Thursday, August 31, 2006

Romney Cannot Be Trusted to Enforce Constitution on Nov. 9

VoteOnMarriage/Mass. Family Institute thinks that Gov. Romney can be trusted to enforce the Constitution in November, if the Legislature fails to act on the VoteOnMarriage (VOM) petition at the Constitutional Convention. We say: Don't count on it! We're in this homosexual "marriage" mess because Romney did NOT enforce the Constitution back in May 2004!

If Romney were a man of principle, he would use his remaining time in office to acknowledge that error, that violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution, and rescind his executive orders that began homosexual "marriages".

Given Romney's national political ambitions, he may go the enforcement route this time, since national "conservative" eyes are more focused on him. But will he use law enforcement personnel to drag corrupt Legislators back in handcuffs (and then somehow force them to cast their votes -- with tazers, maybe?) if they refuse to take up the marriage amendment?

VoteOnMarriage/Mass. Family Institute still doesn't get it! The homosexual lobby has announced that if they don't have the votes to trounce the marriage amendment in November, they'll use any means necessary to bury it. Remember: The Speaker of the House just attended a fundraiser for the homosexual lobbying group. The Senate President attends "gay" weddings. Does VOM really believe Romney will stand up to them? He didn't stand up to Empress Margaret's unconstitutional "marriage" ruling. If Romney enforced that "law" that wasn't a law, should we expect he'll enforce a constitution that IS a constitution?

Why does VOM/Mass. Family Institute believe Romney can be trusted in November??? Don't they understand that ROMNEY IS THE REASON WE HAVE "HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE" IN MASSACHUSETTS NOW ... BECAUSE HE DID NOT ENFORCE THE CONSTITUTION FOLLOWING THE ABSURD SJC homosexual "marriage" ruling, but unconstitutionally ordered new marriage licenses to be printed, and ordered Town Clerks and Justices of the Peace to perform these fraudulent "marriages"! Why isn't VOM/MFI spending their time convincing the Governor to overturn these executive orders? The corruption of our Legislature -- and sadly, our Governor -- is so deep that polite people have trouble recognizing it.

From the Mass. Family Institute web site:

Marriage Amendment vote on track for Nov. 9: Though the Legislature ducked the issue of same-sex marriage last week-voting to recess until after the November elections-the issue is far from dead and the Marriage Amendment is alive and well. The House and Senate will meet again on Nov. 9 to debate the people's amendment in another Constitutional Convention.... We have more than enough votes to pass the Amendment before the end of this legislative session on Dec. 31. The current incumbents are the ones who will vote on Nov. 9 - their term does not end until Dec. 31, as is the case with Gov. Mitt Romney. We cannot forget that he is ready and willing to enforce the constitution should the Legislature shirk their responsibility."

(See also Robert Paine, Esq.'s blog for discussion of constitutional issues.)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Spawn of Queers?

How weird is this getting? GLBT activists -- or at least their "spawn" -- recently tried to place an entry in Wikipedia for "QUEERSPAWN" but were turned down by the editors. So spawning must differ from breeding? While breeder is a GLBT put-down for heteros, spawn is somehow positive in their countercultural minds?? (To our ears, both terms are dehumanizing, though breeders implies natural sexual union, while spawning implies impersonal mass fertilization of egg deposits. Hmm...)

The promoters of the term didn't meet certain Wikipedia criteria (it's nice to know there are still some rules). From the Bay Windows report:

Queerspawn is used by some children of LGBT parents to describe themselves to show their direct connection to the LGBT community, rather than to see their connection to the community as a product of their parents. Use of the term is far from standard, although the now-deleted Wikipedia article claims it was first proposed in 1995 by Stefan Lynch, first director of COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere). The text of the deleted Wikipedia entry was posted by self-identified queerspawn author Abigail Garner on her blog,

While anyone can create or edit articles on Wikipedia, the site has content guidelines that users in the discussion said the queerspawn entry violated. One was that articles are required to cite published secondary sources, and much of the information on the evolution of the term in the queerspawn article did not cite such sources. Wikipedia also prohibits entries focused on new terms coined and used by certain communities but that do not appear in published dictionaries.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pain In the Derriere?

Sept. 4, 2006 Note: Readers on both ends of the spectrum seem to have missed our point here. Never was there any intention of making light of the alleged rape victim's situation. The title of this posting refers to the pain of sodomy, and how the mainstream media coverage danced around that issue. It was the SODOMY rape that seems to have put the victim over the edge, to the point where she blew the whistle on her violator. We intended to point out how terribly unnatural sodomy is and the pain that it entails for someone not into sexual perversions. (Why else would your internist apologize before performing a rectal exam?) We were also drawing attention to the fact that the alleged rapist, who would seem to like anal sex, was working with YOUNG BOYS. We have not altered the posting below from its original:

The Boston Globe reports today on the alleged anal rape of a 17-year-old girl and client, by a male staffer at the Baker House, a center for at-risk teens in Dorchester. The staffer was in charge of a program of pre-adolescent boys. The question obviously comes to mind how the staffer related to those boys.

According to the report compiled by the DSS, the girl had earlier agreed to paid sexual encounters with the man, then balked at anal sex. (The implication is that this was a novel request.) She reportedly said no when he wanted to go there, but said he persisted.

On the afternoon of Jan. 5, the girl told prosecutors, she was in the basement playing cards when Patrick gave her "the cue," and she met him upstairs, where he asked her to go to a bathroom. She said he then offered her $40 to have anal sex. The teenager "stated that she told him 'no' several times, but he wasn't listening to her; he covered her mouth and did what he wanted anyway," the report says.

She reported the alleged episode to Baker House managers, including Rivers, who went to her house that night to pray with the girl and her mother and discuss what had happened, according to the DSS report and another document written by Baker House executive director Jeanette Boone. Before Rivers arrived, the girl left for the hospital because she said she felt sick to her stomach and was in "a lot of pain." [emphasis added]

The Globe also reports that the accused " ... had worked at the center for five years, had served time in the early 1990s for armed robbery and assault and battery. He had been in charge of a Baker House program for preadolescent boys." [emphasis added]

Catholic Colleges Allow GLBT Clubs

Georgetown University, a Catholic institution in D.C., has just booted Protestant groups from campus. But they still have a GLBTQ club. Here in Massachusetts, Catholic Boston College and College of the Holy Cross have similar identity crises, allowing GLBT clubs, GLBT staff associations, and productions of feminist/lesbian claptrap like the "Vagina Monologues," while claiming fidelity to Catholic teaching.

Back at Georgetown, GUPride, the LGBTQ club encourages students to "come out" at Georgetown." "GUPride provides educational and support services to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) communities at Georgetown University. We also provide support and referral services to those exploring their sexual orientation and/or gender identity and other individuals sharing an interest in these issues." Its announced activities include participating in "Drag Races" in D.C., " ... one of the city's most highly anticipated annual gay gatherings, with dozens of men and women racing in creative drag while onlooking crowds exceed 5,000."

There is also a Georgetown "Diversity Action Council" whose web pages begin with quotations from The univeristy offers courses in "Womanist Theology," women's studies, and feminist theory. We all know what that includes.

The promotion of homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality apparently is OK at the Catholic colleges, but Protestant Bible study groups are questionable! Imagine the damage they could do.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Massachusetts DSS Out of Control

The Massachusetts Department of Social Services (DSS) Adoption and Foster Care division is overrun with committed GLBT activists and sympathizers who believe in their hearts that traditional families are paternalistic, sexist, "heterosexist", sexually oppressive, and generally mired in outworn Judeo-Christian morality.

What better way to hasten their utopian society than place as many children as they can get their hands on with "families" headed by GLBT same-sex couples? Who cares if heterosexual couples have played by the rules and waited years on end with no adoptive placement? (See our previous posting on a DSS-funded group home for "GLBTQ" children.)

Example: Recently two homosexual men, in whose house DSS had placed a little boy, were honored as "Parents of the Year" by DSS. The DSS apparently took the boy from his birth parents and extended family against their wishes. ("Newton couple honored as ’Parents of the Year’ by DSS", Daily News Tribune, August 9, 2006.) Interesting: one daddy is 43 years older than the child, the other daddy is 47 years older. So on top of the boy learning up close that sodomy is a good thing and a valid basis for "marriage", he is saddled with "parents" who are beyond the age that was recently standard for adoptive parents (where at least one was to be not more than 40 years older than the child).

He [Daddy #1] said the day after Christian’s adoption was finalized, DSS officials approached the couple about adopting a second child. Their families would like them to bring a little girl into their home, Bryant said.

"There are times at 3 a.m., I realize why most people have children in their 20s," said Bryant, 46. Sadick [50] said the couple simply wants to enjoy the time they spend with Christian right now, but will consider adopting an older child through DSS in the future. [emphasis added]

Well, there are lots of heterosexual couples in their 20s and 30s dying to adopt a little child. But they are routinely passed over.

The DSS is another Massachusetts institution gone awry. Adoption is just one area they've mucked up. Breaking up families is another of their specialities. Check out the interview with Atty. Greg Hession on the MassResistance radio show (August 12/13), and his web site for more DSS horror stories. From his web site:

... so many clients have endured outrageous mistreatment at the hands of DSS agents and victim-witness advocates. To accomplish their ends, they use false allegations, and exploit the fact that the court system has abandoned due process of law (which means our constitutionally protected procedural rights such as jury trials, opportunity to be heard promptly, the rules of evidence, innocent until proven guilty, etc.).

Those who commit these outrages know that the system is biased in their favor, and that they can count on help from judges, guardians ad litem, and therapists. Many of them have adopted an agenda which is anti-family, without understanding the problems it causes. Some are merely afraid to stand as a bulwark against tyranny. Either way, children and harmed, and families torn apart needlessly.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Mass. DSS Promoting "Gender Identity Disorder" in Children?

State Reps. Martin Walsh and Liz Malia, with "trans" child in 2004.
[Photo by John Rich, Home for Little Wanderers fall 2004 newsletter.]
In 2004, State Reps. Martin Walsh & Liz Malia were photographed with a "transgender" child (a girl "identifying" as boy) at the Waltham House for "GLBTQ youth" run by the Home for Little Wanderers and the Mass. Department of Social Services (DSS). This is an apt symbol for where we are going in this state, allowing the GLBTQ radicals in our government to take our children into stranger and stranger worlds of sexual perversion. (The "T" stands for transgender/transsexual, which means denying one's gender, crossdressing, surgically removing sexual organs, etc.)
In July, the Mass. Legislature established a "Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth" which will be pushing for more of this sort of program. Along with GLBTQ clubs and assemblies in the high schools, "Waltham House" is a prime example of where the Commission's new "gay and lesbian youth suicide prevention" tax money will go. Following the lead of Waltham House, we predict that the categories "bisexual" and "transgender" will soon be added to the name of the new youth Commission. (Waltham House says it helps "Q" or questioning children too.)
Rather than helping parents get real help for their troubled children, our government is actually promoting the views and treatments recommended by radicals in the mental health profession who believe anything goes with sexual identity, gender, or sexual behaviors -- even in the early teenage years.
Why is the majority in the Massachusetts legislature promoting and supporting homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism-transsexuality, or "questioning" in minors? Why is the Department of Social Services and the Home for Little Wanderers funding a group home for children promoting dysfunction and perversion? Why do mental health professionals support and promote such disorders among our young, instead of counseling children OUT of such destructive behaviors and attitudes? (NOTE: Transgenderism is still listed as a disorder in the DSM-IV, the diagnostic manual of the psychiatric profession).

Read more about Reps. Malia and Walsh at the Waltham House (from Bay Windows, "A Port in the Storm," 8/12/04). Excerpts:
The residents at Waltham House, a group home for GLBT youth run by the Home for Little Wanderers, had a chance to spend time with some of their heroes Aug. 5 [2004] when Mass. state Reps. Liz Malia, D-Jamiaca Plain and Martin Walsh, D-Dorchester, paid a visit to their home. Malia, who is openly lesbian, and Walsh have been vocal opponents of a state constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, and the teens, several of whom had protested against the amendment at the Statehouse earlier this year, said they were inspired by the legislators' work.
One of the residents, Al, 17, who like all the residents asked that their last names not be used, told Malia that he was moved by her February speech before the Legislature opposing the amendment. Waltham House staff read the text of the legislators' speeches to the residents before the visit....
The residents spoke with the legislators about their experiences both before and after coming to Waltham House, one of only three residential programs in the country specifically serving GLBT youth (the other two are in New York and Los Angeles). One of the residents, Justin, 17, who is transgender, said he was repeatedly harassed by students and administrators at the Catholic girls' school he attended for wearing his hair short. He said he was eventually expelled from school for shaving his head after the principal insisted he let his hair grow out.
"Coming to the Waltham House really turned me around and really gave me a huge amount of self-esteem that I didn't have," Justin told the legislators. "... This place turned me into the person I always wanted to be, turned me into the person where I can stand up and say, and shout out to people what I believe in and not have to just back down because I feel that I'm scared."
Al, who spent four years living in an all-girls residential facility before coming out as transgender, credited the staff at Waltham House with providing a stable environment for kids dealing with a whole host of issues, including GLBT issues. "When I feel like, how can anyone love me when I've done so many things wrong, how can anyone love me when my own family doesn't love me, [that] question is answered when the staff come in every single day, every single day regardless of what happens," said Al. He said that he worked in his own school to create a supportive environment for GLBT students by founding a gay/straight alliance, and he urged the legislators to work to make schools safer environments in which to come out for students with unsupportive families....
Opened in October 2002, the program currently houses 10 kids, with a potential capacity of 12. Like many kids in residential programs, residents of Waltham House may face a range of issues including abuse, familial rejection, substance abuse, homelessness, and other factors that have prompted the state's Department of Social Services to intervene and place them in a healthy and stable environment.
Program Director Karen Voorhees said that for all of the Waltham House residents, issues of sexual orientation or gender identity are central to many of their problems."I would say the target kid is the kid whose significant functioning problems are due to not being accepted for their gender or sexual identity, and so they come here and are able to function in a group home while being accepted for who they are," said Voorhees. "A lot of them come in and they say they haven't been allowed to talk about their sexual identity of their gender identity to even figure out what it is, so whatever it is they figure out is fine with us."

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rep. Liz Malia at Drag Queen Pageant

State Rep. Liz Malia, FAR LEFT (D - Boston/Jamaica Plain) at the Miss Mass Gay Latina drag queen pageant this past June, part of "Boston Pride." Her drag queen friend, name unknown, above. [All photos from InNewsWeekly.]

State Rep. Liz Malia is one of our least favorite legislators. She was instrumental in halting Gov. Romney's feeble attempt to disband the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth last May, and she was the Rep who called for a second vote to overturn his veto of the dangerous new independent "Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth" in July.

And what exactly is the "lifestyle" Rep. Malia wants to encourage our troubled youth to participate in? We can get an idea from her own "celebration" during "Boston Pride" week this past June. In some capacity, she attended a stenchy drag queen pageant during Pride, according to
photos published by InNewsWeekly.

Is Malia the sort of person we want setting policy in our schools?
Is this what the Massachusetts Legislature should be promoting as acceptable for our youth? Remember: this crossdressing-transgender-transsexual scene is a routine aspect of the GLBT world that the new "Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth" will be promoting as healthy and normal. The current commission director has announced their intention to add "Bisexual and Transgender" to its name -- and what better expression of "transgenderism" is there than a drag queen pageant???

Even the terribly compromised American Psychiatric Association still lists this sort of behavior as a disorder in its diagnostic manual: see "
Gender Identity Disorder" in the DSM-IV. Yet our state government is supporting and promoting it among our youth!

Some other scenes fro
m the pageant [photos from InNewsWeekly]:

Monday, August 14, 2006

Setting the Course for Massachusetts

These two ladies are setting the course for Massachusetts ... and the nation.
Ms. Lee Swislow, Executive Director of GLAD (Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, which brought the same-sex lawsuit in Massachusetts, has tried to block the marriage definition amendments, and is now busy with "transgender/transsexual rights" lawsuits.)
Ms. Grace Sterling Stowell, Executive Director of BAGLY (Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth, which puts on the annual Queer/Trans prom at Boston City Hall, ending the Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth's Pride Day celebration every May.)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Romney's Leadership Still Lacking on Education

Governor Romney has been such a disappointment, failing to provide leadership on education issues and parents' rights. Romney vetoed legislation last week that would have funded statewide pre-Kindergarten programs beginning at age 2. But his reason was purely fiscal. He refuses to confront head-on the other huge problem this legislation exemplified: that our public schools are essentially becoming leftist/GLBT indoctrination centers, and those in charge want access to our children beginning at the earliest ages. John Haskins, Associate Director of the Parents' Rights Coalition, comments:

Statewide pre-kindergarten programs? Is there any mystery what this is all about? Obviously Massachusetts pre-schoolers are in danger of learning their parents' moral and religious values. Something has to be done about that, and the solution is just what Mao, Lenin and Stalin prescribed: indoctrination beginning at age three. That should take care of those intolerant religious folks and their morality!

When will our side get it? This is no badminton match. This is total war. War for everything. There is no stopping point. The fanatical sexual revolutionaries, homofascists, and their enablers want all or nothing. "All" includes your children and your grandchildren and their civilization. Many pre-schools are already indoctrinating children without the knowledge of their parents. I know of specific examples. How long will it be before such programs are mandatory?

Unfortunately, vetoing such a bill is not nearly enough. Seizing the issue and warning parents and voters about what their legislators have in mind is what Romney would do if he were a conservative, or a man -- or even a real Mormon.

See the State House News Service report ("Democrats criticize Romney's veto of pre-K," 8/10/06):

Top lawmakers lashed out Monday at Gov. Mitt Romney's veto of a pre-kindergarten education bill, as Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey's gubernatorial campaign defended what a top Romney adviser conceded was a politically difficult position.

The co-chairs of the Legislature's Committee on Education [Sen. Antonioni and Rep. Haddad -- both favoring the Planned Parenthood/GLBT agenda for our schools] said they hoped the House and Senate return later this year in formal sessions to try to override the veto of a Department of Early Education and Care bill, although both conceded they were unaware of any such plans.

"I don't think he really understands what this legislation was meant to do. [We agree!] It's the next step in refining that department," said House Education Committee chair Patricia Haddad (D-Somerset), who called the bill a guidebook for a state effort to furnish universal access to pre-kindergarten education.

Romney vetoed the bill Friday, after lawmakers had rejected his plan to change the bill by cutting out the language to expand state commitments for pre-K education. Rather than commit immediately to what he said could be a $1 billion-plus per year hit to taxpayers, Romney encouraged waiting for the results, due next February, of a $4.6 million pilot program provided for in this year's budget....

The legislation avoided both pinning a cost on the program and identifying a revenue source - in part, Haddad said, because the bill instructed the department to conceive of a five-year plan, with subsequent details to be worked out based on that blueprint. "We can't talk about a revenue source until we know what the actual cost is going to be," Haddad said....

A spokesman for House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi said in an e-mailed statement that Romney's veto meant Romney had "flipped his position" since 2004, when he signed the law creating the [early education] department.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Who Controls the Massachusetts Legislature?

Left: House Speaker DiMasi (on left) consulting with Bill Conley, recently arrested "gay" lobbyist.

Right: "Gay" lobbyist Bill Conley (in center) giving marching orders to Representatives including David Linsky (on right) of Natick. Linsky filed a bill in the last session to decriminalize bestiality (and sodomy).

Sal DiMasi, Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, would like us to believe that he is giving the orders at the State House. But it appears that the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus (MGLPC) is pulling many of the corrupted strings in this state. And now that one of Massachusetts' own, Patrick Guerriero, is running the Gill Foundation (which doles out millions for the most radical GLBT causes), we can expect to see more of our legislators bending over for that lobby.

For years, Bill Conley (lobbyist for MGLPC and MassEquality) has been a favorite visitor to DiMasi's office. Conley, recently arrested for soliciting UMass college boys for oral sex, continued to lobby at the State House through July -- for weeks after his arrest -- against the marriage referendum and for homosexual programs in our public schools. And DiMasi was guest of honor at a Back Bay fundraiser for MGLPC (which pays Conley's salary) -- almost three weeks after Conley's arrest.
DiMasi has the utmost respect for Conley. Here's what DiMasi said at that fundraiser (InNewsWeekly, 8-2-06):
The House speaker also spoke personally of his Italian immigrant heritage and his legal training, all of which easily brought him along the yellow brick road of gay equality. DiMasi said his grandfather taught him that "everyone in America has equal opportunity." [Would his Italian immigrant grandfather have thought "equal opportunity" included sodomy "marriage"?] He added, "That's what everybody deserves." DiMasi also offered words of encouragement for the battle ahead to preserve marriage equality. "The battle will be won by each and everyone of you going out, proving to everyone that you are a good human being, a valued member of the community," he said. "Guess what?" the House speaker said. "You have been extremely successful in creating [that kind of] goodwill." Added DiMasi, "I may have given you the opportunity but you really made the difference."
. . .Grace Sterling Stowell ["male-to-female trans" person, busy pushing transsexuality on our school children], executive director of Boston Area Gay and Lesbian Youth, or BAGLY, said she came to thank the Caucus for its continuing support for youth funding. [Note: BAGLY identifies itself as the "Boston Alliance for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Youth."]

And did Speaker DiMasi give Grace a little peck on the cheek after her talk?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Who Is Patrick Guerriero?

Patrick Guerriero, Exec Director of the Gill Action Fund

Mass. Homosexual Lobbyists: Conley, Shapiro, Isaacson: Bay Windows, the Boston "gay" newspaper, recently identified Guerriero (above) as part of the GLBT lobbying team in the Massachusetts State House. He joins these three (left): Bill Conley (recently arrested for solicitation); Norma Shapiro of the ACLU; Arline Isaacson, who works for both the MGLPC and teachers' union (MTA). [Team Photo: Bay Windows.]

In the aftermath of Bill Conley's arrest for solicitation, the GLBT lobby is discussing what it can get away with, and to what extent it needs to regroup. Bay Windows reports that a major new player will be joining the team: Patrick Guerriero, formerly head of the national Log Cabin Republicans, former Mass. State Rep, and former mayor of Melrose. (He was also chosen by Acting Governor Jane Swift to be her running mate for Lt. Gov., though Mitt Romney stepped in and that team never ran.)

Guerriero has just been named Executive Director of the Gill Action Fund which, according to Wikipedia, "was created in August of 2005 from the political donations of Colorado gay millionaire Tim Gill, to coordinate activities with gay rights and other allied organizations, and to embark in activities that the tax code prohibits the nonprofit Gill Foundation from performing. Gill has donated over 100 million dollars (US) to LGBT causes, either directly or through the [Gill] Foundation."

"Basically this entity will become one of the largest funders of LGBT political work in the nation," said Guerriero, who was no doubt hired in part due to his connections in this state. Now the Gill Foundation's MILLIONS will pour into the all-important Massachusetts GLBT beachhead, focusing not only on the "marriage" issue, but also on the homosexual programs in the schools.

In fact, the wording of the law establishing the new independent "Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth" specifically allows for outside, private funding of its activities. (This is in contrast to usual government agencies or school departments, whose allocations are regulated by elected representatives, giving the voters/taxpayers some control.)

From Bay Windows, "MassEquality, Caucus ponder next moves" (8-10-06):

The MassEquality coalition was formed to preserve equal marriage rights in Massachusetts after the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issued its ruling in the Goodridge marriage lawsuit. Isaacson, who has more than two decades of experience lobbying on Beacon Hill, oversees the team of lobbyists working on marriage equality. Until two weeks ago, Conley, as the only full-time lobbyist working on LGBT issues, formed the core of the lobby team. During an interview with Bay Windows early this year for a story on MassEquality’s lobbying efforts, Isaacson said that Conley spent “99 percent” of his time at the State House working on marriage equality. [They're definitely underplaying the time Conley spent lobbying for homosexual education and youth outreach programs.]

In addition to Isaacson, who works as a lobbyist for the Massachusetts Teachers Association, the other core member of the lobby team is Norma Shapiro, who is the legislative director for the Massachusetts chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. This week, Isaacson said that other members of her team include MassEquality’s Solomon, Ann Lambert, who is a lobbyist for the ACLU, Holly Gunner, a board member of the ACLU and Patrick Guerriero, who is leaving his post as president of the Log Cabin Club at the end of this month to work for the Colorado-based Gill Foundation.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Heather Has 2 Moms and 3 Dads

"PolyBoston" marched in the Boston Pride parade this past June. But for the most part, the polygamist/polyamorist activists are working behind the scenes. They know they have to keep things somewhat quiet until the public has totally accepted "homosexual marriage." Then the idea of group free-for-all "marriages" and "alternative domestic arrangements" won't seem at all shocking.

Are Americans so pummeled by "homosexual marriage" that they don't even care that polygamy and polyamory are poised to make the same demands for legal and educational recognition? Elizabeth Marquardt, author of recent book on the impact of divorce on children, reviews some of the behind-the-scenes push for "poly rights." See "
Two mommies and a daddy: The future of polygamy" (The Christian Century, July 25).

She points us to the
Unitarian Universalists for Polyamory Awareness, which writes: "UUPA defines polyamory as the philosophy and practice of loving or relating intimately to more than one other person at a time with honesty and integrity. UUPA is an independent organization, not affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association."

Marquardt also mentions the
Polyamory Society, whose web site has a page on Poly Children's education. (The language strikes us as very like what our Massachusetts government is now using to protect "GLBT teens.") The polyamorists seek to "create or expand public policies that serve the best interests of PolyChildren." The needs and rights of poly children must be protected! On what grounds can our public schools deny a place to the poly storybooks such as Heather has 2 Moms and 3 Dads, Homie the Cat and his Family, and The Magical Power of Mark's Many Parents. This is a "time of transition from the monogamously dominated paradigm to consensually open relationships integration into mainstream culture."

Get ready!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Macy's Supports Boston Pride ... and

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Background Checks on GLBT Activists Working with Teens?

By Massachusetts law, no adult may work with a child unless he's undergone a background check for past criminal offenses (the CORI check, for "Criminal Offender Record Information"). This is true for all school teachers, staff, administrators, bus drivers, and chaperones for school trips. Parents cannot even go on a school trip with their child unless they've gone through an official CORI check!

Ch. 385 of the Acts of 2002, Section 1 amends Sec. 6 of the Mass. General Laws as follows: "Sec. 172H : ... any entity or organization primarily engaged in providing activities or programs to children 18 years of age or less that accepts volunteers, shall obtain all available criminal offender record information from the criminal history systems board prior to accepting any person as a volunteer."

So MassResistance asks: Have all those adults working with our children through the GLBT activist programs focused on youth -- GLSEN, PFLAG, BAGLY, Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth members, etc., and volunteers attending their events -- complied with this CORI regulation? Was Bill Conley, member of the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, for instance, required to have a CORI check before he spent all that time with children participating in Youth Pride, most of whom were under 18? What about all those other volunteers at Youth Pride? GLSEN's annual conferences, PFLAG events, BAGLY meetings -- all involve many children under 18. Who is monitoring these staff and volunteers working unsupervised with vulnerable youth?

At a GLSEN conference we attended some years ago, we encountered young men in their 20s who were clearly cruising for young companions. It's not just what they're handing out at these conferences (e.g., the Little Black Book), it's who's attending and striking up acquaintances with the kids.

“We know that our detractors will continue to mischaracterize and misrepresent what we do and who we are,” says Haley [GLSEN Boston director, after admitting they handed out the Little Black Book to children]. “We have always had a screening process for all the materials [but what about the people?] that enter; we are redoubling our effort in that regard to be sure that all materials on table and elsewhere are age-appropriate.” Haley also notes that every workshop will be monitored for safety and age-appropriate content. Security [to keep out pro-family observers!] will also be on hand at the event. “We are doing everything we can possibly think of to create the safest most appropriate day of learning that we can,” Haley says. (See "Register for next GLSEN conference," Bay Windows, 4-20-06. And we may ask, WHY is Bay Windows encouraging its readers to register for the GLSEN conference???)

BAGLY's website (Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth) says, "All of our meetings are facilitated by young people 22 and under." It's the adult staff and miscellaneous volunteers we wonder about there. We know from his own writing that an extremist "gay" attack blogger and his "husband" chaperoned at the BAGLY queer/trans prom at Boston City Hall in 2005. (This man was on the credits for a gay porn film -- don't know if it was soft or hard... haven't seen it yet. Hey Buddy, send me a copy! -- Look for the "Boom Boom Boy" in Hooking Up.)

What about the "mentoring" opportunities" listed by the "Friends of the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth"?

The idea of the law is to protect the children of this state. Is it all just a sham? See
MGL, Ch. 28A, Sec. 1: "It is hereby declared to be the policy of the commonwealth to assure every child a fair and full opportunity to reach his full potential by providing and encouraging services which strengthen family life and support families in their essential function of nurture for a child’s physical, social, educational, moral, and spiritual development. Every child shall be entitled to the full protection of the commonwealth."

Who is defining "moral and spiritual development" for our children? Mr. Bill Conley?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Arrested Gay Lobbyist Conley's Role on Youth Commission?

Bill Conley, lead "gay" lobbyist, in gayer days
(before his arrest for solicitation of college boys)
( Photo Credit: Boston Phoenix, Steven Sunshine)

What role did William Conley -- the lead State House lobbyist for the GLBT crowd -- play as member of the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth? Did he agree with inviting dangerous adults and groups who "volunteered" at "Youth Pride" days, for instance? (Note that Conley is one of the men standing on the State House steps with the Commission banner, cheering children on at the 2005 Youth Pride parade.)

Now that
Conley's arrest for solicitation of college boys has hit the news, is Prince Jarrett Barrios (a.k.a. Senator Fluff) still planning to seat him as a member of the new independent Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth? Clearly, Conley has the needed expertise.
According to the news reports, Conley was willing to pay $50-$150 for "oral relief" depending on the servicing boy's "experience." This sort of behavior -- renting boys -- is after all part and parcel of the gay lifestyle. Why wouldn't the Commission want someone with such experience? And since there's NO OVERSIGHT of this new Commission by people outside of the lifestyle, Prince Barrios can seat whomever he pleases.
Getting back to our original question -- what role did Conley play on the Commission? We wonder if he may have invited these groups known to have taken part in "Youth Pride" days:
  • PUMP (a support group for young male prostitutes, many who are HIV/AIDS patients).
  • Lambda Car Club -- "gay" antique car lovers ("Boys with their Toys," shouts their home page with a man's naked rear as their logo), who were volunteering to drive the youth participants around.
  • GenderCrash, advocating transgender/transsexual madness.
  • Assorted volunteers rounded up by Bay Windows, Boston Pride, Jesuit Urban Center (well-known "gay" hangout claiming to be a Catholic church), etc.

The point is that people like Conley in the radical GLBTQIP movement think all these groups and audiences are legitimate, and OK to connect with our children. And that putting kids in touch with such people helps prevent suicides!