Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Arrested Gay Lobbyist Conley's Role on Youth Commission?

Bill Conley, lead "gay" lobbyist, in gayer days
(before his arrest for solicitation of college boys)
( Photo Credit: Boston Phoenix, Steven Sunshine)

What role did William Conley -- the lead State House lobbyist for the GLBT crowd -- play as member of the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth? Did he agree with inviting dangerous adults and groups who "volunteered" at "Youth Pride" days, for instance? (Note that Conley is one of the men standing on the State House steps with the Commission banner, cheering children on at the 2005 Youth Pride parade.)

Now that
Conley's arrest for solicitation of college boys has hit the news, is Prince Jarrett Barrios (a.k.a. Senator Fluff) still planning to seat him as a member of the new independent Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth? Clearly, Conley has the needed expertise.
According to the news reports, Conley was willing to pay $50-$150 for "oral relief" depending on the servicing boy's "experience." This sort of behavior -- renting boys -- is after all part and parcel of the gay lifestyle. Why wouldn't the Commission want someone with such experience? And since there's NO OVERSIGHT of this new Commission by people outside of the lifestyle, Prince Barrios can seat whomever he pleases.
Getting back to our original question -- what role did Conley play on the Commission? We wonder if he may have invited these groups known to have taken part in "Youth Pride" days:
  • PUMP (a support group for young male prostitutes, many who are HIV/AIDS patients).
  • Lambda Car Club -- "gay" antique car lovers ("Boys with their Toys," shouts their home page with a man's naked rear as their logo), who were volunteering to drive the youth participants around.
  • GenderCrash, advocating transgender/transsexual madness.
  • Assorted volunteers rounded up by Bay Windows, Boston Pride, Jesuit Urban Center (well-known "gay" hangout claiming to be a Catholic church), etc.

The point is that people like Conley in the radical GLBTQIP movement think all these groups and audiences are legitimate, and OK to connect with our children. And that putting kids in touch with such people helps prevent suicides!