Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Retired Graduate of Boston Children's Hospital School of Nursing Appalled at Harms Inflicted by "Gender" Clinic

 Dear [Reader],  

I write you with respect for your beliefs and body of work.  

I am a 1964 graduate RN of the (now closed) Boston Children’s Hospital School of Nursing. I used to be so proud to say that.  

I am appalled and alarmed about the Gender-Affirming Care program and its potential for harm to CHILDREN. I have written to the Director of Nursing with no response about my concerns. 

FIRST, DO NO HARM. Where did that go?  The ultimate best care of children. Where did that go?

Here are the reasons CHILDREN are not ready to make these life altering decisions:

1. Development of the brain’s frontal lobes, key components of the neural activity circuitry underlying ”executive functions” such as reasoning, motor function, problem solving, judgement, social and sexual behavior, working memory, capacity to plan and impulse control are among the last areas of the brain to mature.  Our frontal lobes may not be fully developed until our 30s.

2. Puberty [must be protected], when a CHILD grows into sexual maturity and experiences endocrine and psychological changes.

3. Reaction to stressors – for a CHILD in a healthy environment this is done with the loving help of Mom, Dad, trusted caregiver.  Later on in life the adult has the ability to handle these pressures by herself or himself judging when additional help or information is needed.

A CHILD needs a CHILDHOOD.  That child needs to be allowed to grow up into full adulthood.  As noted in the few points of science above, maturity should be allowed so that each person can make his or her informed decisions in all phases of life.                                   

Please bring this to light.  

God bless the CHILDREN.

Nifty Chagaris
79-year-old mother and grandmother in Tucson, AZ

Saturday, June 03, 2023

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