Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Spawn of Queers?

How weird is this getting? GLBT activists -- or at least their "spawn" -- recently tried to place an entry in Wikipedia for "QUEERSPAWN" but were turned down by the editors. So spawning must differ from breeding? While breeder is a GLBT put-down for heteros, spawn is somehow positive in their countercultural minds?? (To our ears, both terms are dehumanizing, though breeders implies natural sexual union, while spawning implies impersonal mass fertilization of egg deposits. Hmm...)

The promoters of the term didn't meet certain Wikipedia criteria (it's nice to know there are still some rules). From the Bay Windows report:

Queerspawn is used by some children of LGBT parents to describe themselves to show their direct connection to the LGBT community, rather than to see their connection to the community as a product of their parents. Use of the term is far from standard, although the now-deleted Wikipedia article claims it was first proposed in 1995 by Stefan Lynch, first director of COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere). The text of the deleted Wikipedia entry was posted by self-identified queerspawn author Abigail Garner on her blog, DamnStraight.Oversampled.net....

While anyone can create or edit articles on Wikipedia, the site has content guidelines that users in the discussion said the queerspawn entry violated. One was that articles are required to cite published secondary sources, and much of the information on the evolution of the term in the queerspawn article did not cite such sources. Wikipedia also prohibits entries focused on new terms coined and used by certain communities but that do not appear in published dictionaries.