Tuesday, August 21, 2007

All Towns Should End Ties to "No Place for Hate"

We're glad to see that Watertown has severed its ties with the hate group, "No Place for Hate." This is an intolerant organization which over and over has shown its bias and bigotry towards people who hold traditional faith and values.

The Watertown controversy picked up steam when the Anti-Defamation League's denial of the Armenian genocide was made public by a concerned citizen. How could the Boston Globe join in denying that genocide? They were forced to make critical comments about the ADL! It would be too much to hope the Globe would take its blinders off, and recognize ADL/No Place for Hate's other denials regarding the abortion genocide, the health risks of homosexuality, the rights of parents to the moral education of their own children, etc. See our earlier reports on "No Place for Hate":

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Recent stories in the Boston Globe:

Town ends ties with No Place for Hate (8-15-07)
We wonder what the "good works" are supposedly done by the group? "Diversity days"?

Pressure mounting on ADL program; Armenian groups expand initiative (8-16-07)
"The controversy over No Place For Hate, a national program that had encountered no controversy until now, centers on what critics say is the ADL's refusal to acknowledge the genocide."
There has been controversy over this program before (see our reports above); the Globe just chose not to cover it, since it was over their pet project, pushing homosexuality.
". . . in 1999 [the ADL] it launched the No Place For Hate program. Under the program, communities organize diversity days and other events focused on challenging bigotry, and after a year they receive placards to be posted in public, declaring the community as "No Place For Hate."
Now what "bigotry" would those "diversity days" have in mind?

Local chapter breaks with ADL position; Armenian genocide at issue (8-17-07)
A painful truth (8-18-07) By Rachel Kaprielian [State Rep., Watertown] and Alan Dershowitz
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2 members of regional ADL board quit (8-19-07)
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