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Southern Poverty Law Center a Hate Group

What a great strategy. Set up a phony organization that collects millions of dollars by labeling any effective voices dissenting from the far-left agenda as a "hate group". Lump the legitimate conservative organizations  in with true hate groups (neo-Nazis, Fred Phelps -- assuming they're even "real" and not SPLC or Anti-Defamation League creations). Voila`: another bludgeon to hit us with.

That's all the Southern Poverty Law Center is. An empty shell filled with useful idiots, giving ammo to those who wish to bring this country down. The Left has used this smear tactic against us.

Their latest target is Lou Dobbs at CNN, whose sins are opposing illegal immigration and suggesting that Obama's birth status should be looked into... And now, Dobbs's very life is being threatened. WorldNetDaily reports today:

CNN's Lou Dobbs: Shot fired into my home
'We'd had threatening phone calls ... it's now become a way of life'
Opponents of Dobbs include the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti Defamation League, the National Council of La Raza, Internet media watchdog Media Matters and Fox News host Geraldo Rivera.

SPLC has called on CNN to fire Dobbs. We say that SPLC is inciting hate crimes, and should be taken to court.

For more background, see MassResistance's post from March 2009. Excerpt:

It's a common theme of the left, going back to the Saul Alinsky tactics in the 1930s, to demonize your enemies if they become effective. This was adopted by the homosexual movement. In their classic manifesto After the Ball, Marshall Kirk & Hunter Masden advised activists to compare people with traditional values to the Ku Klux Klan (which lynched blacks).
For the second year in a row, the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC) has declared MassResistance, along with other pro-family / Christian / traditional values groups around the country, as "hate groups". In most cases, the "crime" is publicly disagreeing with the homosexual agenda. There are no specific reasons given, besides a general label.
Other groups include the Illinois Family Institute (IFI), Traditional Values Coalition (TVC), Scott Lively's Abiding Truth Ministries, the Family Research Institute, and the Chalcedon Foundation. Along with MassResistance, SPLC's reason for declaring them hate groups is that they're "Anti-Gay".
(Actually, SPLC is angry because they're effective. MassResistance, IFI, Traditional Values Coalition, and the Chalcedon Foundation expose the homosexual agenda to a national audience. Family Research Institute does studies on the dangers of homosexual behavior. SPLC particularly despises Scott Lively's book, The Pink Swastika, which documents homosexuality in Nazi Germany.) 
A number of other Christian ministries are listed, labeled as "General Hate". Several Catholic groups are labeled "Radical Traditionalist Catholic" and thus declared hate groups.
SPLC is also big in promoting and defending illegal immigration. Thus, illegal immigrant watchdog groups around the country are listed, labeled as "Anti-Immigrant." One of those is Concerned Citizens and Friends of Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement (CCFILE) located in Framingham. It's run by Jim and Joe Rizoli. We know them. They're decent guys, and it's a legitimate community group -- which liberals happen to dislike. For SPLC to do this is the worst type of slander.
Young Americans for Freedom at Michigan State University is listed under "General Hate", apparently because they hosted Rep.Tom Tancredo for a speech on illegal immigration. But as reported on The O'Reilly Factor and Hannity & Colmes, it was the fascist left that disrupted the event and assaulted participants. But none of the attacking groups apparently qualifies as a "hate group"....

What constitutes a "hate group"?  We couldn't find it on the SPLC website. But in the MetroWest Daily News article referenced above, the SPLC spokesman told the reporter:
[A] hate group is one that "in its platforms or statements says that a whole other group of people is less by virtue . . . These are people who attack other groups of people based on their group characteristics." 
But that's a rather exotic definition of "hate", certainly not found in any dictionary. This absurd use of the word "hate" makes the word essentially meaningless.
Suppose Republicans say that Democrats are "less by virtue" because of their liberal characteristics.  Or smoking advocates who demean smokers. Or alcohol safety groups that demean drunk drivers. Does that make them "hate" groups? Don't people have the right to demean others who do bad or destructive things?...

Jennings "Sought Out" by Porn Publisher Alyson Publications

Kevin Jennings surely must have known that the publisher of his first three books, Alyson Publications, published pro-pedophilia and pornographic works. He said he was "sought out" by Alyson. In the Acknowledgements of his first book, Becoming Visible (1994), he wrote:

Writing this part of the book has caused me more anxiety than any other. It simply is not possible to express my gratitude to the many people who have helped make this book possible ... With apologies to anyone omitted, here we go!

The obvious place to begin is with Alyson Publications. First, Sasha Alyson had the vision to conceive of this project, and I had the good luck to be the person he sought out to complete it. I am deeply appreciative of being afforded this opportunity.

We've pointed out Alyson's promotion of pornography. Americans for Truth ( has exposed Alyson's history of pro-pedophilia publications. From AFTAH's earlier research, first published in the Lambda Report (1993):

Alyson Publications of Boston, which created Daddy’s RoommateHeather Has Two Mommies, and other pro-homosexual children’s books, also publishes such works as:
  • Macho Sluts, a collection of short stories including one in which a lesbian has sadomasochistic sex with her own 13-year-old daughter;
  • The Age Taboo, an anthology of arguments for pedophilia; and
  • Pedophilia: The Radical Case;  and a range of other books.
macho_sluts_cover-allyson-pub.jpgage_taboo-pedophilia-apologetics.jpg“It’s outrageous that the same company that markets books that condition children to accept homosexuality also peddles instructions on how pedophiles can have sex with children without getting caught,” said Lambda Report editor Peter LaBarbera.  “We hope to balance the debate in school districts across the country that are considering these books in their curriculum.”
When questioned by Lambda Report about the pro-pedophile views in his adult books, publisher Sasha Alyson said, “I think it’s something that is a legitimate area for exploration.”  He declined to discuss further his views on pedophilia.

Surely Jennings would have been aware of Alyson's portfolio before he decided to partner with the company.

In his Acknoweldgements, Jennings also thanks his homosexual activist partner at the time, Bob Parlin:

Bob, I simply have no words to say how I feel. "Thanks" will have to suffice.

And he dedicated Becoming Visible to his mother -- and to "Bob, who taught me how to love." 

Bob was at that time, and is now, a teacher at Newton South High School in Massachusetts, and has been a major force pushing homosexuality on the student body there. He had the support of the Principal, Van Seasholes, an early supporter of Jennings' GLSEN (then GLSTN). Newton South was the first public high school that we know of to have a "gay straight alliance" club (GSA).

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kevin Jennings' Associate David LaFontaine's Attack on Boston Cathedral

More on "Safe Schools Czar" Kevin Jennings and the company he keeps:

We've pointed out that former Act Up member Kevin Jennings, along with homosexual activist David LaFontaine, were the two powers behind the hideous Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, as well as the Massachusetts law banning discrimination on the basis of  "sexual orientation" in the Massachusetts public schools. Jennings worked closely with LaFontaine, so must have been on the same wave length regarding goals and strategies. Jennings was still living in the Boston area at the time of two notorious incidents involving LaFontaine:

LaFontaine was arrested on July 31, 1990 for "disturbing a public assembly" at the Massachusetts State House. There, at a press conference critical of an exhibit of pornographic homoerotic and anti-Catholic photos by Robert Mapplethorpe, LaFontaine shouted down the Rev. Earl Jackson, a Protestant minister and leader of Boston's African-American community.

A little over a month earlier, LaFontaine had participated in the attack on the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston on June 16, 1990. The demonstration involved members of Act Up. LaFontaine was quoted in the Boston Globe, identified as lobbying director of the Coalition of Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights, a "co-organizer" of the demonstration. At the time, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights described the incident, which LaFontaine acknowledged he had helped organize:

On that day, militants sought to physically disrupt the ordinations [of new priests] by entering the Cathedral. Prevented from doing so [by police], they then attempted to acoustically disrupt them by blowing horns and whistles, and by showering clergy and congregants with a torrent of insults, taunts, blasphemies, obscenities and invectives. Lesbians paraded in costumed mockery of the Catholic priesthood, lewd parodies of the Catholic liturgy were conducted within sight and sound of worshipers and sexually explicit signs were displayed . . . When the ceremony ended, priests and their parents, some of them elderly, who left by the side door of the Cathedral were surrounded and menaced by parts of the mob, struck with condoms, while others shouting, jumped up and down and pounded upon parked cars.
[Source: Press Release from Conservative Campaign Fund dated 9-14-94, in our possession, written by Peter T. Flaherty, CCF Chairman.]

Conservative Campaign Fund Chairman at the time, Peter T. Flaherty, wrote:

The Catholic League account only hints at the true vulgarity of the protest. Participants, some of whom were dressed in episcopal garb, engaged in simulations of oral and anal sex. The chants included, "You say No F---, we say F--- you." ... LaFontaine's involvement in this demonstration cannot be explained away. He has acknowledged taking part. He was a leader (and still is) of one of the three sponsoring organizations, the Massachusetts Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights. Another sponsor, ACT UP, was already well-known for its illegal and anti-democratic tactics. The infamous disruption of Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral in 1989 occurred just months previous to the Boston incident. LaFontaine knew he was associating with anti-Catholic extremists and was aware of the probability of violence. [Source: Ibid.]

Since Kevin Jennings was living in Boston at the time, and "palling around" with LaFontaine, someone should ask him if he took part in the disruption at the Boston Cathedral (perhaps as a veteran of the St. Patrick's riot?).

Four years later in 1994, Mitt Romney was running against John Lakian for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate candidate (vs. Ted Kennedy). In September '94, LaFontaine again drew a scolding, and was called out for "religious bigotry" targeting Romney for his Mormon religion. Lakian, who had received support from the organized homosexual movement, had included an inflammatory letter by LaFontaine attacking Romney in a fundraiser sent to 14,000 people. Candidate Romney was outraged, and the Conservative Campaign Fund called on Governor Weld to fire LaFontaine (who was still then Chairman of the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth). [Sources: Flaherty press release; Boston Globe, "Romney blasts Lakian mailing," 9-2-94; Boston Herald, "Mitt rips Lakian on religion attack," 9-2-94.]

(Ironically, Romney has continued to court activist homosexuals throughout his political career, not understanding that LaFontaine was just a little more exhibitionist of his true thoughts.)

In the aftermath of the 2000 Fistgate incident, where GLSEN-Boston educators were caught on tape teaching young teens about fisting and other perverted sex practices, LaFontaine continued his vicious and twisted statements about those trying to preserve traditional values. Of Brian Camenker, head of Parents' Rights Coalition (now MassResistance), LaFontaine said that he promulgates "precisely the attitudes that make gay teens think that they might as well kill themselves."

Hateful actions, hateful speech. The legacy of homofascist groups such as Act Up.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kevin Jennings’ GLSEN Promotes Pornography to Children

Obama’s “Safe Schools” czar, Kevin Jennings, founded and led GLSEN for 18 years. A current GLSEN lesson plan for “LGBT History” -- intended for schoolchildren – celebrates gay and lesbian activists from the 1950s and ’60s. It recommends the film “Gay Pioneers” which profiles several practitioners and promoters of pornography.

GLSEN recommends “Gay Pioneers” for classroom use, for showing at a Gay-Straight Alliance club meeting (invite other clubs!), for a school assembly, or for donation to the school library. 

(In the past, GLSEN’s website has recommended readings for children describing -- and implicitly endorsing -- adult-child sex and sexual experimentation at early ages. See Linda Harvey's research here and here.) 

Imagine teenagers hearing about these sex-obsessed “gay pioneers” (who are portrayed as heroic “civil rights” leaders), then doing a web search as they answer their homework questions. They’d quickly turn up the following fun facts on four of those profiled:

Franklin Kameny

Recently honored by Obama at the White House, Kameny is founder and president of National Consumers Association for the Advancement and Protection of Pornography, Inc. “Let us have more and better enjoyment of more and better and harder-core pornography by those to whom such viewing provides happiness.” 

Kameny does not deny he spoke at a NAMBLA convention in 1981 and says that as a “First Amendment absolutist … I support NAMBLA’s right to advocate whatever they wish, including advocacy of changes of law to legalize their preferences…” 

Kameny even wrote: Bestiality is not my thing … But it seems to be a harmless foible or idiosyncrasy of some people. So, as long as the animal doesn’t mind (and the animal rarely does), I don’t mind, and I don’t see why anyone else should.” Kameny is “revered by homosexual activists for his role in pressuring the American Psychiatric Association to effectively reclassify homosexuals as normal.” 

[Thanks to Americans for Truth about Homosexuality for this research on Kameny. See hereherehere and here.] 

Jack Nichols:
Nichols was a Mattachine Society member who edited and wrote for the pioneering pornographic magazine Screw. A sample of his writing:

Prior to SCREW and [its publisher] Al Goldstein, such [porn and sex toy] stores and their hardcore merchandise were unknowns. SCREW was the world's first publisher of newspaper nude frontals, both male and female. It was also the world's first newspaper to publish nude photos of males making love. I was one of those two males.... 

"My re-start [at SCREW] began in 1987 when I sought a place to vomit uncensored onto Ronald Reagan's AIDS-phobic lap. Now, eleven years later, I continue to grind this column out under the heading: ‘Homosexual Anarchist.’  In 1992, when Clinton ran for president, I suggested SCREW's readers support him. ‘Hillary and Bill,’ I exulted, 'are probably the closest thing we'll ever get to swingers in the White House.' The photo that accompanied that column was a composite. The heads of the candidates had been chopped and placed on other bodies. Clinton was blowing Bush while Perot, seated next to Clinton, his arm over Clinton's leg, masturbated….” [Source: Gay Today, 1997-98 archive.]

Nancy Tucker:

“… created the Gay Blade in the fall of 1969 Having seen the need for a gay community newsletter in Washington, DC, the Mattachine Society of Washington asked Nancy Tucker and Bart Wenger (known by the pseudonym Art Stone) to co-edit the planned periodical. …Nancy turned GWA [Gay Women’s Alternative] programming towards 'sex and shrinks', as she puts it, and as a result membership and revenues turned around.  The most popular event was an evening discussion and showing of lesbian pornography.” [Source: Rainbow History.]

Randolfe Wicker:
“GayToday's staff writer and pioneer cloning rights champion, Randolfe Wicker, whose counterculture button shop on St. Mark's Place became the first store to sell copies of SCREW, wrote an trailblazing article at the request of Goldstein explaining how best to violate New York state's now-defunct sodomy laws. Titling it ‘Up the ass is a Gas!’ Wicker began by saying: ‘Now listen, sports fans, if you're ever going to be proficient at fucking, you've got to be fucked.’ ”  [Source: Gay Today, 1997-98 archive.]

These are the “civil rights” leaders Kevin Jennings and his organization GLSEN hold up to children as worthy of emulation.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Kevin Jennings, Harry Hay, and Pornography

We recently revealed that “Safe Schools” czar Kevin Jennings’ activism involved membership in the extremist group Act Up. Here, we will look at his early “intellectual” profile. Kevin Jennings:
·       Idolized NAMBLA supporter Harry Hay, devoting a whole chapter to him in his gay and lesbian reader.  
·       Published his first books with Alyson Publications -- known for its pornography. Alyson also published books PROMOTING PEDOPHILIA. See Americans for Truth for more detail
·       Includes propagandistic and sexually-charged teaching materials in his gay history reader (for high school students), Becoming Visible.

The zombietime blog has done a great service here and here, posing questions Jennings' defenders don't want to deal with concerning his unrepentant praise of pioneering gay activist and NAMBLA supporter, Harry Hay. Zombietime has made an airtight case that Jennings would have known all about Hay’s love of “man-boy love” when he praised him in 1997. Jennings was editor of a sourcebook in gay and lesbian history for high school and college students, Becoming Visible, which portrays Hay as the ultimate hero fighting against the “oppression” of gays. (Despite all the evidence zombietime compiled damning Jennings, they still want to help him salvage his career!)

Harry Hay, NAMBLA supporter, praised by Jennings

Addendum 10-20-09: Also see this video on Breitbart TV reviewing the NAMBLA/Hay/Jennings connection:
"Obama Czar's Textbook Points Teens to Pro-NAMBLA 'Incident'" (10-8-09).

Jennings’ first three books -- Becoming Visible, One Teacher in Ten, and Telling Tales Out of School -- were all published by Alyson Publications. Alyson is a publisher of gay and lesbian pornography – and the famous indoctrination picture books for the Kindergarten set, Heather Has Two Mommies and Daddy’s Roommate. Some of the Alyson publications, including One Teenager in Ten [1983] … encourage teens to, among other things, go to gay bars and have sex with adults to see if they like it.” One Teenager in Tencontains a lesbian teen's explicit account of her affair with a teacher.” Alyson’s later Two Teenagers in 20 (1995) “glamorizes raunchy sex between young teens and their ‘lovers,’ and casual sex between youths and older adults” and gives “advice on getting into gay bars illegally.” 

Sex between adults and youths? That's PEDOPHILIA. See Peter LaBarbera's report at Americans for Truth.

Back to Alyson Publications' pornography. It seems odd that a high official in the Obama Education Department would be published by the same company that put out titles including:
·       Dorm Porn: Raunchy Tales Of Boys On Campus
·       Lesbian Sadomasochism Safety Manual
·       Doing It for Daddy: Short Sexy Fiction About a Very Forbidden Fantasy
·       Secret Slaves: Erotic stories of bondage
·       Hu$tler$: Erotic stories of sex for hire
·       My First Time  (“men… describing their first consensual [hmm…] same-sex experience”)
·       First Timers: True stories of lesbian awakening (“first-time strap-ons, spankings, and role-playing”)

So when we examine Jennings’ gay and lesbian history teaching aids for high school and college classes, we shouldn’t be surprised that he focuses those young minds (as early as 13 years old!) on Harry Hay’s campaign against “police brutality” and “oppression” of homosexuals in “entrapments.” (See Becoming Visible, Chapter 11, “Harry Hay and the Beginnings of the Homophile Movement.”).  A 1952 California “entrapment” case (where coincidentally the accused was named Jennings) became a focus for the new gay activist movement, and is held out to children (along with the Stonewall riots) as a heroic moment in American history. Having anonymous sodomy in restrooms is a “right” to be fought for, according to Hay – and Jennings -- and any attempt by society to enforce traditional norms is called “oppression”.

 John Burnside, Harry Hay and Jim Kepner
Harry Hay (center) at "Spirit of Stonewall" demonstration, New York, 1994 (the same year Kevin Jennings published Becoming Visible). Note NAMBLA banner in background. 
(Photo on NAMBLA web site.)

In his introduction to the unit on Hay, Jennings generates sympathy with the young readers, excusing Hay’s “idealist” membership in the Communist Party as “driven by a desire to better things for disadvantaged Americans.” Gays were victims, and Hay’s genius was to see an opportunity for a political movement fighting for his “oppressed minority”. “Growing oppression often creates growing resistance,” wrote Jennings.

Jennings’ student discussion topics on Hay include the police “entrapment” of a gay man involved in "cruising" for sex -- gay men engaging in anonymous sodomy in public bathrooms or public parks.  Students are told that such arrests amount to “financial and emotional lynching” of gays. Imagine what this topic would actually mean in a classroom discussion with children as young as 13.

When Jennings taught in Concord Academy (just prior to his editing this book), “no stories were forbidden.” His organization GLSEN held Boston conferences where children discussed fisting and tribadism (“Fistgate” in 2000) and handed out the pornographic Little Black Book (2005) to minor children. His Seattle GLSEN chapter linked children directly with pornography on their web site. So Jennings' pattern of leading children to age-inappropriate, hard-core sexual subject matter is clear.

What were Jennings’ suggested discussions for high school students in his chapter on Harry Hay? Here are the terms they needed to know, and some of the suggested topics (pp. 178-180):
·       Harry Hay
·       Daughters of Bilitis
·       Mattachine Society
·       Kinsey Report
·       Police entrapment
·       1. Recreate the scene in the apartment the night Harry Hay first gets the idea for a gay-rights organization. This can be done by: writing a “sales pitch” that Hay delivers to prospective members; role-playing the parts of Hay and the partygoers; or writing diary entries from the point of view of Hay and others, as if you have just gotten home from the party.
·       5. Hay’s most important contribution in the eyes of many was his notion that gays were a “cultural minority.” What does this mean? Why would it be important? (You may want to look at the life of Ulrichs in Chapter 7 for a comparison.)
·       9. The key argument Hay came up with in the groundbreaking [Dale] Jennings [entrapment] case was that Jennings had been homosexual but not “lewd or dissolute.” What made this a dramatic new argument at the time?
·       12. Every minority group has debated the “assimilation or resistance” question. Put yourself in the late 1950s and imagine you are a member of Mattachine or DOB [Daughters of Bilitis]. Justify your group’s political strategies. Others can represent a more “resistance” point of view. [Act Up for example?] After a debate, vote on which argument would be more convincing, given the conditions in the United States for gays of that period.

Note the technique of drawing the student -- whether “gay” or straight -- into a gay or lesbian identity in these exercises. And clearly, students are forced to engage in vivid thinking and discussion about gay sex practices. What, after all, was the accused doing when the policeman arrested him? Further, extremist political activism is held up as worthy of emulation, and students are directed to think along those lines.

Jennings never really answers his own question (in his Introduction to Becoming Visible), “Why teach gay history?” He does say, “it is intellectually dishonest not to do so” (whatever that means), and it will “help our students create a better society.” He equates gay history with African-American history and women’s history, totally ignoring the fact that homosexuality is not an innate characteristic (as are race and sex), and that the subject deals with the morally sensitive issue of sexual behavior.

Perhaps the honest answer to his question was that Jennings was “filled with rage.” From his introduction:

“I thought back over my twelve years in North Carolina public schools and my four years at Harvard University, sixteen years when I never once learned anything in a classroom about gay people or gay history, and I was filled with rage. Denying me that history had nearly cost me my life, for gay invisibility had helped create the feelings of isolation that had made me want to end it all.”

Jennings refers to himself as an “historian” (in his introduction). It appears he’s more of a propagandist for a sorry cause: the moral perversion of youth, and the spreading of a myth that our “heterosexist” culture is to blame for all the psychological, emotional and physical sufferings of gays and lesbians.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Harvard University's Act Up Exhibit includes "Fierce Pussy"

Where's the outrage?
"Fierce Pussy" are now "Artists in Residence" at Harvard University. 
Don't miss this new low achieved by Harvard, allowing Fierce Pussy's "installations" at Carpenter Center and Gund Hall. Part of the Act Up retrospective exhibit through December 23, 2009. 

Harvard's Motto: "TRUTH"

lesbian chic my ass (1993)
Example of Fierce Pussy's "art" (1993)