Monday, August 06, 2007

Video from Charlotte NC Pride Event 2005

From Tom Haskins:
We have entered into a deadly war. Who will win? Christ will win in the end, however, who will win this battle for America ? Will Christians rise up, take up their shield of faith and conquer through righteousness and obedience? Or are we too busy getting our piece of the pie?

This is a video from Charlotte N.C. 2005 homosexual pride event in a public park……

John Haskins comments:
Indeed, the "Spirit of the Age" is against those who speak the truth. It is seducing pious "Christians" who find the moderate ground between good and evil a lucrative field for their earthly ambitions. When God's judgment falls, it will fall on us first. Christ spoke of "weeping and gnashing of teeth." He spoke of being "cast into Outer Darkness." The word "moderate" does not describe Christ.

Watch this video. And weep for America. But first, weep for us who have slept in our church pews, for us who have been silent when it was time to speak. Weep for the "pragmatists" who persistently lied and reassured us that the wolves, properly understood, are actually our friends (and capable of honest "dialogue").

Beware, if you think the disease can be contained in Massachusetts. This video comes from the "Bible Belt!"