Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Gender expression" defined in photos

"Gender expression" has not been defined, but may soon become a "civil right" in Massachusetts.

The pending Body Mutilation ("Transgender Rights") Bill declares it unlawful to discriminate on the basis of "gender identity or expression" yet fails to define either "gender identity" or "gender expression" in any meaningful way. (Likewise, the phrase "sexual orientation" remains undefined in the law.)

The inclusion of "expression" is heavy with implications on how this bill will play out. Whereas "orientation" and "identity" are states of mind, "expression" connotes ACTION, and guarantees that perversions will be protected when played out in the public sphere.

Soon, scenes such as those below will be unstoppable in public places ("public accommodations"). They will be considered a "civil right" to "gender expression." And as we've pointed out, GLAD is readying its defense for public sex acts. (Thanks to GLAD, pervs can already can do it in restrooms or behind the bushes in the Fens without worry of arrest.)

We see no need to warn anyone of the upsetting nature of these photos, since we'll all be seeing similar things in public within a few years. [Photos by MassResistance, except as noted.]

"Folsom East" street fair, New York City, June 21, 2009

Nudity at Boston Dyke March, June 2008

Men dressed as women, Transgender Pride, Northampton, Mass., June 14, 2008

Women proudly showing their breast removal scars, Transgender Pride, Northampton, Mass., June 14, 2008

"Gays" at Folsom East street fair, New York City, June 21, 2009

Sadomasochists with lashes cheered by crowd at Boston Pride, June 2008

None dare call him "Sissy": Mark Snyder (QueerToday) soaking up the rays at Randolph Country Club [from his blog]

Boston Pride celebrant in a public street, June 2009
[EdgeBoston photo]

Woman in kilt with breast removal scars and beard
at Transgender Pride, Northampton, Mass., June 14, 2008

Transsexual leader of BAGLY, "Grace" Sterling Stowell,

Young woman strutting her "manly" chest, Transgender Pride,
Northampton, Mass., June 14, 2008

Man or woman (?) in skirt with beard & mustache, Transgender Pride,
Northampton, Mass., June 14, 2008

Adam Shanahan (left), aka "Raquel Blake", & friends at Boston Pride, June 2008

Eugene Tan, aka "Becca d'Bus", reaching out to teens
at Mass. Youth Pride, May 2007

Queens at Boston Pride, June 2008

More queens at Boston pride, June 2008

How many new perversions ("identities") can they invent? Mass. Transgender Political Coalition T-shirt at Boston Pride, June 2008

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Questions That Must Be Asked at "Transgender Rights" Hearing

More on the Body Mutilation Bill, H1728/S1687:

  • Why does the state want to promote mental illness in its populace? (See DSM-IV, "gender identity disorder.") "Sex-change surgery is a collaboration with a mental disorder, not a treatment."
  • What are the long-term health effects of years or decades of opposite-sex hormone injections? (If the medical profession so concerned about female hormone replacement therapies for women, why should we not be even more concerned about transgender hormone treatments?)
  • What about the children? Experimenting on young children’s bodies is reminiscent of the Nazi era. Yet a doctor at Boston Children’s Hospital is doing just that. It was this blog that first broke the story on Dr. Norman Spack -- the endocrinologist who is injecting supposedly “transgender” children (who are not physically "intersex") with puberty-blocking chemicals so their "gender reassignment" will be easier later. Should the state condone such horrific medical experimentation? (Dr. Spack’s treatments will most likely make the young person infertile, so too bad if they should change their mind later and remain their actual sex.)
  • What will happen when confused teens are pushed into this world by their schools (through the “Gay Straight Alliances” and GLBT events)? The transsexual world is especially dangerous for male youth who want to behave as women. Do we want our public schools suggesting to young girls that they might have their breasts removed to become "bois"?
  • What are the long-term physical effects of the various bodily mutilations of sex-change surgeries? An unnecessary hysterectomy? Removal of healthy breasts? Penis amputation? -- especially when done early in one’s life?
  • What are other risks of sex "reassignment" surgeries -- especially an artificially constructed vagina or penis (with techniques constantly evolving)?
  • What are typical psychological outcomes of sex-change surgeries? Reports suggest that patients continue to suffer psychological distress, are not satisfied with their “new” bodies, and continue to demand more surgeries and treatments.
  • What happens when an individual changes his or her mind after sex-reassignment? They can’t go back. Will the state continue to pay for this person's coninuing demand for therapy and physical change?
  • Why should we let mentally disturbed individuals be in charge of their sexual identification? What does that mean for people they interact with? Dr. Paul McHugh described a situation which will surely arise:
    Dr McHugh warned the [NYC Health] board that such changes would make sexual identification impossible. "I’ve already heard of a ‘transgendered’ man who claimed at work to be ‘a woman in a man’s body but a lesbian’ and who had to be expelled from the ladies’ restroom because he was propositioning women there," he said. "He saw this as a great injustice in that his behavior was justified in his mind by the idea that the categories he claimed for himself were all ‘official’ and had legal rights attached to them."
    • Tuesday, June 23, 2009

      Flood of GLBT Lawsuits Predicted after Passage of Mass. Transgender Bill, ENDA, & Federal Hate Crimes Bill

      Get ready for a flood of lawsuits if the “Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes” bill (H1728/S1687) is passed in Massachusetts. The how-to documents are already in place, and test cases have already hit the courts.

      We haven’t already seen lots of anti-bias lawsuits on the basis of “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” -- but only because the sexual radicals don’t yet have all their ducks in order. Once the federal bills become law (ENDA and the “Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act”), along with the Massachusetts “Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes” bill, they need no longer fear a backlash.

      Lawsuits will come to the courts, and complaints will be filed with MCAD -- the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. We’ve warned of the danger of that shadow court system. Its new Chairman, Malcolm S. Medley, recently noted that the GLBT community has been holding back on filing anti-bias complaints, apparently waiting for dust to settle after their “gay marriage” coup. And we believe they’re also waiting for the transgender rights/hate crimes bill to be passed. According to the Bay State Banner (April 30, 2009):

      There has not, however, been a sharp rise in formal complaints of discrimination against those in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community since the legalization of same-sex marriage statewide in 2003, Medley said. Some gay rights advocates feared a backlash would follow the state Supreme Judicial Court’s decision in Goodridge v. Department of Public Health, the monumental case that made Massachusetts the first state in the nation to legally recognize same-sex marriages. While there are still those who disagree with the court’s decision, Medley said that his agency must uphold laws set by the state regarding sexual orientation.

      The Massachusetts Bar Association reported (June 2008) that MCAD is awaiting action on the transgender rights bill:

      Medley said MCAD is watching with interest several bills pending in the Legislature, including the so-called height and weight and transgender bills.

      GLAD (Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders) is certainly ready to roll, and has posted a page of “how-to” brochures.

      GLAD is the primary legal assault team bringing down traditional values throughout New England. They argued for “gay marriage” in the Goodridge case in Massachusetts, conducted a well-funded campaign to bring “gay marriage” to all six New England states by 2012, and have been busy with pioneering “anti-bias” lawsuits on the basis of (conveniently undefined) “sexual orientation” or “gender identity”.

      Formal charges of “anti-LGBT” bias will soon become commonplace, and GLAD is helping with
      its tutorial. “Verbal harassment” alone can result in criminal or civil prosecution.

      GLAD even has brochures informing
      GLBT students and “transgender youth” of their rights. On this issue, GLAD erroneously states:

      Prohibitions against discrimination in public schools require that transgender students must have equal access to ‘the advantages, privileges and courses of study’ of those schools. (Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 76, sec. 5). This must include access to safe, clean, appropriate restroom and locker room facilities.

      In fact, that section of the law applies to “sexual orientation” – but not transgenderism or “gender identity.” This raises the question: If “sexual orientation” already covers “transgender rights”, why is the transgender rights bill needed? Since neither phrase is defined in the law, anything goes! But GLAD now wants to ensure the broadest possible protection for perversions yet untried with another vague law.

      Friday, June 19, 2009

      Transgender Rights Bill H1728: "Body Multilation Bill"

      Trans Rights marchers (men) in Northampton, Mass., June 2008 (MassResistance photo)
      The "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill" (H1728, S1687) is once again pending in the Massachusetts legislature, now with an astonishing 104 sponsors (a majority in both houses!). The Judiciary Committee has announced a hearing on July 14, where it must be stopped. No, it's not just about men in dresses using women's restrooms. It's much more far-reaching and dangerous than that. See our lengthy study (originally published in 2008) for a detailed examination.

      Gunner Scott, the woman leading the radical "Mass. Transgender Political Coalition," at the Transgender Pride march, Northampton, Mass. in June 2008. (MassResistance photo)

      How is the “Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes” Bill -- H1728/S1687 -- a threat to your rights?

      This bill would criminalize any objection to bizarre behaviors covered by the undefined phrase “gender identity or expression.”

      Gender identity confusion is considered a disorder by the American Psychiatric Association. But if Bill H1728 passes, the disordered behaviors of “transgender” individuals would be protected as a “civil right”! And power will rest with disturbed individuals who self-identify as the opposite sex, or who act out some public “expression” he or she insists is part of his or her “identity”. This bill is about protecting public, not private, behaviors. It is part of the radical strategy to leave the terms “gender identity” and “gender expression” undefined in the bill.

      And it’s not only about allowing cross-dressing and sex changes. It would normalize and mandate support for cross-dressing, sex changes, and various other perversions and practices. For example, “gender expression” (and the likewise undefined “sexual orientation”) could be interpreted to protect voyeurism, sado-masochism, prostitution, incest, or even sex in public places. Already, hotels are scared by “sexual orientation” anti-discrimination laws, so won’t deny access to transgender (or sadomasochist) conventions. Things will only get worse if this bill is passed.

      In the “public accommodations” portion of the bill, for example:
      “Whoever makes any distinction, discrimination or restriction on account of … gender identity or expression … or … treatment in any place of public accommodation … or whoever aids or incites such distinction, discrimina- tion or restriction shall be punished by a fine … or by imprisonment … or both.” [MGL, Ch. 272, Sec. 98, with phrase “gender identity or expression” added by Bill H1728.]

      - In Mass. law, “public accommodations” could be interpreted to include any place other than private homes.

      - Individuals and churches will lose their freedom of speech and religion to object to transgender behaviors or “gender expression,” or even publicly oppose the new law. No sermon could be delivered, no seminar held disagreeing with this new “civil right” (as it could be considered “incitement” to “distinction or discrimination.”) No effort to overturn it could be organized in any “public accommodation,” no referendum signatures could be collected on sidewalks to overturn the law.

      - A crime committed against a self-identified transgender person will receive extra penalties as a “hate crime”.

      - Business owners will lose the ability to choose employees suited to their particular environment or clientele, no matter what it means for their profitability. Charges of discrimination could be brought if a “transgender” person is fired for valid causes totally separate from “gender identity”.

      - Schools will normalize this psychological disorder to our children, exposing them to unimaginable stresses. Restrooms and locker rooms will be open to the opposite sex. Sports teams, proms, and homecomings will see “transgender” youth demanding “equal” treatment. Children of all ages will be given sensitivity lessons when teachers, staff or even parents undergo “sex changes” (which has already occurred in Newton, Oxford, and Brookline). The youngest children will be forced to imagine the removal of body parts as a healthy and reasonable option. “Anti-bullying” lessons will add this new category of victims.

      - Landlords and property owners will not be able to deny rental or sale to anyone protected by the loose phrase “gender identity or expression” – which could include groups of “swingers”, sadomasochists, or even prostitutes.

      - Restrooms and locker rooms at any public accommodation will be forced to allow a person who claims to be the opposite sex to use whichever restroom or locker room he or she chooses. It is especially frightening for women to have (often very large) men dressed as women sharing their restroom space.

      - “Gender expression” will open the door to sexual activity in public or public nudity. Women claiming to be men will expose their scarred chests (from breast removal) in public. Exhibitionists could claim “expression” when exposing themselves. GLAD – the legal group behind “gay marriage” in New England, as well as transgender rights – actually held a forum recently promoting public sex called “
      Sex on the Margins.”

      Jennifer Levi (blue shirt), lead attorney with GLAD for transgender issues, pushes baby stroller at Transgender Pride march, Northampton, Mass., June 2008 (MassResistance photo).

      - Sensitivity training at work will normalize cross-dressing and "transitioning" employees.

      - Transgender medical care will be mandated coverage for insurers (including state health insurance) – costs which can run into hundreds of thousands – subsidized by you. This includes hormone treatments, cosmetic treatments, radical body-mutilating sex change surgeries, and psychological counseling.

      Get ready to see lots more of this if H1728 passes: A young woman who has removed her breasts to become a "boi" or "transman". Transgender Pride march, Northampton, Mass., June 2008. (MassResistance photo)

      - Hospitals, doctors and therapists will be forced to provide this medical care and offer pro-transgender counseling; no religious objections are provided for.

      - The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) – a shadow court system without usual legal procedures – will come after all offenders with huge fines, with no appeal possible. (This is already happening in Canada on “sexual orientation” issues.)

      - Charges of “bigotry” and “transphobia” will intimidate citizens who object.

      CONTACT the Judiciary Committee with your testimony!