Thursday, August 31, 2006

Romney Cannot Be Trusted to Enforce Constitution on Nov. 9

VoteOnMarriage/Mass. Family Institute thinks that Gov. Romney can be trusted to enforce the Constitution in November, if the Legislature fails to act on the VoteOnMarriage (VOM) petition at the Constitutional Convention. We say: Don't count on it! We're in this homosexual "marriage" mess because Romney did NOT enforce the Constitution back in May 2004!

If Romney were a man of principle, he would use his remaining time in office to acknowledge that error, that violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution, and rescind his executive orders that began homosexual "marriages".

Given Romney's national political ambitions, he may go the enforcement route this time, since national "conservative" eyes are more focused on him. But will he use law enforcement personnel to drag corrupt Legislators back in handcuffs (and then somehow force them to cast their votes -- with tazers, maybe?) if they refuse to take up the marriage amendment?

VoteOnMarriage/Mass. Family Institute still doesn't get it! The homosexual lobby has announced that if they don't have the votes to trounce the marriage amendment in November, they'll use any means necessary to bury it. Remember: The Speaker of the House just attended a fundraiser for the homosexual lobbying group. The Senate President attends "gay" weddings. Does VOM really believe Romney will stand up to them? He didn't stand up to Empress Margaret's unconstitutional "marriage" ruling. If Romney enforced that "law" that wasn't a law, should we expect he'll enforce a constitution that IS a constitution?

Why does VOM/Mass. Family Institute believe Romney can be trusted in November??? Don't they understand that ROMNEY IS THE REASON WE HAVE "HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE" IN MASSACHUSETTS NOW ... BECAUSE HE DID NOT ENFORCE THE CONSTITUTION FOLLOWING THE ABSURD SJC homosexual "marriage" ruling, but unconstitutionally ordered new marriage licenses to be printed, and ordered Town Clerks and Justices of the Peace to perform these fraudulent "marriages"! Why isn't VOM/MFI spending their time convincing the Governor to overturn these executive orders? The corruption of our Legislature -- and sadly, our Governor -- is so deep that polite people have trouble recognizing it.

From the Mass. Family Institute web site:

Marriage Amendment vote on track for Nov. 9: Though the Legislature ducked the issue of same-sex marriage last week-voting to recess until after the November elections-the issue is far from dead and the Marriage Amendment is alive and well. The House and Senate will meet again on Nov. 9 to debate the people's amendment in another Constitutional Convention.... We have more than enough votes to pass the Amendment before the end of this legislative session on Dec. 31. The current incumbents are the ones who will vote on Nov. 9 - their term does not end until Dec. 31, as is the case with Gov. Mitt Romney. We cannot forget that he is ready and willing to enforce the constitution should the Legislature shirk their responsibility."

(See also Robert Paine, Esq.'s blog for discussion of constitutional issues.)