Friday, August 24, 2007

Why "No Place for Hate" If No "Hate Crimes"?

Not a single "hate crime" has been reported in the town of Acton, Massachusetts according to the FBI online reports for the last ten years (1995-2005). So why does Acton need a "No Place for Hate" committee?

Reports in the Associated Press and Lowell Sun indicate that Acton is now reconsidering its link to the ADL (Anti-Defamation League, which sponsors the "No Place for Hate" program), after the revelations that the ADL refused to recognize the Armenian holocaust.

We've just learned (8-24-07) that the Acton Board of Selectmen have not yet taken final action, but are still pondering the situation. We certainly hope the Selectmen, and State Rep. James Eldridge (co-chairman of this unneeded committee), will see to it that it disbands.

The planned production this November at the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School of a politically motivated, pro-homosexual propaganda play, "The Laramie Project," is the sort of event the "No Place for Hate" groups promote. It is likewise ill-conceived and should be reconsidered.

Let's repeat: No hate crimes reported in Acton. No hate crimes reported in Boxborough. So please, busy-body leftists, just leave the towns alone! See our earlier posting: "No Place for Hate Now in Acton," 8-6-07.) From the confusing report in the Lowell Sun (8-22-07):

Yesterday morning, officials in Acton also decided to disassociate their No Place For Hate program from the ADL, according to State Rep. Jamie Eldridge, who is co-chairman of the No Place For Hate program in Acton. "With the news that the national ADL reversed their position, we're not taking any action," said Eldridge, also a candidate for Marty Meehan's vacated 5th Congressional District seat.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Farah of WorldNetDaily: Romney Is a Phony

Correction 8-31-07: This column was actually written by Joseph Farah, editor of WorldNetDaily, not by a Massachusetts Republican activist, as stated by the site where we first saw it. See Farah's article. But a major Mass. Republican is quoted at the end.

How can Romney dupe Republican voters so easily? Excerpts:

The Many Faces of Mitt Romney
By Joseph Farah

I'm astounded.
I don't know how else to say it.
I just continue to be amazed at the number of Republicans who are so easily conned, duped and hoodwinked by Willard Mitt Romney.
I'm not sure there are any facts I could offer that would dissuade his minions from supporting their messiah. It's an emotional thing. They have found their political savior, and nothing he has ever said or done previously or in the future is likely to convince them they saddled the wrong pony.
Here's the latest bulletin that will fall on deaf ears: The born-again pro-lifer, who swears he had a Damascus Road experience on the issue of abortion, currently owns stock in two companies involved in embryonic stem cell research....

This list of flip-flops by Mitt Romney is legendary – enough to get him a regular role in Doonesbury. But let's review a few of the classics:
Immigration ...
Gun control ... Minimum wage ... Same-sex marriage ... Homosexuals in the military ... Tax cutting ...
I could go on. This list is virtually never-ending with this charlatan. But it won't matter to the Romney faithful, who now accuse me of religious bigotry for pointing out the obvious flaws in this man's worldview, his character and his political record. They say I am only doing this because I hate Mormons.
But I'll keep sounding the alarm, just like
John MacMillan, Republican town committee chairman in Billerica, Mass., who supported Romney when he first ran for office as the state's governor in 2003.
"He's as phony as a three-dollar bill," said MacMillan. "When I started to look at his positions – gun control, pro-gay – I found out that he's just as bad as (Teddy) Kennedy. I've been a Republican all my life, and leopards don't change their spots. He'll change his position, say anything, to get votes."

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

All Towns Should End Ties to "No Place for Hate"

We're glad to see that Watertown has severed its ties with the hate group, "No Place for Hate." This is an intolerant organization which over and over has shown its bias and bigotry towards people who hold traditional faith and values.

The Watertown controversy picked up steam when the Anti-Defamation League's denial of the Armenian genocide was made public by a concerned citizen. How could the Boston Globe join in denying that genocide? They were forced to make critical comments about the ADL! It would be too much to hope the Globe would take its blinders off, and recognize ADL/No Place for Hate's other denials regarding the abortion genocide, the health risks of homosexuality, the rights of parents to the moral education of their own children, etc. See our earlier reports on "No Place for Hate":

David Parker's Civil Disobedience the Only Way He Could Be Heard (5-12-05)
Pink Triangles and Police Lists in Bedford (6-11-05)
Lexington Radicals Still Calling Names (7-3-05)
Watertown Declares Itself "Place for Hate" -- of Traditional Values (5-23-07)
"No Place for Hate" Sponsor ADL Denies Holocausts (8-3-07)
No Place for Hate Now in Acton (8-6-07)

Recent stories in the Boston Globe:

Town ends ties with No Place for Hate (8-15-07)
We wonder what the "good works" are supposedly done by the group? "Diversity days"?

Pressure mounting on ADL program; Armenian groups expand initiative (8-16-07)
"The controversy over No Place For Hate, a national program that had encountered no controversy until now, centers on what critics say is the ADL's refusal to acknowledge the genocide."
There has been controversy over this program before (see our reports above); the Globe just chose not to cover it, since it was over their pet project, pushing homosexuality.
". . . in 1999 [the ADL] it launched the No Place For Hate program. Under the program, communities organize diversity days and other events focused on challenging bigotry, and after a year they receive placards to be posted in public, declaring the community as "No Place For Hate."
Now what "bigotry" would those "diversity days" have in mind?

Local chapter breaks with ADL position; Armenian genocide at issue (8-17-07)
A painful truth (8-18-07) By Rachel Kaprielian [State Rep., Watertown] and Alan Dershowitz
ADL local leader fired on Armenian issue; Genocide question sparked bitter debate (8-19-07)
2 members of regional ADL board quit (8-19-07)
Jewish groups pressure the ADL (8-21-07)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Romney's Portfolio Hypocrisy, cont'd

[A bit late with this update on Mitt Romney's portfolio, but it's important:]
While He criticized Senator Ted Kennedy in 1994 for what was in his blind trust when running against him, Romney claims he couldn't have controlled how his own blind trust was set up in 2002. So it ended up with investments in companies researching human embryonic stem cells -- as well as casinos and a questionable oil company. In Thursday's Boston Herald:

Romney, who holds assets worth between $190 million and $250 million, also invests in casino operators, an oil company that does business with Iran and a firm with cash linked to the genocidal Sudanese government. Romney has said the investments were held in a blind trust that prevented him from directing the use of his money, or scrubbing stock transactions for conflicts with his political beliefs.

However, the former governor previously chastised Bay State Sen. Edward M. Kennedy for mounting the same defense during a 1994 campaign for U.S. Senate. “The blind trust is an age-old ruse,” Romney was quoted as saying at the time. “You give a blind trust rules. You can say to a blind trust, don’t invest in properties which would be in conflict of interest or where the seller might think they’re going to get an advantage from me.”

Will Massachusetts Follow Brazil with Free "Sex-Change" Surgeries?

Whether or not the "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" bill is passed in Massachusetts, there's a good chance that mutilating "sex change" surgery could soon be covered by your tax dollars. Our Supreme Judicial Court will surely confirm that health care, however defined by the individual, is a "constitutional right" as did the Brazilian court.

Brazil to offer free sex-reassignment surgery
Michael Astor, AP; 8-17-07

Brazil's public health system will begin providing free gender-reassignment operations in compliance with a court order, the Health Ministry said Friday. Ministry spokesman Edmilson Oliveira da Silva said the government would not appeal Wednesday's ruling by a panel of federal judges giving the government 30 days to offer the procedure or face fines of US$5,000 a day. . . .

Federal prosecutors from Rio Grande do Sul state had argued that sexual-reassignment surgery is covered under a constitutional clause guaranteeing medical care as a basic right. . . .

The health ministry said that since 2000, about 250 sexual reassignment surgeries considered experimental have been performed at three university hospitals. Brazil is generally more tolerant of homosexuality than other Latin American countries, with transvestites featured prominently in celebrations like Carnaval, but discrimination still exists.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Quebec Govt Threatens to Take Children from Mennonite Parents

Read this news from Canada, and ask how long it will be before Massachusetts authorities begin taking children away from their "conservative Christian" or "homophobic" parents. The First Circuit Federal Court has already ruled that parents can be denied their right to determine the moral and religious education of their own children, and that their children must be indoctrinated that homosexuality and transgenderism are normal, healthy, and equal to heterosexuality. The Mass. Department of Education and local school districts have long violated existing Massachusetts law requiring parental notification and opt-out privilege on issues of human sexuality.

Whether you call this Leftist indoctrination, atheistic fascism, anti-Creationist fascism, or homofascism, the end result is the same: Children will soon belong to the state, not to their parents.

Mennonites threaten to abandon Quebec
The province insists the group's children must go to a sanctioned school. Leaders say they'll leave the province rather than conform
CanWest News Service, 8-16-07

They have integrated into Quebec society, found jobs, made friends and learned French. But members of Quebec's only Mennonite community say they'll move out of the province before they'll send their children to government-approved schools. It's a question of religious intolerance, said Ronald Goossen, who in the early 1990s was among the first Mennonites from Manitoba to move to this sleepy town about 100 kilometres east of Montreal. "It's kind of sad because we enjoy the community, we have friends and we have good rapport with our neighbours.

"But when they threaten to take our children and put them in foster homes, that's beyond what we can accept," said Goossen, 56. Parents were warned they'll face legal proceedings if their children aren't enrolled in sanctioned schools this fall. That could lead to children being taken from families, Goossen said. He said about 30 members of the 15-family community -- couples with their school-aged children -- will have to move before school starts. The others will follow.

. . . Problems arise because the teacher is not certified and the province's official curriculum is not being taught, say education officials. [The official curriculum teaches anti-Christian attitudes and immorality antithetical to the Mennonite way of life.]
"To do that, we would have to send teachers to schools we don't want to send our children to," Goossen said. "We don't agree with the emphasis on evolution, which we consider false; we don't like the morality standards; and we don't like the acceptance of alternative lifestyles," he said . . .

Romney Still Waffling on Abortion

But how do you waffle when it's either right or wrong with no gray area? Romney's has said for some time that the states should be able to decide individually whether or not they'll permit abortions -- NOT a pro-life position. Then, before the Iowa caucus he pretends to support a federal amendment banning abortion. Next, he backtracks and says an amendment allowing state flexibility is good:
See LifeSite News (8-16-07):

Romney Supports Human Life Amendment, Then Qualifies Stance
. . . "I do support the Republican platform and I do support that big part of the Republican platform, and I am pro-life," Romney said during an August 6 Republican debate, when asked whether he affirmed the human life amendment, a key part of the 2004 Republican pro-life platform that was written by his pro-life advisor James Bopp, jr.

A human life amendment intends to change the US Constitution by expanding 14th Amendment protections - such as due process and equal protection clauses - to include unborn children. Such an amendment would ban abortions nationwide and repeal the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

However the Associated Press reports that Romney later qualified his support for a human life amendment. According to the AP, Romney said his advisor Bopp had told him "there are a wide range of possible human life amendments" ranging from a total ban on abortion to an amendment that let states make the decision. On top of that, getting both houses of Congress and 38 out of 50 states to support a constitutional amendment, Bopp told him, "is just not realistic."

Romney said he prefers a strategy of appointing strict constitutionalist judges, who might overturn Roe v. Wade, and allow the states to decide their policy regarding abortion.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

United Way and Mass. DPH Fund "Transwomen" Handing Out Condoms & Lube

United Way has posted a notice for volunteers to pass out condoms and anal lube in cruising spots, including "public sex areas" and bars. Bear in mind that the program PUMP (part of "Cambridge Cares About AIDS" or CCAA) receives funding from the state as well as United Way. The "trans men" sought would be women posing as men; the "transgender women" would be men posing as women. (We think; but in this evolving world of perversion, who knows for sure?) Yet the United Way refuses to support the Boy Scouts!

Peer Educators Wanted
(Last updated on July 6, 2007)

The PUMP (Peers Using More Prevention) Program is currently seeking gay/bi/trans men and transgender women to conduct peer education and outreach to men who have sex with men and transgender women in the Cambridge/Boston area (bars, clubs, online websites, public sex areas, and on the street). Outreach activities include distributing condoms, engaging priority populations in conversations about HIV/AIDS, providing harm reduction peer-to-peer counseling, and referrals to outside services.Volunteers must be at least 21 years old.

This opportunity is sponsored by: Cambridge Cares About AIDS. We need volunteers who are free at these times: Evenings, Weekly, Weekends. This volunteer opportunity is available to the following types of volunteers Adults (26-54) Young Adults (18-25) Contact Person: Carol L, Human Resources Address: 17 Sellers Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

We first posted on PUMP over a year ago, when we discovered they have an outreach at Youth Pride. That could explain the numerous older men in drag we observed circulating among the teenagers at the Boston Common event last May. PUMP's web site declares:

PUMP IS PROUD TO COLLABORATE WITH: ["a project by, for, and about men in the sex industry"];; and

We wrote about PUMP's parent organization CCAA then: Needless to say, we believe HIV/AIDS sufferers should receive compassionate care, help with housing, etc. And we admire those who are able to help in this way. What we don't understand is why such programs as CCAA and Fenway -- and the state Dept. of Public Health -- play along with and encourage men in the deadly "gay" lifestyle. Even CCAA's anonymous HIV testing program tells clients they may not be ready for the trauma of an AIDS test, so it's OK to put it off. [The latter reference, to postponement if not ready, has since been removed.]

We also linked to a story about CCAA's "Transcend" Pride event, established to include the under 21 trans population, with sponsorship of the Dept. of Public Health. Our new Commissioner of Public Health is a homosexual activist who told children at Youth Pride this May that he'd be sure they would receive HIV/AIDS testing they needed! That's what "public health" has come to.

John Auerbach, Mass. Dept. of Public Health Commissioner, at Youth Pride on the Boston Common, May 2007 [photo: MassResistance]

Why doesn't law enforcement do something about shutting down these public anonymous sex encounter locations, in the cause of public health? We know the answer: cries of homophobia from homosexual activists. After all, anonymous sex and risky situations are part of their "culture", necessary to their sexual "identitites" and "gender expression". It would be a violation of their "human rights" if the state put any restrictions on their behavior. So the authorities have agreed to the activists' demands not to disturb their cruising grounds in The Fens (Boston)and Fellsway Park (Somerville), and in the bars.

From CCAA's web site: "The mission of Cambridge Cares About AIDS (CCA) is to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic by serving those most impacted by social and economic inequality. CCA provides accessible prevention, education, advocacy, and support services in accordance with harm reduction principles to help people meet self-identified goals."

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Romney Profits on Human Embryo Research

The Boston Herald reports that Mitt Romney's blind trust, set up in 2002, has stock in two companies using human embryos for research, Millipore and Novo Nordisk. An honorable person with true convictions on human life issues would not have allowed such companies in his portfolio.

Mitt owns stock in stem cell research (8-15-07)

Despite his “pro-life” campaign pitch, former Gov. Mitt Romney owns stock in two companies involved in embryonic stem cell research, a controversial field of study he previously cited as the reason for his rightward shift on abortion. Romney holds stock in the biomedical firms Novo Nordisk and Millipore Corp., both of which use human embryos to research cures for chronic diseases, records show. Many conservatives fiercely oppose the research because it destroys the embryos in the process. . . .

Romney’s assets are held in a blind trust created after he was elected governor in late 2002. The manager of that trust, Brad Malt of the law firm Ropes & Gray, said Romney had no way of knowing how his funds were invested. “He lost that ability once the trust was created,” he said.

While many candidates sell stocks held in blind trust because of potential political problems, Romney did not do so before he launched his bid for the presidency. Candidates also can set restrictions on their investments when a blind trust is created, but Malt said Romney did not take that step in 2002.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Boston Globe Pushing "Transgender Rights" -- Again

GLAD attorney Ms. Jennifer Levi (right) is working for "transgender rights and hate crimes" legislation in Massachusetts. And the Boston Globe is happy to help. (Photo: GLAD 2007 summer party)

The Boston Globe is not only in the tank with the radical homosexuals. It is also proving its total commitment to the transgender/transsexual extremist movement. It's working hand in hand with the Mass. Transgender Political Coalition and GLAD (Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders), laying the groundwork for dangerous new legislation through a desensitization campaign.

For the second time in the past six months, the Boston Sunday Globe Magazine has run a huge story promoting sympathy for sex-change craziness. This past Easter Sunday, it did a feature on college girls having their breasts removed, then claiming to be men. Now we have a cover story (complete with an online video with background music) on a Boston area male physician who claims now to be female. It's a masterpiece of propaganda, the expansive coverage to be continued in next week's Globe.

The extremist elite is gearing up to pass the "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" bill (H1722) now filed in the Massachusetts Legislature. The Judiciary Committee is already being bombarded by visits and contacts by trans activists prior to the bill's hearing this Fall. Just as did the homosexuals, the trans activists know that most of our legislators cannot think clearly about anything, but instead respond to emotional propaganda (and/or payoffs, of course).

What's striking in this doctor's story is his total selfishness (he gives passing thoughts to family members and patients, but forges ahead with his insane plan because he needs to), and the apparent lack of a spiritual/moral component in his decision to "transition". He just didn't want to die without experiencing living as a woman, he says. It's also amazing how the psychiatric profession has bought into such wackiness. A gender therapist "helped" the doctor during his confused mid-life crisis -- by encouraging him to dress as a woman at their sessions.

Back to the Boston Globe. It has embarked, along with national media outlets including ABC, CNN and Newsweek, on a major desensitizing effort on the transgender/transsexual issue. It worked for the homosexuals, and it may work for the trannies. From the propaganda manual of the homosexual movement, After the Ball (1989):

In the past, gays have tinkered ineptly with the engine of prejudice. Is it possible to tinker more favorably? We present (in order of increasing vigor and desirability) three general approaches [which are vastly better than what we've tried in the past]. These approaches, once understood, will lead us directly to the principles upon which a viable campaign can be erected.
From the point of view of evolution, prejudice is an alerting signal, warning tribal mammals that a potentially dangerous alien mammal is in the vicinity, and should be fought or fled. Alerting mechanisms respond to novelties in the environment, because novelties represent change from the usual, and are, therefore, potentially important. ... As a general physio-psychological rule, novelties cease to be novel if they just stick around long enough; they also cease to activate alerting mechanisms. ... If, however, gays can live alongside straights, visibly but as inoffensively as possible, they will arouse a low-grade alert only, which, though annoying to straights, will eventually diminish for purely physiological reasons. Straights will be desensitized.
[Read more about the 2nd and 3rd principles. "jamming" and conversion...]

Friday, August 10, 2007

Dragging Our Youth To Suicide

"The 2nd annual drag kickball game was held [in Provincetown] to raise money for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline for Gay and Lesbian Teenagers." - Cape Cod Times, 8-8-07

[See more hideous photos...]

Comment: This is the sort of thing that would drive our children to suicide, not prevent it. Please, can't they just stop?

Monday, August 06, 2007

Reporting on Evil

Our posts will be sporadic over the next month. Gotta take a break from the evil that we deal with on a daily basis. For news updates and special reports, see our web site

"No Place for Hate" Now In Acton

"No Place for Hate", the program pushed on communities across America by the Anti-Defamation League, is now gearing up in Acton, Mass. Why? There haven't been any reported incidents of racial or ethnic bullying or "hate crimes" in Acton. Why is this group needed there? It's a very ethnically and religiously diverse community -- and everyone gets along fine. It's already a community without hate. (Note that "No Place for Hate" as an organization never defines its terms "culture", "bias" or "hate.") Yet, we saw this notice in the local freebie ad magazine, Action Unlimited:

No Place for Hate Committee
The No Place for Hate Committee of Acton is a group of community members who are dedicated to promoting respect for cultural differences, opposing all forms of bias and hatred, and building bridges among the diverse populations in our town. The Committee is sponsored by the Massachusetts Anti-Defamation League, and is officially sanctioned by the Acton Board of Selectmen. New members are welcome! ... Among other actions ... we will view a video from the Peabody Museum and Peabody No Place for Hate Committee [hmm... look at what else Peabody's Committee has done] entitled "What's the Point?" dealing with distorted perceptions that can be held about a neighborhood of immigrants and what can be done to correct the situation."

Is there some hidden agenda???

Video from Charlotte NC Pride Event 2005

From Tom Haskins:
We have entered into a deadly war. Who will win? Christ will win in the end, however, who will win this battle for America ? Will Christians rise up, take up their shield of faith and conquer through righteousness and obedience? Or are we too busy getting our piece of the pie?

This is a video from Charlotte N.C. 2005 homosexual pride event in a public park……

John Haskins comments:
Indeed, the "Spirit of the Age" is against those who speak the truth. It is seducing pious "Christians" who find the moderate ground between good and evil a lucrative field for their earthly ambitions. When God's judgment falls, it will fall on us first. Christ spoke of "weeping and gnashing of teeth." He spoke of being "cast into Outer Darkness." The word "moderate" does not describe Christ.

Watch this video. And weep for America. But first, weep for us who have slept in our church pews, for us who have been silent when it was time to speak. Weep for the "pragmatists" who persistently lied and reassured us that the wolves, properly understood, are actually our friends (and capable of honest "dialogue").

Beware, if you think the disease can be contained in Massachusetts. This video comes from the "Bible Belt!"

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Crafting "Transgender" Youth

Left: Miss Vera, workshop presenter at the transgender Fantasia Fair coming up in P'town, now recruiting "trans" college students. [Photo credit: "Miss Vera's Finishing School For Boys Who Want To Be Girls"]

Reasonable people knew that our society's downward descent would not stop at homosexuality. Once boundaries on sexual morality and public behaviors were overturned, there is no end to the depravity and perversion -- the sickness will only multiply, taking new forms. Overturning sodomy laws and recognizing civil unions or "homosexual marriage" gave the green light to even wilder perversions, such as opposite-sex hormone injections (even starting pre-puberty!), breast or penis removal, and other "transitioning" medical treatments.

The recent, coordinated explosion of propaganda normalizing transgenderism and transsexuality is breathtaking. Not surprisingly, the target is increasingly children and youth. Here are two recent youth recruitment notices we've come across, going after high school and college students. The first, a teen girls' magazine trolls for "transgender" stories from its young readers; the second, a college network sends around an email offering scholarships to attend a tranny fest in Provincetown.

Teen Voices, a Leftist national online publication for teen girls (published out of an office in Boston) claiming a readership of 50,000, is encouraging "transgender" teens to write articles for an upcoming issue. (A Teen Voices group marched in the Youth Pride parade in Boston.) Jennie of Teen Voices magazine recently sent out this email:

Teen Voices is a magazine for girls that encourages empowering young woman [sic] in a safe and informative way. I am a teen editor for the Special Features section and the group has decided to write about transgender youth. In the article, they are writing about the different issues that transgender teens go through. Teen Voices hopes to educate teens who don't know about trans youth and also hope to give valuable information to those who are more closely connected to the topic. Currently Teen Voices is looking for article submissions from transgender teens. Looking for any teens who would be interested in submitting their story or who might be willing to talk to Jennie in a phone interview. This would be a good way to share their experience and be published in a national magazine. Contact Jennie at to submit or for moreinformation. All submissions are due by August 10th.Visit

Meanwhile, the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition is encouraging "trans" college students to attend the "Fantasia Fair" in Provincetown this October. "Scholarships" are available. They are training their future leaders, especially female-to-males (FTMs) young women (oops -- can't call them women?). From Fantasia Fair's web site:

Fantasia Fair is a week-long transgender event that attracts people from the entire range of the GLBTI community - crossdressers, transsexuals, intersex individuals, M2Fs, F2Ms, and their significant others are all welcome. . . . The Fair is a “full immersion” experience, meaning that attendees can and usually do spend an entire week living 24/7 in their chosen gender. Started in 1975, “FanFair” is the longest-running annual event in the transgender world. Every year the Fair grows in its scope, character, and assistance to the gender explorer. FanFair continues to be the leading annual program promoting an individual’s ability to thrive in a real-life situation, and receive positive reinforcement and encouragement. This allows the cross dresser, MTF transsexual, FTM transsexual and all the gender diverse to experience life in an open and caring environment — something unique in a world that typically has difficulty understanding and accepting gender diversity.

The Fantasia Fair Planning Committee will be awarding scholarships to the 33rd annual Fantasia Fair, to be held October 14-21 in historic Provincetown, Massachusetts. Scholarship recipients will receive freetuition to the Fair, including all seminars, workshops, and events, 12 meals, and shared room accommodations for seven nights.... "We're proud to make this announcement," said Fair Director Dallas Denny. "Fantasia Fair is a wonderful conference. We want to reach out especially to the young people who will be the future leaders of our community, and especially to FTMs."

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Trans Teacher Video: Soon Unstoppable In Our Schools?

Watch this most informative video interview with a "trans" professor of "gender studies" in Toronto. It's what's coming our way -- teachers behaving like this in our public schools, as authority figures and role models for our children. And you won't be able to object! This is just one version of so-called "gender expression" that will be let loose by the "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" bill the homosexual/trans lobby is gearing up to pass this year (H1722).

Fantasia Fair (April 22, 2007 )
Miqqi Gilbert on CBC television
"CBC News: Sunday" a television news magazine from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has aired an episode titled "Cross-Dressing Professor" and the subject of this episode is our own Miqqi Gilbert.
"Meet the cross-dresser professor: he's married, he's straight, and he no longer fits into his tennis skirt. We introduce you to Professor Michael Gilbert, a tenured professor who teaches philosophy and gender studies at York University, and ask: is it really all fun and games when you live as the opposite gender?" You can watch the segment on the CBC's website at

Dr. Satinover Exposes Big Lies

Just came across this interview with Dr. Jeffrey Satinover (from World Magazine, 2005), "From mental disorder to civil-rights cause; Psychiatrist and Princeton law professor traces the advances of the gay-rights agenda in science and the law to a common source: political intimidation." Satinover is a practicing psychiatrist and author of Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth. He has degrees from Harvard, Yale, and Univ. of Texas Medical School, and has taught civil liberties and constitutional law at Princeton.

This interview summarizes the Big Lies the homosexual movement is using to bowl over legislators, judges, voters, corporations, schools, parents, and of course children. Big Lies:

  • homosexual behavior stems from an inborn "sexual orientation" which does not change;
  • homosexuality was legitimately removed from the American Psychiatric Association manual of mental disorders;
  • homosexuality is a stable, measurable trait that defines a certain class of people, so they can claim "civil rights" based on that trait
(Note that the first and third lie are now being applied even more absurdly to "transgenders" -- and activists are trying to have "gender identity dysphoria" removed from the APA list of mental disorders.)

[Excerpt:] Satinover: The mental-health organizations have submitted briefs to courts at every level, and have profoundly corrupted our understanding of human sexuality tacitly via their general influence. They influence judges' understanding before they become judges so that when a man or woman becomes a judge he is, for all purposes, an ignoramus with respect to homosexuality, full to the brim with sentimental platitudes.

These platitudinous outlooks "feel" deep, but are astoundingly shallow (the concept "sexual orientation" is an example-it is a "stopthought" that won't bear five minutes of serious scrutiny before dissolving into a welter of contradiction). But when a judge is handed an amicus brief that bears at its end a list of say five or 10 well-respected national or state mental-health professional organizations -- he's impressed. Then he starts reading, and it's "The Emperor's New Robes." In learned-sounding terms, he's fed back all the nice-sounding pieties with which he's become familiar and comfortable. He doesn't have to stop and think for a second. He just has to be "nice."

So, over the years, the concept of "sexual orientation" has worked its way into the culture and up the court system to the level of the U.S. Supreme Court and in certain key state Supreme Court cases, especially in the Goodrich [sic; i.e. Goodridge] case in Massachusetts. The key U.S. Supreme Court cases are Romer and Lawrence. Leaving specific variations aside, all three approach homosexuality from the point of view of civil liberties -- a misframing that goes all the way back to Hooker and the history I've mentioned. It has been critical for the mental-health guilds to stand before the courts and say, "You see, your honors, we in particular, who are the very experts of what constitutes a mental disorder, proclaim that sexual orientation should not be discussed as a condition that is problematic and changeable, it is a normal and immutable state of the human being and therefore should be discussed in civil-rights terms, like race." ...

What you're left with are human beings, no different than you or me, who are, of course, sexual beings. Like you and me, their sexuality is broken in a broken world. The notion that "homosexuals" are in effect a "different species" (different genes) is ludicrous beyond belief. There is not the slightest evidence for that as anyone who actually reads the studies (not reports on the studies) knows. Of course as one grows and changes, one "grooves" a pathway that becomes embedded and increasingly difficult to alter. Of course a different innate disposition places one at a different "risk profile" for all sorts of different paths in life. So what else is new? It is also true that people do sometimes want to change, and some do and some don't. This is true of everything. It's also true that few good things in life are easy, and no achievement is ever perfect.

That said, we should remember that homosexuality has risen to the top of the social-policy agenda because of the utter wreck we all have made of family life over the past 50 years. This horror cannot be blamed on anyone but us.

[Read the entire interview . . .]

Friday, August 03, 2007

"No Place for Hate" Sponsor ADL Denies Holocausts

It's good to see that someone's calling the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) on its hypocrisy. In Watertown, the Armenian community is challenging the ADL's "No Place for Hate" campaign (which Watertown officially joined in 2005), because the ADL refuses to acknowledge the Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Turks in the early 20th century. Even the Boston Globe editorialized today that it is "a genocide not to be denied." (Of course, both the Globe and the ADL agree to deny the ongoing American Holocaust of abortion.)

But, as usual, the Globe does not give the full story on the "No Place for Hate" (NPfH) campaign. It is being used by the homosexual extremists to silence any opposition to their demands. It's not just about the grievances enumerated by the Globe. i.e. prejudice based on "ethnic, racial, and religious" lines. It's part of the national effort advocating for "hate crimes" laws to give extra protection to special groups, like homosexuals or "transgenders" -- or people who just need to "express their gender" in some undefined way. And the Globe ignores the eruption over the "No Place for Hate" campaign in the Watertown Tab newspaper in May, which we've referenced.

Here's a recent post by John DiMascio on a townie blog:
... Now there are also other questions [besides the Armenian genocide] that need to be addressed. It’s not like the Town Council just voted a proclamation and put up a sign. Taxpayer’ resources are being are being spent to support it. Public employees work on the program while on the clock. The program uses other resources as well. I believe they have some sort of diversity seminars for school children. That means they use the schools.
1) Given the genocide question, I don’t think anyone living in Watertown is comfortable having their taxes spent to support a program connected to the ADL.
2) Even the NPTH committee admitted in a recent letter that Watertown has always been welcoming. Why the heck are we spending money on this program? Last time I checked we don’t have history of lynchings, cross-burning, or hosing down innocent children (as Younger fears we’ll do).
Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure Town employees working on this program do so with honorable intentions. I’m sure they are just as disturbed at the recent revelations.That said; our Town employees are a valuable resource. We shouldn’t be wasting on a program that is in anyway connected to Abraham Foxman or his ilk. And honestly, we really don’t need NPTH in Watertown.

[emphasis added]

We had a front-line encounter with one of the neighborhood NPfH gangs. As reported by Traditional Values Coalition, "A Blue Cross/Blue Shield funded group called "No Place for Hate" operated in concert with the homosexual organizations to condemn those who favor traditional marriages as engaging in "hate speech." Specifically, in Peabody in 2004, the mayor and his homosexual activist cronies poured out of City Hall with "NPfH" placards, to try to intimidate an Parents' Rights Coalition/Article 8 Alliance (now MassResistance) press conference on the homosexual lobby's challenge to Rep. Joyce Spiliotis. Clearly, that hateful attempt to silence any opposition to sodomy "marriage" (by labeling it "hate") had nothing to do with combatting "ethnic, racial, and religious" prejudice, which is what the Boston Globe claims the NPfH program is all about.

The "No Place for Hate" campaign receives financial support from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Massachusetts. And remember who just became the Executive Director of that organization: homosexual extremist and former State Senator Jarrett Barrios. Hmm...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Rep. Loscocco's Vote Worth Lots to Homo Lobby

We thought $125 was a little too low a price for vote-switching Rep. Paul Loscocco. We figured he must have made a deal for lots more . . . Sure enough, Bay Windows reports today that all the stars of the homosexual lobby were at his Tuesday fundraiser at Boston's Union Club! That would include Bill Conley (he's back!), infamous for his solicitation of college boys for "oral relief" last summer. Also present: Jarrett Barrios, Carl Sciortino, Marc Solomon. And "Republicans [RINOs] like Senate Minority Leader Richard Tisei and House Minority Leader Brad Jones, both of whom support marriage equality...." Did Tim Gill cover the catering?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Crafting Homosexual Children: Reisman's Research

Required summer reading . . . Dr. Judith Reisman's web site. (Check out her resume.)

Dr. Reisman exposed the fraud of Alfred Kinsey's "research" and the radical sexual liberationists' and homosexuals' assault on our culture and children. Start with her article, "Crafting Bi/Homosexual Youth."

Now it's almost impossible for parents to protect their children from evil influences, especially at school: Inverted pink triangle "safe space" stickers are everywhere, telling children their homes are NOT safe. Little children learn how to put on condoms even before the boys can have erections. The littlest children are taught that homosexuality is "perfectly normal." And our children do not learn about the extreme health risks of homo (and hetero) sexual activity, especially at early ages.

Reisman gives us the historical context for our current horrific state of affairs.