Wednesday, May 18, 2005

GLSEN Says "Scariest Part is When the 'Push Back' Comes"

Yes, GLSEN Boston, that title is a quote from one of your conference sessions at Brookline High School on April 30, 2005.

Yes, GLSEN, we were there! And we weren't just there to pick up the LITTLE BLACK BOOK. We know that what you fear most is when the parents and general public "PUSH BACK". Well, guess what? We're pushing back! That's the meaning of "resistance".

The "gays" thought that at most they might see a little demonstration against their filthy program in front of Brookline High School. Bay Windows reported its disappointment when the resistance didn't show. But the resistance had a better idea.

The radical homosexual movement has had its way, UNCHALLENGED, in Massachusetts for so long they don't know what's hitting them. GLSEN did trip up a bit with their "Fistgate" conference in 2000. But with "gay marriages" in Massachusetts, they thought they were home free in 2005 and could DO ANYTHING THEY WANTED WITH OUR CHILDREN.

Lies, lies, and more lies from GLSEN. Yesterday, on May 17, they tried to say that Article 8 had planted the Little Black Book at their conference. Now GLSEN is retracting their lie. Too many people got on the case from around the country. THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET and BLOGS.

Stay tuned!