Friday, August 24, 2007

Why "No Place for Hate" If No "Hate Crimes"?

Not a single "hate crime" has been reported in the town of Acton, Massachusetts according to the FBI online reports for the last ten years (1995-2005). So why does Acton need a "No Place for Hate" committee?

Reports in the Associated Press and Lowell Sun indicate that Acton is now reconsidering its link to the ADL (Anti-Defamation League, which sponsors the "No Place for Hate" program), after the revelations that the ADL refused to recognize the Armenian holocaust.

We've just learned (8-24-07) that the Acton Board of Selectmen have not yet taken final action, but are still pondering the situation. We certainly hope the Selectmen, and State Rep. James Eldridge (co-chairman of this unneeded committee), will see to it that it disbands.

The planned production this November at the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School of a politically motivated, pro-homosexual propaganda play, "The Laramie Project," is the sort of event the "No Place for Hate" groups promote. It is likewise ill-conceived and should be reconsidered.

Let's repeat: No hate crimes reported in Acton. No hate crimes reported in Boxborough. So please, busy-body leftists, just leave the towns alone! See our earlier posting: "No Place for Hate Now in Acton," 8-6-07.) From the confusing report in the Lowell Sun (8-22-07):

Yesterday morning, officials in Acton also decided to disassociate their No Place For Hate program from the ADL, according to State Rep. Jamie Eldridge, who is co-chairman of the No Place For Hate program in Acton. "With the news that the national ADL reversed their position, we're not taking any action," said Eldridge, also a candidate for Marty Meehan's vacated 5th Congressional District seat.