Friday, August 03, 2007

"No Place for Hate" Sponsor ADL Denies Holocausts

It's good to see that someone's calling the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) on its hypocrisy. In Watertown, the Armenian community is challenging the ADL's "No Place for Hate" campaign (which Watertown officially joined in 2005), because the ADL refuses to acknowledge the Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Turks in the early 20th century. Even the Boston Globe editorialized today that it is "a genocide not to be denied." (Of course, both the Globe and the ADL agree to deny the ongoing American Holocaust of abortion.)

But, as usual, the Globe does not give the full story on the "No Place for Hate" (NPfH) campaign. It is being used by the homosexual extremists to silence any opposition to their demands. It's not just about the grievances enumerated by the Globe. i.e. prejudice based on "ethnic, racial, and religious" lines. It's part of the national effort advocating for "hate crimes" laws to give extra protection to special groups, like homosexuals or "transgenders" -- or people who just need to "express their gender" in some undefined way. And the Globe ignores the eruption over the "No Place for Hate" campaign in the Watertown Tab newspaper in May, which we've referenced.

Here's a recent post by John DiMascio on a townie blog:
... Now there are also other questions [besides the Armenian genocide] that need to be addressed. It’s not like the Town Council just voted a proclamation and put up a sign. Taxpayer’ resources are being are being spent to support it. Public employees work on the program while on the clock. The program uses other resources as well. I believe they have some sort of diversity seminars for school children. That means they use the schools.
1) Given the genocide question, I don’t think anyone living in Watertown is comfortable having their taxes spent to support a program connected to the ADL.
2) Even the NPTH committee admitted in a recent letter that Watertown has always been welcoming. Why the heck are we spending money on this program? Last time I checked we don’t have history of lynchings, cross-burning, or hosing down innocent children (as Younger fears we’ll do).
Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure Town employees working on this program do so with honorable intentions. I’m sure they are just as disturbed at the recent revelations.That said; our Town employees are a valuable resource. We shouldn’t be wasting on a program that is in anyway connected to Abraham Foxman or his ilk. And honestly, we really don’t need NPTH in Watertown.

[emphasis added]

We had a front-line encounter with one of the neighborhood NPfH gangs. As reported by Traditional Values Coalition, "A Blue Cross/Blue Shield funded group called "No Place for Hate" operated in concert with the homosexual organizations to condemn those who favor traditional marriages as engaging in "hate speech." Specifically, in Peabody in 2004, the mayor and his homosexual activist cronies poured out of City Hall with "NPfH" placards, to try to intimidate an Parents' Rights Coalition/Article 8 Alliance (now MassResistance) press conference on the homosexual lobby's challenge to Rep. Joyce Spiliotis. Clearly, that hateful attempt to silence any opposition to sodomy "marriage" (by labeling it "hate") had nothing to do with combatting "ethnic, racial, and religious" prejudice, which is what the Boston Globe claims the NPfH program is all about.

The "No Place for Hate" campaign receives financial support from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Massachusetts. And remember who just became the Executive Director of that organization: homosexual extremist and former State Senator Jarrett Barrios. Hmm...