Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gov. Deval Patrick's Daughter: Latest Recruit for Transgender Radicalism

Gunner Scott, "female-to-male" co-leader of Transgender Youth Summit.

Grace Stowell, "male-to-female" co-leader of Transgender Youth Summit [photo: M Humphries].

How sad to read that Gov. Patrick's daughter not only thinks she's a lesbian, but is now working for Massachusetts' leading transgender radicals (pictured above). As an intern at MassEquality, Ms. Patrick would have been pressured big time to adopt their whole extremist agenda, including lobbying for the "Transgender Rights" Bill H1722.

Now we read on the Mass. Transgender Political Coalition web site that Ms. Patrick will be a featured speaker at their upcoming "Transgender Youth Summit" on June 28: "Youth Organizer Katherine Patrick from MassEquality - Youth Activism in Schools and Communities."

Governor Patrick publicly supports "transgender rights" -- but does he know what transgenderism is all about? Has the Gov seen our photo report on what "Trans Pride" really looks like? Has he contemplated the reality of "male-to-female" surgery? Or how girls become "bois"? Has he met the organizers of the Trans Youth Summit? And it's really OK with him that his daughter is up to her neck in this movement?
Male-to-female surgery (photo: Nashua Telegraph)

"Female-to-male" exhibiting breast removal scar.

Since Ms. Patrick will be attending Smith College -- a hotbed of the wackiest transgender and lesbian activism, where the girls learn to hold really good riots -- the Gov had better prepare himself. His young daughter might just decide she's always been a boy and needs to have "gender reassignment" surgery (hysterectomy, breast removal, beard growth, and possibly the addition of a ...). We're sure the Gov would support her, since he loves her "no matter what."