Saturday, March 20, 2010

GLSEN-Boston Allied with Extremist “Join the Impact” – Mingling Teens with Adult Activists

“Safe Schools Czar” Kevin Jennings has long managed to disguise the extremist nature of GLSEN. That organization became more secretive about its efforts after Parents’ Rights Coalition (now MassResistance) exposed their vile “Fistgate” workshop in 2000. The details of GLSEN’s upcoming Boston conference are the briefest we’ve ever seen. 
 GLSEN student activists.
But GLSEN-Boston is now announcing a new partnership with the extremist “Join the Impact” movement, whose regional conference coincides with GLSEN-Boston’s on March 27.
We have long drawn attention to GLSEN’s pattern of hooking up sexual-radical adults with underage, confused children. So what could be better than a regional, weekend-long (adult) GLBT activist conference merging with the GLSEN-Boston conference, where 1/2 - 2/3 of the attendees are underage teens? (NOTE: The slogan atop the JTI webpage is “Get some (direct) action!”)
Massachusetts - Join the ImpactJoin the Impact demonstrators in Boston.

We recently linked a video from the angry “Join the Impact” rally in Boston against Prop 8 (11-15-08), where Kevin Jennings apparently was a speaker. That raucous protest rally (video here) followed the November 2008 victory for one man/one woman marriage in California. The theme of the rally was that anyone opposing “equal marriage” is a “hater” and “bigot”.
Join the Impact (a nationwide effort) advocates “direct action” and “civil disobedience” for the cause of GLBT “rights” -- not just “gay marriage”. One of their clever slogans is “Stop the H8!” (Note the “GSA Network” group marching in San Francisco in this angry rally in California. The GSA Network group works directly with children in the “gay/straight alliance” clubs in schools, GSAs. GSAs are a brainchild of Jennings and his GLSEN.)

Why is this partnership between Join the Impact and GLSEN significant?
It reveals the radical, destructive goals held by Jennings and GLSEN, the organization he founded and ran until his appointment as Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar.” GLSEN openly pushes students into sexual-radical, anti-family activism, including the promotion of “gay marriage” (including opposition to DOMA) and transgenderism. 
GLSEN’s “partnership organizations” will be conducting “trainings” at their upcoming Boston conference. Young teens will be inducted into the Saul Alinsky brotherhood.
Join the Impact was responsible for the fascist-style attack on a Boston church (video here) last spring, where Exodus International (an ex-gay ministry) was holding a conference on the Christian response to homosexuality and those who want to leave those behaviors behind. Wayne Besen, a vicious radical (often given a platform on Bill O’Reilly’s show!) spearheaded that rally, where the demonstrators desecrated an historic Revolutionary era cemetery, and held bullhorns right up against the windows of the church, disrupting the conference with chants and blasting deafening siren noises. (Of course, the Boston cops let it roll.) In California, Join the Impact led demonstrations in front of churches which had supported Prop 8 and harassed individual proponents.
So it's not surprising that GLSEN-Boston has entered a formal partnership with Join the Impact and is openly adopting their fascist tactics. GLSEN’s conference is, in fact, part of Join the Impact’s regional conference. GLSEN plans to turn their “GLBT youth” into radicals like Besen.
How much more do we need to know about Kevin Jennings’ goals for the nation’s schools?
[GLSEN Boston] 20th Annual Conference, Mar. 27, 2010
We are excited to announce that GLSEN Massachusetts is joining forces with Join the Impact MA and Equality Across America to co-sponsor the Northeast Regional LGBT Rights Conference!
Date: Saturday, March 27, 2010
New Location: College Avenue United Methodist Church, 14 Chapel Street, Somerville, MA
Walking distance from the Davis Square T-stop on the Red Line.
Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Gather with other LGBT individuals and allies to collaborate, educate, network, debate, and strategize about promoting respect and achieving full LGBT equality in our schools, workplaces, and communities.
GLSEN Massachusetts will be presenting workshops on topics such as LGBT curriculum development, transgender youth, and empowering students and teachers to make schools safer for everyone.
The conference will also feature speakers and trainings from partnership organizations. Other workshops include The History of LGBT Activism, Becoming Parents for LGBTQ Families, Intersex 101, Federal Defense of Marriage Act, How to Organize a College Student Group, and many more!
Open to all LGBT youth, adults, and allies.
Here’s the “Join the Impact” Massachusetts conference poster. Note their favorite symbol, the fist:

These activists plan to descend on Maine in May, where citizens recently voted to protect one man/one woman marriage:
If you care to attend Join the Impact's organizing meetings:

Become an Organizer!
We are always looking for new organizers. We meet on Thursday evenings from 7-9 at Fisher College in Boston (116 Beacon St). Email us for directions. No experience is necessary and everyone is welcome. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for ordinary citizens to stand up and fight for LGBT equality.Prop8Protest
Join the Impact protest vs. Prop 8, Boston, November 15, 2008.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Confirmed Today: Gay Marriage STILL Not Legal in Mass.!

For years now -- since 2005 -- the homosexual lobby has filed and refiled its bill to legalize "gay marriage" in Massachusetts. They know that the law as it now stands refers to "man/woman", "husband/wife" relationships as marriageToday, the Judiciary Committee once again sent the bill to "study" -- meaning, they killed it. But the very existence of this bill over the years confirms that we are correct that "gay marriage" has never been made legal in Massachusetts.

House Bill 1708 
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority 
of the same, as follows: 
SECTION 1. Chapter 207 is hereby amended by adding the 
following new section:— 
Section 37A. Any person who otherwise meets the eligibility requirements of this chapter may 
marry any other eligible person regardless of gender.

Why would the Judiciary Committee continue to bury this bill? We believe they don't want to draw attention to the fact that all the "gay marriages" since 2004 are fraudulent.

The Goodridge couple, who helped start the chaos, are now "divorced".
But they never had a valid "marriage" to begin with!

They don't want the citizens to focus on the overreach by the Supreme Judicial Court. They don't want the citizens to remember that the Court (unconstitutionally) ordered the Legislature to change the marriage statute in 2003 -- and the Legislature failed to act. And they don't want the citizens to focus on the overreach by then-Governor Romney, who without any Constitutional or statutory authority ordered the Department of Public Health to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and ordered Town Clerks and Justices of the Peace to perform these illegal "marriages".

Don't expect these jokers to tell us WHY they shelved the bill. No transparency here.

Senate & House Chairmen, Joint Judiciary Committee

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cuba Pays for Sex-Change Surgeries: Model for Mass. & Obamacare?

The leftist dream state, Cuba, is a model for Michael-Moore leftists and assorted socialists pushing Obamacare. It serves as a warning to the rest of us.
While breast cancer screenings and elder care may go out the window if the health care nightmare bill is passed, we expect that the GLBT “protected class” will get whatever “health care” they want -- including “sex-change” operations – as they now do in Cuba.
If passed in Massachusetts, Bill H1728 would criminalize discrimination based on “gender identity.” You can be sure that would extend to transgender medical coverage demands, however preposterous. (Remember, GLAD has already won IRS tax write-offs for “sex-change” surgeries.)
Now we read in Bay Windows:
Since 2008, Cuba has begun footing the bill for the country’s transgender men and women to undergo gender reassignment surgery.
Mariela Castro, the daughter of President Raul Castro and niece of former leader Fidel, confirmed to reporters on March 9 that the country has been paying for the operations for the past two years.
"These processes of negotiation are sometimes done very quietly, so as not to stir up ghosts," she told the Associated Press. Castro is the head of the country’s National Centre for Sexual Education and is Cuba’s leading LGBT rights advocate.
An estimated eight transgender people have undergone the government-funded surgery. 22 more are said to be on a waiting list.
The country’s first gender reassignment procedure, performed in 1988, spurred such a public outcry that the practice was banned until 2007. The legislation that legalized gender reassignment surgery three years ago was not publicized, Castro said, so as not to cause controversy. She was one of the Cuban advocates who led push to lift the ban.
During his tenure as the country’s leader, Fidel Castro viewed homosexuality and sexual diversity as a corrupt consequence of capitalism.
Mariela Castro (pictured) confirmed the news to reporters on March 9.
Ms. Castro with rainbow flag

Friday, March 12, 2010

Eric Massa, Barney Frank, etc.

Note: We have removed our original post as it was based on an erroneous and misleading report in the Boston Herald that “disgraced” Congressman Eric Massa had a dinner date with Diego Sanchez, a transsexual staffer in Congressman Barney Frank’s office. The Herald printed a retraction later in the day:
Barney Frank’s aide caught up in Eric Massa scandal,” by Dave Wedge, Boston Herald, March 12, 2010
Correction: Due to a reporting error, the Herald misidentified in today’s paper and in an earlier online article a congressional staffer who went out for a private dinner with former Rep. Eric Massa. That staffer, who works for Rep. Barney Frank (D-Newton), was not named by Frank’s office. The Herald regrets the error. [The print edition and the earlier online report identified the aide as Diego Sanchez.]

For more on Diego Sanchez:
Diego Sanchez interviewed on New England Cable News.
Mr. Sanchez goes to Washington,” Bay Windows, 12-17-08.
Transgendered Delegate makes DNC History,” Boston Herald, 1-27-08.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Gender Identity" Discrimination at Peabody Restaurant?

The GLBT newspaper Bay Windows is reporting a claim of “gender identity” discrimination that supposedly occurred at Capone’s Restaurant in Peabody in late January. What’s missing from the story, “Transgender discrimination alleged at Peabody eatery”? PHOTOS of the people! So, we thought we’d help out. Some of the major players are pictured below.
The only photo in the front-page Bay Windows story was of the empty restaurant:
Capone’s restaurant in Peabody, Mass., was the scene of alleged gender-based discrimination on Jan. 29.
There, on the night of January 29, a group of men dressed as women entered the restaurant -- and were asked by staff to leave. The photo of the so-called “transgender women's” (i.e. men's) group involved helps us understand why. Here’s the “Sisters Family” group, which was behind the restaurant invasion: 
Above: "Ashley Amber Bottoms," head of the group that invaded Capone’s, is on front right (pink top, miniskirt).
Below: Tall man on right is a member of the “Boston Sisters” – seen at the recent Transgender Lobby Day at the State House. (He's on far right in Sisters photo above.)
Bay Windows reports:
The women, members of the Sisters Family social organization for transgender women, held their normal Friday night ritual: a quick social at the bar of a local hotel, then out to another restaurant or bar to continue their evening. On Jan. 29, they chose Capone’s. It was their fourth or fifth visit to the restaurant and while they report having had experienced gender-based discrimination in the past, the women say they had decided to try and get along with the restaurant’s owner and staff. "They don’t want us using the ladies’ room," Ashley Bottoms, a member of the Sisters Family, said. "Some of the girls in our group, even though they’re legally female...I said, ’look, let’s just try to get along with these people.’"
Despite the group’s resolution, they say the evening’s events held only discord and disappointment. "I guess the doorman noticed us and he came to meet us at the door so we couldn’t get in," Bottoms said. "He pointed to a sign that said you need proper ID to get into the establishment and I went, ’Not a problem, because we have our drivers’ licenses! They’ve worked in the past.’ He says, ’Well, your license needs to match what you look like exactly.’"
Ashley whom I NAGLY HAlloween party by DJ MsDD. Ashley Bottoms with a “sister” 
Gunner Scott, “female-to-male” transgender activist pushing the Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill in the Mass. legislature, called this an incident of discrimination based on "gender identity or expression."

Gunner Scott of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition thinks the reality TV appearances can help change attitudes. 
Gunner Scott - head of Mass. Transgender Political Coalition.
Since there’s a lot of talk of driver’s licenses making the trannies’ demands all OK – because they’re really “women” -- we include a photo of hack Rachel Kaprielian, director of the Mass. Registry of Motor Vehicles. Kaprielian has made a farce of official ID’s in Massachusetts, allowing unbalanced people to claim the identity of the opposite sex on their driver’s licenses. (See our report on transgender IDs here.)
Here’s what Rachel had to say on WBZ Radio last year:
DAN REA (WBZ): “. . . to get a state certified ID drivers license that allows a person to pick a gender based on the gender the individual considers himself or herself to be.”  What’s that all about?
 KAPRIELIAN:  Well, I’m not sure exactly how he posed the question. What we’re doing, or what I should be doing. One of the things that we do with the RMV is we change with new information, and currently we have revised that policy of what’s called a transgender license, it’s very obviously a limited number of individuals who are looking to change their gender designation. We used to require the reassignment surgery.  And now it’s the proof from a medical provider that the person has lived as that gender for a year, because that is concurrent with current medical practices and current laws of the Commonwealth.
Bay Windows again:
According to Bottoms, despite the women’s protests, the bouncer [at Capone’s] wouldn’t relent. "One girl offered to take off her wig to show what she looked like and I told her, ’No. You shouldn’t have to do that to prove yourself to anybody,’" Bottoms said. Another transgender woman offered her license to the doorman, explaining that her DMV picture reflected the way she looks now; her long hair is natural. "The guy looked at us and said, ’but you’re wearing makeup. I can’t tell,’" Bottoms said. "And I went, ’you know that’s BS, because girls wear makeup!’"
A third member of the social group is legally female, and produced a license to that effect. "And he looked at her and said, ’Nope, because you’re really a guy.’"
According to Scott, those women who matched their ID’s were told "that their skirts were too short."
Hooray for the bouncer! But what’s really odd about this story is that Peabody is where the Marriott Hotel is located that gladly hosts the transgender conference, “First Event” – which just took place in January. So is Peabody a “welcoming” town or not?