Monday, May 30, 2005

Foreign STD Appears in Boston Gay/Bisexual Community

The health risks of homosexual sex are real and serious. This simple fact has been underplayed or swept under the rug for decades now. A whole generation of GLBT-identifying young people are uninformed or underinformed. Look at the content and style of the Little Black Book (produced by the AIDS Action Committee of Mass. for male teens and young men). "Safer sex" is supposedly the premise of the booklet, while it allows that it's more fun to do it naked, plus it assumes and encourages multiple partnering.

Now the Boston Globe (Monday, May 30) has a front-page report: "A foreign STD sets off worry in Hub: May signal return of risky sex habits." You have to read down to the seventh paragraph, on the inside page, to get to this fact: "So far, episodes of the disease [LGV] in the United States appear to be limited to gay and bisexual men, and infectious disease specialists said they fear that it could be another signal that after years of hewing to safe-sex practices, gay men are returning to riskier behaviors."

Health officials fear this outbreak of LGV "could herald a new wave of infections of an even more dangerous disease, AIDS."

'' 'We hadn't seen an LGV case for years,' [Dr. Alfred DeMaria, state director of communicable disease control] said. 'It's definitely a sign of unsafe sex, and that's a concern in terms of other sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. Now, I think we're at the point that people need to pay attention to it.' "

"Studies demonstrated that patients infected with gonorrhea and syphilis were far more likely to become infected with HIV -- and not just because it indicated sexual risk-taking. The sores generated by a condition such as syphilis, researchers found, provide a portal for the AIDS virus to get into the bloodstream. They fear the same could be true with LGV."

The return of LGV to North America, after being seen only rarely in recent decades, "illustrates the increasing globalization of infectious diseases in an era of rapid air transit and frequent travel for work and pleasure, disease specialists said." Dr. Daniel Cohen of the Fenway Community Health clinic said, "This is probably a case of biological tourism."

As a group, gays are very well off and often partake of sex adventure travel (or as the Globe puts it, "pleasure" travel).

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Convicted Polygamist in Stoneham: "What's the big deal?"

The Globe Northwest reports on a 40-year-old Stoneham, Massachusetts man who has been found guilty of polygamy and fined $500. The man claims he thought he was divorced from his first wife, but wasn't really. ("2 wives, 1 forgetful husband, $500 fine.: Man pleads guilty in polygamy case." May 29, 2005. No link available.)

According to the Globe, "Polygamy, the practice of having more than one spouse at a time, is illegal in Massachusetts. It carries a maximum penalty of five years in state prison, but is rarely prosecuted."

The polygamist, Joseph Angi, "doesn't understand the fuss." He said, "I'm guilty; yeah, what's the big deal? [In Massachusetts] we let gays marry each other."

MassResistance agrees with Mr. Angi. We don't understand why he's been prosecuted. What rational basis is there to deny him the right to marry several women at once? He just happened to hook up with his grade-school sweetheart recently, his "first kiss". It's all about love. What right does the state have to stand in the way?

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Barney Frank: New Hate Crimes Law Needed for "Gender Identity"

Back in 2000, Massachusetts Congressperson Barney Frank first pushed to include "gender identity" in proposed legislation. He added the words "gender identity, characteristics, or expression" to a domestic-violence grants bill (which thankfully went nowhere).

Now Barney is at it again on a more serious level, with support of others in Congress. Reps. John Conyers, Christopher Shays, and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen have joined him as sponsors of the "Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2005" (announced May 26, 2005). According to Barney's press release, "The legislation will give federal protection to victims of hate crimes perpetrated on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or gender identity."

The latter phrase, according to the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, includes "gender-related characteristics", "making it clear that transgender people are covered under the bill.... Previous versions of the bill covered actual or perceived gender, sexual orientation and disability."

Now, the problem with "gender identity" is that it is defined solely by the person claiming it -- this, according to "trans" activists themselves. They explain that one's gender identity can change over time -- over a day, over a year, over a decade. It's fluid. They even say that the concept of how many genders there are presents difficulties: Are there only two genders? Well, not really. Gender is a social concept, and there can be three, four, five genders. Just depends on how you look at it, and who you are.

Is this difficult concept -- "gender identity" -- defined in the legislation? Is the older term "sexual orientation" ever defined? How can we have legislation covering such bizarre concepts which (even among the homosexual and "trans" activists) constantly change their meaning? Recently, we learned that even the word "transgender" is outdated ("a political term from the 90's"), now out of favor due to its possible implication that there are only two genders!

If passed, Barney's legislation could have an especially pernicious effect in Massachusetts, given the lawless state of affairs here. Frank's press release states:

"Under federal hate crimes legislation, the primary responsibility in prosecuting these crimes lies with the state. The legislation operates to give assistance to the states. Extending the federal law would allow state and local authorities to take advantage of federal investigative resources and personnel in bringing cases based on state law."

We are wading into dangerous waters. Even before things got this wacky, Pat Buchanan and others warned us about legislation targeting "hate crimes" based on the victim's "sexual orientation". Just imagine how weird things will get if "gender identity" is covered. Buchanan wrote back in 1998:

"[T]eenagers who drive through a gay area yelling taunts would be guilty of a verbal hate crime. But a homosexual who murdered an 8-year-old boy he raped would not.

"A conservative congressman who yelled an epithet for gay as he punched Barney Frank in the nose could be charged with a hate crime. But if Barney Frank called a conservative congressman a 'fascist' and punched him in the nose, he could not.

"Painting a swastika on a wall is a hate crime, but the Terrence McNally play running in New York, in which actors portray Jesus and his apostles in simulated homosexual sex, is avant-garde artistry. ...

"To prove America's wickedness, leftists carefully tweezer out of all U.S. crime statistics the tiny number of outrages that make their point. Then, their publicity organs go into overdrive to exploit the few outrages to propagandize for new laws."

Friday, May 27, 2005

Globe Pushing Us Into the Bedroom

We thought we were supposed to stay out of others' bedrooms? Why then does the Boston Globe push us into the bedroom--and force us to focus on the bed--of a prominent queer couple?

The Globe's "queer eye" story features the director of the Gay Men's Chorus and his partner, who teaches at Boston Conservatory. We are treated to color photos of their beautifully decorated, just so right South End brownstone. In their bedroom:

"there's an eye-catching zebra skin and on the bed there's a buffalo skin -- both shot by [one of their] brothers. A large mahogany bed crafted by a South Carolinian dominates the room. On the back of it there's a plaque with the date the bed was made and who it was made for. The couple has added another plaque with their names and the date they bought the bed at auction so that its history will be preserved.

"The idea for [the dining room] was to be a jewel box, a really intimate space. The walls are padded so it's very quiet at night."

This is all part of the campaign to normalize queer life. The "living" sections of the paper are often employed in this propaganda war. At least we're spared the term "husband". (Guess they're not quite ready to tie the knot.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

BAGLY Pushing Our Children Into Sex Changes

BAGLY (Boston Area Gay & Lesbian Youth) has reposted its photos on their home page, which they took down for a few weeks before their GLBTQIA prom at Boston City Hall on May 21. (Why had they taken them down? Worried inquisitive parents would see where their children were going, and what they were being drawn into?)

As we said some weeks back, we found these photos very disturbing, especially the second frame down: an apparent trans female-to-male young person.

These photos are even more disturbing now that we have learned more about the Executive Director of BAGLY, Grace Stowell. Stowell recently presented a session on "trans" youth at the now infamous GLSEN conference at Brookline High School on April 30.

Not content with pushing "straightforward" male homosexuality, lesbianism, and "bisexuality", the latest trendy radical perversion is the "trans" lifestyle: transgender, transsexual, and "intersex". (We're still trying to figure out what this all means.)

The gay/straight alliances in the high schools, the "diversity" assemblies, and the Day of Silence all point our children to this scary world. BAGLY, according to Ms. Stowell, now attracts a large number of "trans" youth. Their website directs children to a transsexual "health" website, Transgender Care (specializing in "medical feminizing"). Here our young people can research illustrated topics such as:

And they can link to the Transgender Directory Project, including 1300 transgender websites! We would guess that Dr. Carl Bushong (behind the Transgender Care site) must be a BIG donor to BAGLY...

We are certain that BAGLY could not possibly be sexist, and must certainly provide our children with female-to-male surgical advice as well, such as breast removal information.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Little Black Book - BAGLY Connection

So much perversion, so little time! We thought it might help to lay out some of the connections between the individuals, government entities, venerated institutions, and professional associations busy perverting our youth:

The AIDS Action Committee published the Little Black Book available at the GLSEN Conference at the Brookline High School (passed out at the Fenway Community Health table). Then there's BAGLY (recommended as a resource in the LBB), and its executive director, "trans male-to-female" Grace Stowell [scroll down in the Bay Windows story for photo], who presented a "trans" workshop at the GLSEN conference. Check out these groups and the people who run them:

  • GLSEN (Gay/Lesbian/Straight Education Network: behind homosexual curriculum in our schools, Day of Silence, Gay/Straight clubs in the high schools, and the infamous Fistgate and LBB conferences).
  • AIDS Action Committee (publishers of Little Black Book).
  • BAGLY (Boston Area Gay & Lesbian Youth, sponsor of last weekend's Youth Pride day in Boston, and GLBT Prom at Boston City Hall) - for youth, young teen to 22. Grace Stowell, trans male-to-female, Executive Director.
  • Paul Shanley, defrocked priest & child rapist, invited to speak to youth at BAGLY. The youth seemed to have been frustrated with him for not being open about his homosexuality [see article below].
  • Mayor Thomas Menino and Boston City Hall, sponsor of Youth Pride and big supporter of AIDS Action Committee.
  • Harvard School of Public Health: Transgender health sessions with Grace Stowell.
  • Mass. Chapter, National Assoc. of Social Workers: Grace Stowell instructs on GLBT youth.
  • Bay Windows, Boston area "gay" newspaper.

Look at the AIDS Action Committee - BAGLY connection. In the Little Black Book, supposedly intended for male homosexuals 18 and over (according to the latest statements from the Fenway Community Health Center, which passed it out at the April 30 GLSEN conference), we see this passage:

BAGLY is the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning Youth. It is BAGLY's mission to serve the youth community by being a source for information about the life-long journey of coming out. BAGLY is youth led and adult supported. BAGLY holds weekly meetings where youth, 22 and under, can meet new friends and learn about each other's experiences while they plan and coordinate events. Contact BAGLY at - voice ~ 617-227-4313 fax ~ 617-227-3266

YOUTH are targeted by BAGLY. They say their organization is for young teens (under 18) up to age 22. (Fenway Community Health and GLSEN claim that at the GLSEN conference, the Little Black Book was intended just for age 18 and over. But BAGLY is mentioned twice in the LBB. And there's a paragraph on coffee houses in the LBB, for those who aren't old enough for the bar scene. It's hard to tell what the LLB target age is, on the younger end... Very possibly under 18, judging by its tone.)

Some interesting background on BAGLY from the April 21, 2005 issue of Bay Windows:

From its founding until the early '90s the organization functioned as an all-volunteer group, and it survived financially through fundraisers at bars, private donations and special events like a youth-run carnival. Both Klein, who was the group's first elected president, and Stowell, who has been BAGLY's executive director since 1995, remember that in the early days, the young people who attended BAGLY's meetings came from incredibly diverse backgrounds.

"One of the things that is really extraordinary about BAGLY is that BAGLY in 1980 was the most diverse group of people I've ever been involved with anywhere in every sense. It was diverse racially, it was diverse in terms of class, it was diverse in the general range of life experiences that people had," said Klein. He said those experiences ranged from college and high school students to runaways, hustlers and drag queens who lived on the street.

That diversity made for some interesting discussions at the group's Wednesday meetings. Klein said during a discussion on hustling and prostitution, members of the group who were hustlers shared their own firsthand experiences with the other youth. The discussions could also get quite heated.

Defrocked Catholic priest Paul Shanley, who was convicted in February of raping an altar boy, came to a meeting to discuss sexuality and religion. The priest, who had built a reputation of ministering to sexual minority youth, did not receive a warm welcome from the BAGLY youth.

"He was attacked by the kids. People were all over him," recalled Klein. "They kept asking him, 'Are you gay? Are you gay,' and he said, 'I refuse to answer that.'"

The group had major successes and major setbacks in the early days. By the end of 1981 BAGLY was unable to afford the rent at its Tremont Street space, and it moved to its present location at St. John the Evangelist Church in March 1982. Yet one of its early successes was holding the first BAGLY prom in the summer of 1981. According to Stowell, the prom was the brainchild of youth steering committee member Michael Pumphret, a South Boston youth who passed away during the early days of the AIDS epidemic.

"It was Michael's idea to have a prom that would be for us, for GLBT youth, because most could not go as openly gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender to their high school prom, or [they] certainly could not bring a same-sex date," said Stowell. She added that the first prom, held in the basement of Arlington Street Church, drew between 50 and 75 kids, and it became a yearly event that continues to this day.

Another early success was BAGLY's response to the AIDS crisis. "I remember very vividly the BAGLY meeting in the summer of 1981.... A young person, one of the youth came into the Wednesday meeting saying, 'Did you hear, did you hear about the gay cancer?'" said Stowell. BAGLY's membership was hit hard by the epidemic.

Stowell said the first youth affiliated with BAGLY died of AIDS in 1986."Unfortunately the first of many," said Stowell. In 1983, before schools were doing AIDS education, BAGLY brought in speakers from the newly formed AIDS Action Committee to talk to them about safe sex and prevention.

"I remember [AIDS Action Founding Executive Director] Larry [Kessler] coming with a man who was HIV infected and talking about the experience," said Cranston. "It was the only AIDS education any kids were getting. BAGLY was ahead of the curve by three or four years."

Sunday, May 22, 2005

AIDS Action Committee Is In Denial

On May 17, 2005, among those homosexual activists sneering and jeering Brian Camenker at the Article 8 press conference on Boston City Hall Plaza was none other than the founding director of that venerable institution, the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts -- Larry Kessler.

Mr. Kessler was there to keep tabs on the Resistance. Little did he know that his organization was about to be exposed through the Little Black Book as endangerers, not protectors, of the public health.

For years now, AIDS has been so politicized that few have dared to speak the truth: that AIDS got its start and primarily spread due to male homosexual practices, as described in the Little Black Book. What a farce the AIDS Action Committee is. They certainly are an action committee of a sort: promoting actions of unsafe sex.

Bay Windows' latest issue -- even after the expose of the Little Black Book -- continues to pretend that the AIDS Action Committee is an asset to public health, when in fact it is clearly compounding this public health crisis. Out of one side of his mouth, Mr. Kessler says that gays are "in denial" about the disease, and this is very bad. Out of the other side of his mouth, he produces a booklet that encourages the grossest of homosexual practices and makes light of taking precautions. From Bay Windows:

What, exactly, is safer sex?
And how can men who have sex with men be persuaded to engage in it?

May 19, 2005

"What's the biggest factor that leads gay and bi men to have risky sex? Some would say it's the influence of crystal methamphetamine and other club drugs. Others say it's the fatigue men feel after two decades of being forced to use condoms. AIDS Action Founding Director Larry Kessler, who has fought on the front lines since the beginning of the epidemic, says one of the major obstacles facing AIDS prevention workers has been denial, and not just within the gay community. In the early '80s he remembers gay men in Boston dismissing AIDS as a New York disease. By 1986 and 1987, as Bostonians were seeing AIDS devastate their own community, Kessler remembers people in Worcester writing off AIDS as a Boston disease.

"That was just a metaphor for what occurred in so many communities over time. Men who have sex with men [who did not identify as gay] didn't think they were at risk because it was a gay thing. Black men didn't think they were at risk because it was a white gay thing. Women didn't think they were at risk because it was a male thing," remembers Kessler. 'Today I think we still have that denial.'

"Gay and bi men, along with the other men who fall under the broad category of men who have sex with men (MSM) [Note from MassResistance: not to be confused with the other MSM -- the mainstream media; though there is quite a strong link between the two!], appear to be suffering from a particularly strong case of denial. Since 2000 the largest percentage of new HIV infections each year in Massachusetts has been among MSM."

"Yet according to HIV prevention specialists, any approach to HIV prevention that stigmatizes men who have risky sex could actually have a negative impact on prevention efforts. Benjamin Perkins, director of AIDS Action's Men's Action Life Empowerment (MALE) Center, a wellness center targeting MSM set to open in June, says such an approach may drive those most at risk for infection away from prevention services. 'Who's going to admit to having unprotected sex if they're going to be so stigmatized?' argues Perkins. 'I think it's very seductive, the idea [of a 'get tough approach'], but I think ultimately in the long term it ends up causing more harm than good.' "

Saturday, May 21, 2005

One-Year Anniversary & the Little Black Book

The "gays" have celebrated their one-year anniversary of same-sex "marriage". The Boston Globe, along with the gay newspaper Bay Windows, thought the more important commemoration was the photo op with the newly "married" couples in front of the State House.

But the true seminal event took place before far fewer members of the mainstream media, in Boston City Hall Plaza (site of the first same-sex "marriages" last May 17). Article 8 Alliance held its press conference there on the effects of one year of same-sex "marriages" on the state, surrounded by jeering gay activists who had no idea what was about to hit them -- the Little Black Book. And surrounded by reporters who mostly sneered, and ignored what Brian Camenker had to say. (He didn't just mention the Little Black Book. Reporters might want to review their notes.)

We watched as reporters for the MSM glanced at each other knowingly, dismissively. They're just so "with it", so condescending towards those silly people with signs warning about judicial tyranny, and the homosexual agenda.

Well, we think the media might be paying attention now. For years, warnings about the radical homosexual agenda have been ridiculed. Now, with Article 8's expose on GLSEN and the Little Black Book, people across America are shocked. Even left-leaning columnists (Margery Eagan and Beverly Beckham of the Boston Herald) have had to acknowledge the filthiness, degradation, and danger in the Little Black Book.

This is where the radical homosexuals, GLSEN, BAGLY, et al. are taking OUR children. Now you've seen the putrid truth of the so-called "SAFE SEX" message exposed in the Little Black Book. What else is out there? What has GLSEN been disseminating to our children in their "Gay/Straight/Bisexual/Transgender/Questioning/Intersex/Allies club meetings? Do you know?

How could you know what's going on in these gay/straight clubs? Your child can attend without the school notifying you. The homosexual activists sponsoring these clubs (GLSEN) are totally unaccountable, outside of the law. Are you concerned now? Do you know what they're telling our children? What Little Black Books they're handing out? Where they're telling them to go to meet others who share their concerns, who understand their feelings and problems?

MassResistance knows. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

GLSEN Says "Scariest Part is When the 'Push Back' Comes"

Yes, GLSEN Boston, that title is a quote from one of your conference sessions at Brookline High School on April 30, 2005.

Yes, GLSEN, we were there! And we weren't just there to pick up the LITTLE BLACK BOOK. We know that what you fear most is when the parents and general public "PUSH BACK". Well, guess what? We're pushing back! That's the meaning of "resistance".

The "gays" thought that at most they might see a little demonstration against their filthy program in front of Brookline High School. Bay Windows reported its disappointment when the resistance didn't show. But the resistance had a better idea.

The radical homosexual movement has had its way, UNCHALLENGED, in Massachusetts for so long they don't know what's hitting them. GLSEN did trip up a bit with their "Fistgate" conference in 2000. But with "gay marriages" in Massachusetts, they thought they were home free in 2005 and could DO ANYTHING THEY WANTED WITH OUR CHILDREN.

Lies, lies, and more lies from GLSEN. Yesterday, on May 17, they tried to say that Article 8 had planted the Little Black Book at their conference. Now GLSEN is retracting their lie. Too many people got on the case from around the country. THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET and BLOGS.

Stay tuned!

Lexington Battle Rages On

Yesterday, the newly formed Lexington Parents for Respect held a news conference, then proceeded to confront the Lexington School Committee over the arrest of fellow parent David Parker. (Mr. Parker was not able to attend the meeting, as he would have been arrested for trespassing on school property.) The homosexual agenda in the schools there is out of control, and these parents weren't going to take it any more.

The parents had just learned of GLSEN's latest treachery: handing out the Little Black Book at its April 30 conference, attended by some Lexington students.

MassResistance hears that the School Committee and Superintendent Hurley were literally shaking by the end of the meeting last night. They are not used to hearing the truth, as it was spoken by members of Lexington Parents for Respect.

But the jackbooted thugs currently in control of the Lexington schools don't know when to stop lying. (Go ahead, Lexington lemmings, run yourselves right off the cliff!) They continued to call the concerned parents and Article 8 "liars" all day today.

Did they really believe GLSEN??? Did they really think that the LITTLE BLACK BOOK was not given out at the GLSEN conference on April 30? THESE PEOPLE ARE LIARS at worst, and gullible fools at best.

How sad to see young people being used by these adults. One young Lexingtoninan named Eva Rosenberg, student leader of the Lexington High School "Gay/Straight Alliance (also a GLSEN Boston Board youth member, and a GLSEN "National Jump-Start Student Organizer") said on the town's online discussion group:

The "word 'gay agenda' is a laughable term... The little black book WAS NOT GIVEN OUT. Please check your facts. As an attendee, presenter, and organizer at/of the conference, I can emphatically say that no such explicit materials were handed out-and I believe my word, and the word of other attendees/planners/etc who say that they would nver approve of such materials being given out in such context, should be respected over the word of those who were not at the conference. Even the AIDS Action Committee itself denies any connection with GLSEN Boston! Yes, there were Lexington students at the conference, I am proud to say. I am proud to work with GLSEN and encourage you to check your facts before you spread malicious lies that only contribute to hateful treatment of GLBT individuals."

What do you suppose Eva might have to say now that GLSEN has retracted its smear of Article 8, and admits the Little Black Book was given out at the conference?

Another Lexington contributor called the report about the Little Black Book "just inflammatory nonsense ... this stuff makes people angry and hateful and paranoid ..."

Then there's an email from the Chairman of the Lexington School Committee, Helen Cohen, who referred to "the rumor about graphic material handed out at the meeting in Brookline."

One enlightened and progressive Lexingtonian, Glenn Parker, said that even if the Little Black Book was passed out, there was nothing terribly offensive about it. The Lexington Parents for Respect people are just a bunch of repressed Victorian prudes who never came to terms with their own sexuality:

"I read the 'extremely vulgar, vile, offensive and graphic' Little Black Book, so generously published online by Article 8 (with no concern fortheir blatant copyright infringement).
In brief, it's a wonderful book!

"If I were young and sexually active (or soon to be) and gay, this book would be an absolute godsend. The information is presented in an open and clear manner, and it offers awealth of information about how to live a happy and safe life as a gayperson in Massachusetts. I think this book will literally save lives.

"Now, if you are generally squeamish about sex, and/or completely repulsed by the idea of gay sex, this book is not for you (unless, likesome notable right-wing activists, you are simply in denial about yoursexuality). Like adolescents who refuse to admit that their parents "do it" (ignoring how they themselves came into being), some people are going to be downright terrified by this book.

"The idea that this book might be interesting and relevant to some of their own family's adolescents is probably the last straw. I'm trying to picture Bree Vandecamp (from Desparate Housewives) at a GLSEN program. The histrionics about how this book is being distributed are amusing, and I put no stock in accusations about 'endangering minors' coming from such patently biased sources. If you want to get serious, find a statement directly from GLSEN about how they use this book and for whom they think it is appropriate. Then we can talk about it like grownups."

Monday, May 16, 2005

AIDS Action Committee and the Tangled Boston Social/Political Web

The Article 8 Alliance is exposing the unbelievable social and moral treachery of groups such as GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight [Re-] Education Network) and the AIDS Action Committee, and where these groups are leading our young people.

As MassResistance began looking into this new "high society" of Boston -- [Why aren't we ever invited to their parties?] -- we remembered seeing the AIDS Action Committee's Executive Director on Boston Magazine's list of the "Thirty-Five Gay Power Players" in Massachusetts.

Rebecca Haag (Mass. AIDS Action Committee Exec. Director) "made a name for herself in the corporate world, including as a vice president at Burlington's high-tech Wheelhouse Corporation, then left it two years ato to lead AIDS Action, which annually helps 2,500 people with AIDS."

Does AIDS Action "help" by distributing the "Little Black Book" ?? Or does it promote dangerous homosexual sex?

We also noted that Haag "and partner Mary Breslauer (number 13) [on the Boston Magazine Gay Power Players list] moonlighted last year as models in an ad for the Brookline boutique the Studio, co-owned by Theo Epstein's mom, Ilene."

Then we checked out #13, Mary Breslauer: "Longtime political scenester Breslauer led Tom Reilly's 1998 charge for attorney general... Last year she was an original host of WFNX's gay-focused One In Ten [...Don't they mean One in a Hundred?] radio program. Last year, she was a major lobbying force for same-sex marriage and advised the Kerry campaign on gay and Lesbian issues. She's also on the board of the Human Rights Campaign."

This is the new social elite of Boston. Promoting unhealthy lifestyles wherever they turn.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Boston Globe Polls on Gay Marriage Unbelievable

Which poll of adults around the country seems more believable: The Boston Globe's, or Gallup's?
Boston Globe (May 15, 2005)
"Overall, do you approve or disapprove of gay and lesbian couples being allowed to get married?"
50% Disapprove
37% Approve
11% Neutral
2% Don't know

The Boston Globe also asked this same group of 760 US adults over 18 (not identified as voters): "If a gay or lesbian couple gets married in Massachusetts, should their marriage be recognized as legal in all 50 states?"
46% Yes
50% No
4% Don't know

(One obvious disconnect: How could only 37% of the Globe sample approve of gay "marriage", but 46% believe that Massachusetts gay "marriages" should be recognized by other states?)

Compare the Globe results to a Gallup poll, which showed a large percentage of Americans disapproving gay "marriage":

CNN/USA Today/Gallup (March 2005)
68% say gay "marriages" should NOT be considered valid
28% say gay "marriages" should be considered valid
(reported in the Globe story)

The Gallup website gives this report, dated April 19, 2005:

Americans Turn More Negative Toward Same-Sex Marriage
Fifty-seven percent favor a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and woman, by Frank Newport
Support for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would define marriage as "being between a man and a woman, thus barring marriages between gay or lesbian couples," has risen to 57% in a recent Gallup Poll. This is the highest measured across seven times the question has been asked using this wording since the summer of 2003. About two-thirds of Americans also believe more generally that same-sex marriages should not be recognized by law as valid.

Adoption by Gay Couple Presented as Normal

Here we go again with the Boston Globe's managed news. The Globe Magazine (5-15-05) runs a feature pushing the normality of two "married" men wanting to adopt a child. ("Special Delivery: Selling ourselves in a 'Dear Birth Parent' letter is a high-stakes assignment.")

The author describes his, and his "husband's", angst as they compose their "Dear Birth Parent" letter. They want to be chosen as the adoptive parents so badly! He discusses how he has to "Disneyize" the letter and keep it "homogenized, kowtowing to an imagined collective consciousness that is easily offended and must not be provoked."

Obviously, the "married" couple's photo will reveal that they are both male. But the birth parents could be turned off by too much talk about a dog, or a report of TV shows they don't like, as easily as the fact that the adoptive parents are a gay couple, the author implies.

MassResistance has pointed out how well this sort of propaganda works, tugging on all of our emotions. ("Adoptions by Homosexual Couples Were Key.") These guys just want to have a child to love. See, gay households are no different from straight!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Constitutional Amendments NOT the Answer

The latest email alert from the Article 8 Alliance comments on the story of the federal judge who just overturned the Nebraska state amendment banning same-sex "marriage":

"What else do we need to say? Those of you who think that a constitutional amendment will "save" us had better think again. Unless we do the hard work of removing activist judges this problem will only continue."

According to the May 12 AP story,
"A federal judge Thursday struck down Nebraska's ban on gay marriage, saying the measure interferes not only with the rights of gay couples but also with those of foster parents, adopted children and people in a host of other living arrangements.

"The constitutional amendment, which defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman, was passed overwhelmingly by the voters in November 2000.

"U.S. District Judge Joseph Bataillon said the ban 'imposes significant burdens on both the expressive and intimate associational rights' of gays 'and creates a significant barrier to the plaintiffs' right to petition or to participate in the political process.'

"The ruling did not surprise the executive director of the Nebraska Family Council, which led the petition drive to get the ban on the ballot. Al Riskowski said the decision will renew the call to pass a constitutional amendment defining marriage as only between a man and a woman."

Slow learners, aren't they? Why do they think a federal constitutional amendment will fare any better than their state constitutional amendment? The problem is the judges, at the state and federal level!

MassResistance pointed out back on March 30 that a citizens' petition to put an amendment on the ballot in this state was not the answer. In January, we explained that an amendment would probably never make it to the voters. Even if approved by the voters, it would not be allowed to stand by the same Supreme Judicial Court that already ruled for same-sex "marriage".

Meanwhile, we hear that the Massachusetts Family Institute is still planning a campaign to get signatures for a Constitutional amendment (which would go first to the Massachusetts legislature, then out to the voters). Please, let's not waste precious resources going after this chimera.

The problem is the judges, both our state Supremes and, as the Nebraska story proves, the federal judges.

Here in Massachusetts, there is a provision which allows us to remove tyrannical judges. That's what Article 8 is advocating. By removing the SJC4, we can overturn the same-sex marriage ruling, and bring sanity back to our state. And set an example for the rest of the country to follow.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

David Parker's Civil Disobedience the Only Way He Could Be Heard

It's no wonder David Parker, the father arrested in Lexington, Mass., had to engage in civil disobedience to be heard! Parker, who was protesting homosexual propaganda in his kindergartner's school and the school's violation of the Parental Notification law, has been subjected to a barrage from the Lexington LGBTQI Fourth Reichers.

MassResistance has researched the coverage of Parker's arrest in the Lexington Minuteman newspaper. Clearly, the fascists of Lexington are marching in lockstep! (Our scores include editorials, guest commentaries, feature columns, and letters to the editor; but do not include a biased news story or the uncontested press release from the Superintendent.)

May 5, 2005 issue:
15 Anti-David Parker
2 Pro-David Parker

May 12, 2005 issue:
10 Anti-David Parker, or pro-same-sex "marriage"
2 Pro-David Parker

(In both weeks' issues, a "weighted" score, considering the type of item, would yield a much more unbalanced score, say 30-2, or 20-2.)

In the May 5 issue, the executive director of the Massachusetts ACLU (who lives in Lexington) had a guest commentary. There were 13 letters to the editor against Parker and his "bigotry" and "intolerance", plus an article entitled "When Hate Comes to Town" (by the local "No Place for Hate" Committee--that loving group!). And the lead "news story" was hardly balanced. Only two letters supporting Parker.

The May 13 issue includes a glowing front-page article on gay & lesbian "married" couples in Lexington, "Legal year of bliss". We hear from happy couples -- Peter and his "husband" Wayne, Bonnie and her "wife" Sherry.

Then lesbian radical activist Meg Soens weighs in with a guest commentary. We hear that Soens pops up all over town, including the Estabrook School anti-bias committee. How interesting that Soens also led a session at the infamous "Fistgate" GLSEN workshop in 2000, on how to incorporate gay and lesbian issues into an elementary school curriculum.

The lead editorial says "there is still hate out there." There's another guest commentary from the chairman of the Estabrook School "anti-bias committee" (which sponsors the diversity book bags). A guest commentary on the "best interests of the child." An article on kids offering a lesson in diversity. Plus four letters protesting Parker's "homophobic bigotry".


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Are Some Catholic Priests Still Abusing Our Young People?

Or, specifically, are the Jesuit institutions of Massachusetts abusing our young people?

MassResistance started wondering when we came across this week's Jesuit Urban Center's newsletter:
--Asking for volunteers to help at the "Youth Pride Celebration" and BAGLY Prom in Boston on May 21;
--Announcing the Center's participation in Boston's Pride Day in June 11;
--Congratulating a gay activist member of their congregation for his promotion to district judge (by none other than Governor Romney)!

Further, the Boston Globe has reported on how Boston College (a Jesuit institution) has caved in to the homosexual agenda over the past few years. First, students are allowed to have a gay/lesbian/straight/etc. club on campus. Then they clamor to include "sexual orientation" in the school's official non-discrimination policy statement. From the Boston Globe:

The university's nondiscrimination statement pledges compliance with laws against discrimination based on race, religion, age, sex, and other protected criteria, but because Massachusetts law includes an exemption for religious institutions with moral objections to homosexuality, the policy doesn't grant the same blanket protection to sexual orientation.

In new language to be added to the statement, BC ''commits itself to maintaining a welcoming environment for all people and extends its welcome in particular to those who may be vulnerable to discrimination on the basis of their race . . . religion, color, age . . . or sexual orientation."

The Boston Globe also reports on various Boston College faculty members (who obviously exert a strong influence on their students), who are now shaking in their boots. They're fearful that their challenges to strict Catholic theology will not be tolerated by the new Pope.

The College of the Holy Cross, another Jesuit school, has been in sync with the homosexual agenda for quite some time. They don't even blink at radical activism on campus, and merrily mount productions of the Vagina Monologues.

Isn't encouraging the homosexual lifestyle among our young people priestly child abuse, in another form?

Monday, May 09, 2005

Gay Film Festival Too Tame, Says Globe

The Boston Globe uses the "gay" film festival as an excuse to get photos of smooching gay couples into the paper. Interesting that the fault they find with the festival is that the "lineup is safe and sincere".

"Boston's gay festival circuit might have to head back underground and find new people who can restore the danger and thrill of art to the cinema. The last thing anyone should want from a festival, any festival, is to leave flattered, to feel safe."

No, they'd prefer to see something a little more edgy. Who wants to watch passe stuff like "African-American macho lesbians...thugs and drug dealers who pass, or could pass, as black men." Or drag artists. Or two women trying to conceive. Boring!

MassResistance suggests more movies about transgenders and transsexuals -- the future of the movement. Maybe some documentaries on sex-change operations? Or how about some initiation stories--all those young people who go to BAGLY or the various "counseling" venues, and learn from their elders?

"Gay art" has got to be really out there to catch their attention now. Tales of old-fashioned perversion are no longer enough.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sexuality IS Issue in Lexington Schools, says Boston Globe

Even the Boston Globe, no friend of traditional family values, sees that the issue in question in the Lexington public schools is sexuality. Whether it's David Parker's arrest over the kindergarten indoctrination of his 5-year-old son, or parents' objections to the "Day of Silence" at the high school, the Boston Globe Northwest got it right for once. Their headline says it all:

Sexuality issue roils schools: Day marking gay rights sparks confrontations.

Yet the ACLU attorney in Lexington says it's not about sexuality. The schools are just teaching about anthropology or civil rights. (Yeah, sure...)

And the Globe gets it right a second time! They acknowledge that GLSEN (a national extremist homosexual organization that has infiltrated schools across America) coordinates the "Day of Silence" (a.k.a. the Day of Homosexual Propaganda) in our high schools. This, despite the uniform protestations of principals across the state that it's a "student-led activity".

If even the Globe can see through this doublespeak, you know the Lexington Public Schools are in trouble!

(And P.S. to the Globe: It was MassResistance that alerted parents and groups around the state about the upcoming "Day of Silence". Mass. Family Institute later lifted our information and wording in the email they sent out.)

Same-Sex "Marriages" Slow to a Trickle in Massachusetts

Not too many same-sex "marriages" are happening lately, according to statistics reported in the Boston Globe. After an initial rush (including couples that had been together for many years), same-sex weddings slowed to a trickle.

"Women make up some two-thirds of the more than 6,100 same-sex couples who have married in Massachusetts since gay marriage became legal last May 17, according to statistics the state released this week, as the first anniversary approaches.

"The statistics indicate that 6,142 same-sex couples were married in the Bay State through the end of February, but that the number of gay couples getting married has steadily declined since last May. There were 1,635 same-sex marriages in the first two weeks after the legalization of gay marriage, but only 148 in January and February of this year."

But the Boston Globe remains hopeful. Not content to report fact, they predict the future:

"Though the number of gay marriages slowed during the winter months, it is possible that same-sex marriages will pick up again as the weather gets warmer. "

The story makes no mention of how many of these wedded couples may be from out of state. Many of our town clerks are actively defying state law, which prohibits such "marriages". Nothing novel there: Same-sex "marriages" of Massachusetts residents also are not--strictly speaking--"legal".

Disturbing Photos Removed from Boston Gay Youth Web Site

A few days ago, we directed our readers to the BAGLY (Boston Area Gay & Lesbian Youth) website, noting a photo of an apparently trans-sexual young person. There were also photos of teen same-sex couples.

Since our blog was published, these photos have been removed from BAGLY's website. The truth is too disturbing. They don't want you to confront the reality of the world your children are being drawn into.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Radical Homosexuals Attack Normal Parenting

How low can they go? Now Bay Windows is attacking what they call "Right-wing parenting techniques" as exemplified by David Parker of Lexington. MassResistance's first take was that it was better to let this flea-bitten, nasty attack dog lie undisturbed. But then we realized how much we could learn about the strategy of the radical homosexual movement from this factually-challenged editorial.

It was the radical homosexuals' strategy to politicize their sexuality, instead of keeping it private. They brought it up, we didn't. They so craved validation for their private sexual practices, they made it a public and political issue.

Next, their strategy called for politicizing parenting, knowing it would win them emotional points. They got the "right" to adopt children, and demanded their partners be recognized as parents too. Divorced, formerly heterosexual parents brought children into homosexual households. (Gee, I thought homosexuals were born homosexual. How is it that so many had heterosexual relationships? Or should we call these people "bisexual"? So confusing!) So now there are many children in homosexual-headed households.

And now the children are being used as pawns in the homosexuals' struggle for political power. Any challenge to "gay marriage" is characterized as an attack on their families and their children's security.

Not content with this ploy, we are now seeing a brazen attack on traditional parenting by the homosexual movement, as evidenced in Bay Windows' biting editorial on a NORMAL, HEALTHY family.

The homosexuals are holding up their children as shields to protect themselves, the supposed adults. Contrast this with the Parker family, where we see the opposite: True parents shielding their children from evils in the "real world" the children are not yet equipped to face.

The homosexual movement's attack on our children (and our parenting) falls into three categories:

--Morally undermining traditional parents' values: This is done primarily through the public schools, with the help of the entertainment industry and mainstream media.

--Legally challenging traditional parents (still in the formative stage): Homosexual radicals will charge that traditional parents are guilty of "hate crimes" if they instill traditional, Judeo-Christian beliefs about marriage and family structure. They will say these "unfit, bigoted parents" should have their children taken from them by the DSS, or should be thrown in jail if they make a stink at their school!

--Recruitment and rape (spiritual and physical) of our children. What do you think the "gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans/questioning/etc." clubs in the high schools are all about? The gay prom at Boston City Hall? GLSEN's yearly teach-out, where kids are taught about fisting, trans-sexual surgery, etc.? All these link our young people with older homosexuals, eager to teach them the ropes.

If you want to understand The Third Reich, read Hitler's Mein Kampf. If you want to understand the Bolshevik Revolution, read Lenin's What Is To Be Done?. If you want to understand the radical homosexual revolution, read the Gay Rights Platform (1972) and the Homosexual Manifesto (1987).

They're coming after all of us, not just the Parkers. They'll start by taunting parents who disagree with their lifestyle. "What if your children grow up gay...Will you still love them?" ... "We feel sorry for children growing up with bigots for parents." ... "The Department of Social Services should take your children from you, because you're teaching hatred."... etc. But it's going to get much worse.

Friday, May 06, 2005

"Youth Pride Day" In Boston, May 21: How Many More Will They Recruit?

MassResistance hopes Governor Romney has seen the error of his ways. Last year, he issued a proclamation "celebrating" Youth Pride Day in Boston. Why would he want to celebrate the enticement of confused young people into an unhealthy "lifestyle"? What was he thinking? Sadly, his office and your tax dollars are still supporting this unfortunate event. See the poster for this year's 11th annual event.

Maybe this year Governor Romney can do his homework before falling further into this trap. Does he really know what he's supporting? He should eliminate the "GOVERNOR'S COMMISSION ON GAY AND LESBIAN YOUTH"! (It's the "Youth Committee" of this Commission that's sponsoring Youth Pride Day.)

Following "Youth Pride" events on the Boston Common, Mayor Thomas Menino throws open the doors of Boston City Hall to the 25th annual Gay Prom on Saturday night, May 21. The prom is sponsored by BAGLY, the Boston Association of Gay and Lesbian Youth. Not only are they promoting "straightforward" male and female homosexuality... They now include "bisexual", "transgender" (pictured 2nd photo down?), "questioning", plus "I" and "A" youth. [We're so innocent at MassResistance, we don't even know what the last two stand for.] From the posting:

What do people wear? EVERYTHING! Most people dress like their [sic] going to a hip club. Some people dress like thier [sic] going to a high school prom. Some people dress like their [sic] going to a star wars [sic] convention. Some people come in drag. Some people wear jeans and a t-shirt. What is it like inside? It's like a huge queer club.

Maybe you'd like to volunteer for a condom cleanup crew on Sunday, May 22 at Boston City Hall Plaza? Last year, just two days after the Gay Prom on May 15, the same-sex "weddings" began on the plaza. We were there. The plaza was littered with used condoms, probably from the evening of the 15th.

Hitler on Education: The Ultimate Anti-Judeo-Christian Plan

A friend sent us this quote from Adolf Hitler on educating the young:

"In my castles of the Teutonic Order a youth will grow up before which the world will tremble. I want a brutal, domineering, fearless, cruel youth. Youth must be all that. ... There must be nothing weak and gentle about it. The free, splendid beast of prey must once again flash from its eyes... That is how I will eradicate thousands of years of human domestication... That is how I will create the New Order."

-- Adolf Hitler, in 1933 on his program for public education and obliterating Judeo-Christian values from society

For further reading, MassResistance recommends The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, by Scott Lively and Kevin E. Abrams.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Mass. Democrat Platform Set to Endorse Same-Sex "Marriage"

The Boston Globe reports that Massachusetts Democrats are "set to back same-sex marriage" in their state party platform. The 3,000 party delegates will vote on the platform statement on May 14. Only two other state Democrat platforms, in Iowa and Colorado, endorse same-sex "marriage".

All the likely Democrat candidates for Massachusetts governor are fine with this: "Among the likely Democratic gubernatorial candidates in 2006, Secretary of State William F. Galvin and former assistant US attorney general Deval Patrick both support the platform change. A spokesman for Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly was noncommittal on the platform change when contacted yesterday, but he reiterated Reilly's support for the legality of same-sex marriage here."

"A Boston Globe poll in March found that 71 percent of Democrats surveyed statewide said they believed same-sex marriage should be allowed, and 24 percent did not."

" ''We really, as a party, have to move beyond this issue,' Galvin said. ''This is not what's holding our state back. It's job loss, loss of an economic plan. We've got to get the state moving again.' "

Well, we're not ready to say this issue is unimportant, and that we should move on. Nor do we think most Americans would say that.

Is it any wonder Massachusetts is losing population? Massachusetts--the most extreme example of a one-party state in the country--cannot afford to move any further out of step with the rest of the country. We're already a laughing stock. Now, who--other than gays--will want to move into this state?

Galvin wants to see economic growth. But you're not going to see a growing economy with a falling population. And as the gay population increases (drawn by strong gay "marriage" and strong pro-gay statements from the party leadership), we'll continue to lose population. After all, it's sort of hard for gays to reproduce at a rate that will keep the population growing, or even stable.

NOTE an important correction to this report: The Globe writes, "Massachusetts remains the only state that has legalized gay marriage." WRONG! Gay "marriage" has never been legalized. It has been implemented by judicial fiat alone.

"Secular Theocracy" in Massachusetts

A good piece by Lee Duigon, who writes for the Chalcedon Report. Reprinted (slightly shortened) from Men's News Daily.

Massachusetts Building Secular Theocracy
By Lee Duigon, May 4, 2005

While we're all waiting for the Christian theocracy to come along and erase the Bill of Rights, a Massachusetts father spent a night in jail ... for not wanting his six-year-old son to be brainwashed in school. (For the full story, see

The father, David Parker, of Lexington, insisted that he be notified of any attempt by the school to "teach" his child--who is in kindergarten--matters pertaining to "sexuality and family life" so that he could opt the six-year-old out of those sessions. Under Massachusetts [law], he has that right. Well, we all know what a written law is worth in Massachusetts. ...

[T]his is not a column about judicial tyranny. It is about the secular theocracy which that judicial tyranny serves. At the heart of the matter is the fallacy that the state is neutral in matters of religion. An individual can sit on the fence and dither about whether God exists or not. A government, which must make public policy, cannot.

In Lexington, Massachusetts--and most other places in America--school authorities and a judge, agents of the government, have decided that God does not exist and that man (some men, but certainly not Mr. Parker) is God instead. They wouldn't admit it in so many words, but that's what their actions mean.

If God does exist, He is the source of morality. If the Law doesn't come from the finger of God, it's not the law; it's only somebody's opinion. If God is God, then He is supreme and the state is under Him, and its authority is inferior to His.

But if God does not exist, then naked apes are free to exercise as Law whatever they can make stick. If there is no God, then the top spot goes to whoever is strong enough, smart enough, rich or ruthless enough to grab it and keep it.

Are we truly "endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights," or do we have only those rights the state will grant us?

The truth is that America's public schools have become a religious enterprise, promoting the godless religion of secularism--and pushing it hard enough to push a man right into jail. The schools cannot teach Christian, Jewish, or Muslim children that homosexuality is "right" without teaching them that their parents, and their parents' religious beliefs, are wrong. There is no middle way.

Now, parents, you know the score. You must either leave your children in the public schools and surrender to the schools' religion, pull them out, or somehow get your schools under control. The choice is yours.

Lee Duigon is a Christian free-lance writer whose work can be seen regularly at

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bay Windows: It's Not Over Yet

Bay Windows ... again. Yes, Jeff & Sue, it's NOT over yet. Sadly, we must we revisit this mess.

Bay Windows claims it's officially back on the shelves at Stop & Shop and Shaw's supermarkets. This certainly was true at the Lexington Stop & Shop, where MassResistance often shops. There it was, FREE, right inside the front door, where young children can take it and go with no one noticing.

Maybe these supermarkets missed the filth and perversion that's in the April 28-May 4 issue, on their shelves right now. A sampling:

News in Brief, p. 4: Discusses the "no I.D., no bathroom" policy at Friend's Landing, a Haverhill alternative nightspot. "Transgender women" are upset that they can't use the women's restroom anymore if they don't have vaginas, and their driver's licenses say they're male. A customer complained that "she" had never had a problem at the restrooms before. "Then all of a sudden ... they're checking people's I.D.'s at the bathroom. A number of the women are in various stages of transition." "She" called the gender checking "absurd". "I never heard of having a vagina check to go to the bathroom," she said. [... Neither have we!]

[An aside: Did you know that when you renew your Massachusetts driver's license, there is a box to check if you want to CHANGE YOUR SEX?!!]

News in Brief, p. 5: "Forum on meth and barebacking offers few answers." The speaker "began his remarks by asking the men in the room whether any of them preferred anal sex with condoms to anal sex without protection. Not one man raised his hand."

Speed Dating for Dykes, p. 14:
"Toast [a Somerville nightspot] played host to Speed Dating for Dykes on April 22 -- as if lesbians, notorious for pairing off quicker than a couple of bunny rabbits -- need any help in that department. Nonetheless, the Somerville nightspot turned out a good crowd of lesbians looking for love, pronto. Participants had five-minute chats with a host of different gals, so we're guessing that at least a couple of them got lucky by night's end. The event was a fundraiser for the Boston Dyke March, which will take to the streets June 10." ad, p. 25: Naked male torso, from nipples down to just above ...

Tops & Bottoms wanted ad, Arts section, p. 4: Fenway Community Health seeking volunteers, "HIV-negative men, ages 18-45, who have been a top or bottom in the past 6 months..."

"Celebrating the Body Erotic" ad, Arts section, p. 9: "Discover your gifts! Learn about waking up and sustaining erotic energy, giving and receiving pleasure, and expressing your desires." [website and phone # given]

etc. etc. etc.

Click here for Stop & Shop and Shaw's/Star Market contact info.

David Parker Inspires Saugus Father to Come Forward

It was great to read in the Boston Herald this morning about a Saugus father of a 2nd-grade girl who was inspired by Lexington father David Parker to say that he, too, is fed up.

His daugher came home with a "sad book" about how AIDS is contracted. She learned all about "the exchange of infected body fluids (blood, semen, vaginal secretion)." The father also appeared on the John DePetro Show on WRKO AM680.

The Resistance movement is growing. It's made up of regular people who have had enough.

Monday, May 02, 2005

David Parker's Child Subject to "Coercive Indoctrination" Says Silverglate

David Parker was on the "Greater Boston" show tonight on WGBH TV (Ch. 2 Boston). He explained that while the book Who's In a Family was a "red flag" to him, the real issue is parental notification, and his right to opt his child out of a curriculum promoting same-sex "marriage". Massachusetts law does give parents this right in the areas of "human sexual education or human sexuality issues."

Also on the program was Harvey Silverglate, noted First Amendment attorney, who said that parents do have the law on their side, to go into school and make demands as Parker did. There is a Constitutional right, he said, to be free from "coercive indoctrination". We need to draw a clear line, Silverglate said, between what is academic education and socialization or indoctrination.

An ACLU attorney, Carol Rose of Lexington, was also on the program. She selectively quoted only the part of the Parental Notification law referring to "sex ed" content, but neglected to mention that "human sexuality issues" are also covered. She claimed that optional books were the only issue, and that there was no "curriculum" involved. She charged that this case "is just part of an orchestrated attempt to try to put censorship into our schools."

Parker has made it clear that he's concerned about the so-called "teachable moments", when teachers and staff will seize on a student's question, or an incident in the cafeteria or playground, to start discussions of issues such as homosexuality or same'sex "marriage". How can he protect his child from this more covert form of indoctrination?

This is surely one reason the school administration would not sign any agreement acknowledging Parker's rights. They know that such "impromptu discussions" are quite common -- and are, in fact, encouraged by the schools.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Arrogant, Ignorant Attack on David Parker in Boston Globe

The MassResistance staff apologizes for the pause in our postings. We've been busy in Lexington, and at the Concord District Courthouse, defending parents' rights and the rule of law.
We knew the assault on Lexington father David Parker would come from the p-c media. Though we doubt Parker--just a regular guy looking out for his family-- was quite prepared for the nasty, mean-spirited attack on him by Eileen McNamara.

Her insipid, irrational hit column ("Great minds don't think" -- whatever that's supposed to mean!) demonstrates once again that the hatred and bigotry are on her side. How can a desire to protect one's parental rights be equated with stupidity?

Where does she give a straightforward, honest statement of the facts of this case? Where is any mention of the Parental Notification Act (Ch. 71, Sec. 32A of Massachusetts General Laws)?

Remember, state LAW recognizes that parents have the right to control their children's exposure to human sexuality issues in the schools. But state law does not recognize parental rights relating to discussions of capital punishment.