Thursday, December 18, 2008

Barney Frank's Transsexual

Our Massachusetts horror, Rep. Barney Frank, doesn't stop at homosexual activism. He's long been pushing for a federal ENDA law banning discrimination on the basis of "gender identity or expression". Now he's appointed this woman,

[photo credit: our fave, Marilyn Humphries]

transsexual Diego Sanchez, to his Washington staff. Sanchez made news in 2008 as the first transsexual to serve on the Democrat Party platform committee.

Here's a video of Jim Braude (New England Cable News) interviewing Sanchez and another transsexual, Joanne Herman (who's on the board of GLAD, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders) in March 2007.

From homosexual/trans advocacy propaganda organ, Bay Windows, "Mr. [sic] Sanchez goes to Washington":

Transgender activist Diego Sanchez has been appointed to the position of legislative assistant to Congressman Barney Frank in Washington, D.C. The top priority among his [sic] responsibilities will be to serve as the congressman’s point person on LGBT rights, but he [sic] will also advise Frank on a range of issues relating to healthcare, veterans, labor and the U.S. Census. Sanchez will be the first openly transgender person to work in a congressional office in Washington.

Sanchez, the director of public relations and external affairs for the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts, will be starting work in Frank’s office Jan. 6, the first day of the new legislative session....

Sanchez said two of the top items on Frank’s agenda for LGBT issues are the passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and hate crimes legislation. He said one of his [sic] responsibilities will be meeting with staff members from other congressional offices to seek their support for legislation, and as an openly trans staffer he [sic] will put a human face on trans equality issues and help build support for passing trans-inclusive versions of ENDA and hate crimes legislation. "I believe that the opportunity for impact is one-on-one, and Barney has consistently said that the most important part of getting an inclusive ENDA passed is getting people to meet with their representatives," said Sanchez. "I think what this does is give us an extra opportunity. ... What I envision in my head is I will find it most interesting to sit with someone and have them tell me why they think I’m less than human and why they think my community should be treated as less than equal."

Some LGBT activists have criticized Frank for his work on ENDA in 2007. That September, working with House leadership, he removed the gender identity language from ENDA after a whip count determined that there were not enough votes to guarantee its passage. Frank said passing a version of ENDA with sexual orientation protections in the short term would help lay the groundwork for passing a fully inclusive bill in the future....

"I had a vacancy for someone who would work on LGBT issues and healthcare, so totally aside from the transgender issues Diego would be one of the best people I could find," said Frank. "And the fact that he’s [sic] transgender, that’s how you defeat the prejudice. You defeat the prejudice with reality."