions such as marriage, the military, or obtaining upward economic mobility. We want liberation, nothing less....
[Bash Back welcomes all] queermos, trans people, dykes, fags, bi people, feminists, womyn, people of color, lesbians, gays, butches, femmes, bdsm perverts, sex workers, bearded ladies, ladyboys, bois, grrls, radicals, people with aids, allies, bears, cubs, drag performers, tops, bottoms, burlesque all stars, transvestites, genderqueers, genderfuckers, sluts, poly people, radical cheerleaders, tranarchists, john waters and anyone in between who want to smash the state.

Obama and Post-Christian Democracies

Written nine years before the election of Barack Obama . . .
Plague Journal – A Novel, by Michael D. O’Brien (Ignatius Press, 1999):

Contemporary Western nations would do well to study the cultural state of Germany during its descent into totalitarianism. Hegel and Nietzsche had exercised a powerful influence on dramatists, journalists, and visual artists of their own time and the ensuing generations. By the 1920s and 1930s the German people had been prepared to accept the political philosophies that would have been unthinkable in a Christian nation a short century before. Spiritually divided by the Reformation, grown indifferent to papal warnings about National Socialism, saturated in artistic decadence, and undermined by post-enlightenment philosophies that set man adrift in a flattened cosmos, they were ready for a secular messiah. The similarities between their culture and ours do not end there: at root is a gnawing angst, a camouflaged despair. And man in despair becomes capable of any outrage. He becomes willing to elevate clearly evil personalities into positions of absolute power as long as the new rulers promise a secular redemption. If God is in fact dead, then it is permissible and even logical to do so. If there is no absolute good or evil, then why should we not employ evil men and evil means to bring about a perceived good – meaning, of course, any social good of which the collective mind is convinced. A reading of the culture of prewar Germany offers astounding evidence of just how swiftly and extensively the collective mind can be convinced. Add to these similarities the almost limitless powers of the modern media, and there emerges the potential for a complete deformation of man’s sense of reality.