Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kevin Jennings' Associate David LaFontaine's Attack on Boston Cathedral

More on "Safe Schools Czar" Kevin Jennings and the company he keeps:

We've pointed out that former Act Up member Kevin Jennings, along with homosexual activist David LaFontaine, were the two powers behind the hideous Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, as well as the Massachusetts law banning discrimination on the basis of  "sexual orientation" in the Massachusetts public schools. Jennings worked closely with LaFontaine, so must have been on the same wave length regarding goals and strategies. Jennings was still living in the Boston area at the time of two notorious incidents involving LaFontaine:

LaFontaine was arrested on July 31, 1990 for "disturbing a public assembly" at the Massachusetts State House. There, at a press conference critical of an exhibit of pornographic homoerotic and anti-Catholic photos by Robert Mapplethorpe, LaFontaine shouted down the Rev. Earl Jackson, a Protestant minister and leader of Boston's African-American community.

A little over a month earlier, LaFontaine had participated in the attack on the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston on June 16, 1990. The demonstration involved members of Act Up. LaFontaine was quoted in the Boston Globe, identified as lobbying director of the Coalition of Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights, a "co-organizer" of the demonstration. At the time, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights described the incident, which LaFontaine acknowledged he had helped organize:

On that day, militants sought to physically disrupt the ordinations [of new priests] by entering the Cathedral. Prevented from doing so [by police], they then attempted to acoustically disrupt them by blowing horns and whistles, and by showering clergy and congregants with a torrent of insults, taunts, blasphemies, obscenities and invectives. Lesbians paraded in costumed mockery of the Catholic priesthood, lewd parodies of the Catholic liturgy were conducted within sight and sound of worshipers and sexually explicit signs were displayed . . . When the ceremony ended, priests and their parents, some of them elderly, who left by the side door of the Cathedral were surrounded and menaced by parts of the mob, struck with condoms, while others shouting, jumped up and down and pounded upon parked cars.
[Source: Press Release from Conservative Campaign Fund dated 9-14-94, in our possession, written by Peter T. Flaherty, CCF Chairman.]

Conservative Campaign Fund Chairman at the time, Peter T. Flaherty, wrote:

The Catholic League account only hints at the true vulgarity of the protest. Participants, some of whom were dressed in episcopal garb, engaged in simulations of oral and anal sex. The chants included, "You say No F---, we say F--- you." ... LaFontaine's involvement in this demonstration cannot be explained away. He has acknowledged taking part. He was a leader (and still is) of one of the three sponsoring organizations, the Massachusetts Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights. Another sponsor, ACT UP, was already well-known for its illegal and anti-democratic tactics. The infamous disruption of Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral in 1989 occurred just months previous to the Boston incident. LaFontaine knew he was associating with anti-Catholic extremists and was aware of the probability of violence. [Source: Ibid.]

Since Kevin Jennings was living in Boston at the time, and "palling around" with LaFontaine, someone should ask him if he took part in the disruption at the Boston Cathedral (perhaps as a veteran of the St. Patrick's riot?).

Four years later in 1994, Mitt Romney was running against John Lakian for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate candidate (vs. Ted Kennedy). In September '94, LaFontaine again drew a scolding, and was called out for "religious bigotry" targeting Romney for his Mormon religion. Lakian, who had received support from the organized homosexual movement, had included an inflammatory letter by LaFontaine attacking Romney in a fundraiser sent to 14,000 people. Candidate Romney was outraged, and the Conservative Campaign Fund called on Governor Weld to fire LaFontaine (who was still then Chairman of the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth). [Sources: Flaherty press release; Boston Globe, "Romney blasts Lakian mailing," 9-2-94; Boston Herald, "Mitt rips Lakian on religion attack," 9-2-94.]

(Ironically, Romney has continued to court activist homosexuals throughout his political career, not understanding that LaFontaine was just a little more exhibitionist of his true thoughts.)

In the aftermath of the 2000 Fistgate incident, where GLSEN-Boston educators were caught on tape teaching young teens about fisting and other perverted sex practices, LaFontaine continued his vicious and twisted statements about those trying to preserve traditional values. Of Brian Camenker, head of Parents' Rights Coalition (now MassResistance), LaFontaine said that he promulgates "precisely the attitudes that make gay teens think that they might as well kill themselves."

Hateful actions, hateful speech. The legacy of homofascist groups such as Act Up.